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From Followers to Advocates: How to Build a Loyal Social Media Community

Convince & Convert

This, at its core, can easily translate to how and why we use social media the way we do, and why it’s the closest touchpoint to our audience in our marketing efforts. The way brands engage with their community is what makes them stand out and become memorable, and can even spark headlines across traditional media (more on that later).

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Marketing, community, support or all of the above?

Dave Fleet

Over the last few years, social media has evolved away from this – away from personal interaction, and towards what is increasingly push marketing. Marketing objectives generally focus on sales – demand gen, acquisition, etc. The easiest way to visualize this shift is to look at the traditional marketing funnel.


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Community as a Marketing Strategy: Protecting Your Business From What’s To Come

The Social Media Hat

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#651: Gutsy Entrepreneurship: How To Nurture Community For Yourself & Your Business with Community-Building Expert, Natalie Franke

Amy Porterfield

Listen on… Building a supportive and thriving community for you and your small business with Natalie Franke.

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9 E-commerce Social Media Marketing Tips for 2024

Social Media Strategies Summit

Combine this with the fact that social media represents the go-to source of pre-purchase information for 44% of Gen Z and 36% of Millennials , and you’ll quickly realize that e-commerce social media marketing is essential for growing your business in 2024. So, how can you use this to improve your social media marketing strategy?

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5 Tactics to Grow Your Twitter Community


Whether you’re a professional who wants to promote your services or a business that wants to market your brand, growing your Twitter following is one of the important first steps. But growing your community on Twitter is easier said than done, sometimes taking years just to gain a few thousand followers.

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Become the Pied Piper of Community Building

Waxing UnLyrical

Communities have been around for centuries, however online communities have only been around for a few decades. According to Computerworld the first “online community” came about in 1973 when Talkomatic for the PLATO time-sharing system released a text-based group chat. Let’s get right to it, how to build your brand’s community.