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Dr. Houzz Reveals a Widget-Flawed Google Algorithm

Viper Chill

In that post I showed in great detail how Godaddy were utilising customers who are using their SSL services and getting top search rankings by adding anchor-text-rich backlinks in the widgets that clients place on their websites. I mean, each of these widgets has more than a dozen links in them (without no-follow, of course) and they’re clearly benefiting from it. Slashfilm.

As one widget goes, another appears

The Way of the Web

Following the decision by Google to shutter Google Friend Connect , that widget will have disappeared, along with the 82 lovely people who chose to support the site via that method. It’s been around for some time as a micropayment system for bloggers and other projects, which allows you to ‘flattr’ a site with a small donation if you like what people do.

The Anatomy of Viral Content


Sharing content is an integral part of modern life. We share more content from more sources with more people more quickly and more often than ever before. This sharing activity is not about engaging with content but with other people, with content as the primary vehicle for that engagement. They found that we share to: Bring valuable and entertaining content to others.

Four Ways to Charge for Content

Spin Sucks

We all deserve to make money on our content and this should help us begin to find ways to charge.&#. I’ve always believed that service providers are more willing to pay other service providers than someone who makes widgets for a living. So if I read your content and you’re now going to charge me, I’m cool with that. Yes, your content needs to be remarkable.

Why Bloggers Need a Personal Landing Page


As a blogger you’ve got an ultimate goal: stand out of the crowd of fellow bloggers and -writers and get your words read by a large ammount of enthusiastic, engaged readers. Even if your content is top-notch and you’re following each and every state of the art blogging tip Google is able to offer to the world, attracting new readers is a hard task. Be Unique.

5,867 Words on Becoming a Conversion Machine: A Guide for Bloggers

Viper Chill

Blogs take a long time to build, since they’re very much relationship focused, and just relying on RSS – like most bloggers do – sets you on a horrible path when it comes to converting readers into buyers. Though I’m sure you take this as a given for ViperChill content by now, the article below is very long and contains a lot of different recommendations.

5 Ways to Produce Content Readers Will Love


Nowadays, we have countless blog posts to read concerning how to improve our traffic numbers through various search engine optimization techniques and blog-design widgets. But I’d like to step back and talk about the content that we post, and our methods for creating that content. Content Your Readers Love. This is a guest post by Lauren Bailey. Mix Up Your Media.

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Content vs. Community: How Online Publishers Can Nurture Both

Simultaneously, the amount of content produced sky-rocketed , with more compelling material than ever before. However, the past decade hasn’t fostered thoughtful interaction between that content and its consumers. Engagement is About Humans, Not Clicks Let’s face it: Content is becoming commoditized. Not technology , not buttons, not widgets. Have an account? Used it?

Four Blogging Tools to Make your Content Go Further


You put in countless hours to create the highest quality content possible week after week. But what good is a solid piece of content if it’s not being put in front of the right audience? These four blogger tools are must-haves for any publisher looking to increase the reach of their online content: 1. to increase your content distribution. Use

How Social Media Can Be Magic For Your Blog

Peg Fitzpatrick

Share your own content. If someone looking for great content came across your blog, would they share your posts? Of all content, you should curate yourself and share your own posts. Make it as easy as possible for people to share your content. “Visual content has been shown to do well on social media. Add content from across the web to your

The Why and How of Split Testing for Bloggers


Bloggers and other publishers are often afterthoughts in split testing discussions and tutorials, but there’s a huge opportunity for this audience to utilize both the user-friendly and more sophisticated split testing apps out there. For most bloggers and publishers, building an email distribution list is one of the most important parts of the audience development process.

Top Takeaways for Bloggers from the International Food Blogger Conference 2015


Each year, the International Food Blogger Conference brings together USA-based and foreign food bloggers under the same roof. WRITING : are food bloggers moving towards to more conventional food writing? Bloggers can have different voices for different blogs or outlets. Decide who you want to be as a blogger/writer. Develop quality content. Who made it?

How to Reach Out to Bloggers

Home About Speaking Newsletters Contact Best Of Work With Me How to Reach Out to Bloggers January 7, 2010 View Comments New here? Are you hoping to connect with bloggers and get the word out about your product or service? Do Your Homework All bloggers aren’t the same. Bloggers can be fickle and often work to the beat of their own drum. I am a Blogger. link].

5 Tips to Highlight the Best Content on Your Blog


So, what’s a blogger to do when your most valuable articles get buried under newer posts? Highlighting the best content on your blog is one great way to show off your most valuable content and entice readers to click from your “traffic-attracting” posts to the ones that provide value and make them a loyal reader. Use a popular post widget. You can display this widget in your sidebar or a widget box in your theme. One favorite of many bloggers is “ WordPress Popular Posts ” with over 300,000 downloads. WordPress 2.7

Embed Facebook Content Into Your Website | Small Business Mavericks

Small Business Mavericks

Widgets and tools that allow for embedded content have been around for years. But I have yet to see a really good tool that allows you to embed Facebook content. It’s free and all you have to do is copy the URL, click on the “ditto&# button, and copy/paste the content you want to embed. About Us What’s a Maverick? Have you? Just take a look at the page.

Content Week: how to consistently come up with great post ideas for your blog.


Content. They are questions most bloggers ask ourselves pretty regularly. Some of us have ideas coming out our ears with not enough hours in the day to turn them all into posts, and some of us have times where we’re scratching around the bottom of the barrel trying to come up with useful, interesting, engaging content on our blogs day after day, year after year. Other bloggers.

Your Ultimate Guide to Creating Amazing Content that Draws Readers Into Your Blog


What you need is pillar content. Also known as “cornerstone content” and “evergreen content”.) And just in case you’re not convinced … Michael Hyatt agrees, and even Daily Blog Tips no longer publishes content daily.). Have you ever unsubscribed from a blog that provided amazingly valuable content … just because they didn’t post every day? I haven’t.

The Systematic Blogger’s Manifesto


Most bloggers work hard the entire time they have the blog. And any successful blogger will tell you that for the vast majority of blogging experiences, the work never really stops—it just changes form. Those who understand that blogging is about finding repeatable systems are the most succesful bloggers on the Internet today. It’s all about learning how to create the right design, the right headline, the right path to success—those are systems that generally work regardless of who the blogger is. The Systematic Blogger’s Manifesto. Absolutely not.

7 Practices That Make You Look Like a Rookie Blogger


In fact, you really shouldn’t, as there are plenty of rookie bloggers who leave their themes unchanged. While a great image can’t save poor content, a bad image can discredit great content. Most of the time, you’ll want to align your images to the left or to the right at the top of your post, but if your columns are narrow for your main content, you could resize your image so that it runs across the whole column. Blogger Brankica Underwood writes , “There is absolutely no need for that widget to be in your sidebar or footer, leak link juice, and confuse people.”.

10 Cheap Survey Tools for Bloggers Who Want Answers


Content: A survey will tell you what kinds of content your readers like. This is probably the best piece of information you could have when it comes to creating engaging content, right? This plugin is embedded on your site as a widget, and actually adds another element of interaction with your readers. 10 Cheap Survey Tools for Bloggers Who Want Answers. This guest post is by Neil Patel of Quick Sprout. So how do you go about finding this out? You could guess, measure, and repeat until you hit upon a winning formula … but that could take months or years.

Increase your SEO with Team Content Marketing!


Content marketing and SEO is getting more difficult. Most new bloggers and content writers will get started with their site, staying active for a couple months, and then reality hits them. Content Marketing can be FRUSTRATING! This was the push some businesses and bloggers needed to find a better way to build quality SEO. No traffic to their articles.

Team 14

Why as a Developer, I Switched to and Why I'm Staying With It

Stay N' Alive

Since writing for a few years ago I've been curious about Blogger. I talked to Rick Klau , Blogger's Product Manager at the time, at a BlogWorld expo a few years back and he insisted I try it. I admit I didn't like the interface of Blogger at first. At the same time, he Tweeted back in December that over a 2 month time frame, Blogger had experienced a 100% uptime.

6 Influencer Marketing Strategies to Boost End-of-Year Sales

Convince & Convert

Try to think of something photo- or content-worthy , so they can integrate it into a post. Taco Bell once sent thank you gifts to their most passionate fans and earned a ton of content and photo opps tagging their brand. Co-Create Visual Content. Contact the content creators who like you immediately, and see if you can be part of their gift guides. And you can.

PB117: Case Study – How One Blogger Used a Blog Post, SlideShare Deck, Lead Magnet, Email Sequence and a Webinar to Earn Over $28,000


A Blogger Shares How She Made $28,000 Using The 4 Stages of Warming Her Readers Up. I’m going to wrap this series up by sharing a case study of how one blogger, who had a relatively small list of readers, used the principles that we have been talking about in this series to generate over $28,000. Using Guest Content (and how to work out where you could put it). Episode 112.

Link Building Tactics for Publishers

Adam Sherk

When it comes to link building publishers have a significant advantage because editorial content, be it hard news or evergreen content, lends itself naturally to linking and sharing. In addition producing quality content on a daily basis creates a steady stream of new opportunities. Widgets and badges. Blogger and influencer outreach. Recommended Tactics.

8 Deep Questions to Define Your Blogging Strategy

Writtent Blog

While that truth is harsh and depressing, don’t let it deter you from establishing a content strategy. You probably won’t achieve the same worldwide recognition that McDonald’s and Nike have overnight, but having a fundamental understanding of what you are will help you achieve more focused and consistent content. What is their widget, and how will yours be different?

7 Mind-Numbingly Easy Marketing Changes You Probably Haven’t Made Yet

Convince & Convert

They’re looking at your content. Just above and just below your content. If you put a signup form at the top and bottom of your content, the top of your sidebar, in your About page, in your footer, and in your header, you will almost certainly get more signups, and as long as you aren’t interrupting the user experience, you probably won’t be irritating anybody either. percent.

Marketing via Aggregation, Filtering and Curation – Tools and Resources


Great picture and post on the Information Overload Paradox : The post talks about the issue of overload: I can certainly consume more content than I could two decades ago, but no matter how much content is available, I can’t consume much more. And relative to the sheer volume of content available to me, I’m actually consuming a smaller percentage every day. Widget output?

6 Social Tools to Use Immediately After You Hit “Publish”


You have invested in that content. To follow up on this, here are essential tools that will help you get more exposure to your content. These tools could be the difference between content that goes unseen, and content that goes viral. Unlike other platforms that are more about the social aspect, this one is about actually managing your content. Viral Content Buzz.

Online Content Distribution: Guide To The Best Content Syndication Services

Print this article | Read this article in: | IT | PT | ES | Online Content Distribution: Guide To The Best Content Syndication Services Online content distribution services allow you to syndicate your content to other web publishers while improving your prestige, visibility and in some cases, even your end-of-month revenue. Analytics : Content distribution data.

Top 10 WordPress Theme Frameworks in 2016


Packed with page elements: Comes integrated with the basic WordPress page elements such as custom widgets, background, templates, headers and page layouts. Main Ultimatum Features: Drag and Drop Theme Builder: Ultimatum is equipped with a unique layout builder that allows you to drag and drop native WordPress widgets. Never Run Out of Blog Post Ideas: 25 Content Marketing Resources.

How to Build a Business By Supporting Bloggers: a Case Study


Readers now want multi-media content, social media widgets, great writing, and so on. The job of managing research, affiliates, guest posts—all while learning new technologies—has already begun to overwhelm some small bloggers. The possibility exists to create an additional income not by starting your own blog, but by helping other bloggers build a loyal readership, increase blog traffic and monetize their blogs. Since then I’ve come across blogs that had great, well-researched content and good design. Bloggers are people too! Getting started.

Social Media Informer

Sherrilynne Starkie

Its tagline is “The Best Content about Social Media for Business”, and it sits alongside Alltop and Social Media Today in terms of content and community. Some of social media’s top bloggers are featured on Social Media Former and it gives readers a great one-stop-shop to read their favourite blogs. I’m honoured to be included. Related posts: RSS is easy to use.

The Beginner’s Guide to Outsourcing Video Content Production


Your posts should include all types of interesting content to engage and entertain readers, and this can definitely include videos. But rather than trying to do all of the work yourself, get smart about your time and consider outsourcing your video content by partnering with a reliable provider. First of all, consider how much content you will need each month, as this will help you determine the costs you can expect to pay for each service. You will also want to ask about content storage volumes and delivery. Writing Content outsourcing video tipsIt sure does!

Three Ways to Get the Most From Your Brand’s Blog


Understand Content vs. Keywords. All too often, I’ve watched bloggers obsess about their keywords, only to displease the great and powerful Google and its bot-crawling minions later on. This is why I’m a firm believer in taking a content-heavy approach, writing interesting, insightful, useful and thought-provoking posts for the people you’re trying to reach. Implementation

The 29 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

Webbiquity SMM

Social media monitoring, analytics and stats for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, with benchmarking to measure your performance against peers, insights to optimize content, and reporting capabilities. Retweet, reply, comment, and like relevant content, right from your tagboard. Sample review: “Find interesting content on ANY topic. 1) Socialbakers. 2) Netvibes.

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Rate and review blogs / bloggers with Scribnia

Josh S Peters

It’s an interesting service that, per it’s about page, “is the source for people’s opinions about bloggers, columnists, reporters, and other writers whose work is available online&#. I’ve added myself to it and if you scroll down you should see a widget on the right of my blog where you can rate and review me and my blog (I really like the number 10 btw).

Rate and review blogs / bloggers with Scribnia

Josh S Peters

It’s an interesting service that, per it’s about page, “is the source for people’s opinions about bloggers, columnists, reporters, and other writers whose work is available online&#. I’ve added myself to it and if you scroll down you should see a widget on the right of my blog where you can rate and review me and my blog (I really like the number 10 btw).

PB127: How to Write in a More Personal and Engaging Voice


Have you ever felt a personal connection with a blogger who you’ve never met and have no real reason to feel a connection with? . I almost end up feeling that the blogger is my friend, even though I’ve never actually had personal contact with them. Chris Garrett talks about this a lot and encourages bloggers to visualize a person as they write. Create that kind of content!

45 Marketing Tools to Consider for 2017

Razor Social

This may not be the definitive list of all the best marketing tools out there, but it is the contents of our well-equipped toolbox, and it’s definitely worth your consideration. Content Marketing. Here’s a list of content marketing tools that we use and that can help you get started creating a great content marketing program. Marketing Automation. billion one. Ontraport.

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