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YouTube Tests Improved Comment Removal Notifications, Updated Video Performance and Hashtag Insights

Social Media Today

The changes will provide more context on comment removals.

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[SOLVED] How Do I Clear The Facebook Messenger Notification When I Don’t Have A New Message?

SocMed Sean

If you have experienced this issue and have a better way to clear the message, I’d love to hear about it in a comment. Even though the Facebook Messenger app doesn’t show you a new or unread message, you probably have one. I hope this helps someone out there!


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40 Ideas for TikTok Comments (Don’t Buy Them)


You may go to TikTok for the dance routines or trending pranks , but be honest: you stay for the comments. As one Medium article put it, “ The comments are now the best part of TikTok.”. the comment section — and participate in this wild and wonderful comment ecosystem. On TikTok , great comments are an art form.

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4 Ways Brands Can Use Instagram’s Pinned Comments


Hello Instagram pinned comments, goodbye trolls. Aimed at tackling negative or offensive interactions on the platform, Instagram’s pinned comments feature helps you moderate posts and combat misinformation or bullying. Here are 4 strategic ways you can use Instagram pinned comments for your business: Table of Contents: .

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Looking to take a break from LinkedIn? Here are some great ways to do it

SocMed Sean

Another option for keeping your LinkedIn but giving yourself some distance from it is to deactivate only certain features of the app, like notifications, while continuing to use LinkedIn’s core functionality. Deactivating LinkedIn notifications without deactivating LinkedIn. Head to the How you get your notifications.

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12 Ways To Send A Google+ Notification

Small Business Mavericks

All social networks have ways to contact other users – also called a notification. But Google+ has more notification triggers than any other social network. Comment on one of their posts – If someone else creates a post, you can comment on that post. Caroline Melberg).

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How to: Turn On/Off LinkedIn Notifications | Almost Savvy

Almost Savvy

I’ve recorded a short video demonstrating how to change how you receive these notifications from LinkedIn. Let me know in the comments if this was helpful to you and if you’ve got other questions. Additional comments powered by BackType Click ‘Like’ to join us on Facebook!