December, 2020

A digital media framework for smart marketing communications

Sherrilynne Starkie

Balancing activities across owned, earned, shared and paid media strategies is the best way to get a demonstrable return on investment (ROI) for today’s marketing and communications campaigns.

Lessons in Pandemic Patience From an Orchid

Waxing UnLyrical

I find it simultaneously unbelievable and miraculous that we are almost halfway through December, and that — as we approach 2021 — I’d be sharing lessons in pandemic patience from an orchid.


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3 Ways to Use Instagram's New Keyword Search Option to Grow Your Business

Social Media Today

Instagram recently updates its search functionality, which opens up new possibilities for your research and marketing efforts

Best PHP Frameworks For Website Development

The Realtime Report

Best PHP Frameworks. For Website Development. Laravel, Symfony, and Yii are the best frameworks, and they are most used for PHP development. There are many others, of course. We will share with you what we’ve tested and tried for years to advise our clients and you. Laravel.

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

2021 Social Media Predictions

Ignite Social Media

In a year where 90% of social media plans were thrown out the window, we’re still trying to predict what major occurrences will happen in the months ahead.

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6 Content Marketing Skills You Need to Succeed in 2021

Sherrilynne Starkie

Here’s some year end social media tips. Good bye 2020! And not before time, thank you very much! This year is the most challenging as we learn to cope with largescale downsizing , huge job losses, lengthy furloughs and daily working from home.

Skills 229

2020: The Year Data Saved The World

Waxing UnLyrical

How you think 2020 will be remembered? I think it will be as The Year Data Saved The World. Image: HCFM Communicate via Wikimedia Commons , CC BY-SA 4.0.

Data 167

Google Adds Short-Form Video Carousel in Selected Search Results

Social Media Today

Google is looking to align with the short-form video trend by adding TikTok and Reels video results for certain search queries

Video 165

26 Social Media Marketing Books to Advance Your Skills

agora pulse

Bonus Material: Free SMART Goals ebook. Need a good social media marketing book that fuels your learning and your career? Here’s our list of favorite reads for different aspects of social media.

Skills 144

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations.

How Coca-Cola rules Christmas marketing: campaigns analysis


In this article, I analyze four years of Coca-Cola's Christmas marketing campaigns and attempt to figure out what makes them so successful and what marketers can learn from them

Developing a Niche Marketing Strategy Using Social Media


One of the biggest challenges of a business is standing out in a sea of competitors. For that, you need something that sets your business apart from everyone else.

Make the case for video content

Sherrilynne Starkie

Did you know that by using video content in email marketing you can boost click-through rates by up to 300 per cent? Were you aware that 96 per cent of people who watch a video on mobile tend to share videos with others?

Video 263

The Power of Facebook Groups: Tips for Strengthening Your Business

Ignite Social Media

Since early last year, Facebook has been putting more emphasis on groups within its platform. This focus stemmed from users wanting to have more of a community feel around topics and interests they care about.

Groups 128

Social Media Marketing GPS

SMGPS will tell you the why & how to use social media for marketing, 1 tweet at a time. You'll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls.

Instagram Adds New Creative Tools in Reels and Stories

Social Media Today

Instagram has added some new additions to your creative options in both Reels and Stories

Tools 171

Agency Basics: How to Make Money as a Social Media Marketing Agency

agora pulse

Bonus Materials: Free SMART Goals Ebook. You’re passionate about your social media agency … but are you losing money or making money from it? Here’s an overview of the different ways you should be making money as a social media marketing agency.

Influencer marketing 2021: 5 tools and many tips


We gathered the most up-to-date influencer marketing tips to show what you should and shouldn't do in 2021. These tips are based on influencer marketing trends that we could observe in 2020. So let's refresh your influencer marketing strategy with these ultimate 2021 influencer marketing tips

How Social Media Helps in Building Brand Credibility

Social media has taken the world by storm, with billions of people using it on a regular basis. Whether it’s for communication, entertainment, shopping or information, going online has become a normal part of everyday life. .

Brands 120

How to Be Social: A Social Media Manifesto

Learn the 10 worst social media marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

Hashtag Tracking: How to Get a Detailed Analysis of Your Social Media Campaign

Webbiquity SMM

Guest post by Shane Barker. Social media has become essential for brand promotion. With nearly 4 billion users, it provides you with the opportunity to potentially reach 50% of the world’s population.

Friday Morning Mindfulness

Janet Fouts

Have you meant to make mindfulness and/or meditation part of your self-care routine, but just not managed to keep it up? A regular practice can help create a habit that lasts and does wonders for your health and wellbeing.

Tools 111

Nine Year-Old Ryan Kaji Once Again Leads YouTube's Top Earners for the Year

Social Media Today

Forbes has published its annual listing of the highest-earning stars on YouTube

Social Media Manager Salary: How Much Should You Be Making?

agora pulse

Bonus Materials: Tips & Tricks for Agencies. Are you paid enough as a social media manager? Here’s a look at the numbers for a social media manager’s salary.

8 Stupid Simple Social Media Tricks to Boost SEO

Discover just how easy it is to boost SEO with social media.

The ultimate guide to promoting your brand on IGTV


IGTV (Instagram TV) is a long-form vertical video channel that is created by Instagram and accessible only from Instagram. Let's see how we can use it for brand promotion

Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021! Our journey this year through the eyes of our CEO


Let’s be honest this year has been a s**t show, right? But we all know it could have been much worse! As the ever optimist I’ll skip complaining about 2020 and focus on what could make an amazing 2021! Here are a few trends to look out for. Audience Intelligence

Trends 114

How We Can Always Remember Our Lost Loves

Global Pandemic: the words on everyone’s lips at the moment. This insidious virus that made its appearance in 2019 and has proceeded to turn lives upside down all over the globe. . People the world over are struggling with loss: financial loss , job losses and death.

Class 115

5 Ways to Prevent Business Downtime in 2021

The Realtime Report

5 Ways to. Prevent Business Downtime in 2021. It has been reported that an unexpected downtime can cost a business an average of $10,000 per hour.

Issues 114

LinkedIn Adds New 'Products' Tab on Company Pages to Highlight Specific Products

Social Media Today

LinkedIn is adding new product showcase pages to your LinkedIn Company Page options, providing a new way to share information about your key products

What Are the Best Times to Post on Social Media?

agora pulse

Bonus Materials: FREE Social Media Content Calendar. What are the best times to post on social media? The answer can vary. Here’s a look at why that is and how to find the best time to post your social content.

iOS 14 and Facebook Ads: What We Know

Jon Loomer

You’ve undoubtedly heard that Apple is making big changes to data tracking permissions in iOS 14 that could significantly impact Facebook advertisers, publishers, and app developers.

Inside the Mind of a Master Social Media Strategist


Social media is at the forefront of marketing and has changed the way we do business as a result. Master social media strategist Christie Le joins me on our Radically Transparent podcast to disclose her employee advocacy secret sauce when it comes to launching and maintaining a successful program.

B2B 112