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21 days of wiki adoption. better meetings. Course Using Wiki. Enterprise Wiki. managing wiki growth. using wiki in education. wiki adoption strategies. wiki pilot. Wiki tools. Wiki Uses. is underway here in Italy, and I presented “Cultivating wikis to change the enterprise and improve the bottom line&# this morning. Showing the example of how to work agendas through a wiki vs. email! Using Wiki in Education.

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Effective collaboration with wikis | DavePress

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‹ links for 2008-07-07 • links for 2008-07-08 › Effective collaboration with wikis. July 8, 2008 in wikis | 9 comments. own blog ) for some advice how how wikis can be used to throw some rough notes up and invite people to collaborate and share knowledge and experience to develop them into more coherent documents. Find out how they like to communicate - do they prefer email, discussion forums, or are they happy getting their hands dirty with a wiki?

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Tired of All-Hands Meetings? Try an INTERNAL Unconference

Social Media Strategery

Development Social Media Tired of All-Hands Meetings? Development , Social Media On July 9th, 2009, my Strategic Communications team here at Booz Allen held an unconference as an alternative to the traditional All-Hands meeting. Pre-Conference After receiving approval to move forward, we established our “home base&# – a wiki page on our Enterprise 2.0 Do you have a space from where the conversation can continue after the event (wiki page, forum, blog, etc.)?

Personal KM; KM Business Case; KM, culture and compromise; KM Books Wiki

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Personal KM; KM Business Case; KM, culture and compromise; KM Books Wiki. Use email, threaded discussions, blogs, and wikis to share what you know and think, ask questions and solicit help, and build credibility and a good reputation. KM Books Wiki created by Matt Moore. This is a wiki page for annotating and discussing your favorite books related to Knowledge Management. HP Communities. » Contact HP. United States-English. Search: HP Communities. All of HP.

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Drive for Show, Putt for Dough – a Lesson for Enterprise 2.0 Platforms

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implementation – be it a wiki, a blogging platform, discussion forums, microblogging, or Sharepoint – fail miserably because they forgot to focus on the fundamentals. vendor out there offers a similar set of features – blogging, microblogging, wiki functionality, profiles, tagging, search, etc. Day 1: After being enticed by the blogs, the wikis, the microblogging, and the rest of the features, you visit the site, you poke around a little bit – so far so good.

Everyone’s on Facebook, Why Aren’t They on the Intranet Too?

Social Media Strategery

My previous post has some detail around this particular issue, but one point reigns supreme: build the platform to meet a business need. But hey, better that than yet another wiki that no one uses, right? guest post kotter presentation social media wikiIn the fall I wrote a guest post entitled, “ But I Don’t WANNA Change ” about using change management techniques to encourage the adoption of social media within organizations.

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Crowdsourced Laundry – Innocentive NASA

Laurel Papworth

Innocentive is the crowdsourced wiki where companies throw up patents, business problems and technical issues that you can wile away a weekend solving, such as “Synthesis of a Nucleotide-Selective Label for Single-Stranded DNA&# and other fun projects for the whole family. The Solver will propose a laundry system that meets the requirements and justify it with a detailed description and relevant references.

Who Owns Social Media? Everyone and No One | Social Media Strategery

Social Media Strategery

Everyone and No One Tue, Mar 23, 2010 Best Practices , Social Media Over the last few weeks, I’ve been involved in a number of meetings both within Booz Allen and with my clients to discuss social media, and I’ve noticed that more and more organizations are moving beyond the social media experimentation stage. Well, for starters, I’m proposing that all committee meetings be livestreamed internally where anyone from any team may watch/submit questions.

Grading Social Media

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Development Later this week, I’m giving the keynote address at the University of Southern Indiana’s Communications Symposium , and while I’m there, I’ll be meeting with a number of their communications classes, including Intro to Interpersonal Communications, Special Events Promotions, Internet Communications, and several others. I’ll check it out – nice meeting you in Evansville! I’ll check it out – nice meeting you in Evansville!

Justifying Social Media to the Big Wigs

Social Media Strategery

Depending on the client, any one of them might meet your needs. In addition to directing them to the above resources and offering to meet with their client directly, I’m also going to start pointing them to this post by Jason Falls. on our Social Media Investment team wiki page on our internal social media platform. on our Social Media Investment team wiki page on our internal social media platform. web20 wiki Have This Blog Sent to Your Email!

Get Your Head Out of That Gannt Chart and Do Some Thinking Once in.

Social Media Strategery

We have deadlines to meet, emails to write/respond to, projects to work on, management issues to take care of, errands to run, families to care for, and many many other things that we do on a daily basis. To make sense of it all, we create daily routines and schedules – wake up, take the dogs out, go for a run, get the kids off to school, respond to urgent emails, get a first draft of that paper done, attend the status meeting, etc.

What Kind of Impact Has Social Media Had on Your Organization?

Social Media Strategery

Fri, May 7, 2010 Government 2.0 , Social Media I’ve been in many meetings with senior executives where the topic has turned to social media, and sooner or later, THE question comes up - “So, explain to me again why we should be playing around with [insert your social media tool of choice here]? web20 wiki Have This Blog Sent to Your Email! web20 wiki Meta Register Log in Entries RSS Comments RSS © 2010 Social Media Strategery.

What's Your Government 2.0 Personality Type?

Social Media Strategery

community, I’ve had the opportunity to meet a ton of different people, all with different motivations, frustrations, and aspirations. Laborer – You are the “do-er.&# You’re the foot soldier who’s drafting the social media policies, who’s gardening the internal wiki, and who’s developing the briefings, talking points, and speeches for the Rockstars. meets Cosmo quiz. meets Cosmo quiz. meets Cosmo quiz.

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Social Media & New Tools Continue To Change Education


During my time at IU, I’ve had assignments that involve blog posts, wiki articles, and students doing group projects via chatroom. In my first year, I was shocked to hear “Your assignment is to come together as a class and create an article using the school’s wiki system!” Beyond that, during a large snow storm last year, one of my classes has an impromptu online meeting using Adobe Connect.

Social Media Club Hawaii Launch | Bare Feet Blog

Bare Feet Studios

With less than a week’s notice we had over 40 people attend the launch meeting of the Hawaii Chapter of the Social Media Club. Cleo Brown offered us the ING Cafe , which is an awesome meeting space, and provided her staff (especially Kekoa Davidson) to manage the great presentation and internet technology for us. This could have been the first Social Media Club meeting with valet parking. UPDATE 2: You can read the entire summary notes on our page on the SMC Wiki.

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Stories from Smaller Nonprofits: National Coalition for a Civil Right to Counsel

Diva Marketing Blog

Private counsel is unaffordable and civil legal services (or other “free”) counsel meets only 20 percent of the need. I also manages a vast amount of information through a newly created wiki and bibliography. I established the wiki and stored the documents an organized system, then used web-conferencing software to train coalition participants on how to access and navigate the wiki.

The KISS Method For Determining Social Media ROI

SocMed Sean

SocMedSean - Social.Media.Sean The KISS Method For Determining Social Media ROI Attend any corporate meeting on social media initiatives and it’s likely that you’ll hear a question or two along the lines of “how is this selling us more product” or “what’s the ROI on these activities”? Wikis, idea networks, blogs, and social Intranets are a great tools that can be used to encourage employees to share what they know.

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How to Build a Successful Remote Support Team

agora pulse

We also have a weekly Monday meeting every week and a biweekly training call. I also have monthly one-on-one meetings with each team member. The Agorapulse remote support team meets in-person about twice a year to brainstorm together.

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11 corporate communications tools to boost team performance

Sprout Social

Company Intranet or wiki tools. This allows for immediate, timely communication that doesn’t totally interrupt workers or cause needless meetings. Communications tools are make-or-break for modern companies.

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Tungle Mozeys Off Into the Sunset

Janet Fouts

In fact it reminds me more than a bit of the early days of Tungle crossed with a wiki. I’ve used it on and off quite a few times and it’s super simple, and very easy to arrange meetings of individuals in different time zones too. You can schedule events or individual meetings in a snap. It helps you plan an event or schedule a meeting quickly with one or multiple participants. As you probably know already I’ve been a big fan of

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What Kind of Online Community Do You Have Behind Your Firewall?

Social Media Strategery

As CIOs and Chief Knowledge Officers bring tools that have been used on the Internet – blogs, wikis, microblogs, profiles – behind the firewall, they tend to expect the same results. "We'll " "Many people have had issues with this so we created a wiki page to walk you through how to set it up the right way" Your CEO announces large-scale layoffs. You create a wiki page for your team containing the text of a report you're working on.

The Many Roles of an Internal Community Manager

Social Media Strategery

It’s very much like trying to teach someone to use a wiki for collaboration instead of using email. Get used to people copying and pasting the content off the wiki and into a Word document, turning on track changes, and then sending you the marked-up Word document for you to “take a look at&# before uploading to the wiki.

Enterprise 2.0 Reflects the Culture | Social Media Strategery

Social Media Strategery

If you think that the enterprise-wide wiki you’ve been pushing to install is going to change the culture of your organization, think again. That wiki is going to reflect the culture of your organization, not change it. Use wikis to eliminate email! But in many of these social media implementations, I’ve come across a lot more people saying, “I have an internal blog but no one reads it,&# or “We have a wiki, but no one uses it!&#

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10 Words And Phrases Social Media Pros Should Help Their Clients Understand

SocMed Sean

Their engagement should be measured through a wide variety of key performance indicators and how those indicators meet the goals of their organization. Never walk into a meeting with a chart or graph showing sentiment without having a human double-check the results first.

The Blog Is Dead: Long Live the Blog


Wikis can be updated frequently, but they’re usually updated by users of the wiki itself, and they’re most commonly used as references. That said, many blogs seek to act as references of points of authority on their topic, as do wikis. Wikis may also provide a narrative if they’re used to store progress information—details about the evolution of, or updates to, a project, for example, or meeting minutes. Image by @lox.

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How We Offer Async Training To Our Fully-Distributed Customer Advocacy Team

Buffer Marketing

Within the Buffer Advocacy team, we’ve experimented with a few different training formats including live training at meet-ups, training over zoom, lightning talks, and recorded trainings.

How to Present at AnalyticsCamp

Net-Savvy Executive

You'll meet interesting people, and you might just learn something. We'll update the details on the wiki as we get closer to the event. I got a very nice note from out of state—someone from a social media analysis company who wants to present (we call it "lead a session") at AnalyticsCamp. I told him the super-secret process that's required to get your session into our unconference. If you promise not to tell anyone (shh!), I'll share it with you, too.

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Software engineering personalities: the Teslas and the Edisons

Sprout Social

Meetings to achieve consensus and brainstorm problems are valuable. Meetings to knowledge-share after arriving at a solution are valuable. It also protects Edisons from too many ad-hoc collaboration meetings. Encourage radical candor: This applies to both design documents (at Sprout, they live on collaborative Wikis) and code reviews. In the history of inventions, the rivalry between Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison is one of the most famous.

What social teams can learn from internal communications about effective COVID-19 messaging

Sprout Social

At Sprout, for example, our team created a dedicated Wiki page for the COVID-19 crisis, containing information on office availability, remote work policies and health resources for employees. If there’s one thing that’s true, it’s that social marketers know how to roll with the punches.

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12 Cloud-Based Tools to Stay Productive | Justin Levy

Justin Levy

ScrewTurn: ScrewTurn is what we use for our corporate wiki where we keep information on just about everything we do including our policies, timelines, meeting notes, discussions and lots of other great uses we’re finding for it.

15 Amazing Women Bloggers You Should Get to Know

Janet Fouts

We live in amazing times where we can create deep friendships with people we may never meet face to face, or meet people whom we’ve known through social media networks for the first time face-to-face and it’s as if we’ve lived next door to each other for years. Her Slideshare , blog and wiki are treasure troves of information for small business and non-profit alike.

I Started a Blog But No One Cared | Social Media Strategery

Social Media Strategery

Why isn’t anyone editing the wiki pages?) These aren’t trivial questions – people take the time to create a blog post or add content to a wiki because of the promise of emergent collaboration. So, what do I tell these folks when they ask me why no one is reading their forum posts, commenting on their blogs, or editing their wiki pages? Post your blog entry, wiki content, forum thread, etc. web20 wiki Have This Blog Sent to Your Email!

How to Present at AnalyticsCamp

Net-Savvy Executive

You'll meet interesting people, and you might just learn something. We'll update the details on the wiki as we get closer to the event. I got a very nice note from out of state—someone from a social media analysis company who wants to present (we prefer to say "lead a session") at AnalyticsCamp. I told him the super-secret process that's required to get your session into our unconference. If you promise not to tell anyone (shh!), I'll share it with you, too.

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Is Enterprise 2.0 Learned From a Book or From Doing?

Social Media Strategery

Discussions on Day Two centered around the right balance of policies, rules, guidelines, and best practices for internal wikis; the risks of open vs. closed networks; and the need for open/transparent communication between IT and the user community. tools like blogs, social networking, wikis, etc. aren’t some panacea – there is still a place for email, for face-to-face meetings, and for other “old-school&# tactics.

Dear IT Guy, Can You Actually Use the Tool You're Creating.

Social Media Strategery

IT departments are increasingly being asked to implement wikis, blogs, social bookmarking, video-sharing, and dozens of other varieties of collaboration software – software they may know how to code, but often have no idea how to actually use. They’re just told to “give us a wiki&# or “develop a blog for me.&# Actually using the blog or wiki isn’t a requirement. As a developer, you should be expected to blog, tweet, edit wikis, etc.

But I Don’t WANNA Change!

Social Media Strategery

This has become a sort of mantra for me – it’s about changing behaviors, it is not about getting people to use a wiki/blog/social networking site, etc. My company launched a wiki, but no one uses it. This will show employees that you are listening and building this platform to meet their needs. How many of us have thought (or said) those words? Whether we like it or not, social media has changed the way we communicate and interact with other people.

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Open Government Directive Workshop Results in More Questions Than.

Social Media Strategery

Secondly, I really enjoyed meeting all the new people who attended this event. The Open Government Directive didn’t come with any additional funding or resources – how does OMB expect the government to realistically fulfill these tasks and meet the deadlines without any additional funding? Do they take a “did they meet the deadline or not&# approach or will they take a “journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step&# approach?

Flex your marketing muscle with Tweet chats

Absolute PA

Tweet chats and parties are regular hosted meet-ups that take place on Twitter in real time. Why get involved… They are a brilliant way of meeting like minds to connect and collaborate with, raising your profile as an expert (providing you add value and actually tweet!) Tweet chat Wiki is a huge user-created list of chats. There are chats about pretty much e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

Don’t be Like Cleveland – How to Succeed Even When Your Star Leaves

Social Media Strategery

We all know the type: the one that others call “that social media guy/girl” that was willing to take risks, challenge the status quo, and sometimes drag their organization kicking and screaming into having a Facebook Page, engaging with customers on Twitter or helping their research department to use a wiki to share knowledge. Identify champions in different departments and engage them regularly in meetings to share successes and challenges.

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Implementing Social Media at Large Organizations

Social Media Strategery

Five years ago, when I joined my company, the only mentions of the terms “wikis&# and “blogs&# were usually preceded by the words “What the hell is a…&# Now, as with most organizations, there is an enormous demand for social media, both internally among my colleagues, and externally with my clients. web20 wiki Have This Blog Sent to Your Email! web20 wiki Meta Register Log in Entries RSS Comments RSS © 2010 Social Media Strategery.