The Importance of Email Newsletters


Despite the rise of social media, email topped the list with 86.3% Many blog owners make the mistake of trying to invent a newsletter from scratch. Create Newsletters Efficiently.

25 Newsletter Content Ideas + Bonus Newsletter Idea Resources

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Learning how to write a newsletter is relatively easy. Constantly generating newsletter content ideas is not. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 25 powerful content ideas, plus a few additional resources to help you come up with even more ideas for your newsletter.

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How to Make Email Newsletters Better


This is the screenshot of my email newsletters signup form at my blog. Today I wanted to share what I have learned on how to make email newsletters better. Here is a full list of email platforms highlighting their best features and who uses them.

Why You Need to Build Your Email List Organically

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One of the most important lessons I have learned is to build organic email lists as opposed to borrowed, scraped, or purchased lists. Forgetting the importance of organic lists can harm you more than you think. Organic Lists Give You Better Delivery and Open Rates.

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6 Tips on Creating Compelling Newsletter Titles

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A powerful headline – whether an ad headline or newsletter title – successfully does a lot of things at once: creates interest. Or if you’re learning how to write a newsletter , a powerful newsletter name can determine its success. How will your newsletter fulfill that need?

Social Media: The New Company Newsletter? [Infographic]

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The other day I was asked “Is social media the company newsletter?” Yes, I do think social media can take the place of most of the functions of the company newsletter. Is social media the new “company newsletter”?

Social Media: The New Company Newsletter? [Infographic]

PWB Marketing Blog

The other day I was asked “Is social media the company newsletter?” Yes, I do think social media can take the place of most of the functions of the company newsletter. Is social media the new “company newsletter”?

Content Curation Tools: A Curated List of Content Curation Tools

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You can then share that content with your audience across multiple channels, including your social media profiles, your newsletter, blog, website, and even a mobile app if your business has one! What tools from the above list would you consider using?

Newsletter Marketing or Blogging?

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Is newsletter marketing or blogging more effective for small businesses? ” There are pros and cons to both blog marketing and e-mail newsletter marketing. A blog is the best tool for audience engagement while your e-mail newsletter is the best tool for cultivating a warm list that you can mine for great direct selling. Your blog can also be used to invite e-mail subscribers to your list. You should have a blog and a newsletter.

Lawyers: Client Names In Pitches…To List or Not To List?

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When I was in-house as a law firm marketing director, we had a service provider list us in their marketing materials, which wasn’t good as we weren’t happy with their services. We had to politely ask them to remove us from the list…awkward, right?

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Some Of The Best (Non-Marketing) E-Newsletters To Make You A Better Business Leader

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If you just look to the left of this blog post, you will see a whole list of inspiring people, blogs and podcasts that will make you a smarter marketer. There are a myriad of amazing newsletters that I follow and read religiously that help fire the synapses of creativity that have nothing to do with marketing at all. Here are some of the best (non-marketing) e-newsletters to make you a better marketer: The Atlantic Cities. e newsletter. newsletter.

Blog check list for getting noticed

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Here’s a great infographic check list from the folks at DivvyHQ to help bloggers build an audience. Click here to start to receive my newsletter. Some tried and true tactics are include and some new ideas too. Enjoy!

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7 Common Newsletter Problems Solved


Over the past few weeks, we’ve looked at why email newsletters are so important, what your email newsletter might look like, and how to choose the right service for you. So is your newsletter up and running yet? I know a lot of bloggers find newsletters a bit daunting. Here are the seven I see most often: Problem #1: You Know You Should Set Up a List, But You Haven’t Done It Yet. Hopefully, I’ve already convinced you that you need an email list.

3 Examples of Content You Can Include in Your Email Newsletter


This post is part of our Email Newsletter Series. So we’ve convinced you that you need a newsletter , Or maybe you already have a mailing list set up and ready to go. A lot of bloggers struggle with what to include in their newsletter. If you subscribe to other people’s newsletters then you’ll know they’re all unique. Type #1: Exclusive Content Written Especially for the Newsletter List. Other Emails to Send to Your Newsletter List.

Entrepreneurs: List Building Strategies

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But the dirty little secret is that list building is my most important revenue source, and it’s not that close. Not only is Facebook critical to my traffic-driving engine, but it’s also central to my list-building efforts. My List. My List Drives Traffic.

AHA Likes Facebook Ads for List Marketing

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Sachin had mentioned that the company was leveraging Facebook ads, but mostly as an email-list-building tactic. RK: Why has Facebook proved itself effective for building an email list? RK: What other best practices can you share around building email lists?

Do I really need a business blog and a newsletter?

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I’m often asked why it’s important to have a blog and a newsletter. (by by newsletter, I’m talking about regularly emailing subscribers who have opted in to hear from you by email because you send them amazingly, useful and interesting stuff that they LOVE).

5 Steps to Creating a Productive Blogging To Do List


I have always been a to do list writer, but I haven’t always used a to do list productively. See if any of the following sound familiar, you: Write things on your to do list after you have done them, just so you can cross them off. Create a weekly master list.

10 Metrics to Track Your Newsletter Content Success

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Email newsletter marketing definitely isn’t dead. Perhaps most impressively, 8% of companies are directly able to attribute more than half of their total revenue to newsletters. This means that regularly “scrubbing your list” for invalid contacts, using a tool like XVerify is critical.

5 Holiday Campaign Tips to Keep You Off the Naughty List

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Get our Definitive email newsletter. Image via

Ramp Up Your Mailing Lists

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It’s been mentioned a couple of times, but mailing lists are one of the most important marketing tools you will have. It’s important to keep mailing lists up to date with current postal addresses and email addresses. You may only use this list to send out newsletters or flyers every once in a while. Think about ramping up your mailing list by adding new customers to the list and using it for more than a newsletter.

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8 Do’s and Don’ts When Emailing a Company Newsletter

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Minimize the backlash and make the most of your email list by following these basic do’s and don’ts of email etiquette. Do Get Permission to Send Your Company Newsletter. I/we send out a monthly email newsletter full of [industry tips, recipes, deals, etc.],

Building Trust: A Relationship is Not a Newsletter Opt-In

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I did not realize that people were scraping LinkedIn lists. We have a 2000 relationship built opt-out list. How do we move to an opt-in or double opt-in list?

PB138: Challenge: Create a List Post


Challenge: Create a List Post. Today’s Challenge: Write a List Post. Write and publish a List post. Head to the FB group (search for ProBlogger Challenge Group on FB) and look for the update I’ve done there were I call you to share your list posts. A Simple List Post.

Why Your Blog Needs a Mailing List


For many bloggers, myself included, the thought of a mailing list is the furthest thing from their mind when starting out blogging. And many others think of mailing lists as only something you need if you are going to be selling your own products or affiliate products to your subscribers.

4 Ways to Use Social Media to Light a Fire Under Your List Building Strategy


Building a profitable e-mail list requires more than just adding a newsletter signup form to your website. Attracting and retaining an email list that ultimately turns into customers means finding creative ways to get in front of them and continually providing value. The good news is that social media can help light a fire under your list building strategy and maximise the results of your e-mail marketing campaign. This is a guest contribution from Megan Totka.

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The 21 Best Content Curation Tools

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Find and save recipes, photos, infographics, comics, wish-list items, style inspiration and other ideas to try. 10) Listly. A simple tool to create, share, curate, and collaborate on lists.

7 Simple Ideas for Mailing List Opt-Ins


Truly, this is a marketing technique that should not be taken lightly – if you haven’t set up a mailing list, now’s the time. Bear in mind, however, that an opt-in campaign must be more than a simple newsletter or a glorified advertisement in your subscribers’ mailboxes.

6 Reasons Why Your Blog Needs an Email Newsletter


Maybe you put ‘set up email newsletter’ on your ‘someday’ list ages ago, but still haven’t done it. Or maybe you have a newsletter list, but you haven’t sent one in months. You might think it’s optional – something you can do once you finish everything else on your to-do list. But before I start talking about the benefits of using an email list to connect with your readers, let’s get one misconception out of the way.

Brand Characters, Invigorating Email Newsletters, and Other Content News

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It’s been an incredible week in the content marketing realm, and we’ve had a blast curating a list of our favorite stories from around the web. 11 Ways to Breathe Life into Your Email Newsletter. Email newsletter content is a pretty tricky subject.

How to Use Quizzes and Facebook to Build Your List… Fast


If you’ve spent even a small about of time in the blogging world, you’ll be aware of the power of building an email list. Email is still one of the cheapest and effective forms of online marketing so as a blogger it should be high on your priority list.

3 Must-Subscribe Online Newsletters


Here is a list of 3 must-subscribe online newsletters to improve the quality of your email inbox. Started on December 11, 1998, SciTech Daily is a newsletter that focuses on providing engaging articles in science and technology.

E-Mail Marketing – The Money’s Still In The List

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What’s often hidden in these statistics is how a business comes by their e-mail marketing list. Search marketing and social media marketing both play a big role in helping businesses build their e-mail lists. Potential customers have to find your site somehow, they don’t just magically appear in an e-mail list. You then need to sell them on the idea of signing up for a regular newsletter.

Email Lists: Make them a Priority in 2015 with These Tips


We’re re-running this post today so you can nail your email list right from the start 2015. There are many ways, but I want to discuss with you a vitally important one: your email list. Think of your email newsletter as a bite-size sample of your blog.

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Why You Should Tweak Your E-mail Marketing Strategy

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Today, I’m going to talk about three: Your list is outdated. Maybe It’s Time to Update Your E-mail List. When is the last time you took a look–a really hard look–at your e-mail marketing list? If someone hasn’t read your e-mail newsletter in a year, chances are, they’re not going to start now. Set your own criteria, but scrub your list and unsubcribe any outdated e-mail addresses.

The Data Is Watching You

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The theory is quite simple: most brands care about the main transaction (did someone buy from them), but they spend little-to-no time analyzing and nurturing the micro-transactions (someone watched a YouTube video, signed up to a newsletter, liked your brand on Facebook , etc.). So, the data is not about vanity metrics (how many people did what) but true value-based metrics (was all that effort to drive consumers to our e-newsletter a smart strategy?). newsletter.

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If Your Email Newsletter Isn’t Generating Cash, You’re Doing Something Wrong


The most important tool available to a blogger is his email subscriber list. But a list by itself won’t sell your products. You must grow your list and make the most of it. Here’s how: Grow your list. Obviously, the bigger the list, the more potential customers are getting your message. Make them want to open your newsletter. Here’s how to do it: Make every newsletter count. Go turn your newsletter into cash!

Smart Monetization for Publishers in a Facebook Instant Articles Era

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For example, there were reports that Facebook recently let some publishers test having newsletter sign up options in Instant Articles. One such channel is an email list.

Why Your Newsletter Incentive is Repelling People


We’ve seen recently how you can help pay the rent using your email list , so making sure that as many people as possible sign up is critical to increase your earning potential. Some kind of free report, or ebook or other gift that is a tempting reward for a visitor to transform into a newsletter subscriber. Why Your Newsletter Incentive is Repelling People. This guest post is by Amy of

How to Choose the Right Social Media Platform to Connect With Customers


This can be on your website, in your e-mail signature, newsletters etc. If still thinking that you could use some more advice on getting social, we have earlier written about a list of rules to remember when engaging in social media.