Dos and Don’ts of UGC Curation 2021 


Even if you’re just resharing a customer photo on social media, crediting the original poster is not enough. To help you curate your UGC, Pixlee allows you to pick and choose from existing posts by your fans to find the content that is right for your brand. .

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Content Curation Tips: 6 Places to Find Content to Share on Social Media

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Content curation isn’t a quick fix for your staffing woes, or a way to escape your company’s need to think in campaigns. MarketingProfs’ Ann Handley shared at the recent Inbound13 marketing conference that she believes effective content curation is a way to enhance a company’s existing strategy. You should approach content curation with a goal of enhancing and adding value to your existing content resources, in order to best tell your brand’s story.


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Introducing Blekko, the Self-curated Search Engine


It’s the search engine that prides itself on human curation. After all, “human curation” sounds kind of hard. Human curation has already helped Blekko completely block out the top 20 sites voted as spam by human users— these are all mainly content farms (sorry eHow). All this being said, Google still beats Blekko—even with its awesome concept of human curation of the web and slashtag operators —mainly because, well, slashtags are kind of exhausting.

What is Really Holding You Back In Your Business?

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Creating a Vision board can be as simple as a few images clipped from a magazine and pinned to a corkboard, or as complex as a framed poster with hand-lettered quotes and personal inspiration. What is Really Holding You Back In Your Business?

Picking Your Brain For Better Ideas

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There are certain individuals who are amazing at curating (have you checked out Media Redefined ?). Then, there are the curators who take the things that have existed, and add their own perspective. It was such a powerful read, that the people at Holstee turned the learnings into a letterpress poster. curating. curation. Being an original thinker is near-impossible. Combining ideas to come up with something original is more likely. It's a truth.

How to Use Reddit to Boost Your Marketing through the Roof

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Reddit is a content curation and sharing site. You don’t have to be a prolific poster to benefit from using Reddit. Social Media Marketing content curation Content Marketing guest posts Reddit Scott Masson Guest post by Scott Masson. Reddit is the 30 th busiest website in the world, attracting a whopping 56 billion pageviews and helping to popularise millions of pieces of content each year.

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10 Top Instagram Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business

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Awario lets you set up brand alerts, so you never miss a mention, even if the poster didn’t tag your account. This platform curates the best UGC from the most desirable creators. Want to get the most out of your Instagram marketing?

Expert Tips for Your Social Media Strategy in 2021

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Carefully curate your sources of inspiration, looking only at people and feeds that truly inspire you. But when a post goes viral, people in the poster’s network will begin receiving notifications that their friends have commented on the post.

6 Later Hacks to Help You Save Time + Be More Efficient


We’re revealing 6 hidden Later features to make planning and scheduling your social posts even easier: Hidden Later Feature #1: Use Saved Captions for Curated Lists of Hashtags. Looking to save time and maximize your results on social media?

How to Repost on Instagram Like a Pro

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Lastly, the original poster will likely thank your brand on their own. Or go to an even higher level, and curate content queues. Twitter has retweets, Facebook has shares, but what does Instagram have for sharing great content? To share is to repost on Instagram.

5 Ways to Elevate Loyal Customers on Social


Of course, be sure to curate the best photos to share to your account—don’t re-share just for the sake of it. Then, when you publish, properly credit the original poster by tagging and/or @mentioning their account in the copy. We highly recommend @tagging the original poster to ensure they are notified and aware you shared their content. When brands think about community management , they usually think about addressing customer issues, complaints, and crises.

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11 Dos and don’ts on social media etiquette for businesses

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If your social content strategy involves content curation and user-generated posts, don’t forget to give credit where it’s due. Oversharing and spamming on social media. We’e seen it and have been guilty of it at some point as well.

The 6 Best Ways to Showcase User-Generated Content on Social Media

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This way, other users can easily check out the original poster’s profile. Agorapulse’s listening tools make the process of finding, curating, and posting UGC much easier. Community-building and relationship-building should be an important part of your social media marketing efforts. User-generated content is one of the most effective tools to help you accomplish this goal. User-generated content is a quick way to establish trust and engage your audience.

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How to Legally Repost User-Generated Content on Instagram


If you want to start curating your Instagram feed with user-generated content (UGC), it’s important to understand the rules — so that you can protect your brand and treat your community of creators fairly. Whether you’re new to the world of user-generated content, or a seasoned re-poster, now’s the time to start familiarizing yourself and your wider team on how you can search for and legally repost user-generated content on your social channels.

Top 14 Social Media Management Tools for 2021


RSS Feed poster, content suggestions, in-built content library and easy access to the design tool, Canva. Curates and suggests content from several industries, and optimizes post times accordingly with a queue for each. Social selling has become an almost inevitable part of B2B selling.

How to Schedule 1 Week of Instagram Posts in 20 Minutes


For example, if you’re a wellness brand it would make sense to create go-to labels that make your content curation easier, such as: “health food,” “mindfulness,” and “fitness.” . Not only does this save you time, but it also ensures you’re always fairly crediting the original poster! .

Three Creative Ways to Use Social Media to Promote your Event

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Start as early as possible, steadily building suspense for the event with carefully curated, interactive content such as teaser videos, behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, and exclusive announcements. • #GetHashtagHappy: Almost unbelievably, it’s been 12 years since people (social media users, at least) stopped calling the # key the “pound key” or the “number key.” Guest post by Rosemary McKee.

23 Simple Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement (Free Calculator)


If you’re running out of original content to post, content curation can be a great way to share quality, informative content that gets your audience excited. Include your Facebook Page URL on your business cards, posters at events and packing slips.

Making Google+ Worth Your Time

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Then share it with your own circles to spread the word and support both the people in your circle and the original poster. Stefan Svartling Is a wonderful curator of all things geeky and tech. This morning I had a conversation with a friend about Google+ and it’s a conversation I used to have about Twitter. It all started with the announcement that the NFL is adding Google+ Hangouts to the league’s fantasy football pages to enable a video chat feature right on the pages.

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The Most Overrated Social Media Metric

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Pinterest has spawned a new way of consuming and searching information, and may be the poster child for the coming image-centric social Web that will make written blogs like mine look quaintly Amish by 2014. We also use Pinterest as the curation hub for our daily One Social Thing email update. Do you sell advertising on your website? Then why are you so excited about your website traffic? Late in the third quarter it's Pinterest 17, Facebook 13.

New Twitter User Revamp: Plus 2 Bonus Pieces of News!


They opened up the Timeline to popular tweets from people you don’t follow, a big departure from the user curated Timeline of old. This has been reported to death, but when you grow up with the Queen on your money, as posters in your school, and as the most celebrated of visitors to your country, you can’t help but make a comment on this new Twitter user. Twitter are working hard to reward their shareholders…and finally turn a profit.

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How to Regram on Instagram: 5 Tried and True Methods


Regramming gives your brand fresh content for your audience (through content curation ) and is shown to increase engagement. Make sure that the original poster gives consent to use their content. Click View on Instagram to copy the poster’s @username from Instagram.

Powerful Storytelling Secrets from National Geographic Travel – Lindsay Smith [SSM028]

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With more than 25,000,000 adoring fans across social media, National Geographic Travel is a poster child for the power of storytelling in marketing. You’ll also learn some cool things like: How Nat Geo Travel curates all of their amazing photography on Instagram. Their secret? Going where no one else has gone before. This is the approach that National Geographic Travel takes to every one of their stories.

How to Get Started with User Generated Content


Curate User-Generated Content. Pixlee’s UGC tools can automatically find and curate content created by users on social media. Once you’ve curated your UGC, you need to share it everywhere. Make sure to credit to the original poster to celebrate your customers. User-generated content (UGC) feels like one of the biggest trends in marketing right now—it’s considered the most authentic and trusted form of media available. What does this mean for your brand?

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How to Get Started with User Generated Content


Curate User-Generated Content. Pixlee’s UGC tools can automatically find and curate content created by users on social media. Once you’ve curated your UGC, you need to share it everywhere. Make sure to credit to the original poster to celebrate your customers. User-generated content (UGC) feels like one of the biggest trends in marketing right now—it’s considered the most authentic and trusted form of media available. What does this mean for your brand?

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I Need Your Help Today

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Every copy of Hug Your Haters includes The Hatrix – a poster that showcases the most important data. My team and I publish 600 blog posts per year, 250 podcasts per year, and 200 curated emails per year. My new book, Hug Your Haters: How to Embrace Complaints and Keep Your Customers launches today and I need your help. If you haven’t purchased a copy yet (many of you have, thank you!) please do so today at Amazon. Why I Wrote This Book.

Have we got our head in the clouds about the value of online community?

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Curate enough interesting material around a topic and you’re an authority. Google loves WordPress, no question, and every comment adds value for the commenter and the poster. I had a very interesting conversation with a Facebook application developer today. He’s a very smart guy and we agreed and disagreed on quite a lot of things. Here’s the crux of the discussion from my point of view.

What Are You Looking Forward to in Social Media in 2020?: Experts Round-Up

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There is A LOT of noise on social, and I know I am a culprit as an avid ‘poster.’ But curation is also key. We asked some of our favorite social media experts to share what they look forward to seeing in social media for 2020.

Social Spotlight: How GoPro fuels brand loyalty with UGC

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I’ve talked a lot about Instagram but I’d be remiss to discount Facebook, where GoPro takes advantage of the video-friendly algorithm to share longer-form user videos, as well as YouTube, which is well-curated to feature product videos and content from the brand’s partner professional athletes and adventurers. Welcome to the Social Spotlight, where we dive deep into what we love about a brand’s approach to a specific social campaign.

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Are LinkedIn Groups Are Out Of Control?

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Related but directly selling something the poster benefits from without alerting group members. To build their reputation as a curator of quality content and conversation. THE WILD, WILD WEST OF LINKEDIN. Many LinkedIn groups are out of control. Group members have discovered they can spam the group and get away with it. Many group admins are not doing a good job managing their groups.

Send Tweet: Insights From the #PixleePros with Allyssa Eclarin


They’re leaning into the personalization model, whether it’s direct-to-consumer, whether it’s subscription-based, curated content – you name it. Editor’s Note: Community is everything to us at Pixlee.

9 Powerful Time-Saving Tips to Help Grow Your Brand on Instagram

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Quick reminder: Before you repost, it is best to request permission from the original poster. Also, Instagram is becoming a curated platform where businesses and individuals only post their best photos according to specific themes instead of every photo they take. So, it’s important to have a well-curated and consistent profile gallery.

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5 Brands Successfully Using Education to Engage

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To take the educational value one step further, Whole Foods puts posters around their stores explaining things like updated sustainable seafood safety lists, and the source and taste of the different types of mushrooms they offer. While most of the tools that can be used to share valuable content are free, someone needs to be spending the time either writing or curating this content. 2-3 curated Facebook/Twitter posts per week.

7 Design Tips to Take Your Social Campaigns to the Next Level


You can find inspiration from almost anywhere, but on-brand fashion labels, sports teams, films, poster adverts, and music artists are often good places to start. Design, curate, and plan your feed with Later ! When it comes to creating a social media campaign, design is everything.

Best Twitter Tips, Tools and Tactics of 2011

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Curating the curator here, as Gabrielle Conde links to and summarizes 100 educational posts about Twitter, covering the gamut from setting up a Twitter account to using hashtags to marketing and prospecting strategies, from authors like Marian Schembari , Michael Brenner and the ebullient Diana Adams. Neal Schaffer recommends HootSuite , Buffer, tweetspinner , Triberr and other tools for functions like SEO and content curation among his favorites.

Maternity Leave … for Bloggers?!


Some scheduled posts from me, but a lot of highly curated guest posts. For the posts that could be scheduled, what kind of content was missing from my blog that the guest posters could bring? I dropped some of them (such as my news roundup); for others, I took great care in inviting guest posters. Reaching out to guest posters. At the beginning of every post, I wrote a short paragraph describing the topic and introducing the guest poster to my readers.

6 Tips for Organizing Instagram Content with Later


Leveraging UGC on Instagram is a great way to curate a beautiful Instagram feed and an excellent strategy for marketing your business. Always remember to give credit to the original poster and when in doubt ask for permission. Over 100 million photos and videos are uploaded to Instagram every single day — but with all that posting comes a very real challenge: how do you organize your Instagram content?

30 Low-Cost Ideas for Content Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

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Content marketing can take hours and some serious elbow grease, which is why we’ve curated a list of 30 brilliant ways for you to make a maximum impact in the least amount of time possible. Welcome Guest Posters. Curate Content. Repost on social media, or curate into a blog post. If you ever want to really annoy a marketer, tell them that content is low cost marketing. While the thought isn’t entirely false, content certainly isn’t cheap.

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Content Promotion Strategy: 23 Proven Ways to Explode Website Traffic

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In order to help you turn your business blog into an authoritative website, we’ve curated content promotion ideas to boost your strategy: 1. Marketer Steve Weller recommends delaying the promotion of your content, to instead focus on curating really great stuff. Curate Thoughtfully. People love being promoted by others, which is why curation can be among the most effective forms of content promotion. “If you write great content, people will find it.”

How to Start a Blog When You’re Not an Expert: 11 Ways to Make it Work


But once your blog is more established you could open it up for guest posters, or even hire someone to write for your blog. 8: Create Curated Content. Curated” content is when you link to and quote from someone else’s content. Using curated and embedded content is also a great way to build a relationship with the influencers in your niche. #10: The post How to Start a Blog When You’re Not an Expert: 11 Ways to Make it Work appeared first on ProBlogger.