A Case Study: Orchestrating a Harmonious Message

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And this project reminds me why as I watched my team leverage their talent to amplify The Harmony Project’s mission. The post A Case Study: Orchestrating a Harmonious Message appeared first on Shonali Burke Consulting. Community case study Harmony Project heather whaling

Social Media Case Study: Discover Boating

Ignite Social Media

You can read more about our social media case study below. Social Media Case Study Results. We also conducted a Facebook Brand Lift study during the course of the campaign. Our team had a lot of fun working on this campaign!

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Monday Roundup: Measurement Case Studies

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Get inspired as we take a look at some awesome measurement case studies in this week’s roundup. How to Measure PR: A Case Study and Examples. Measuring the Effectiveness of News Releases — A Case Study. Around the Web measurement case studies

Top Social Media Case Studies of 2012

The Realtime Report

What were the most popular social media case studies in 2012? What did you think were the most interesting case studies of 2012?

[Case Study] Have you crossed the mobile threshold?


The first of hopefully many case studies of the awesome work that ICF (the company we consult for) does every day. A Healthline study in 2011 found a significant difference between the top health searches on desktop and mobile.

[Case Study] Why Nonprofits Should Save Some Marketing Budget for Facebook Advertising


She develops and manages tactics to improve performance and manages an account management team in Marketing Mojo’s Charleston, South Carolina office. Her clients have included MazdaUSA, SRI International, DS Cases, Share Our Strength and Taco Bell. Guest post by Amanda Sides.

Social Media Marketing That’s Smooth as Digital Butter: A Case Study

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I love how focused each study is on real data that is not skewed to fit a preconceived idea. Team meetings involve cappuccinos as strong as we’d like our brand to be #punintended. We’re always excited to hear from clients whose work life has been transformed by Agorapulse.

Huggies Case Study: How to Elicit Natural Storytelling for Maximum Impact

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When I was at The Marketing to Moms Conference in Chicago earlier this month, I was impressed with some exemplary case studies and thought leadership present. I love this case study because it really demonstrates the value of authenticity and natural storytelling.

Case Study: The Local Stories Project


Today we are going to dig deeper into the topic, by taking a look at a successful case from the National Public Radio in Boston that elaborates on what kind of local stories drive the highest engagement. The Case . Last week we discussed the importance of Local Social Management.

Case Study of @TheAcademy vs @TheGrammys

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Kudos to the social media team to include the #Oscars hashtag so people could click it and watch what else people tweeted with the tag, but otherwise these official tweets were unsocial and boring. Related articles you may enjoy: Case Study: Britney Spears on Twitter.

Case Study: Britney Spears on Twitter

Ari Herzog

She doesn’t @ reply to followers often, preferring to broadcast her activities (usually via her social media team) but you can see why it’s successful. Related posts: Case Study: How 11 Mayors use Twitter. Case Study of 4 Companies on Twitter.

CASE STUDY: How JetBlue Listened on Twitter

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JetBlue’s Twitter team suggested I call their toll-free phone number and explain my situation. I usually tell them the case study of Comcast on Twitter. Please continue reading CASE STUDY: How JetBlue Listened on Twitter and leave a comment if inspired. I recently purchased a ticket to fly from Boston to Denver over Columbus Day weekend.

How to write a social media case study (with template)

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Enter the case study. Social media case studies are often used as part of a sales funnel: the potential client sees themselves in the case study and signs up because they want the same or better results. What is a social media case study?

The Best Thing About Case Studies

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We have talked about the top reasons case studies make good marketing before, and these reasons are good — case studies are easier to write than white papers, more apt to be read because they are stories of real people, improve your credibility because they verify your claims about the benefits of your business, and they are really flexible in format. But the best thing about case studies, from a marketing standpoint, is the fact that the content is your own.

752,626 Facebook Ads Analyzed, an eCommerce Growth Case Study, New Social Media Tools, and More!

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This week, we’re covering a massive study that analyzed more than 750,000 Facebook ads, how one eCommerce brand generated thousands of emails and followers, our favorite new social media tools , and more. So this specific case study focused on the eCommerce company called Brevite.

Does Bit.ly convert for B2B Marketing – a case study

Buzz Marketing for Technology

So the idea of using Social Media and tapping into my Social Media team here at Avaya became key. The short answer – heck yeah! On December 19, 2009 Avaya completed the acquisition of Nortel Enterprise Services.

[CASE STUDY] How the United Soccer League Manages Its Nine Social Media Accounts

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The mission of the USL Digital department is to promote its league, teams and players and keep its fans engaged year-round through content on the USL website and social channels. Problem: Keeping the entire social team on top of its widespread social presence.

2 Amazing Movember Case Studies That Will Make You Grow it Back

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Goofiness aside, for any naysayers who don’t believe that embracing the spirit of Movember generates results, check out this video from the Movember team.

Pinterest Sweepstakes Microsoft Mouse Design: Case Study With BJ O'Hare

Diva Marketing Blog

BJ O'Hare , social media lead for Microsoft Hardware Team, graciously agreed to tell us the back-story in a Diva Marketing Mini Case Interview. About BJ O'Hare - BJ O’Hare is the Social Media Lead for the Microsoft Hardware Team. Windows Team Blog.

28 Indispensable Research Reports and Marketing Case Studies for #SmallBiz Strategy

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Ongoing education is critical, which is why we’ve compiled 28 of the brightest and most-inspiring research reports and case studies to hit the web in the recent months. IBM Global CMO Study. Case Studies. Target Case Study. Dive Rite Case Study.

Case Study: How to Drive 300+ Backlinks to 1 Blog Post

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And then we will study other examples in the SEO and Marketing industry, and other industries that have similar results. Obviously the Stats Post can be used as an evergreen content asset by your team to naturally drive links to your website.

Inside Look: How Two Teams Share a Social Media Inbox

Buffer Social

We’ve found that some of the fastest-responding, maximum-delighting brands on social media employ a two-team approach to responding. Customer support teams handle all inbound product questions, and marketing or community grabs all messages related to the brand, the content, and community love.

Team 83

Staying Happy and on Topic (Design) in Digital Marketing: A Case Study

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Read on to find out how Topic Design made its team and their clients happier when the digital marketing agency began using Agorapulse. The team at Topic “starts conversations for a living and keeps people talking about them.” An awesome customer support team.

Kotex + Pinterest = An Innovative Campaign: A Case Study With Yael Linen-Zuchman

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After locating each womens inspiration smoyz team went out for an inspiration treasure hunt. Seems we can’t turn a virtual corner without bumping into a post about the hottest social network Pinterest.

How To Get Your Team To Create More Consistent Content

Convince & Convert

A few months ago, Arienne published a review of the CoSchedule editorial calendar for WordPress outlining how it had helped her solve some of the nagging issues in her team’s workflow. Seek Team Buy-In First. It was a victory for the whole team.

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How Interview Blogs Work [Case Study]


So when it comes to a blog post, whether it’s one of our team members writing it or it’s a guest post, it needs to fit certain criteria and be useful in our eyes to be considered good, quality content. How Interview Blogs Work [Case Study]. Case Studies blog content make money bloggingThis guest post is by Janelle Allen of The Grand Life.

Case Study: Twitter + Two Weeks = $7000 Raised

Bare Feet Studios

So I am delighted to present a brief case study for your consideration. If we could do $7000 in 2 weeks imagine this team doing it in 52 weeks.

Purdue Football To Feature Student Superfan Images On Team Helmet

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The Purdue University Football team is taking the spirit of celebrating student superfans to a new level by offering an exclusive opportunity to be featured on the team’s helmet during the special September 27 “Social Media Game” against Iowa.

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The Most Underrated Marketing Tactic at Your Fingertips

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Through two online events that I’ve organized for my company, GroupHigh, I’ve been able to generate more leads for my sales team than any of my other strategies combined.

Let’s Get Real… Does Your Content Convert?

Pam Moore

Need us to help train your team? It's time to get real about the real return on the investment you make in content marketing. Is the money and time you are investing in content marketing helping you achieve your business goals?

The #1 Reason Why Your Social Media Has Zero Return on Investment in 2018

Pam Moore

According to a recent study from the DMA, only 48% of marketers believe they are receiving a positive return on their investment in social media. Do you feel stuck in a rut when it comes to achieving your business goals and utilizing social media to help you do such? If so, you are not alone.

How to Create a Content Marketing Architecture, Framework and Plan

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Customer case study and the power of content marketing planning and organization. Need us to help train your team? Would you build a new house without a plan? Of course you wouldn't, right? To build a house that will last a lifetime you need a framework and architecture.

How to Create Content that Inspires, Connects and CONVERTS Lookers to Buyers: FREE Webinar

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Need us to help train your team? Another day of amazing content creation. You create yet another epic piece of content. You publish yet another epic piece of content. Your epic piece of content is shared all over the social and digital web, once again.

Twitter for Business – How to Develop Your Strategy, Plan, and Persona That Delivers Results

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Need us to help train your team? Twitter is one of the most powerful social networks to help business and marketing leaders increase brand awareness, establish thought leadership, ignite personal brands and nurture relationships that bring great benefit in both business and life.

IBM’s #CognitiveDress, Krispy Kreme’s ‘Leaked Memo’ And What Team Audiense Is Reading!


Don’t worry, we’re still going to write about the best campaigns we saw this past week, but we’re also going to write a little more about we, the Audiense team, are reading. My #cognitivedress would not have been possible w/out this team of heroes from @IBMWatson !

Team 105

Land Rover Teams Up With British Author to Launch Experiential Novel on Tumblr

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Social Media Case Studies Land Rover’s recent debut of The Vanishing Game, a 17,000 word story by British novelist and screenwriter, William Boyd, takes the concept of brand storytelling to exciting new levels.

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Facebook And Walmart Team Up for Black Friday Mobile-Ad Blitz

The Realtime Report

Facebook and Walmart started working closely together on the campaign back in October, and a Facebook team was in place for the weekend after Thanksgiving – answering questions, delivering reports and compiling statistics on the success of the mobile ads.

Mobile 160

15 Hot Digital Marketing Trends for 2020 [video + podcast]

Pam Moore

?. What are the biggest digital marketing and branding trends shaping the year ahead? How will marketers approach increasing brand awareness, attracting new customers and growing revenue in an always on digital world where the only guarantee is change?

Marketing Nutz Launches Social Profit Factor: Social Media, Branding Training Academy for YOU!

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I am thrilled to announce that Social Profit Factor is finally here!

Motrin: A Case Study In Social Media Marketing - Part 2

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As is always the case in a slide down the slippery slope of social media, there are lessons we can take away from the Mortin Moms Social Media Case Study. would not be surprised to see someone from the Morin marketing team making the conference rounds.).

4 of the Best Blogger Outreach Strategies

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My favorite posts and topics of conversation revolve around actual examples or case studies of blogger outreach done well. Enjoy and be ready to be inspired, because there are some very creative marketing teams floating around in the digital world.

How to Market with Mom Bloggers

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Therefore, brands of every genre are teaming up with mom bloggers and reporting awesome brand lift and campaign results. When I don’t, it’s usually because a team is attempting partnerships with mom bloggers but aren’t as informed about this outreach marketing strategy as they should be.

Creative Communications: Lessons from Health and Wellness Brands

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Challenge yourself and your team to go beyond the expected. Case Studies Communication Strategy creative communications Hanna Knowles Lärabar Mayo Clinic Uplift StudiosGuest Post by Hanna Knowles. Look better. Be stronger. Get fit faster. Feel young again. Before and after.

Brands 205