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8 Open Source Projects from Google


For many Google has become the patron saint of open source, and the number of open source projects Google supports or directly develops seems to increase every day. Unlike other proprietary social network application platforms, OpenSocial is free and open.

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I've Used Bluesky for 6 Months – Here's What You Should Know

Buffer Social

Among them is Bluesky , which is a decentralized, invite-only social network built on an open-source protocol  (I’ll explain what this means even though I barely understand it myself). It’s one of the most popular alternatives and hit 1 million users in September 2023. What is Bluesky?


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Social Network Analysis - KM4DevWiki

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Social Network Analysis. 1 Social Network Analysis. 13 FAQ KM4Dev Source Materials. 1 Social Network Analysis. 13 FAQ KM4Dev Source Materials. Social Network Analysis. UCINET6 and NetDraw: While I do not have extensive experience mapping out social networks.

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The other side of Social Networking

The Marketing Blog

47 am The other side of Social Networking Jump to Comments Social networking is making a deep(er) penetration in our lives,(our? Consultants are enjoying the social-media revolution. However, a couple of bitter events, connected with Facebook and Orkut, the biggest community sites question the growth of social n/w.

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#Hashtags Hit Facebook – #WhatDoYouThink

The Social Media Incubator

In an announcement by the social networking service giant on Wednesday, Facebook informed users of the rollout of hashtags to status updates. Facebook Online marketing Social Media News business marketing hashtags marketing Social Media social networking Twitter' What are your thoughts?

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What Is Mastodon and Why Is Everyone Going There?


Download our Social Trends report to get all the data you need to plan a relevant social strategy and set yourself up for success on social in 2023. Mastodon is a decentralized social network made up of independent servers organized around specific themes, topics, or interests. Who owns Mastodon social media?

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Facebook Filed for a Trademark on the Word Meta. You Should See the Description.

Bill Hartzer

Trademark number 97097363. Goods and Services Description.

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