Never Run Out of Content to Share: 70+ Places to Curate Great Content

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Curating top content from around the web is a great strategy to increase your social media reach. But where do you start with curation? With our community’s help, we put together an ultimate list of content curation sources across multiple industries. I hope you’ll find some great websites for your content curation strategy. The big list of content curation sources across multiple topics. What’s your favorite content curation source?

How the Very Best Content Curation Is Done on Social Media [SSM002]

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Rand shares all sorts of content on marketing, SEO, technology, and startups, and he does so with a fine eye toward curation. Content curation on social media is a great way to provide value to your audience and build your own brand. How does he go about his content curation?

The Top 100 Blogs to Curate for Social Media Power Users

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Looking for some fresh content to curate and share on social media? The Top 100 Blogs to Curate for Social Media Power Users. HubSpot’s marketing blog – 1,067. HubSpot Sales Blog – 202. It’s out there — in spades! Almost too many spades, right?

4 Tips For Holiday Optimization


Woorank and HubSpot both have online site checkers where you can input the URL of your site and it will return a categorized list of the health of your site with suggestions on how to improve your site weaknesses. social curation

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Best B2B Marketing and Sales Strategy Guides and Insights of 2011

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Social media, content aggregation and curation , user-generated content and other developments have dramatically changed the B2B buying cycle over the past few years.

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58+ Resources to Master SEO Copywriting

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Hubspot does a great job explaining what SEO really is. I think they do, and Ramesh Ranjan from Hubspot agrees wholeheartedly. Content Creation Content Curation Copywriting If you want to be competitive as a copywriter, your work needs to be optimized for SEO.

The Void That Twitter Could Leave

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Case in point: this week, I presented at Hubspot 's massive Inbound event. Their algorithm curates your friends, throttles the brand page content and while it is fresh. hubspot. hubspot inbound. Dear Twitter, please don't go. These are dangerous times for Twitter. The public markets are no longer in love (their market cap has been dropping). Their leadership is changing (it is being questioned and executives have been departing).

Email or RSS: Which Do You Prefer

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Justin Levy Marketing and Social Media Home About Archives Contact Disclosures Newsletter Speaking Email or RSS: Which Do You Prefer Written on January 13, 2010 by Justin Levy in email , hubspot , rss , social media 40 Comments - Leave a comment! In a recent survey of their customers HubSpot found that their customers preferred to subscribe to blogs via email subscription nearly 12 times more than their preference for RSS.

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SEO & Blogging = a Match Made in Heaven?

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Late last year, HubSpot surveyed over 7,000 businesses to determine the impact that certain inbound marketing activities have on website traffic generation, business blogging being one of them. Content Creation Content Curation Content Marketing

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Discover Marketing Technology Used by Leading Companies

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Hubspot – inbound marketing platform. For example, here are all of the companies using marketing automation software Hubspot versus Marketo.

The 23 Best Free Google Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers

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” — HubSpot. Showcase reviews: HubSpot. ” — HubSpot. Showcase reviews: HubSpot. HubSpot. 28: The 21 Best Content Curation Tools. #29:

What to Post on Each Social Media Platform: The Complete Guide to Optimizing Your Social Content

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Here are the general guidelines: Facebook : Videos and curated content. Blog posts and curated content. After videos, blog posts and curated content are the next types of posts that do well on our Facebook Page. Blog posts and curated content.

Optimize your social media management with these new tools


However, I’m open to changing my mind about Vine for business, and am checking out this post from Hubspot: How 15 Real Businesses Are Getting Creative with Vine for Marketing.

Why Is Social Media Important for My SaaS?

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Hubspot reports that “ salespeople using social media as part of their sales process exceeded quota 23% more often.” And don’t be afraid to curate content that fits your audience’s needs. Social media is a platform to build authentic relationships with your customers.

Join Us At 2016 Social Fresh Conference – Special Discounted Rate

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Social Fresh 2016 speakers include Spotify, American Heart Association, The Weather Channel,Cisco, Red Cross, HubSpot, The Economist, Citrix, Time Inc, FreshDirect, RE/MAX, Twitter, Alaskan Air, Full Sail University, Century 21 , and many more! Social Fresh curates so you don’t have to!

12 of the Best Guides and Sources for Free Stock Images

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Getty’s New Free Stock Photos Come With a Price by HubSpot. At the core of any successful blog is valuable content—helping readers solve a problem, increase their knowledge, work more effectively.

Marketing Mix Tape: Do These 6 Things to Bring More Traffic to Your Website Now


Mix tapes were and are labors of love – carefully curated, tested and re-recorded – all with the intent of a certain desired listening experience. The average YouTube video holds 37% of viewers’ attention to the last second, according to Hubspot.

How To Use Agorapulse To Promote Your Next Event

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You’ll have your blog posts, curated content and most importantly calls to action to buy tickets. Look through the tweets that your Engagers, Ambassadors & Influencers shared about the event and create a blog post curated from the top tweets from the day.

22 Expert Guides and Reviews of 200+ Social Media Tools

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Andrew Jenkins reviews 10 of the tools he uses “to consume and curate content as well as manage and interact with (his) community,” including (specific to Twitter,

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The 25 Top Social Media Management Tools for Businesses of All Sizes

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There’s a good reason for their success: it’s an all-in-one platform that allows you to curate and schedule content, measure your social ROI, run social media ads, and more. Description: Everypost makes it easy to curate content, customize, and schedule your social media posts. HubSpot.

The 32 Best Twitter Marketing Tools

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HubSpot has noted Twitter has more than 300 million active monthly users, and “accounts for 16% of referrals to longer articles from social sites and 14% for shorter news articles.”

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Top 5 Tips on Making More Attractive Facebook Page

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For example, HubSpot uses a bold yet simple branded cover and matching logo profile. Of course you want to share links on your Facebook page to your own great content and to relevant content you curate.

7 Bright Ideas for Promoting Your B2B Content Marketing on Pinterest

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With 25 million members and growing , Pinterest has grown from a niche curation platform to a formidable presence among major social media networks. We’ve curated some of the brightest ideas on how you can develop a Pinterest for business presence to be reckoned with: 1.

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7 Social Media Infographics That Will Make You More Productive

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Curate and share content – 2.5 One rule I live by is suggested by Hubspot in the Infographic below: Work in sprints to eliminate wasted (non-productive) time spent and avoid getting stuck on any one task for too long. How would you rate your social media productivity?

Get Over Your Creativity Block With These 20 Social Media Content Ideas

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If you are feeling a little stuck, HubSpot has shared 11 cool live streaming ideas for Facebook, Periscope, and more. Curate user-generated content. Our Instagram strategy is built on curating awesome photos from the Buffer community.

20 Creative Ways to Use Social Media for Storytelling

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Curate user-generated content on Instagram. We curate user-generated content by sharing short stories from our community through photos on our Instagram profile. Another way to curate user-generated content is to create a branded hashtag for a story that you want to tell.

28 (of the) Best Twitter Tips, Tools and Tactics of 2012 (So Far)

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” 17 Examples of Twitter Brand Page Backgrounds to Inspire You by HubSpot. ” Tailoring Twitter: The ROI of Curating Content on Twitter by Successful Blog. Liz Strauss explains the benefits of curating content on Twitter and how to do it well, closing with “The ROI of curating content on twitter is the influence gained from incrementally staying in sync with the tools and the culture while still listening.”

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Inbound Marketing vs. Content Marketing – What’s the Difference?

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To help you become an informed marketer (or debate participant, your choice,) we’ve curated a comprehensive history of the practices, as well as highlighted the differences and similarities, and some insight on how you can apply these tactics at your business: History of the Terms.

The 29 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

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Identify key influencers, monitor brand mentions and conversations, curate and share engaging content, respond to your community, and measure the impact of campaigns. Social media monitoring is vital for virtually every B2B or B2C brand. 58% of consumers follow brands on social media.

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5 Tried and True LinkedIn Tips to Grow your Company Page Followers 600% Faster

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The same best-practices that you implement when posting your own quality content also apply to curated content shared on LinkedIn. 20+ Key Social Demographic Facts, Facebook Q1 Earnings Report is Here, What Elon Musk Taught the Co-Founder of HubSpot, & More!

Did You Miss? 22 MUST READS of 2013


” What the Future Holds for Business Blogging (Hubspot)- Spoiler alert – business blogging is more and more essential and here’s a great explanation why. Here are some of my absolute favorite posts of the year.

10 Compelling Calls to Action to Brighten Your Blog

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We’ve curated 10 brilliant examples from around the web to help you boost your conversions through the roof: Need a refresher on the basics? out this screenshot from the HubSpot blog: Image credit: HubSpot. with HubSpot’s aesthetic.

30 Killer Resources to Learn Content Marketing

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I’ve curated a list of resources that I can recommend without hesitation to anyone. However, HubSpot’s free eBook is the perfect guide to planning and organization for beginners. Image credit: HubSpot. With this guide from HubSpot, you can ensure you’ll be completely prepared.

Case Study: How to Drive 300+ Backlinks to 1 Blog Post

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59 Killer Content Marketing Stats: 2014 Edition was put together in just 1100 words and is in essence a list of curated stats. This is a resource page with industry stats curated by Kapost. For those who are still not convinced, let’s look at another similar post curated by Contently.

The 15 Most Life-Changing Editorial Calendar Tools

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It’s never to late to get started, which is why we’ve curated a list of the most powerful editorial calendar tools for everyone from the tiniest startups to major enterprises: 1. HubSpot Editorial Calendar.

How to Sell on Instagram Like the Pros [Proven Tips & Strategies]

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Selling on Instagram: How to Use Instagram’s Shoppable Posts – HubSpot Blog. According to HubSpot , Instagram influencer collaborations and sponsorships have nearly replaced traditional ads and are a huge part of a social media strategies today.

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Small Business Lessons from B2B Brands with Amazing Content Strategy

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Image Credit: HubSpot/PoweredbySearch. HubSpot is among the best at making B2B content marketing people love, and the phrase has even become their tagline. Building a small business content marketing strategy is hard work, but it’s probably about to get much harder.

33 Ways to Use Social Media to Make Sales

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A7) Create #content AND curate to support it. Pinterest Lead Generation 101: Best Practices and Hacks That’ll Make You a Pro (on @HubSpot ) – [link]. A7) Pinterest Lead Generation 101: Best Practices and Hacks That'll Make You a Pro (on @HubSpot ) –

59 Killer Content Marketing Stats: 2014 Edition

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We’ve curated 59 of the most powerful content marketing stats from the latest, high-quality research reports. Source: HubSpot ). Source: HubSpot ). Source: HubSpot ). Content marketing moves incredibly fast.

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Become a Content Marketing Powerhouse: Secrets to a Super-Sticky Strategy

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Then look to tools for content curation. Download this free template from Hubspot and begin to look ahead at what and when you’ll share content. We’ve all heard the adage that content is King.

Content Promotion Strategy: 23 Proven Ways to Explode Website Traffic

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In order to help you turn your business blog into an authoritative website, we’ve curated content promotion ideas to boost your strategy: 1. Marketer Steve Weller recommends delaying the promotion of your content, to instead focus on curating really great stuff. Curate Thoughtfully.

14 Tools to Create Images for Your Blog Posts in Less than 5 Minutes

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I’m pretty sure that almost every blogger knows on some level they should kick their addiction to stock photos and curated visual content. I’m convinced that Google Drawings is among the most under-utilized tools for creative visual content: Image credit: Hubspot. Image credit: Hubspot.

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13 Fantastic Places to Find Background Music for Your Video Content

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HubSpot, for example, found that 43% of people want to see more video content from marketers. Why we love it: Free Music Archive (directed by WFMU ) is one of the most prolific websites online for discovering a range of curated background music and sounds for all types of content.