November, 2016

#SocialPR Spotlight: Duncan Alney

Waxing UnLyrical

I love introducing you to all my Social PR Virtuosos, but this week, I’m particularly stoked! You see, Duncan Alney – who’s profiled below – and I have known each other since high school. Yes, that’s how long we go back! And because we graduated from school pre-internet, we lost touch. And then reconnected after 20 years – TWENTY! – at a marketing conference in DC.

Social Media Updates


Here are the latest social media updates to keep you ahead of the curve and make sure your marketing is up to date and successful! Facebook. Facebook Has New Look and Layout for Pages : Facebook has updated its Page design on desktop to make it easier for visitors to interact with a Page. These changes include: Updated layout with a cleaner design.

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Are your social media accounts ready for 2017?

Janet Fouts

Bring your social sites up to date with a quick review to be sure of a Happy New Year! social business Social Media in Action Social Media

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10 Ways Small Business Can Use Facebook Live Video Streaming

Pam Moore

Facebook Live video streaming enables brands and businesses of all sizes to tap into the power of video marketing and social media. It enables even the smallest of businesses to increase brand awareness, build community, nurture relationships. Smart and savvy marketers know they can even use Facebook Live to conduct customer research as well as increase leads and sales! Using Facebook live video enables business marketers to humanize their brand.

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

Beyond Likes: 9 Facebook Analytics You Must Be Measuring


When it comes to Facebook, we’re all guilty of one thing: focusing on ‘likes’. We all want more. 10,000 likes, 100,000 likes, a million likes! We set big goals to grow our Facebook fan pages all based on this one simple metric. But here’s the secret. Facebook ‘likes’ aren’t very useful. Counting ‘likes’ is what we call a ‘vanity metric’, and if you really want to measure the impact and success of your fan page, we’ve got to dive much deeper into your analytics.

Big Changes at Instagram | Social You Should Know

Ignite Social Media

Finally, Instagram will allow links and @mentions in their stories, while Twitter makes another move to make the platform friendlier, in this week’s Social You Should Know. Instagram Adds Links, Boomerangs and Tagging to Stories. Instagram has become an increasingly vibrant community over the last two years, but the ability to link from content was a big drawback for marketers.

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7 Smart Ways to Start Using Facebook Live for Your Business

Convince & Convert

Facebook Live's video streams engage your audience in ways pre-recorded content can't match. Here's how to add it to your social strategy. Social Media Strategy facebook live facebook strategy live streaming live video social media strategy

7 Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2017


Every year, I make predictions about what the coming year’s potential developments in the world… Read More.

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7 Top Personal Branding Goals To Develop Your Social Brand Strategy

Pam Moore

Would you like to have customers come to you organically because they know for a fact you can help them achieve their business and/or life goals? It’s a wonderful thing when you don’t have to sell to your customers, instead they contact you and are excited to business with you! They aren’t thinking “should I do business with this person or brand.” ” Instead they are thinking “HOW can I do business with this person?”

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What Do Social Media Management Tools Really Need? 23 Experts Tell Us

agora pulse

Social media management tools are constantly evolving in order to keep up with businesses’ and marketers’ needs. And while many dashboards have amazing selections of features, there are still quite a few features that many marketers need – and because they’re not getting them from their dashboard, they have to look at other tools to help them.

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations.

True or False? Revisiting Our 2016 Social Media Predictions

Ignite Social Media

2016 proved to be an exciting year in social media. From Snapchat to Facebook Live and everything in-between, social media continues to evolve and adapt to our changing lifestyle. At the end of 2015 , we made a list of predictions that we thought would happen in 2016. Now it’s time to look back at some of those predictions and see if our magic 8 ball was telling the truth or not. Snapchat Will Die a Quick Death.

Looking Good on Paper: Writing a Memorable Bio

Waxing UnLyrical

Guest Post by Elaine Andrus. Thanks to cell phones, people have shorter attention spans than goldfish. But they’re also more eager than ever to make connections with authentic, genuine people. While a resume is helpful for job applications, a captivating bio can provide a short summary of your background to introduce you to colleagues, job prospects and potential clients. It can help you to be memorable, better network with your peers and, generally, stand out from the crowd.

5 Ways Your Social Media Posts Improve Your SEO

Convince & Convert

Google has been particularly enigmatic about how, or even if, its rankings are influenced by social media. But the experience of industry professionals has been universal—highly engaged content has much greater SEO value than do less popular pages. And that makes sense. Google’s algorithm is designed—and is constantly being tweaked—to find and rank high-quality, useful content for each search query. To do so, it needs a way to measure the value of sites.

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No More One Trick Ponies: Why Unbundling Is Proving to Be A Fad

Credit: CC BY-SA 2.0, 128511347@N05, Flickr. The end of unbundling? How social apps are adding advanced functionality back into their platforms. B y definition, trends fluctuate over time. While ‘unbundling’ apps was a sweet notion, the consumer market is shifting to encourage consolidation and users are looking for a one-stop shop to fulfill their social addictions.

Social Media Marketing GPS

SMGPS will tell you the why & how to use social media for marketing, 1 tweet at a time. You'll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls.

7 Ways You’re Not Recognizing Your Brand’s Influencers But Should Be


You've built a great product and an authentic brand around it to match. You’ve started… Read More.

How to Improve Your Website Rankings in Search Results


There’s no secret that the amount of traffic depends on the position in the search results. In its turn, company’s profit depends on the amount of traffic. Many SEO specialists at the beginning of their careers are struggling to find some additional sources for promotion. Sometimes even experienced SEOs face this same problem. In this article we will focus on how to fix site’s flaws and errors, improve site’s positions in the search results, and acquire considerably more traffic.

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3 Changes in Social Media We’re Thankful for This Year

Ignite Social Media

Congratulations, everyone! We’ve almost made it to the end of 2016. It’s certainly been an … interesting … year. This holds true for the world of social media, also. Except in this case I mean ‘interesting’ in the most genuine of ways.). Given how fast social media moves, looking back on a year in this landscape is like looking back 10 years in traditional marketing spaces.

Storytelling, PR, and Measurement

Waxing UnLyrical

[Ed: we’d originally paused our publishing schedule as we had no idea how today was going to turn out. Now that we know who POTUS45 is going to be, I think Todd’s guest post is particularly pertinent.]. Guest Post by Todd Murphy. Buzzwords! The public relations industry, maybe above all other industries, loves its buzzwords.

How to Be Social: A Social Media Manifesto

Learn the 10 worst social media marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

7 Awesome Hacks to Promote Your Social Media Posts

Convince & Convert

Image via Unsplash. Every day, the average social media user is inundated with a ton of posts. Most of these might be from friends and people she follows; the others are from brands vying for her attention. Considering each link posted to social media enjoys a half-life of around three hours , brands must search constantly for novel ways to promote their posts to keep them relevant for longer. highlight to tweet).

Kimberly-Clark uses social quiz to woo talent

A re you an original thinker? You can quickly find out by taking the Welcome Original Thinkers Quiz (WOTQuiz) —I’m an Adaptor: “You enjoy exploring every side of an issue and like a wicked great maestro you tease out the positive in each approach. Your resourcefulness and ability to easily adapt to the latest input often makes you the one who finds answers to the most challenging questions.” ” What did you get? Please be sure to let me know in the comments.

5 Mistakes to Avoid in B2B Social Media Marketing


In many aspects, social media has changed the way we live. We go to a… Read More.

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Gaming Aggressively Promoted Over Social Media

The Realtime Report

Gaming Aggressively Promoted Over Social Media. Online gaming is aggressively promoted over social media, which is an interesting lesson in the power of social today. Marketers themselves are promoting social media trying to find a way to connect with the members of their potential audiences. It should be noted that many of these game players themselves are promoting websites like Red Flush casino independently.

8 Stupid Simple Social Media Tricks to Boost SEO

Discover just how easy it is to boost SEO with social media.

Why Social Networks Need to Be Part of Your Holiday Sales Strategy

Ignite Social Media

We’re just two weeks away from the biggest shopping push of the year. Convenient, GlobalWebIndex just released some fascinating stats around product research on social platforms. According to the study, 37% of internet users use social networks to research products and brands. That’s a large leap from the 28% back in 2015. Among 16-24-year-olds, social networks are now just 6 percentage points behind search engines for product research.

Your One Thing

Waxing UnLyrical

Thank you to all our veterans, every day, but especially today. You are remarkable. The 2016 presidential election is over. Some of us are ecstatic, some of us are distraught. And there are a whole lot of other emotions at play, and which may take days, or weeks, or months, to process. You are entitled to take as much time as you need to process the world you woke up to on Wednesday. A simple exercise. As you do, I want you to pull out a sheet of paper, and draw a line down the middle.

3 Simple Tactics for Using Twitter as a Traction Channel

Convince & Convert

Wondering if Twitter could be the marketing tool your business needs? Thinking your company needs a larger Twitter following? Here are the questions you should ask yourself first: Do I need business instantly (and have no following)? If yes, then no social media channel is going to be right for you—try advertising. Do I (or my team) have four hours a week and $100 a month (that’s your estimated tool cost)? If no, then you won’t be able to actually pull this off.

How to Find Your Best Followers on Instagram

Jenn's Trends

In social media, where so many people are worried about how many followers they have, I’m more interested in who my followers are and what type of followers they are. You see, there are a lot of different ways people interact with your social media profiles: they may be lurkers, they may be big brand advocates, they may be… The post How to Find Your Best Followers on Instagram appeared first on Jenn's Trends.

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Björk’s PR Secrets and What You Can Learn from Her


A primary aim of brands is to insert themselves into the lives of consumers, whether… Read More.

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Why we’re ditching the ‘Social Media Intelligence’ tag (and why you should too…)


“Social media intelligence” is a commonly used in our industry, and something we’ve proudly associated ourselves with. It involves taking social data, then applying smart organisation and activation to it. But the reality is that, over time, we’ve evolved to the point that “social media intelligence” doesn’t really do justice either to our capabilities, or to the benefits and value those capabilities bring to our customers.

Social Media’s Impact on SEO

Ignite Social Media

Social media is taking up more time in terms of online activities; therefore, its’ users are generating more content to consume. With the influx of content, marketers are likely wondering how this additional branded content is impacting SEO. This post will take a closer look at how social media makes an impact. Social Media’s Impact on SEO. Does social media actually impact SEO results? Well, Google has repeatedly denied that they use social signals for SEO ranking purposes.

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#SocialPR Spotlight: Sean Sorita

Waxing UnLyrical

Today’s #Social PR Spotlight shines on Sean Sorita, who became a Social PR Virtuoso in May 2016. What really impresses me about Sean is not just his determination to secure a good entry-level PR position, and realizing he needs to keep his skill set updated (hence the Virtuoso Master Course) in order to do so, but his cheerful outlook on life. He’s so positive, through and through, even when the chips are down. Hats off to you, Sean!

How to Strengthen Your Social Media Strategy Right Now

Rebekah Radice

Sun Tzu, a Chinese military general who wrote “The Art of War” once said, “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”. And so it is with any social media campaign embarked upon without strategy or tactics.

How Does Digital Marketing Differ From B2B to B2C?

agora pulse

The following is a guest post by Eleonora Israele. Howard Hill gained notoriety for winning all of the 267 archery contests he entered. He could hit a bullseye at 50 feet then defy the odds by splitting the first arrow with the second. Hill once said, “Unless you know your game’s feeding, sleeping and daily habits, unless you plan your hunt in great detail and follow your plan with great precision, you are not hunting at all… you’re just walking in the woods.”.

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