#MeasurePR Memory (August 2018): Travel and Tourism Edition

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The sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity in the travel and tourism industry! What changes have you seen in the PR travel & tourism industry, and its measurement? Danielle Heiny is a success-oriented branding executive, who helps mission-driven organizations achieve explosive growth by harnessing brand potential, connecting the dots, and optimizing bottom-line results.

How Instagram Has Taken Over Tourism Marketing


But today, you can’t form an effective tourism marketing plan without it. What makes this particular social network unique when it comes to tourism and marketing? Geo-Tag Tourism. Tourism marketing companies who are looking towards the future can’t afford to ignore Instagram’s popularity with the younger generation. In fact, Instagram users would much rather hear the opinion of another consumer than a branded marketing message from a large corporation.


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Hotels and Social Media Travel Tourism

Laurel Papworth

In 2009, even the top 30 major hotel brands t increased their dependence on the Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)-from 25.4% In addition, over one-third of social network users and 44% of Twitter users have engaged with a brand through discount promotions (Mashable). All major hotel brands, airlines and other travel suppliers, as well as all OTAs are now present on the social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

5 Ways to Be Like These Wine Businesses Crushing Social Media Marketing

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From the wineries themselves to tours and accommodation there are a lot of things we can learn from these brands. In this post I share some great wine brands crushing more than grapes. // Read More. Social Media Tourism Tourism Marketing video Visual StorytellingI’ve seen some awesome wine businesses crushing social media marketing over the years. The post 5 Ways to Be Like These Wine Businesses Crushing Social Media Marketing appeared first on Socially Sorted.

Brands Rocking Instagram


But how can brands benefit from this visual and colorful social medium? We have been taking a dive into how brands use Instagram and here by give you a small collection of really successful brands and campaigns on Instagram – from big, global brands to small, local ones. The brand is mainly uploading pictures of extreme sports with their logo or name. How does your brand use Instagram? . Similar Posts: How Brands Use Vine. Is Snapchat for brands?

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Tourism: Festivals are Powerful Economical Tools | Bare Feet Blog

Bare Feet Studios

We hope the local business and tourism community will collaborate with us to showcase our beautiful state and akamai kama’aina. How many of our tourism, PR, communications, and advertising execs blog or podcast or twitter? If you are in tourism and want to attend a program to see how the internet on steroids can help you, please contact me!

Travel Brands that Are Doing Social Right

Ignite Social Media

Social media’s impact on the travel and tourism industry continues to grow stronger. When it comes to reaching these users, here are our top travel brands on social. On a continual basis, we encourage OBX visitors to share their photos and videos with us using our branded hashtag, #OBXnow. BD also partners with global travel brands to develop content and campaigns to promote specific destinations. One thing in common with our top travel brands listed here?

The Social Hub Guide for Brands


Tracking posted content, checking branded hashtags, and displaying all your great social media content can be tedious and time-consuming when you’re juggling multiple profiles. The post The Social Hub Guide for Brands appeared first on The Pixlee Blog.

Free Idea: Podcaster-in-Residence Saves Hawaii Tourism?

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Home About What We Do PayPal Speaker Contact Subscribe Press / PR Bare Feet Network Internet Literacy for Business: Blogging, Podcasting, Online Video & Social Media Howto, Consulting, Training & Public Speaking Home > Social Media , Strategy > Free Idea: Podcaster-in-Residence Saves Hawaii Tourism? Free Idea: Podcaster-in-Residence Saves Hawaii Tourism? You could leverage the audience of several name-brand podcasters, instead of just one.

6 Powerful Social Media Lessons from Tourism that will Boost Your Brand

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We can learn a lot from the Tourism Industry when it comes to Social Media Smarts. . In this post I share 6 Powerful Social Media Lessons from Tourism that work… that you can implement in your business to boost your brand too! . I’ve been lucky in the past 3 years to work alongside many wonderful tourism brands, destination organisations and operators ranging from small brick-and-mortar businesses to large tourism organisations.

15 Innovative Brands Using Technology to Power Their Content


Top brands are leading the way by utilizing the latest technology to market their content. With so many ways to craft value-added experiences with content, brands need to choose the best investments to maximize conversions and sales. These fifteen brands aren’t just exceeding expectations when it comes to content engagement, they’re investing intelligently in technology that helps them achieve the type of customer experience they strive to provide. Brand Marketing

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Common Influencer Marketing Mistakes Brands Should Avoid


Although seemingly straightforward, there are a lot of ways in which brands go awry with influencer marketing. If there’s a challenge an influencer can help your brand with, it’s relevancy to a specific community. They can make your brand look cool and considered a must-have. At first glance, you might think any one of the many influencers out there could do this for you, but make sure you thoroughly check whoever you’ve selected is the right fit for your brand.

What brands and BTS can teach you about partnerships and social media marketing


Each day, we trawl through brand posts and feature the most engaging post by a brand on our social handles. We believe it will provide other brands inspiration for their own creative briefs and campaigns. On a good day, the interactions are usually from the brand that’s been declared a star and a few other interested people, brands, and agencies. In 2019, collaborating with #BTS seems to be the way to go for brands!

Social Media in the Industry: Customization is the Key to Success

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

These updates can keep your brand fresh in the minds of your community members and will also make them feel like they’re part of your extended corporate family. Tourism/Travel/Hospitality. Consider personal branding. Tags: Marketing Social Media bar e-commerce facebook foursquare hospitality pub real estate restaurant social media tourism travel twitter This is a guest post by Angela Denby.

Travel Brands That Are Doing Social Right: How we utilized Social Media to Drive Visitation to the OBX

Ignite Social Media

Our travel & tourism client, Visit the Outer Banks of North Carolina (OBX) came to us looking for a partner who could leverage social media to drive visitation to the destination during the off-season. The post Travel Brands That Are Doing Social Right: How we utilized Social Media to Drive Visitation to the OBX appeared first on Ignite Social Media Agency.

All about Instagram hashtags for brands

Sprout Social

Or is it more #branded? Read on to learn more about how using hashtags on Instagram could benefit your brand and how to put these strategies into action. Why should you as a brand even care about hashtags? Hashtags are good for overall brand exposure.

Case of Creative Crowdsourcing: Let Your Fans Guide Your Brand


They want to have their hand in where a brand goes, what a flavor is for a brand, what direction it goes, they want to have a say” – according to the Chief Marketing Officer of Frito-Lay North America, Anindita Mukherjee. Consumers love to create new products and fervently support brands and companies that demonstrate they truly value their opinions. Having a Community Means Having a Brand: Listen to Feedback!

Death, Social Media, Personal Branding

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Home About What We Do PayPal Speaker Contact Subscribe Press / PR Bare Feet Network Internet Literacy for Business: Blogging, Podcasting, Online Video & Social Media Howto, Consulting, Training & Public Speaking Home > Branding , News , Social Media > Death, Social Media, Personal Branding Death, Social Media, Personal Branding by Roxanne Darling on March 4, 2009 Two weeks ago my father died. The brand lives on.

When is Brand Evangelism a Crime? Exploring the Royal Caribbean.

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Social Media Consultant and Tech Geek at Heart Home About Press Consulting Contact Sitemap Home > Marketing , Opinion , Social Media , Viral Marketing > When is Brand Evangelism a Crime? Exploring the Royal Caribbean Promotional Marketing Strategy When is Brand Evangelism a Crime? That year, the cruise line launched a brand ambassador program. dudester (Mark Patterson) says: @tamar Brand evangelism is a good thing, as long as the brand is worth evangelizing.

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How the Travel Industry is Recovering in 2021 with Influencers


Travel and tourism took a major hit in 2020. A report published in May 2020 even estimated the loss of over 100 million jobs in the travel industry (as per the World Travel and Tourism Council). Over 2020, the travel industry lost approximately 1.3 trillion dollars in export revenue.

7 Great User-Generated Content Campaigns


User-generated content enables a brand’s passionate customers to become advocates, in turn building engaged communities around products and services. The idea behind user-generated content is that customers, followers, and partners will provide a more trustworthy recommendation than the brand itself when it comes to making a buying decision. The brand took to Instagram and pledged to stop retouching photos of models. Tourism Australia. Brand Marketing

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How Government Agencies Can Keep Their Communities Engaged in Creative Ways [VIDEO]

Social Media Strategies Summit

For example, although Vacchi Hill’s agency doesn’t deal with tourism, following tourism agencies online provides a great source of inspiration. How can you balance staying relevant with social media trends while keeping it professional and aligned with your agency’s brand?

Your Personal Brand is an Opportunity for Freedom

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Rescue Time to the Rescue Independent Hawaii Musician Kenneth Makuakane Thrives on Social Media Explore Our Topics Activism Aloha Audio Branding Gossip 2.0

Top 10 Travel Marketing Conferences of 2018


We’ve put together our list of the 10 must-attend travel marketing conferences of 2018 for anyone looking to network with top travel professionals, learn about emerging trends, and build out an innovative tourism marketing strategy that speaks to today’s travelers. If you’re looking to network with key stakeholders from major travel brands, then Skift Forum Europe is for you! PR Society of America Travel & Tourism Conference : New Orleans, LA (June 3-6 2018).

Foundations for integrated digital marketing

Sherrilynne Starkie

Start with setting up online monitoring for mentions of your company name, brands and products and services. Make sure they are all branded consistently, that the ‘about’ sections are all up to date and that bio links are working. Look for iterations of your company name and brands.

Why Social Media Marketing Isn’t Synonymous with Community-Driven Marketing


Social media marketing is a powerhouse for brands, but to be successful it takes more than just sharing ads and branded content across social platforms. Brands need to take their marketing a step further by focusing on who matters most: their customers. But what is community-driven marketing and how can brands use it successfully? Community-driven marketing is the best strategy brands can use to harness content and engage their audience.

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10 Unique Ways to Use Instagram Guides for Marketing


Once created, Guides appear in a dedicated tab on a person’s or brand’s profile and can be shared in Stories or direct messages. Each tip features a different brand post, providing a concrete example for inspiration. Share a brand story or message.

CMO Kathryn Sharfman on the Balance of Doing and Telling


Kath has over 21 years of full spectrum digital experience with both start ups and global corporations, specializing in scaling businesses with: Hundreds of brands from the Queen to Tencent, Kodak, HSBC and MI5.

Presidential Elections, Pandemics, Natural Disasters: When to Pause Your Social Media Channels

agora pulse

Does the situation directly affect our brand or our customer base? When an issue is relevant to your brand, your mission, or your local area, it’s much more important to acknowledge the situation and respond thoughtfully. Then it may benefit your brand and your followers not to pause.

3 Hashtag Search Tools That Are Crazy Easy to Use

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If you are looking to incorporate social media into your event , you’ll need to consider including a branded hashtag in your event strategy. You can then reach out to them to promote your content and increase your brand’s reach. The ability to identify influencers, monitor competing brands, gain a deep understanding of target markets, as well as track hashtags and keywords, allows us to easily gain insights that come in handy for future campaigns.

Social Media Complainers – your new BFF's

Akamai Marketing

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5 Tips for Using Facebook’s Moderation Blocklist

Convince & Convert

Guest post from Jessica Carlson , a social media manager at Off Madison Ave who specializes in building social communities that create brand loyalists and garner key insights. Then, along comes a customer who’s been a Chipotle brand loyalist since he could eat solid foods, but strayed from the path and stopped in at Baja Fresh the other day. With brands that target younger audiences, Urban Dictionary has likely become their new best friend.

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Want to Create a Trail-Blazing Social Media Campaign? Here Are 13 Tips From Brands like Airbnb, Coca-Cola, and Starbucks

Buffer Social

Brand: Eurostar. Brand: Coca-Cola. Instead of a name on the coke package, Coca-Cola featured lyrics of songs in line with its brand values of optimism, refreshment, and inclusion. Brand: Taco Bell. For example, a taco and a smiley face with sunglasses would generate a taco wearing sunglasses: The #TacoEmojiEngine garnered more than 798,000 engagement and generated the highest amount of brand mentions in a day for Taco Bell. Brand: Airbnb. Brand: Snickers.

Top 10 Socially Sorted Blog Posts in 2016

Socially Sorted

4 6 Powerful Lessons from Tourism that will Boost Your Brand. I have spent a lot of time with the Tourism Industry in the past 3 years, both as a speaker and trainer and working with clients. I’ve also been fortunate to work with some of the leading tourism brands and state tourism bodies in Australia. It’s that time of year when we share the Top 10 Socially Sorted Blog Posts of the year! .

7 of the Best Social Media Campaigns (And What You Can Learn From Them)


Social media campaigns are the rocket fuel of your marketing efforts: a concentrated burst of energy that pays off in a major boost to your brand reputation, awareness or sales. When your brand has a turn in the spotlight, don’t waste it! They’re true to the brand.

Social Selling: What it is, Why You Should Care and How to Do It Right


Social selling is the practice of using a brand’s social media channels to connect with prospects, develop a connection with them and engage with potential leads. It’s about making those interactions meaningful and presenting your brand as having a solution to a problem.

How to Find and Target Your Social Media Audience (Free Template)


Are they start-ups or enterprise-level brands? Use social listening to find conversations about your brand. 4 target audience examples from real brands. Although the brand would probably phrase it slightly differently today.) Tourism Australia.

Hello from the outside: Exploring the great outdoors while staying close-to-home

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With travel and tourism down due to the pandemic, people are leaning into activities and outings that are close-to-home. These types of awareness holidays create opportunities for brands to engage with their audiences while expressing the benefits of outdoor activities on mental health.

Common Social Media Questions and Answers All Marketers Should Know


Quality content, an active presence, and personality are common characteristics among brands and influencers with large followings. I kind of sponge inspiration from everywhere,” says Nick Martin who cites movies, tourism marketing, and more as sources. “I

Top 10 Travel Marketing Conferences of 2017


We’ve put together our list of the 10 must-attend travel marketing conferences of 2017 for anyone looking to network with top travel professionals, learn about emerging trends, and build out an innovative tourism marketing strategy that speaks to today’s travelers. With the goal of helping companies to compete for bookings like digitally native brands, they’ll bring together key stakeholders across different verticals and discuss marketing and social media strategies.