Sat.Dec 18, 2021 - Fri.Dec 24, 2021

Meta Announces Updates to its Ad Campaign Set-Up Process to Better Align with Primary Objectives

Social Media Today

The new process aims to streamline the ad set-up process by reducing your objective options

“Ted Lasso” Lessons — “BELIEVE” In Your Social Media Strategy

Ignite Social Media

This year was huge for the Apple TV+ show Ted Lasso , which dropped a successful second season over the summer, pulled in seven Emmys, including the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series, and just released a surprise holiday stop-motion short called “ The Missing Christmas Mustache.”.


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Unique NFT Auction Launch: Buyers Will Become Digital Art Co-Authors

The Realtime Report

Unique NFT Auction Launch: Buyers Will Become Digital Art Co-Authors. The Art Value initiative, a perennial art project, exploring the concept of ‘numbers as art’, has started selling NFTs (non-fungible tokens) via a unique-concept auction, where the highest bid becomes the content of the token.

Report 145

A look back at 2021


What another amazing year?! If I were to rate it, I would give it a 9.5. Audience Intelligence


The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations.

A Look Back at Instagram's Various Attempts to Copy TikTok in 2021

Social Media Today

A seasonal-themed retrospective of all the ways in which Insta has taken inspiration from TikTok this year

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Example: Use URL Parameters to Verify Facebook Ads Results

Jon Loomer

Inspired primarily by the negative reporting impact resulting from iOS 14-related changes in 2021, Facebook advertisers are searching for ways to verify and uncover conversion results. One approach is using URL parameters.

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How to Help Your Delivery Service Perform Better

The Realtime Report

How to Help Your Delivery. Service Perform Better. Being an entrepreneur has its rewards, but it also has its challenges. From managing logistics to accounting to customer service, you may have your fingers in many different pies.

YouTube Adds New Updates to YouTube Studio App, Bringing it More Into Line with the Desktop Version

Social Media Today

The new updates provide more functionality for those looking to manage their YouTube channel on the go

21 Small Business Brands We Love

Buffer Social

At Buffer, we're determined to help small business owners grow their brands on social media and beyond. As a result, we’ve come across so many companies doing incredible things. As we finish off this year, we wanted to share some of our favorites. Wondering how we chose them?

Social Media Marketing GPS

SMGPS will tell you the why & how to use social media for marketing, 1 tweet at a time. You'll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls.

Predictions for Social Trends in 2022


While it may still feel like 2019 to most of us, 2022 is right around the corner. And whether we want to believe it or not, the social landscape is always changing and evolving. 2021 provided digital marketers with insights they never had before.

Landing in the Google 3 Pack for SEO Campaigns

The Realtime Report

Landing in the Google 3 Pack. for SEO Campaigns. If you are looking for a way to increase your local web traffic in Dallas , then you have probably heard about the Google 3 Pack with respect to local SEO campaigns. Local SEO is a great way to drive more traffic to your website.

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TikTok Adds Live-Stream Intros to Better Facilitate Engagement

Social Media Today

The option adds another way to communicate what your live-stream is about, and invite engagement

Is That A Tweet—Or A Crypto Coin? It’s Getting Harder To Tell The Difference

Forbes Social Media

Social media reshaped markets and finance in 2021, a trend that appears likely to accelerate in the new year. Social Media /social-media Innovation /innovation Social Media /social-media Editors' Pick editors-pick lists markets

How to Be Social: A Social Media Manifesto

Learn the 10 worst social media marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

#418: A New (& Better) Way To Look At Imposter Syndrome

Amy Porterfield

Why I Don’t Think You Have Imposter Syndrome Stop saying you have imposter syndrome. To which you might say, “But Amy…I do have imposter syndrome. I can’t get past this notion of ‘Who am I to start a business’ or ‘Who am I to teach on my topic?’” Boy, do I hear you. I’ve been […].

5 Core Pillars for Your Ecommerce Marketing Stack in 2022 


In the early days of the internet, online shopping had a bad and scammy reputation. Today, businesses that don’t leverage the internet for sales lose customers, potential revenue, and market share. . Naturally, ecommerce will be a big business in 2022.

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LinkedIn Launches New Campaign to Highlight the Importance of Representation in the Workplace

Social Media Today

The campaign specifically highlights the value that LinkedIn's gender pronounss profile option has added

India Blocks YouTube Channels In First Deployment Of New IT Rules

Forbes Social Media

India has invoked its emergency powers under the IT Act for the first time, ordering YouTube to block 20 channels and banning two websites. Cybersecurity /cybersecurity Innovation /innovation Cybersecurity /cybersecurity Social Media /social-media Editors' Pick editors-pick technology

8 Stupid Simple Social Media Tricks to Boost SEO

Discover just how easy it is to boost SEO with social media.

Audience Analysis 101: What It Is and Why It’s Crucial for Engagement


Marketers use audience analysis to gain a deeper understanding of audiences. They create accurate, detailed buyer personas with knowledge of the needs, interests, and pain points of the target audience.

Insights from The Information’s Creator Economy Summit


The past few years have marked a significant period of growth for the creator econom y and the social media platforms that underpin the industry.

Meta Adds New, Holiday-Themed Elements to Messenger, Including Soundmojis and AR Effects

Social Media Today

Tis the season to be using snow-themed AR effects

How Social Commerce And Web 3.0 Will Radically Evolve In 2022

Forbes Social Media

What if you flipped through your Facebook feed, noticed a cool new product you want to buy, and then completed the transaction without any concern over your own privacy or security? Social Media /social-media Innovation /innovation Social Media /social-media innovation socialmedia

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

#419: She Was Forced To Slow Down (And Then Her Business Grew!) With Kate Northrup Watts

Amy Porterfield

Say Bye-Bye To Business Burnout Working less and earning more is the battle cry of online entrepreneurs everywhere. It’s why we start our own gig in the first place, right? More cash coming in, less hours glued to a screen.

How to Customize Windows 11 Look in 2022


Windows 11 has a great appearance but sometimes users want to personalize it as per their choice. Changing the default settings of Windows 11 can change the look altogether.

TikTok Tests New 'Re-Post' Option to Boost Distribution of Clips

Social Media Today

The new option would enable users to boost TikTok clips by re-sharing them among their connections

5 Things I Learned From The World’s Top Creators At VidSummit

Forbes Social Media

VidSummit is THE industry event for creators and brands. After attending this year's conference, I can confidently say there is no place like it. Sharing trade secrets and brushing shoulders with the biggest creators of all time like Mr. Beast, Nas Daily, Pierson Wodzynski and so many more.

No Hustle, No Guilt

Jon Loomer

The Hustle Culture is popular among entrepreneurs, business owners, and others within the professional ranks. If it doesn’t resonate with you, you aren’t alone. I remember when I first got started with my own business a decade ago.

How To Play a Blu-ray Disc on Mac


Has this question ever come to your mind whether you can play a Blu-Ray disk on Mac? You will be glad to know that you can easily play a Blu-Ray disk on Mac and for that you just need software and an external drive.

Clubhouse Launches Saved Replays, Unveils New App Icon

Social Media Today

The capacity to save Clubhouse chats for later will expand the value of your broadcasts

Track Santa's Journey On Facebook, Twitter, YouTube And Instagram

Forbes Social Media

Santa Claus is probably way too busy to check his news feed, and the big guy isn't one to sent out a tweet all that often, but his journey on Christmas Eve can now be tracked on social media. Social Media /social-media Innovation /innovation Social Media /social-media innovation socialmedia

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