Facebook Ads and Multiple Text Options Feature

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Facebook is rolling out a new ads feature that will make it easier to reach our intended audience with the best combination of primary text, title, and description using Multiple Text Options. This text variation feature isn’t a true A/B split test.

3 New Features to Help You Achieve Online Sales on Pinterest

Ignite Social Media

Product pins are pins that are mass-generated when a catalog has been uploaded to Pinterest and includes product information from metadata. The post 3 New Features to Help You Achieve Online Sales on Pinterest appeared first on Ignite Social Media - The original social media agency.

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[DIGITAL TIPS] Combining SEO And PPC To Advance Your Marketing Strategy

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Long-term outcomes can be achieved with tactics like: Optimization of the page: involves using metadata and density of keyword enables search engines to easily crawl your web pages. Featured Tech ads adwords contentmarketing organic paidmedia searchengineoptimization seo

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6 Ways Emerging Technologies Are Set to Change the Use of Social Media

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The question is whether social networks can bring the interactive features of their networks and overcome the isolation that virtual reality currently creates. This is made possible by the use of metadata, which can recognize a face and then provide the details of a person from his or her social media profile. Today’s guest post comes from Maria Jones, an expert consultant on emerging technologies.

The One Tip That Took My Blog To New Levels. Stop Caring.

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After culling through old posts, looking at my analytics , analyzing keywords and metadata, and looking at my various social sharing processes , I was a bit surprised at the nugget I drew from all of it.

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8 Tips for Social Video Storytelling


Take the time to add additional metadata such as locations and people’s full names–not “Shawna and Bob talk”–so you can track images down for re-use in the future. Featured Implementation Industry Insider

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Three Words That Will Speed Up Your WordPress Blog

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So, to crunch your photos simply download the EWWW Image Optimizer plugin and let it strip out all the useless metadata that is stored in each image file that bloats the file size and slows down your pages. Images…we all love them.

Stop Your Smartphone From Telling Burglars Where You Live

Ari Herzog

Because today’s smartphones are preinstalled with GPS technology (that power your maps and Foursquare apps so you always know where you are), that technology is also added in the form of metadata that is attached to every photo or video your device records. Photo by Pieter Vieu.

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Want better results? Start with social testing

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In the above ad, Entrepreneur is testing two variables: the featured image and the title. Different call-to-action buttons with different featured images. This will be an A/B test where I compare image-based posts vs. metadata posts.

Storify Your Stories…Or Maybe Don’t


Unlike some sites where the original poster gets lost through re-blog after re-blog (I’m looking at you WeHeartIt and Tumblr) Storify keeps the metadata of whatever you’ve chosen to embed into your story so attribution never gets lost. I’m a big fan of these features.

Is Twitter Media Studio Twitter’s Best Kept Secret?

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Instead of tweeting the phone features in sync with Tim Cook they sent them out early. There are extra features you can add to Tweets you schedule from Media Studio. Add Metadata to your videos and images, this adds a description below your media when you Tweet it.

#HashAtIt: Now You Can Search Hashtags Over Multiple Social Platforms

The Realtime Report

Enter #HashAtIt.com ; the site bills itself as “the first social media search engine that gives users a way to gather information on any metadata tags (#hashtags) from popular social networks.” The site features customizable #hashtag boards, created and tailored by users.

How to Get More Views on YouTube: 12 Tactics that Actually Work


Take those relevant keywords and use them in your metadata (i.e., Use metadata to get recommended after a popular video. Videos with related or similar metadata (i.e., Pro Tip: Unlike other video metadata like titles and descriptions, YouTube video keywords aren’t listed visibly.

HubSpot vs. Marketo: Which is Better?


Features. Full feature pricing: $3,195. Full feature pricing: $2,400. Integrations with such platforms as Metadata and Adroll. HubSpot , on the other hand, is a better fit for marketers looking for an out-of-the-box platform, with comprehensive features for every need. Sparta vs Athens: Which was the greatest empire? Back in the day, these two famous city-states were bitter rivals for dominance over the Greek Archipelago.

Fluency of Culture, Not Language, Is Key to Winning Big in Global Online Markets

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The company replaced this English-language Open Graph metadata with Arabic content. The company’s primary-market English site featured an inelegant design for product sorting and selection—a shortcoming that was also reflected on the Spanish site. Guest post by Charles Whiteman.

11 best social media listening tools


In this article, we’ve put together a list of some of the best social media listening tools that offer a plethora of features to help you take your social media strategy to a whole new level. Awario offers an array of features to get you ticking on social.

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[Cool Infographic Friday] How PRISM could work (maybe)


PRISM probably is NOT: A blanket ingestion of all data flowing to/from the provider (although there are indications that much of the metadata is collected via other programs).

Types Of HTML 5 Content | Small Business Mavericks

Small Business Mavericks

fully entrenched and almost every website these days taking on social features, these content categories will likely become more widely used as HTML 5 makes it easier for web developers to incorporate them into their site designs. About Us What’s a Maverick?

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How to Make Money on YouTube – With 10 Examples!


Having a product to sell, which is featured in your videos, is a great way to earn an additional income. 8: Get your metadata right If you’re having a hard time bringing in traffic, you can try using our YouTube views service to boost your social proof.

The Complete Guide to Social Media Video Specs in 2020


Tips: If the camera you recorded your video on automatically includes 360 video metadata with the video file, you can upload the video like you would any other video. Facebook provides an exhaustive list of aspect ratios and features available for each ad type.

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WordPress 3.6 is now available

The Way of the Web

is now live with some new functions and features. The release, codename ‘Oscar’ is covered in this video produced by WordPress: Features for WordPress users: For general users and authors, the main features of the new release are: New Twenty Thirteen default theme. Developers also benefit from a new audio/video API with access to metadata like ID3 tags, HTML5 markup for more elements, better filters for revisions, and a long list of additional changes.

8 Fun Things to Try on Instagram You Probably Haven’t Thought of Before

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Products change fast, new features are added regularly , and before you know it, there are dozens — hundreds maybe — of different ways to express yourself online. This post takes a dive into Instagram marketing with a look at eight little-known features that you can try today.

50 Ways Marketers use Social Media to Improve Their Marketing

Harp Interactive

Learn how tagging and other metadata improve your ability to search and measure the spread of information. And try more than one hosting platform to test out features. Social media isn’t always the right tool for the job. Not every company needs a blog.

Here’s what you need to know about the Google+ shut down

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If you own or moderate an engaged community on the platform, make sure you download your community metadata using the instructions given previously. While announcing the Google Plus shutdown, the company also announced that there will be new features to cater to the needs of businesses. Google will share more information about the new features and updates in the coming months.

10 Things Google will Love About Your Website you Probably Don’t Have


XML sitemaps also give the spiders metadata about your pages such as the last time a page was updated and how important one page is to the rest of the website. Signing up on both sites has another beneficial feature. If you learn anything about SEO, the first thing you probably will hear about is keywords. Keywords are the terms Google picks out in queries and runs through their algorithm to find sites that relate to those words.

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Toward a New Knowledge Society

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Featured. |. Complex answers link User Profiles different types of data Evaluations Resource Profiles Slide 33: Each type of data is a feature setâ?¦. s how we measure similarity Which features? content author, publisher, classifier) Distributed metadata â?? metadata models â?? analogy: personal information [link] Slide 36: Metadata Slide 37: What Will We See? Slideshare.net (beta). My Slidespace. Upload. Community. Widgets. Latest. |. Most Viewed. |.

3 Tools For Managing a Killer Multi-Author Blog

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Their next social media conference is Social Fresh EAST on February 6-7 in Tampa, FL featuring speakers from RadioShack, Pepsi, Nordstrom, and Scott Monty of Ford. Even Evernote has nice sharing features. Here are a few of the key features it provides for an editing process.

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How to Optimize Your Content for Authorship Success


Another great new feature is the ability to pin tweets to the top of your page. Metadata on Twitter. Twitter Cards enable you to attach media to Tweets that link your content: It’s social’s all-important metadata. This is a guest contribution from Jaclyn Freeman. Who are you?

eLearning & Deliberative Moments: The present and future of Personal Learning Environments (PLE)

Buzz Marketing for Technology

PLEs are meant to simplify managing these artefacts, creating meaning through aggregation, linking and metadata tagging (eg comments, keywords). The structure, features and policies of most VLE implementations tend to perpetuate the traditional instructivist models of education.

3 Tools For Managing a Killer Multi-Author Blog

Convince & Convert

Their next social media conference is Social Fresh EAST on February 6-7 in Tampa, FL featuring speakers from RadioShack, Pepsi, Nordstrom, and Scott Monty of Ford. Even Evernote has nice sharing features. Here are a few of the key features it provides for an editing process.

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12 kinds of Knowledge Workers

Buzz Marketing for Technology

They provide a sociality-driven incentive for bloggers to apply metadata tags to their posts. Metadata has never been more fun!". Well, thats perhaps an exaggeration, but Im personally much more interested in metadata that means something for people other than me. This is what I find most interesting in this scheme: metadata is shared - thats built into the design. The blogspace search feature may replace DayPop a little bit.

Solarmovie Alternatives


The site’s main page feature tiles that show you the latest uploads onto the site. For enhanced sorting power, the site features site-wide filter options, and the navigation bar up top gives you access to more categorized pages.

Optimise Your Blog with Google Search Console: A Treasure Trove of Traffic


Other information is included, such as how often your site is updated, metadata, and information about videos and images. By ProBlogger SEO Expert Jim Stewart of StewArt Media.

Measuring Engagement

Proactive Report

And if you think it’s an odd notion that customers would want to have a say in your business, both these companies were featured in the Engagement study that showed that the most engaged companies in the US are also the ones that did the best financially through the recession.

How to Improve your SEO by Speeding up Your WordPress Website


There are some caching plugins that come with options and features like lazy load filters (loading up images once the user scrolls up/down to them) to help you optimize performance. This is a guest contribution from Tracey Jones.

The Complete Pinterest Advertising Guide to More Valuable Ads

Sprout Social

Promoted Video Pins are simply Pins that feature a video instead of an image. • Use similarly styled images – you can feature more images of your product on your website, but make sure they’ve got a similar feel: lighting, coloring, filters, etc. You can do this if you feel comfortable accessing your site’s code or metadata.

Measuring Engagement

Proactive Report

And if you think it’s an odd notion that customers would want to have a say in your business, both these companies were featured in the Engagement study that showed that the most engaged companies in the US are also the ones that did the best financially through the recession.

The complete knowledge sharing guide. | lucasmcdonnell.com

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Today’s featured site: the JibberJobber blog. Today’s featured site: The Paper Bull. metadata. about. contact. subscribe. advertise. privacy. photos. Categories. Announcements (26). Blogs (28). Business (22). Collaboration (16). Content Management (2).

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How to Craft the Perfect Post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Buffer Social

We’d also love to share a very special new Buffer feature with you to help you craft the perfect update for every social platform in one seamless experience. When you share a link to Facebook, the image specified within the webpage’s metadata will be pulled into your post automatically.

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The Ultimate List of Social Media Definitions You Need to Know


In the context of social media, archiving means creating an archive of your organization’s social media posts, messages, and associated metadata. Asking for ideas through interactive features like polls is another. Learn more: Core features of the Hootsuite platform.

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Geek to Live: Organize your PDF library with iTunes

Buzz Marketing for Technology

« next » PDF , feature , geek to live , saved searches , smart playlists , tagging , tags , tax time. Also, Spotlight, Vistas Saved Search folders and Google Desktop will all find PDFs with keywords in their title - but not other iTunes metadata fields.).

195: How to Crush Content Planning and Promotion with One Powerful Tool


Her top 10 features of CoSchedule. To help me run through this tool and to go deeper with it than I could, I’ve invited my team member, the General Manager of ProBlogger, Laney Galligan, onto the show to take us through what CoSchedule does and some of its features. Laney will be familar to many of you who’ve been to our events, she has directed our events for several years now. Laney lists off her top 10 features of CoSchedule.

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10 Tips to Optimize Your Presence on Pinterest

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There are a few features that Pinterest (and pinners!) By setting one up, the pin will show metadata providing pinners with a more in-depth experience and helping to improve engagement. That’s because the pinner added the Rich Pins feature on their website.

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