7 Inspiring Articles This Week

Ari Herzog

Here are some articles I enjoyed reading this week: Black Privilege is a Concept That I Never Knew Existed : This 2016 expose on CNN is eye-opening. The premise of this article is on the interdependence of GDP and climate change. Articles

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Facebook Adds New Warning Prompts to Stop Unintended Sharing of Older News Articles

Social Media Today

Facebook is adding new warning labels to get users to re-think sharing of old articles in the context of new information

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LinkedIn: Difference Between “Share an article, photo, or update” vs. “Write an article”


On your LinkedIn home page, you have the option to share your content – posting updates – in two ways: (1) “Share an article, photo, or update” OR (2) “Write an article” You can share your content in two ways: (1) “Share an article, photo, or update” or (2) “Write an article”. What is the difference between “Share an article, photo or update” and “Write an article” (also called long form updates)? (1)

US Senators Call for Increased Social Media Regulation After Blocking of NY Post Article

Social Media Today

Twitter and Facebook look set to face more scrutiny after they both moved to restrict the reach of a recent NY Post report

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Optimizing In-Depth Articles

Small Business Mavericks

Sometimes, the best way to position yourself as an expert in your niche is to publish in-depth articles. These are not short burst 300-500 word articles that you write today and post to your blog only to forget about next week. How do you optimize those articles? Schema.org markup – Headlines and alternative headlines are very important page features for in-depth article optimization, as are images, descriptions, and publication dates.

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5 Places To Publish Your Articles

Small Business Mavericks

Article marketing is still alive and well on the Internet. Do you ever wonder where you can publish your articles and build links back to your website or get the attention you deserve as an expert in your field? Here are 5 non-article directories that are great places for marketing your article content. HubPages – HubPages is a place for authors to publish articles on a variety of topics.

Facebook Adds New Features for Instant Articles, Including Links to More Publisher Content and Stories Sharing

Social Media Today

Facebook has added some new elements to its Instant Articles offering for publishers, including a new function bar and Stories links

From Zero-Idea to a Hero Article in 6 Steps

Social Media Today

Blogging is tough - coming up with unique content as well as marketing it can be quite overwhelming. Here's your minimal, yet actionable blogging tutorial, guiding through the process of creating and marketing a blog post, from start to finish

The Changing Face Of Article Marketing

Small Business Mavericks

» The Changing Face Of Article Marketing Article marketing is a mainstay of Internet marketing. It’s been around since the earliest days of the Internet and Web-savvy marketers have been very effective in using article marketing to drive traffic to their websites and in closing the sale. But recently, article marketing has taken a huge turn – for better and for the worse. Or find websites within your niche that publish articles.

Facebook's Testing a New, Simplified Way to Create Instant Articles

Social Media Today

Facebook's testing a new tool to make it easier for publishers to create Instant Articles

Facebook Can Now Evaluate False Headlines Separately from False Articles

Social Media Today

Facebook has updated its fact-checking process in order to penalize both false news and false headlines separately

How to Get Your LinkedIn Articles Read by More People

agora pulse

If you have started to use LinkedIn Publishing , you may be wondering how to get your articles read by more people. More views with your LinkedIn articles means that you have the ability to build more credibility and recognition, make new connections, and get additional proposal requests and clients. Regularly Write Your LinkedIn Articles. If you use a social media calendar , make sure you include “Write LinkedIn article” at least once a month.

4 Ways Facebook Instant Articles Will Change Blogging Forever

agora pulse

Facebook Instant Articles is Facebook’s latest way for you to engage your audience with material you post on your blog. According to Facebook, the over 1,000 publishers who are using Facebook Instant articles are seeing 20% more clicks and 30% more shares. What exactly are Facebook Instant Articles? Facebook Instant Articles are all about providing a media rich experience that doesn’t slow down on mobile phones. Starting with Facebook Instant Articles.

5 Helpful Facebook Places for Business Articles


Digitalia | Indianapolis Social Media Marketing « YouTube Tuesday: Checking In With Facebook Places | Main | Firebelly at Brainstorming & Social Media Optimization Summits » August 27, 2010 5 Helpful Facebook Places for Business Articles Facebook Places has been out just a little over a week now. Here are 5 articles to help you understand its relevancy to your business.

5 Helpful Social Search Articles


Digitalia | Indianapolis Social Media Marketing « Firebelly at Brainstorming & Social Media Optimization Summits | Main | Flickr Friday: The Content Grid » September 03, 2010 5 Helpful Social Search Articles More and more consumers are either bypassing traditional search engines and seeking information from their networks on social sites OR theyre going to the traditional search engines and then consuming content from social sites in the search results.

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How to Successfully Submit Your Article to Wikipedia

Convince & Convert

Lots of brands would love to have Wikipedia articles. In this article I’m going to cover how a brand qualifies to have an article, and how to go about getting one if in fact your brand does qualify. In a nutshell, your brand is presumed to qualify for a Wikipedia article, if it has received significant coverage in multiple, independent, reliable sources. » Digital Marketing article brand digital marketing marketing reward board source wikipedia

Is it an ad or an article? Going native!

Sherrilynne Starkie

On nearly every publication tested, respondents identified native advertising as an article. . As long as the article meets the informational need of the reader, the fact that it’s paid for shouldn’t be an issue. However if the reader ends up feeling cheated by investing time in reading an article only to discover in the last paragraph that it’s a product shill, both interest and trust is lost.

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Top 10 RazorSocial Articles of 2017

Razor Social

At RazorSocial, that means diving deep into our analytics to see which articles were popular with our readers and why, as well as finding those that underperformed so we can improve them. Here we’ll focus on 10 articles that people viewed and shared the most. A few trends emerge from the list of our most popular articles in the past year, including: Many posts in this list are our long-form pieces (1.5k Click on the titles to read the articles in full!

How to Help a Tiny Torah Scroll Kickstart An Article of Hope

Waxing UnLyrical

An Article of Hope. I first heard about the documentary film, An Article of Hope , from Debra Silimeo (Debra’s a senior executive with a well-respected DC agency, and also happens to be a neighbor, friend and Bootcamp Buddy of mine). How to Help a Tiny Torah Scroll Kickstart An Article of Hope. Events Personal Shonali Burke an article of hope dan cohen ilan ramon kickstarter space shuttle columbia disaster torah scroll triumph of the human spirit

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Article success Noemi Gutierrez-Godoy on need for Martin Luther King Jr.

Dave Fleet

Choose through instance, this article will undoubtedly be efficiently written because there’s power to always keep my computer on. Below are some excellent article topics that children may discover straightforward to write. For something to become a superior persuasive article matter, it should be an arguable problem. Emphasizing on rationally, I Had support legalization of abortion through the article.

Removing Trending Articles From Your Facebook Timeline

SocMed Sean

First, it was adding ads to your timeline , next it was posting articles and updates based on what your friends were doing. Now, Facebook is hijacking your timeline and inserting “Trending Articles” While I’m not positive about the source, it’s likely that Facebook monitors the articles/blog posts that your friends are clicking on and sharing and then presumes that you’ll want to see them too. Facebook does it again!

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Why You Need to Place Links in Articles


It used to be the holy grail of PR placements was coverage in a print… Read More.


Facebook Expands Instant Articles Subscriptions, Though Publishers Remain Wary

Social Media Today

Facebook is expanding the capacity for publishers to offer subscriptions through Instant Articles - but many will remain hesitant, given the platform's algorithm shifts

How to Create Call-to-Action Units for Facebook Instant Articles

Jon Loomer

But my excitement level is high for the launch of call-to-action units for Facebook Instant Articles. If you aren’t familiar with Instant Articles, they provide a Facebook-hosted, instant loading option for users viewing on mobile. The response to Instant Articles from publishers has been mixed, to put it kindly. By creating Instant Articles, the publisher is handing over control. Call-to-action units allow publishers to inject forms into their Instant Articles.

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How to Get Your LinkedIn Articles Read by More People

agora pulse

Publishing articles on LinkedIn? What makes LinkedIn different than other social media channels is that your published articles have the opportunity to show up not only on the newsfeeds of your connections but also to the broader LinkedIn community. More views on your LinkedIn articles mean that you have the ability to build more credibility and recognition, make new connections, and get additional proposal requests and clients.

Facebook's Looking to Capitalize on FOMO with New Notifier on Shared Articles

Social Media Today

Facebook's testing out another way to prompt engagement with posted content, by notifying you when your friends have read the same

Why Article Marketing Will Never Die

Small Business Mavericks

The True Meaning Of Content » Why Article Marketing Will Never Die A couple of days ago I wrote about Google’s recent algorithm change and how it is beating down the article directories. However, I didn’t definitively answer the question about whether article marketing will die. Article marketing has been around for a long time. In the old days, experts in their field would write articles for trade journals and daily newspapers.

The Ultimate List of Visual Content Articles for Big Results

Socially Sorted

Looking for Visual Content Articles to learn more about how to use Visuals for better results in your business? I created this Ultimate list of Visual Content Articles because I’m always sharing blog posts with my community. The post The Ultimate List of Visual Content Articles for Big Results appeared first on Socially Sorted. Now you can use it too – to find the. // Read More.

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5 Things Article Marketing And Blogging Have In Common

Small Business Mavericks

Article marketing is generally thought of as something that takes place off of your website whereas blogging is generally something thought of as something that takes place on your website. However, you can publish articles on your website and you can blog apart from your website. Here are 5 things blogging and article marketing have in commong: High quality content is very important. Consistency is key , both with article marketing and with blogging.

3 Places To Get Your Articles Published Today

Small Business Mavericks

Article marketing has changed over the years. In the old days of article marketing, you could do a mass submit of your articles and see it appear all over the web. Mass submit article marketing still works to a limited degree, but it doesn’t work anything like it used to. You’re much better off today spending your time submitting fewer articles to websites with higher authority.

How to Post Articles on LinkedIn

Bill Hartzer

Since there has been a lot of talk and controversy in the SEO community about guest blogging , and how guest blogging is either dead or not dead , a lot of people have been looking for other platforms where they can post their articles. Well, now there is a great new platform (site) where you can post article: LinkedIn. I wrote a post today, actually my first LinkedIn published article , that explains how to publish your content on LinkedIn.

Who Article 13 Really Hurts And Helps

Forbes Social Media

The European Commission just released a tone deaf response to Article 13 criticism. Here's why that's important


Google News Now Recrawling Updated Articles

Adam Sherk

Home About Contact PR Publishing SEO Social Media Subscribe Adam Sherk Google News Now Recrawling Updated Articles by Adam Sherk on August 20, 2009 This week Search Engine Roundtable highlighted a Google News Help thread in which Google confirmed that it is now able to recrawl articles that have been updated within a “short period of time” of the original publishing.

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Consumers seem to like articles over ads

Josh S Peters

Read the full article here: 70% of consumers state they would rather learn about a company through articles than advertisements. Online Marketing Stats Content Marketing Online Marketing Stats

How ‘Google AMP’ & ‘Facebook Instant Articles’ Integration With WordPress Will Transform The Internet?


It would be worth noticing how Google AMP and Facebook Instant articles behave with WordPress, and how the wonderful combination of these three would transform the internet. Now that we are clear with accelerated Mobile Page, let’s move ahead with Facebook Instant Articles. What are ‘Facebook Instant Articles’? In the race of providing the best user experience, Facebook came up with the concept of Facebook Instant articles.

The Top 10 Most Popular Articles and Resources of 2017


These are the most popular articles of 2017 as chosen by you, my readers. Also learn what The Social Media Hat accomplished in 2017 and has in store for 2018

Facebook Instant Articles: How to Get Started for Business

Rebekah Radice

Wondering what Facebook Instant articles are or why they should matter to your business? billion monthly active users on mobile , they decided to develop “Instant Articles,” allowing brands to publish articles to the app that load with unprecedented speed. Ready to learn how to use Facebook Instant Articles in your business? In this article, I outline everything you need to know with this complete Facebook Instant Articles getting started guide.

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Happy #CMAD – 10 Articles You Should Read


In this post, I’ll list some great articles on the topic and point out a trend that you as a Community Manager can’t overlook. Today, more articles than ever are being posted on the topic and you can connect with Community Managers around the world and find great reading by following the hashtag #CMAD and #CMGR on Twitter. Below, we have picked out some of those articles, extra suitable for this special day: A Collection of Community Management Advice for #CMAD.

5 Ways to Repurpose an Article

Small Business Maverick

When you repurpose an article, what you are doing is saving yourself time and money while pushing the envelope on the benefits that piece of content is providing. Let’s say you write an article to post on your blog or website. How can you repurpose that article so that you don’t produce a duplicate content flag from Google? Publish it in your newsletter – One way to repurpose an article that has already been published is to publish it in your newsletter.

9 Tips to Spot Amazing Article Writers

Writtent Blog

Article writers – truly amazing ones who create content that will knock your visitors’ socks off – can sometimes be hard to come by, depending on your niche. Here’s a list of 9 quick tips to help you spot amazing article writers. When trying to find article writers, Google can be your best friend. They manage the entire article writing process for you. The post 9 Tips to Spot Amazing Article Writers appeared first on Writtent Blog.

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