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Are You Getting Bad Real Estate SEO Advice?

Small Business Mavericks

» Are You Getting Bad Real Estate SEO Advice? Hat tip to Matt McGee for bringing this to my attention, but I have long thought that real estate agents and brokers were getting bad SEO advice. Specifically, an article on the National Association of Realtors’ website tells real estate agents what to do, but I wouldn’t trust it completely.

[Webinar Replay] Content for Real Estate: Build Your Brand, Your Audience and Your Business

Katie Lance

Do you have a content strategy in place to move your real estate business forward in 2017? In this special webinar hosted in partnership with Adwerx we covered keys for a successful content strategy for real estate including: Why your real estate business needs a content marketing strategy. Tools and tips for planning, creating and curating hot content.

How to Brainstorm and Create Your 12-Month Content Plan

Katie Lance

My favorite tool is “big post-it note boards” I have to say, as much as I love technology for planning something as big as a 12-month plan, for me – I have to take it to pen and paper and I have to take it big. It doesn’t get real until you actually start putting in dates and writing them down on your big board along side the topics you’ve started to lay out.

How to Stop Wasting Time on Social Media

Katie Lance

” Whether you are a real estate agent, broker or social media manager – being able to be efficient with our time when it comes to social media, and still find the time to engage online is key. In addition, having the right tools in place to be effective in social media is key. Blog real estate social media social media strategy time managementUnplug!

3 Social Media Tips for a Successful Holiday Season

Katie Lance

Chances are this season may be less busy for your real estate business, making it an ideal time to reconnect with past clients, nurture your prospects and bring tremendous value to your sphere of influence. Download my free content grid with 30+ ideas for your real estate business – this is sure to get your wheels turning! Ready or not, the holiday season is here.

How to Stop Wasting Time on Social Media

Katie Lance

” Whether you are a real estate agent, broker or social media manager – being able to be efficient with our time when it comes to social media, and still find the time to engage online is key. In addition, having the right tools in place to be effective in social media is key. Blog real estate social media social media strategy time managementUnplug!

Inman Connect NYC 2017 Key Take-Aways #ICNY

Katie Lance

I always love how Inman brings in speakers from outside the real estate industry to teach and to inspire. Bret Calltharp, Director, Consulting & Special Projects, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate @jedirealestate. If we give our consumers ideas that are half baked, we will lose the potential selling power of that tool in the future. Inmanville inspires!”

Social Media in the Industry: Customization is the Key to Success

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Real Estate. There are a few other options for real estate networking including:,,, and others. Set up a Twitter profile and use this as a tool to engage in conversation with travel aficionados, wedding planners and anyone else in your target demographic. This is a guest post by Angela Denby. Web 2.0

Best Facebook Marketing Tips, Techniques and Tools of 2011, Part 1

Webbiquity SMM

Ruud Hein steps through a quick process for creating Facebook lists, and recommends various uses for them such as sharing information with only a specific subset of your contacts, or using Facebook lists as a CRM tool. Writing that “With the new layout providing so much screen real estate for visual branding, it has raised the bar for a Page’s visual branding on Facebook.

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QR Codes, Email, and Mobile Marketing: Tools for Small Businesses to Compete Digitally

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

While it seems like there’s a new tool added to the marketing toolbox each day, these methods are gaining traction thanks to their captivating call-to-actions and instant-engagement capabilities. This simple tool allows them to deliver content to their consumers in real time, wherever they are. This is where digital engagement tools, specifically email and text offers can help.

Smart Social Media Tools and Automation

Katie Lance

When it comes to social media marketing, I often get asked about tools to help make the process easier, faster and more streamlined. In addition, there are great tools out there that will help keep you organized as well as help you schedule or automate some of your content. Buffer is another popular tool that will help you get organized and post content at various times.

Twitter for Real Estate Agents – From Tweets to Clients


Twitip Getting more out of twitter Follow 102,289 followers Subscribe 20,083 subscribers starters guide getting followers tools tips business people news add a tip Patric Herber @relicense Patric and his team help everyday people obtain their real estate license. Twitter for Real Estate Agents – From Tweets to Clients 7 Twitter may have began as a simple communication platform for friends and family, but it quickly evolved into an amazingly powerful marketing tool. Many of these searches will return other real estate agents. thanks!

The Productive Online Business Toolbox: My Must-Have Tools

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Here’s a list of what I use that makes me productive, from time savers to the must have tools that rock my world. It’s a nice tool but it’s not as portable as Gmail, and I stick by it. This is one of the best tools — hands down. If there is one tool I won’t be able to live without, I’d have to give this one to Dropbox. Other Tools.

The 39 Social Media Tools I’ll Use Today

Also, at my social media speaking engagements hither and yon I’m often asked what tools I use. So, I took a personal inventory and created this overview of the 39 social media tools I use daily. It takes up a lot less screen real estate that Tweetdeck, and I always use Tweetie when conducting my live, Twitter 20 interviews. 39 social media tools I will use today.

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PB147: Tips, Tools and Techniques for Managing Incoming Email


“Do you have any systems or tools to help you manage incoming email?”. In Today’s Episode Tips, Tools and Techniques for Managing Incoming Email. Have help to respond to email – hire someone to help – customer support – We use a paid tool called zendesk, which also has canned responses – ticketed system. What are the tools and techniques you use?

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Advancing Nonprofits’ Missions With Storify and Quora – How MomsRising and charity: water Have Used These Tools for Success


With so many social media tools capturing the attention of nonprofit organizations, how should nonprofits decide which tools are the best investment of their time and personnel? With more than a million members across the country, MomsRising began using Storify in November 2011 as a curation tool, collecting its Twitter hashtags: #WellnessWed and #FoodFri. Here’s how.

[Webinar Replay] Developing a Website Content Strategy That Works

Katie Lance

Your real estate blog is one of the best lead-nurturing tools at your disposal. You have a wealth of knowledge about and an original perspective on real estate, so share your expertise in comprehensive blog posts on your website. Blog content marketing content strategy tips idx placester real estate search real estate website website content strategy

3 New Tools That Can Help You Create Better Content, Convert More Readers and Conquer Higher Search Rankings


Over time experience will teach you how to do this , but you also need the right tools. You need tools that will help you spot the hot topics at that very moment, generate list upon list of high-converting long-tail keywords, automate some of your processes, and even show you the best places to publish your content. Übersuggest: the keyword search tool on steroids.

Big Data for Small Businesses [Infographic]


For such small businesses, having access to tools to process that data would be a great way to improve their operations. For example, Google Maps is an amazing tool that can be leveraged efficiently by small businesses in the real estate, construction, architecture, and engineering fields. One of the biggest tech buzzword from 2014 was big data.

IM: Small Business Tool Or A Waste Of Time?

Small Business Mavericks

Q&A Sites And Competitive Intelligence » IM: Small Business Tool Or A Waste Of Time? If you are going to do business online, then it makes sense to use online communications tools. One of the most primitive online communications tools is instant messaging. Instant messaging is a great small business communications tool. About Us What’s a Maverick? Right?

16 Social Media Podcasts to Take Your Marketing Skills to the Next Level Today

Buffer Social

Real people doing real work in social media. Recent episodes you might like: Fredrik Eklund, Real Estate Branding & Hudson Yards. Tyler also shares tools and processes he personally uses (like Focus Booster ) to help him with social media management, marketing, productivity, and more. ToolsThere’s probably a long list, with lots of options.

5 Must Have Social Media & Productivity Chrome Extensions

Jason Yormark

With my increased usage, I’ve come across a variety of social media themed extensions that I have tried out, and the following 5 are the ones I find the most useful and worthy of my screen real estate. Awesome Screenshot – What a cool little tool! Another great productivity tool built right in. I’m not alone as usage of Chrome has climbed past 20% market share.

News Release Success: Be Found in Search Results

Spin Sucks

Rush over to the Google AdWords Keyword Tool (or something similar) to find just the perfect keywords. Your headline is prime real estate. Make Alec Baldwin circa Glengarry Glen Ross real proud. Communication Media Relations google panda inverted pyramid keyword tool news release news release writing semantic link strunk & white well-written content

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4 Ways Technology Can Make You a More Effective Fundraiser


Utilizing a combination of nonprofit software (prospect research tools, CRMs, mobile giving platforms, etc.) Here are a few of the top tech options for learning more about your donor’s preferences: Performing a prospect screening of your donor pool: A screening tool will run a comparison of the donors in your CRM to the people listed in various charitable giving databases. Thanks!”.

Jeans Not Appropriate for Business Meetings

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He asked me why I thought real estate agents drove nice cars or bankers wore expensive suits. The real estate agent may have had to forgo buying a house for the nice car, but when clients get in her car, they think she’s successful. Don’t worry…I’m on vacation only one more day after today. I’ll be back on Thursday.

Google Plus SEO: The Business Benefits


Social networks are used by real people who reveal what they genuinely like and think is important via sharing, liking, retweeting, and +1?ing, It’s important to note that Google+ posts can indefinitely retain ranking, which helps brands capture more real estate on SERPs (search engine results pages). It’s a pretty hand tool to keep in your arsenal.

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14 Ways New Facebook Betrays Small Business

Convince & Convert

This seems commendable, but for small business it’s now one more “inbox” that must be monitored and responded to in as close to real-time as possible. Posting to a Facebook page using some third party tools often results in status updates that are displayed with less visual prominence than content entered directly at For small business that rely on third party tools to save time and boost social media efficiency, this is a problem. Real-Time Insights. I get it. Cover Image. Prohibition on Cover Promotion. quote from VentureBeat).

33 Thought-Provoking B2B Social Media and Marketing Stats

Webbiquity SMM

86% of B2B buyers say they see “no real difference between suppliers,” and messages focused on product features and functions barely move the needle. However, B2B marketers expect that two years from now the top three will be understanding buyers, marketing technology tools, and market / competitor analysis (lead gen drops to #5 on the list). B2B messaging gets personal.

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How to Train 80,000 People to Use Social Video Effectively

Convince & Convert

Training a couple upstarts in the marketing department to add video to their cache of social tools is hard enough. But imagine trying to wrangle 80,000 employees spread across the country into embracing and utilizing video as a serious marketing tool and a crucial component of their social presence. Coldwell Banker Real Estate : YouTube , Blog , Facebook , Pinterest , Twitter.

How Century 21 Creates Award-Winning Real-Time Social Media

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As the largest residential real estate franchise sales organization on planet Earth, Century 21 has found social media to be a game-changer. ” Matt’s team encourages every franchise to get out there and use the tools in ways that work for them. Tweetable Moments Today’s consumer wants it right now. MattGentile Tweet This. Earbud Giveaway. billion.

The Reality of 'Careful What You Wish For'

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I also get to teach our members how they can use social media tools for themselves and their businesses. The biggest is that your “real” job doesn’t go away. Getting people involved across the organization from the beginning is a classic tool for achieving buy-in. Use your tools. Karen Altes is manager of outreach programs for the Institute of Real Estate Management.

Treat Digital Like Real Property


While you probably don’t care so much about my real estate investments, you should care about how you are investing in digital. Perform and set up ongoing analysis on current communications and marketing tools to see what is working. This post originally appeared on the Tanzen Consulting Blog. —— I am planning to sell a house soon. What will you do in 2017?

Using SocialCentiv Twitter Marketing Software for Lead Generation

Bill Hartzer

For example, someone might ask their followers about real estate agents in the area. If you were a commercial real estate agent, then this would be a perfect opportunity–especially if you are in the same area as Janice. We’ve always thought of Twitter as a social media site to connect with others and see their Tweets. But that comes at a cost–your time.

Google News Lab, Algorithms, and Content Creation

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What’s interesting about this process is all of these pieces have to be there in order for the computer to write stories about Little League games or earnings reports or real estate in smaller markets that don’t typically get attention. Play with the tools inside Research. You know how you see a story and then you wait for “real” news outlets to verify it?

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Instagram for Business: 30 Tips to Grow Your Audience and Stand Out on Instagram

Buffer Social

This is super valuable real estate. Instagram recently announced a host of Business tools to help companies better understand their followers and grow their businesses on Instagram. Here are a couple of tools that could help: Pablo by Buffer. On the flip side, the real estate company could also use your Instagram Stories to give advice on buying and selling real estate.

Business Cards - So Important or So Over?

Almost Savvy

Posted by Irene Koehler in Business , Networking on March 1, 2009 | 40 responses After spending much time deeply immersed in the high-tech, heavily wired world of virtual networking, it can become easy to overlook some of the “old school&# networking tools. Front and center among these time-tested tools is the business card. It is your advertising tool. Reply Barbara J.

5 Financial Areas Where Small Businesses Could Use Some Help


Airbnb, the world’s largest accommodation provider, owns no real estate and Uber, the world’s largest taxi company, owns no vehicles. By leveraging a wide range of digital, social media, and cloud-based tools, small business owners complete highly productive work and save money on office rent at the same time. Financial Reports. Financial Statements. Cash Forecasting. Takeaway.

Pinterest: Great Opportunity for Lifestyle Publishers and Brands

Adam Sherk

A number of lifestyle sites have already set up official profiles, including: Real Simple. Among that group Real Simple has attracted the largest following to-date. For any publisher on-page real estate is a valuable commodity and it is important not to overwhelm users. Pinterest is getting a lot of attention these days and deservedly so. Need a primer on Pinterest?

Five Tips for Holding a Twitter Chat that Doesn’t Suck

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Observe a wide variety of chats; while you may be focusing on real estate sales, you can learn some valuable strategies from a blogging chat! Using a tool such as Tweet Chat will help you keep track of the conversation by filtering only tweets with your chat’s hashtag. Today’s guest post is written by Melissa Woodson. Follow in others’ footsteps (or tweets). Louis.

3 Ways to Use Google to Be Better at PR

Convince & Convert

Some of the easiest placement opportunities you’ll EVER land for a client (or your employer) are found using the most common online tool you can think of. It’s completely under-appreciated as a PR tool. Many never even notice these links, because their primary need is for the general search tool in the center of the page. Google. It’s a win for you and for your clients.