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Firebelly News: Heartland Film Festival and Cerulean Restaurant Sweepstakes


This year is the 21st Annual Heartland Film Festival. Cerulean is running a sweepstakes through October 28 for 4 winners to receive 2 tickets to the exclusive Dinner in the Catacombs beneath City Market on Halloween night.

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Film Preview - New Social Media Blockbuster

Engaging Brand

Many companies who are interested in social media think that they will run out of things to blog about after the first week or so.Here is a poster that I use to help them think about blogging for business and indeed any other social marketing initiative . What is Social Marketing?

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6 Things I Learned From Filming Dozens of Videos That I Hate

Jenn's Trend

I don’t like filming videos… and not for the reasons you might normally think. The post 6 Things I Learned From Filming Dozens of Videos That I Hate appeared first on Jenn's Trends. When it comes to social media, there are a lot of things I enjoy.

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This Instagram Video Contest Offers Fans Chance to Appear in a Horror Film

Convince & Convert

With Halloween on the horizon, it’s no surprise that marketers are embracing their ghoulish side. One such marketer, Fandango, is joining forces with the new film Ouija to host a “Scare Off” Instagram video contest inspired by popular horror movie moments.

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Airbnb Releases First Short Film Crowdsourced From Vines

Convince & Convert

The creativity and power of Vine continues to generate headlines as marketers keep pushing the limits of what’s possible with the popular six-second video platform. The final film is four minutes and thirty seconds and was first released on the Sundance Channel and later online.

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Twitter Ads Account for 10% of Domestic Movie Ticket Sales (Report)

SocialTimes Twitter

Twitter commissioned Neustar to quantify the impact of advertising on domestic film releases, with a primary focus on comedy and action movies. Advertising/Marketing Twitter Action Movies Canada Comedies Films Movie Tickets movies Neustar Marketshare Return On Investment ROI

Mistakes To Avoid In Your Video Marketing

Small Business Mavericks

There have been a number of video marketing posts with helpful links on this blog. Knowing your customer is foundational to every marketing message. Work on the filming until lighting, volume, camera angle, etc. Unless you are filming an interview with experts who have spoken about the topic so many times they have it down, a script is a good idea. Do you have any advice for those ready to try video marketing? Video Marketing marketing videos

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5 Reasons You Still Need Infographics


Take a look at why the infographic is still an effective marketing tool and should be part of your marketing strategy: Visuals are memorable. Even one that is only shared a handful of times taps the power of word-of-mouth marketing to expand the influence of your business. marketing Blog business Consciousness raising Crowdtap Exam (film) facebook Facebook features Infographic social media twitter

The Lego Model: How to Build Your Social Brand

SocialTimes Twitter

In 2016, you don’t have a hope or a prayer of being the most powerful anything without an incredible online marketing campaign behind you. I am going to look at each of these different aspects of Lego’s marketing in an effort to show you how to build your own brand similarly.

Authentic Storytelling in an Age of Mass Marketing

Spin Sucks

has revealed the extent of the average adult’s daily exposure to marketing and advertising, and the results are shocking. Brands need to strip back to the basics to succeed with their marketing campaigns. . By Bryan Adams. Research from Media Dynamics, Inc.

Twitter Testing Promoted Tweet Carousel Ad Unit

SocialTimes Twitter

Revenue product manager Andrew Bragdon announced the test in a blog post , saying that the test is “available as a limited alpha to select managed accounts in select global markets.”. Disney is among the initial advertisers testing Promoted Tweet Carousel, using it to promote upcoming feature film The BFG, and Volvo and Gatorade are participating in the test, as well.

Social Videos – Why, Where And How?


Basically, there are three popular ways to use social videos so far: Stop-motion filming. Vine re-introduced this retro filming technique and the popularity has exploded ever since. Businesses Use Vine as a Creative Marketing Tool.

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11 Storytelling Formulas to Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing

Buffer Social

Legendary marketer, Seth Godin, describes marketing as “the art of telling a story that resonates with your audience and then spreads.” 11 storytelling formulas to supercharge your social media marketing. Gregory Ciotti is one of my favorite marketers.

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Marketing in the Round with Gini Dietrich

Waxing UnLyrical

And it has smart, practical advice, and tons of charts and worksheets to get you started on “marketing in the round.” If you can’t see the video itself, just click here for my just-over-two-minute interview with Gini on Marketing in the Round.

Twitter Extends Conversational Ads With Instant Unlock Card

SocialTimes Twitter

Twitter’s new Instant Unlock Card takes this one step further, incentivizing users to tweet about campaigns by granting them exclusive access to content such as film trailers or question-and-answer sessions after their tweets are sent.

5 Video Marketing Tips


So you’ve done your content, social media and email marketing campaign. Have you pondered on building a solid video marketing strategy? Here’s why: Video marketing is the next big thing in business! 5 insanely actionable video marketing tips which you should use right now.

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8 New B2B Video Content Marketing Trends

Convince & Convert

This is the sentiment that started the Vidyard Ignite conference – the first-of-its-kind event specifically designed to address the issues that B2B marketers face when it comes to creating video. B2B companies like to give the idea of “humor” in their marketing the brush-off.

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Find Your Brand's Content Marketing Groove

Twist Image

This is why content marketing will continue to struggle for brands. Now, a list of the top 20 marketing podcasts can come out, and Six Pixels of Separation won't even make the cut. content marketing. digital marketing. digital marketing agency. marketing.

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Hot Nonprofit Marketing Jobs This Week – February 16


We focus on jobs in social media , marketing , communications , PR , advocacy , and digital. Manager of Marketing , Industrial Designers Society of America – Do you know what industrial design is? Reports to VP for Marketing and Communications.

Twitter and TV Superfans (Study)

SocialTimes Twitter

How do “superfans” of television show behave on Twitter, and what should marketers do to tap them? Karp also provided the following tips for marketers: Reach these primed and passionate viewers using Twitter’s TV targeting to target specific shows and extend reach or frequency (increasing the number of times a person is exposed to your campaign) to your broadcast plan. Find and target superfans directly to amplify the spread of your marketing message.

Twitter Promoted Stickers Go to the Movies

SocialTimes Twitter

The honor of the first Twitter Promoted Stickers campaign for a feature film went to Warner Bros. Advertising/Marketing Twitter Brazil Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Films France Hashtags Japan movies Newt Scamadner Photos Promoted Stickers Spain stickers U.K. and its Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Twitter said in an email to SocialTimes that users in the U.S.,

Get Creative with B2B Marketing in 2015


One of the best things about marketing is the constant challenge that comes with it. B2B marketing has to be smarter, sleeker and faster than B2C. Hitting them with smart, unexpected marketing strategies is a good way to grab their attention. Guerrilla Marketing.

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How To Plan Your Movie Marketing On Social Media

Social Media Network Marketing

Social Media should be a part of your Film Marketing and Launch Plan. Just the way your Marketing Plan would have a set of tactical steps for action, your Social Media is to have an action plan as well. It is critical to understand the Film as a Brand Print and Personality.

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How To Go Viral Gangnam Style: Great Content, Great Marketing, Or Both?

The Realtime Report

What fueled this meteoric rise in popularity – the content, the marketing, celebrity tweeting, or some combination of these elements? Loads of great films don’t go viral, largely due to lack of seeding platform/skills.”

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Original Ideas.Or Creative Ideas? Getting Beyond The Stuck.

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They are, without a doubt, two of the best ways that I have managed to "stay in the loop" with what's going on in business, technology, marketing, communications, publishing, and culture. content marketing. digital marketing. digital marketing agency. marketing.

Inbound Marketing vs. Content Marketing – What’s the Difference?

Writtent Blog

Are there any major differentiators when it comes to inbound vs content marketing, and what are they? You’ve just unwittingly stepped into one of the fiercest marketing debates today. Jack Liu reports that in 1994, corporate spending on internet marketing was close to nothing.

Marketing Writers Face Dramatic Shift

Geoff Livingston

That’s about to shift toward more immersive media experiences, forcing marketers to write and design for live environments. Immersive media creates a new demand for dramatic writing skills , usually the domain of more artistic forms such as plays, films and broadcast.

Youtube Makes User-generated Feature Film


The most compelling footage will be edited into a feature film to show a cohesive story of a single day on earth. 2010 TweetYou may remember Youtube’s user-generated film project called Life in a Day which I wrote about earlier this summer.

Better YouTube Marketing in 5 Steps

Convince & Convert

Image via Multimedia integration has become an integral piece of content marketing in the digital space. Digital Marketing digital marketing Video video calls to action video marketing video strategy YouTube youtube marketing

The Ultimate Star Wars Marketing Guide

Geoff Livingston

Each moment creates incredible amounts of word of mouth marketing for the film, and all of its secondary and ancillary merchandise. Disney’s fans and marketing partners are doing as more to promote the movie than the studio itself. Our hats our off to their marketing team.

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The Best Video Content for Every Step of the Marketing Funnel

Convince & Convert

What has this got to do with video content marketing? Here’s the picture: Your marketing funnel is that substance your teacher was telling you about. Video content can help raise the heat on your marketing funnel. Brand Films.

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Content Marketing Isn’t Always About Content Creation


——————– Given the number of public relations firms with their feet in social media and digital marketing, one would think more organizations could demonstrate content creation restraint. This post is by Rich Becker and originally appeared on Words.

A Modern-Day Marketer’s Guide to Creating Epic Video Marketing Content for Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and More

Buffer Social

Video marketing has taken the social media world by storm. What was just a blip on the radar a few years ago is now a top content marketing priority for brands and influencers everywhere. Why Video Marketing Is So Valuable.

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How to Market like a Musician


Traditional marketing can feel so grossly salesy. Social media and the Internet have simultaneously torn down the walls of traditional marketing and made it easier than ever to build and engage with an audience. On and Offline Marketing.

Developing a Kickstarter Marketing Strategy


As exciting as it is for him, it is even more exciting for me as an Internet marketer as I get to embark on a full-fledged promotion strategy. As the Marketing Director for the film, I’m in charge of getting that exposure. Email Marketing. Video Marketing.

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Social Media Marketing: Burberry Launches New Campaign on 10 Social Platforms

The Realtime Report

YouTube has a series of short films about the collection. Burberry, a “digital darling” among luxury brands, recently launched its Autumn/Winter 2012 collection across 10 different social platforms, according to L2.

Star Trek Turns 50; Facebook Celebrates With Custom Reactions

SocialTimes Facebook

Iconic television show and eventual film franchise Star Trek is celebrating its 50th anniversary Thursday, and Facebook marked the occasion with a custom set of Reactions and a temporary profile picture frame.

Live-Streaming Tools – Which is the Best for Marketers?


Today, live-streaming is a very different tool – one that can be used by marketers in engaging and very effective ways. And being able to record in HD and stream in Wi-Fi or 3G has really moved live-streaming into the world of marketing. This is like free market research for you.

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How Data Is Used to Refine Marketing Messages

Convince & Convert

By now, we’re all aware that the campaign-centric model of marketing is over—at least, if you want to be a company that remains viable and visible in the minds of consumers. The “Tent Pole” Marketing Model. What “Responsive” Marketing Really Means. Image via

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A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Video Marketing in 2017 – Sunny Lenarduzzi [SSM029]

Buffer Social

Video marketing is one of the most-talked about subjects in social media right now. Marketers, brands, and businesses everywhere are all jumping aboard this incredible trend that has truly begun to take take over our social news feeds. Essential video marketing gear for filming.

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