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7 Mental Health Tips for Social Media Managers


October 10th is #WorldMentalHealthDay, which is a cause that is close to our hearts here at Later, because of you ! Social media managers, entrepreneurs, and influencers have a unique set of mental health challenges because they spend their days in the trenches of the internet.

25 Great Saved Replies to Save Time on Social

agora pulse

Want to save time and improve customer experience? Using saved replies can help you do just that. A lot of social media managers I speak to worry that using saved replies will make them sound unnatural and robotic. Or even worse– spammy. They don’t have to.

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4 tactics to use social data for your PR


Social is part of all our lives and is key to the success of businesses. The data extracted from social networks and the insights derived from them should be vital in the decision-making processes of companies, resulting in a more customer-centric approach.

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Top Five: Google is shuttering G+

Sherrilynne Starkie

After a bit of a hiatus, I’m back with this week’s Top 5 Must-Know News for PR and marketing communications professionals.

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The Fear, Self-Doubt and Infinite Rewards of Paternity Leave

Dave Fleet

This past weekend Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving, and for me it was a special one as this was our first Thanksgiving since welcoming our son to the world. It was also my first weekend after returning to work from three months of paternity leave.

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How to Use Hashtags for Efficient Marketing

Social Media Today

The article is about hashtags and their impact on business. It shows kinds of hashtags, their profit for every brand, and ways how to use them correctly

Dial In Your Facebook Dynamic Ads for the Holidays

Jon Loomer

Dynamic product ads are critical to having a successful Facebook marketing holiday season.

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Why Every Business Needs PR While They Grow


While PR is experiencing a bit of a renaissance as the value of earned media and backlinks seems to be at the top of many brands’ list of digital marketing… Read More >>>.

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11 Facebook Updates You Need To Know for 2019

Social Media Today

From product stickers, to Facebook Stories, to allowing on and offline behavioral targeting, these are the Facebook updates you need to be aware of

What do you do when life hits the fan?

Janet Fouts

The older we are, the more we are likely to become a caregiver for family and friends or need care for ourselves. In fact, a survey of family caregivers from Caregiver Action and AARP tells us that 29% of the U.S.

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12 Apps For Creating Gorgeous Instagram Stories


New apps for Instagram Stories are popping up every day, which means stories are getting more and more creative, interactive, and engaging! .

How 5 Fashion Brands Use Social Media


In this day and age, it’s hard to remember a time when the fashion world didn't use social media. From live broadcasts of the runway shows at New York Fashion Week on… Read More >>>. Social Media

7 Unexpected Ways Instagram Has Changed the World

Social Media Today

The growth of Instagram has sparked a range of changes in how we discover things, how we see things, and even how we act

Introducing SocialChat by Buffer, the Easiest Way to Start Conversations With Website Visitors

Buffer Social

Today, we’re excited to launch, SocialChat by Buffer, a simple, free tool that enables visitors to start social media conversations on your website. Each and every day, people visit your website to learn more about your business.

How to Use Instagram Quick Replies in Your DMs


If you’re using Instagram for business, managing all of your direct messages, comments, and replies can be a huge waste of time — thankfully Instagram Quick Replies are here to help!

Google+ Is Officially Done

The Social Media Hat

Google has officially announced the end of Google+, and the end of an era. Read more

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5 Types of Social Media Content that Convert

Social Media Today

In an age where every business is on social media, what type of content should you post to catch your audience's attention? Here are five types of social media content that convert

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Neuromarketing: Surprising Facts Businesses and Marketers Should Know

Buffer Social

Neuromarketing. Sounds fairly complicated, doesn’t it? . Fortunately for marketers and small businesses, it doesn’t have to be. Neuromarketing is when the principles of psychology are applied to marketing research and strategy.

Brand Bravery: Thoughts on PR Leadership from #PRSAICON


From the conference’s opening remarks on the importance of ethics, diversity, and inclusion, PRSA ICON 2018 focused on one overarching theme: PR leadership. As Del Galloway, APR, Fellow PRSA, and… Read More >>>.

Majority of Drivers Admit to Texting While Driving

The Realtime Report

Majority of Drivers Admit to Texting While Driving. , the leading online driving school, released its 2018 Distracted Driving in America Report.

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Facebook Renames Camera Effects Platform as Part of Broader AR Ambitions

Social Media Today

Facebook has announced that its renaming its Camera Effects Platform as it looks to expand the capability of its AR tools

Rebekah Keat Grows Coaching Business by Marketing to Beginner Triathlete Buyer Persona


Gosh I love when somebody takes my ideas and runs with them (pun alert) to grow their business.

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Top 10 B2B Social Media Tools to Use in 2019


Being a social media manager can be overwhelming. In a few hours, you’re expected to write compelling messages, brief your designer on the right visual direction, as well as identify powerful hashtags for driving engagement. With 2019 just around the corner, adopting the right set of social media tools could drastically simplify your day-to-day and […]. Social Media Marketing Marketing Tips Marketing Tools Social Media Management

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How Your New Self-Storage Facility Will Stand Above The Competition

The Realtime Report

How Your New Self-Storage Facility Will Stand Above The Competition. The self-storage industry is a popular one and whether you have a facility already or you are in the market to open one, there are some amenities that you need to consider helping you stand out above your competition.

4 Ways to Optimize your Website to Drive Pinterest Conversions

Social Media Today

Pinterest is a conversion machine. Here are a few ways businesses can optimize their websites to promote shares on Pinterest and expose their brand to Pinterest's massive audience of buyers

How to Get, Analyze, and Use Consumer Insights from Social Media


The potential of listening to your customers on social cannot media be understated. Here are ten ways you can detect and analyze consumer insights to better understand them! The post How to Get, Analyze, and Use Consumer Insights from Social Media appeared first on Digimind Blog. Execute

Why is Unmetric “like wallpaper”?


It seems like quite an unusual comparison, to be told that your product is “like wallpaper.” ” Truth be told, we weren’t even sure if it was a compliment.

5 Key Takeaways from Advertising Week New York 2018


In its 15th year, Advertising Week continues to serve as a useful way to take the pulse of the current state of the advertising industry (and guess about its future).

New Rules for Measuring Page Speed: What Social Media Marketers Need to Know

Social Media Today

Being fast is no longer optional. Get current on the latest changes from Google, including page speed as a ranking signal

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Frozen in Time

Ari Herzog

My LinkedIn network includes over 2,000 people; but most of them only know me through my past. They remember me as a social media consultant, or a government manager, or a teacher, or a classmate. They don’t necessarily know who I am today or where I want to be tomorrow. Carol Fishman Cohen describes this concept as being “ frozen in time.” ” Simply stated, it’s when people from your past only know your past.

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5 fitness brands winning social media

Sprout Social

Workout gurus and yoga influencers are found in all corners of Instagram. While individuals build up followings and influence their audience, what are brands doing to stay relevant? It takes a mix of constant posting endurance, flexible strategy and tenacity to reach new heights in the fitness world.

Why Hotel Brands Need to Curate Experiences to Drive Business


Travelers are constantly looking for advice from their peers, social media influencers, review websites, magazines, and more. There’s no reason why hotel brands can’t excel in this space by showcasing their extensive knowledge of local culture through robust curated experiences. Most brands already offer curated experiences to guests, but marketing these suggestions with User-Generated Content can make them more visible, attractive, and trustworthy.

6 Digital Marketing Analytics Questions Answered

Social Media Today

If you aren't measuring the success of your marketing efforts, you aren't doing your job right. Here's what you need to know about digital marketing analytics

But The Unemployment Rate is Low

Ari Herzog

Yes, we are witnessing a national unemployment rate that is at its lowest point since 1969. But that doesn’t mean that everyone who is unemployed (or underemployed, like me ) will get hired tomorrow. The job search process today is no different than in the past. As I recently commented on LinkedIn , I’ve been underemployed for a year. The low unemployment rate only means that employers and recruiters are more specific in their needs.

Rebekah Keat Grows Coaching Business by Marketing to Beginner Triathlete Buyer Persona


Gosh I love when somebody takes my ideas and runs with them (pun alert) to grow their business.

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You Are Not Hallucinating - Hurricane Leslie Is Headed Toward Spain And Africa

Forbes Social Media

Hurricane Leslie is actually headed toward Europe and Africa. Here's why that is weird


The Role of the CEO on Social Media

Social Media Today

Social media offers leaders of organizations the opportunity to speak directly to their audience about values and decision-making processes. In turn, this has the potential to help create organizational transparency and build trust