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Great Content Marketing Case: the Vocus Social Media Strategy Tool


Content marketing Social media marketing Beth Harte content marketing case MarketingSherpa Serengeti Communications social media marketing strategy tool social media strategy app VocusContent is a social object. By that I mean it is defined by what people want and how they interact, not the other way around. Content can take many forms. Often, it’s narrowed down to the types of content we immediately think of such as a blog post, a paper, a presentation, a video, the [.].

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PR Monitoring and Management Tools: Which is Best? Vocus vs. Cision

Webbiquity SMM

Vocus and Cision are both powerful and popular PR monitoring and management systems. Media Database Cision: A Vocus: B+ Both tools offer extensive databases of publications, media professionals and bloggers. User Interface Cision: C- Vocus: D User experience, unfortunately, isn’t a strength of either system. Customer Service Vocus: B+ Cision: D Overall, the Vocus team was outstanding to work with during our trial. But overall, Vocus customer service was excellent. The downside: it’s the Vocus interface. So which is best? A mix.

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SMBs go for content marketing, social and email marketing: report

Social Email Marketing

Digital Marketing Survey”, Vocus and Inc. share their findings on the “state of digital marketing for SMBs” Email marketing plays an important role and, although the website still reigns, the more connected and integrated digital marketing mix becomes apparent. Research content marketing email marketing Inc. marketing automation Vocus

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The Yogi Berra School of Marketing

Geoff Livingston

What better way to celebrate than apply some of Yogi Berra’s quotes to marketing? Here are my five favorite Yogisms as they apply to marketing: “It ain’t over till it’s over.” ” If you don’t have outcomes to achieve, if there’s nothing to measure, then how do you know if your marketing is successful? Image by cliff1066. Find them.

Getting Lost In Tech Again

Geoff Livingston

Tenacity5 Media’s client Vocus and Cision released a new eBook, “ What If PR Stood for People and Relationships ” authored by Brian Solis and GapingVoid. What If PR Stood for People and Relationships By Brian Solis from Vocus. Today, you can see it manifest itself in the way marketers and communicators talk about data, social tools, and mobile technology.

5 Marketing Myths

Geoff Livingston

Myths and misconceptions are abound in the marketing blogosphere. From a research perspective this data represents a small sampling, in turn creating myths about marketing that don’t apply to the whole profession. Here are five common marketing myths I hear about frequently. 1) Analytics Make Your Marketing Program Succeed. Easy video is a huge marketing myth.

Four Reasons You’re Not a Media Company

Spin Sucks

At last week’s Vocus User’s Conference, I had the pleasure of sitting in on Adam Singer’s session. We’ve also talked quite a bit here and at Jayme Soulati’s blog about how important it is that communication professionals learn some marketing skills. You shouldn’t be marketing on the web if you don’t have conversion goals. Call me.

Five Common Digital PR Problems

Spin Sucks

Stacey Acevero is the social media community manager at Vocus and PRWeb. Marketing today looks very little like it did even the last four to five years. The explosion of the social and niche destinations continues to change the marketing landscape for small and large businesses alike. Stacey Acevero is the social media community manager at Vocus and PRWeb.

Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and More


Want to get the most out of your social media marketing activities? It’s important to keep current on best practices to ensure that you’re doing all you can to keep your marketing campaigns and initiatives fresh. A Forbes Top-25 Forbes Social Media Power Influencer, Pam is a Seattle-area marketing professional and Seahawks fan. Facebook users like photos. Twitter.

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Liveblogging the FTC Workshop on Native Advertising

Geoff Livingston

EST. To get us started I have re-posted a native advertising ethics piece that ran on the Vocus blog a month ago. Last October at BlogWell Boston, Author and CEO of Andy Sernovitz gave a speech on ethics as they relate to social media marketing on the web. Any marketer can buy media. The sessions begin at 10:00 a.m. Native Advertising: Don’t Deceive – Disclose!

9 Videos on the Digital Future

Geoff Livingston

Special thanks to my client Vocus for providing videography services. Vocus is hosting the Demand Success 2013 conference in Washington, DC this June 20-21. The event focuses on marketing best practices for converging media, and includes speakers like Arianna Huffington, Content Marketing Institute Founder Joe Pulizzi, digital journalism expert Jay Rosen, and many more.

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INFOGRAPHIC: The State of Digital Marketing for SMBs

Geoff Livingston

One of the things I appreciate about working with my client Vocus is their willingness to try different things. In discussions this past January, we saw a core weakness in the online marketing conversation stories and discussions on industry pain points. Magazine to determine the state of digital marketing amongst small and medium businesses, as summarized by the above infographic.

My Big 5 Marketing Predictions for 2014

Geoff Livingston

I am presenting a free Vocus webinar this Wednesday at 2 p.m. on the five big trends that will impact marketers in 2014. Vocus is a client of Tenacity5 Media. Everyone wants to know the most important trends of the new year for their marketing program. Google Glass will grab the headlines, but old-fashioned mobile marketing will command the budget. billion).

The Marketing Code Disconnect

Geoff Livingston

Yet, this marriage of different functions creates a unique tension, with marketing and IT failing to understand each other. Marketers don’t get code, and coders don’t get marketing. That’s inside the marketing department. That creates the major challenge facing modern marketing software companies… Making technological functionality intuitive and easy.

7 Daunting Challenges Facing Marketers

Geoff Livingston

Marketing today remains a great challenge, in large part because of the consistently changing technology and media landscape. 1) Technology Adoption and Automation: I’ve talked quite a bit about marketing automation and software. Marketers need to move away from channel specific strategies, and adapt a truly liquid approach to communications. So what’s the fix?

Selecting Media Venues

Geoff Livingston

Let’s say the media is unlikely to pick up the story or concept, at least until the market validates it. Consider the recent Vocus (now Cision) Brian Solis / Gapingvoid eBook my company helped produce and promote. These were the channels that Cision/Vocus customers usually interact on. When you are considering media outlets to deploy a story, there are so many choices.

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The Most Overused Buzzwords and Marketing Speak in Press Releases

Adam Sherk

Home About Contact PR Publishing SEO Social Media Subscribe Adam Sherk The Most Overused Buzzwords and Marketing Speak in Press Releases by Adam Sherk on June 29, 2010 Unique, one-of-a-kind, best-of-breed…blah, blah, blah. We see this type of marketing speak over and over in press releases and promotional materials. What would you love to see stricken from marketing speak forever?

How to Avoid Content Marketing Fatigue

Geoff Livingston

The great content marketing debate over quality information versus frequency raged on last week. I had scheduled it for this week, but moved it up since content marketing had suddenly become a hot topic. This is something we are actively working on for my client Vocus’s blog , and by year end we will have a two-week repository built up. Image by Jessica Darliingx. Brutal?

The Future of Social Media

Webbiquity SMM

But blogging takes work, as people discovered, which is why of the more than 150 million blogs that have been launched, PR and social media monitoring software firm Vocus tracks only about 20 million. Social media is being embraced by marketers , of course, but it’s much larger than that. We live in amazing times. Our human species originated, ballpark, 250,000 years ago.

What CMOs Want: Better Social Integration & Analytics

Geoff Livingston

A few recent studies opened the CMO kimono, offering a glimpse into the top concerns on lead marketers’ minds. Not surprisingly, two primary issues are integrating social in a meaningful way into the larger marketing suite of tools (less than 10% in two studies think they’ve done it), and finding better analytics for measurement. Marketing analytics CMO council Gini Dietrich marketing marketing in the round RIch Becker Social Media SocialMix survey Vocus wantThe [.].

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Best Social PR Guides, Tips and Tools of 2010

Webbiquity SMM

Social media marketing, online PR and SEO are three tactics that are all powerful on their own, but have far more impact when used in a coordinated, synergistic manner. The Most Overused Buzzwords and Marketing Speak in Press Releases by Adam Sherk. 5 successful marketers reveal their favorite public relations tools by Matt About Business. Vocus and Cision ) to the obscure ( Butterfly Publisher ). Update on Trusting PR Agencies without a Social Media Presence with Your Social Media Programs by PR Meets Marketing. Optimize company news for SEO benefit?

The Rise of Dynamic Content

Geoff Livingston

Today’s release of Hubspot 3 marketing automation software at the Inbound Conference marks the rise of dynamic content, a method of customizing the way individuals view content, images or actions. Now small and medium enterprise marketers can easily deploy dynamic content segmented by niches. Marketing Automation Challenges. MindFire). See a breakdown by industry.

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Looking Back at 300: Top 10 Posts on the Webbiquity Blog So Far

Webbiquity SMM

Again, thank you for reading the MarketingSherpa Readers Choice top b2b marketing blog for 2012. Vocus vs. Cision (November 8, 2011). Vocus and Cision are both powerful and popular PR monitoring and management systems. 33 (of the) Best Marketing Strategy Guides and Insights of 2010 (February 14, 2011). The One Effective Use of Facebook for B2B Marketing (March 9, 2010).

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What’s the Best Social Media Monitoring Tool? It Depends

Webbiquity SMM

Cision combines its own PR tracking capabilities built on the former Bacon’s clipping service (older PR pros, you may need to explain to your younger counterparts what a “clipping service&# was back in the day) with a white-labeled version of Radian6 to provide markets and PR professionals with a 360-degree view of brand mentions and trends across traditional and social media. Vocus. Vocus provides a rich set of tools for traditional and social media monitoring, media outreach and news distribution. No more. Budget: $0 (I have no budget, I need something free!).

The Dog Bowl of Big Data

Geoff Livingston

Big data continues to confound the average marketer. Marketers need to understand how to use the technology. What should a marketer look for? Big data intimidates many marketers; in fact, 45 percent consider analyzing it to be their biggest digital marketing obstacle. A version of this post ran originally on the Vocus blog. How will it impact business?

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Amplify Your Content Strategy with Influencer Marketing

Convince & Convert

Most of us are familiar with the concept of influencer marketing, i.e., marketing to a select group of individuals — such as journalists, bloggers, consultants, or industry analysts — who influence your buyers’ decisions. If you were to market your product to her and get her seal of approval, her endorsement would go a long, long way toward boosting your sales.

The Social Media ROI Debate

Webbiquity SMM

Can the financial return on expenditures for social media business activities– in marketing, PR, customer support, HR, product development or other areas — be accurately measured? Chris Bennett lays out the list of metrics he uses to analyze, track and “prove ROI’ from social media marketing. 5 Problems With Measuring Social Marketing by Web Worker Daily.

Social Media Marketing - Is Your Business Ready?

In order for companies to realize the maximum benefit from social media marketing, there must be a certain level of understanding about the nature of online communities, social media sharing web sites and applications. What measures of success will be used to evaluate a social media marketing program? Have you started something you really weren’t ready for? What are we missing?

Robert Scoble on Data, Algorithms and the Future of Marketing

Geoff Livingston

Robert Scoble on Data, Algorithms and the Future of Marketing. Robert Scoble and Shel Israel have written a defining book for the big data marketing automation era, the Age of Context ( read my review ). You’ll find an insightful interview on marketing, media and society as a whole. You discuss this as precision marketing. GL: What prompted you to write the book?

What the Playground Can Teach you about Social Media

Convince & Convert

Guest post by Stacey Acevero , social media community manager at Vocus and PRWeb. Integrating social media into your online marketing mix can be a lot like the first day of school. Remembering that the social world is really a combination of communities and groups who move in ever widening (and connecting) relationship circles, be sure your PR and social media efforts follow the rules that every smart small business marketer needs to know. Social Media Marketing Guest Posts personal branding PRWeb social media PR stacey acevedo VocusMake Sure to Make Friends.

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Should Marketers Care about Google Glass?

Geoff Livingston

Should marketers care? First, marketers should care, not necessarily about Glass, but what the device represents. Context becomes crucial for mobile marketing as people move about their wearable computing enabled lives. As far as the actual Google Glass product goes, marketers should take a wait and see approach. ” This update ran originally on the Vocus blog.

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50 Top Tools for Social Media Monitoring, Analytics, and Management 2013


Use these platforms to manage, measure, and analyze your social media marketing initiatives. These 50 tools distill data in ways that are relevant to your social media marketing plan, enabling you to figure out how to succeed with your audience. You can instantly see the social media conversations taking place in your market and immediately engage your detractors and evangelists.

Social Media Use: Three Big Mistakes Made by Small Businesses


Still, though social media is a popular marketing tool for small businesses, it can also be a minefield of potentially costly and critical mistakes. There are several key ways in which small businesses are continuing to miss opportunities to maximize their social media marketing potential. According to a recent survey by Vocus and Duct Tape Marketing , decision makers at small and medium-sized businesses consider overcoming the perception that social media is free as their biggest social media challenge. And why not? Not responding to customers. Not a conversation.

3 Amigos of Content Marketing and a Muy Bien eBook Strategy

Convince & Convert

And because they know so much about online marketing, I made an effort to come to know them. Lee, Ann and Jay cover similar territory in that they’re evangelists for, and teachers of, content marketing and social media. One of those topics proves time and again to rank atop your list of content marketing concerns…. Jay says, Youtility is marketing upside down. Lee Odden.

Are Twitter Lead Generation Cards the Email Marketers’ New Best Friend?

Convince & Convert

They are the expandable tweets that typically are used to hold photos or Vine videos, like this one from Lowe’s ( read more about Lowe’s excellent new Youtility marketing program ): Put that old rake head to good use by turning it into a tool hanger. Think of it as the world’s easiest, one click email sign-up form, as you see here from Vocus. v/bYwJZ7JrrEK.

Easter Bunny Kicked Out of PRWeb Press Release Web Site

Bill Hartzer

Writers at the Dallas-based interactive marketing agency were shocked to learn that the Easter Bunny was deemed “parodic” and could not be mentioned in an introduction, tongue-in-cheek be damned. I have reached out to the folks at Vocus for an official comment on the matter. MarketingThe Easter Bunny has officially been kicked out of PRWeb, the popular press release web site.

Fewer PR Organizations Plan to Increase Focus on SEO and Social Media in 2011

Adam Sherk

The results of the Vocus 2011 PR Planning Survey are out and the number of organizations that plan to focus more on SEO and social media has declined. The reality is quite the opposite; social media marketing and SEO are completely intertwined and each strengthens the other. For comparison here is the 2010 chart that I included in my post on last year’s Vocus survey.

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SMBs go for content marketing, social and email marketing

Social Email Marketing

Digital Marketing Survey”, Vocus and Inc. share their findings on the “state of digital marketing for SMBs” Email marketing plays an important role and, although the website still reigns, the more connected and integrated digital marketing mix becomes apparent. In the “2013 Inc.

Media Relations Gone Wrong: How Not to Pitch a Journalist (Video)

Adam Sherk

Being required to do cold-call follow-ups as a junior employee was one of the main reasons I gravitated toward other forms of online marketing as soon as they started to emerge. Fortunately today there are much better tools at our disposal be it PR software suites like Vocus and Cision or networking services like HARO and Seek or Shout. Seriously though, did you get my press release?

Every Communicator Needs a Real Camera

Geoff Livingston

There are many types of visual media marketers are using, from illustrations and graphics to video and photos. In spite of protests by media and pundits , marketers, entrepreneurs and artists alike would benefit from having access to a real camera and photographs. The value and engagement we see in Tenacity5′s projects like xPotomac and with clients like Vocus has convinced me.

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