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Make Your Online Content Sharable! Best Plugins & Widgets (Free)


For an SMB, creating good, valuable content takes a lot of sweat, right? So making this content SHARABLE is a must! I am surprised to find how many of my clients (and many companies) OVERLOOK this or just simply don’t think about this small basic concept when creating content! Sharing Content Social Media Marketing Tips Blogging Facebook Facebook sharing marketing for small business share buttons social media Social Media Management Tools Social Media Sharing Plugins Social Media Sharing Widgets Social Share Buttons TwitterI know.

Dr. Houzz Reveals a Widget-Flawed Google Algorithm

Viper Chill

In that post I showed in great detail how Godaddy were utilising customers who are using their SSL services and getting top search rankings by adding anchor-text-rich backlinks in the widgets that clients place on their websites. I mean, each of these widgets has more than a dozen links in them (without no-follow, of course) and they’re clearly benefiting from it. Slashfilm.

As one widget goes, another appears

The Way of the Web

Following the decision by Google to shutter Google Friend Connect , that widget will have disappeared, along with the 82 lovely people who chose to support the site via that method. So then you come to using content as a driver for an actual business – selling information products, consultancy or whatever else you might think of. Thankyou for your support Friend Connect people!

The Anatomy of Viral Content


Sharing content is an integral part of modern life. We share more content from more sources with more people more quickly and more often than ever before. This sharing activity is not about engaging with content but with other people, with content as the primary vehicle for that engagement. They found that we share to: Bring valuable and entertaining content to others.

API Widget Economy: Social Media Business Podcast

Laurel Papworth

Episode 3 focusses on monetizing APIs and looking at revenue streams from widgets. Companies that open their business databases and stream that data out, can have an army of hundreds of thousands (mostly) unpaid developers creating Facebook apps, iPhone apps and blog widgets to help sell their products and services. Web 3.0 An overview of social media monetization revenues. Ebay API.

Four Ways to Charge for Content

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We all deserve to make money on our content and this should help us begin to find ways to charge.&#. I’ve always believed that service providers are more willing to pay other service providers than someone who makes widgets for a living. So if I read your content and you’re now going to charge me, I’m cool with that. Yes, your content needs to be remarkable.

Five Tips for Mapping Your Content Journey to Fit Gen Z

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Therefore, to best engage digital natives, your company’s content must reflect and satiate their desire to interact with, and deeply understand, your brand or product. Honing content to accompany the Gen Z user funnel takes more than just well-written words. Here are the five tried-and-true tactics for mapping your brand’s content journey to fit Gen Z. By Daniel Glickman.

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Six Surprising B2B Content Marketing Ideas

PWB Marketing Blog

One of the biggest challenges B2B marketers have is coming up with new content. So how do you find new content that engages audiences? Try these six surprising B2B content marketing ideas. Widget – This is a small web application that provides a simple function – such as weather, news headlines, sports scores – without requiring the user to visit a website.

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Facebook Strategies: Content Over Creative

Dave Fleet

Success on Facebook depends on companies providing interesting, valuable content that engages people through their home base on Facebook. Well, to be more specific, it doesn’t make things easy for brands who provide mediocre content. You see, Facebook doesn’t treat all content equally. Tweet Are you focusing your Facebook investment in the right place? 3:00 p.m.

7 Things You Need to Know From My Content Amplification Test

Convince & Convert

This is part of the company’s bigger initiative to play both sides of the content and search game, evidence of which can be found in its purchase of Zagat , among other moves. With Google getting stingier about directing traffic to you , experimenting with other ways to amplify your content and market your marketing becomes even more of a best practice. Stickiness is a Problem.

9 Glorious Truths About Creating Great Content

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Content has become a core ingredient in the Marketer's recipe for success. The challenge is that creating great content is like creating art: it's not a perfect science and it requires both time and commitment before you start getting good at it (and great results). There are some core lessons that can be learnt from brands who create great content (and some of them ain't pretty). 9 Glorious Truths About Creating Great Content: You are not a machine. While your factory may be able to pump out those widgets, human beings are not machines. content. brand.

Content vs. Community: How Online Publishers Can Nurture Both

Simultaneously, the amount of content produced sky-rocketed , with more compelling material than ever before. However, the past decade hasn’t fostered thoughtful interaction between that content and its consumers. Engagement is About Humans, Not Clicks Let’s face it: Content is becoming commoditized. Not technology , not buttons, not widgets. Have an account? Used it?

Four Blogging Tools to Make your Content Go Further


You put in countless hours to create the highest quality content possible week after week. But what good is a solid piece of content if it’s not being put in front of the right audience? These four blogger tools are must-haves for any publisher looking to increase the reach of their online content: 1. to increase your content distribution. Upload your content.

5 Ways to Produce Content Readers Will Love


Nowadays, we have countless blog posts to read concerning how to improve our traffic numbers through various search engine optimization techniques and blog-design widgets. But I’d like to step back and talk about the content that we post, and our methods for creating that content. Content Your Readers Love. This is a guest post by Lauren Bailey. Mix Up Your Media.

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Executive Engagement: Building Top-Floor Content for C-Suites

Convince & Convert

Image via C-suite executives are a coveted audience for any content marketer. This group has proven to be a somewhat elusive target for marketers, with a unique set of challenges, constraints, and considerations you’re not likely to encounter in your broader content marketing segments. C-level folks DO read content online. Want to know a secret?

Content Sharing Trends in 2010 [Infographic]


The link sharing service AddThis , which announced last month that it’s now tracking the interests of more than 1 billion people across the Web , has created an infographic that breaks down the most popular destinations for content shared through its widget. Of course there are many different ways to share content (the subject of a future post), but these numbers from AddThis are interesting and, given Facebook’s growing popularity and e-mail’s enduring importance, probably mirror results from other sharing services. Facebook. The runner-up? E-mail.

What TV Is And What Will Never Be

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We''ve talked about the TV industry, the technology, the hardware, the software and even the content that drives it, but haven''t talked about you. I don''t know about you, but there comes a moment in my day when I simply want to lean back and let the content do the heavy lifting. Still, you can add all of the features, widgets, apps and connectivity of these devices and we may still net out in the same place: people just like to sit back and watch TV. content. widgets. We like to watch. Don''t forget that. Could well be, but we still like to watch. ahhhh.

Embed Facebook Content Into Your Website | Small Business Mavericks

Small Business Mavericks

Widgets and tools that allow for embedded content have been around for years. But I have yet to see a really good tool that allows you to embed Facebook content. It’s free and all you have to do is copy the URL, click on the “ditto&# button, and copy/paste the content you want to embed. About Us What’s a Maverick? Have you? Just take a look at the page.

Search Engine Optimization Tip: Adding Content to your Web Site

Bill Hartzer

For this search engine optimization tip, let’s talk more about content and adding content to your web site. You would think that when planning a new web site or a totally new version of your web site that you can sit down, make a list of web pages, create the content, and forget about it. How Do You Create Content? How do you create content? Doing it Yourself.

5 Tips to Highlight the Best Content on Your Blog


Highlighting the best content on your blog is one great way to show off your most valuable content and entice readers to click from your “traffic-attracting” posts to the ones that provide value and make them a loyal reader. Use a popular post widget. You can display this widget in your sidebar or a widget box in your theme. You can use this plugin widget more than once if you want to configure it differently for each instance. Use a content slider. 3 Questions to Ask About Offensive Content on Your Blog. WordPress 2.7

Analytics: what matters to content marketers?

Sherrilynne Starkie

Do you use the ‘throw it against the wall and see what sticks’ strategy in planning content? While this can provide a superficial indication of what content gains traction in social media, it does not provide enough insight to determine the return on investment (ROI) of marketing activity. And that’s the ROI of content marketing : creating relationships of value.

Content Week: how to consistently come up with great post ideas for your blog.


Content. Some of us have ideas coming out our ears with not enough hours in the day to turn them all into posts, and some of us have times where we’re scratching around the bottom of the barrel trying to come up with useful, interesting, engaging content on our blogs day after day, year after year. So content – where can we look for inspiration? Your own content.

Marketing Marvels – Build Remarkable Content Marketing Hubs with Uberflip

Convince & Convert

Uberflip solves a really important problem for a marketer, which is that content marketing in particular is getting crazy, everybody’s doing more and more of it. All the research says that 70% of marketers are creating more content this year than ever before. And so how does that content actually get merchandized? Now, we’ve all gated content before. Exactly.

Google+ Growing With The Times – Are You Badged Yet?

Small Business Mavericks

changing the background color of a widget to match your page’s color. including a widget that displays your Google+ profile’s circle count. According to an article on WebProNews, some businesses are receiving a 30% increase in followers simply because of the widget. If your content is of a reasonable standard, then you shouldn’t find it too difficult to encourage readers to click on social media buttons. Google+ looks to be one widget that’s here for the long run – are you badged yet? Social Media google website badges widgets

The Art of Persuasion, or PR, Cannot Be Automated

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In a product business, if you want more widgets, you just make them. Sure, there needs to be a person to run the machine to make the widgets. You might even need to hire two or three more people—and buy two or three more machines—to create 100,000 more widgets. Pitch me (or better, pitch our content manager ) on tips or tools to help a PR pro do their job.

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The True Meaning Of Content

Small Business Mavericks

» The True Meaning Of Content What is the true meaning of content? But today, content has a rather broad view. Content has moved beyond the web page. But small business owners have to get creative in the ways that we develop content and in what that content is designed for. Of course, not all content is created equal. That was about it. Truly.

Your Ultimate Guide to Creating Amazing Content that Draws Readers Into Your Blog


What you need is pillar content. Also known as “cornerstone content” and “evergreen content”.) And just in case you’re not convinced … Michael Hyatt agrees, and even Daily Blog Tips no longer publishes content daily.). Have you ever unsubscribed from a blog that provided amazingly valuable content … just because they didn’t post every day? I haven’t.

How publishers curate the world of content

eMedia Vitals Vital Answers eMedia Jobs Blog How GEO scales international content to local markets Blog NewsTilt lesson: Know thy audience Blog A ‘niche within a niche’: Behavioral targeting. Content providers are experimenting with all sort of ways for editors and technology to push outside content to readers, whether through aggregation or curation (for a lengthy discussion about the difference, check out the Nieman Journalism Lab ). Publishers find curation can attract and retain readers by offering the best of all content, rather than the best of just their own content.

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Twitter Eases Process of Embedding Timelines

SocialTimes Twitter

Vandor also said publishers no longer need to create and save widgets to their accounts. You can also use our new oEmbed API to seamlessly integrate profile, list, like or collection timelines directly into your CMS (content-management system). As part of these improvements, we’ve also removed the need to create and save widgets to your account.

Increase your SEO with Team Content Marketing!


Content marketing and SEO is getting more difficult. Most new bloggers and content writers will get started with their site, staying active for a couple months, and then reality hits them. Content Marketing can be FRUSTRATING! Today’s Content Marketing Strategy for SEO. 2) Have social widgets easy to access. Content Marketing and SEO has become a team effort.

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Launch Sales with Landing Page Optimization

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An important part of landing page optimization is to make sure the content of your landing page actually fulfills the promise. See the Menucopia example below for a good example of content that is simple yet informative. Tools or widgets, such as finders or assessment tools directly related to the product or service that is the focus of the landing page are nice corollaries.

The Five Parts to Brand Storytelling Nearly Everyone Misses

Spin Sucks

Then I read, “ The Bedtime Test of Content Marketing and PR ” by Christopher Penn and I laughed out loud again. It might be intellectual property or a new way of doing things or a super duper cool new widget. Communication Content 37signals Bodyform brand storytelling Christopher Penn foldit Mailchimp marketoonist mediabistro patrick coffee storytelling And yet.

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101 Marketing Tools and Technology Tips for 2017

Razor Social

Optimize your website content for sharing on social media. When people share your content from your website to social platforms, you need to make sure that it’s shared in the best possible way. Automate sharing of evergreen content. Evergreen content is content that is always relevant to your audience and never goes out of date. Implement content upgrades.

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Search Engine Optimization Tip: Expand On Your Best Website Content

Bill Hartzer

This SEO tip has to do with looking back at your web site statistics and looking at your website’s history to see which content is best. Acquire more content (the warmest air you can find) and add it to expand your web site’s overall number of pages. How you can discover your best content ? Maybe you had been adding more content to your website on a daily basis.

Tell Your Organization’s Story Without Sex

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We live in a world where content exhaustion is very real. It might be intellectual property or a new way of doing things or a super duper cool new widget. Maybe it’s to make your social content shoppable, such as foursixty ; or to teach people how to run political campaigns, such as GetElected. By Gini Dietrich The Kardashians. Miley Cyrus. Honey Boo Boo. The Real Housewives.

8 Marketing Trends to Implement in Your 2012 Marketing Plan


Inject your own special personality into your brand, and each piece of content. So many businesses don’t really take the time to get to “know” and speak to their target audience in their marketing content. Trend #3 – Provide Valuable Content! Trend #5 – Make Your Content Sharable! What a year was 2011 for social media and marketing! It’s not the magic pill.

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Are Blog Subscribers the Only Success Metric?

Spin Sucks

Some of what transpired on that roadway to earn a katrillion subscribers may have included these mile markers: Deploying the latest bells, whistles, widgets, and plugins to spiff up the house and make it attractive and enticing. Are you happy and content, no matter the number of followers you have? Today’s guest post is by Jayme Soulati . Didn’t think so.

6 Influencer Marketing Strategies to Boost End-of-Year Sales

Convince & Convert

Try to think of something photo- or content-worthy , so they can integrate it into a post. Taco Bell once sent thank you gifts to their most passionate fans and earned a ton of content and photo opps tagging their brand. Co-Create Visual Content. Contact the content creators who like you immediately, and see if you can be part of their gift guides. And you can.

8 Deep Questions to Define Your Blogging Strategy

Writtent Blog

While that truth is harsh and depressing, don’t let it deter you from establishing a content strategy. You probably won’t achieve the same worldwide recognition that McDonald’s and Nike have overnight, but having a fundamental understanding of what you are will help you achieve more focused and consistent content. What is their widget, and how will yours be different?

Native Instagram Analytics Are Here…Sort Of

Ignite Social Media

This is much higher than what Facebook content is currently seeing at ~1%. Under the “Impressions/Reach” widget, the app displays the “Top Posts in the Last 7 Days” On which, you can click to “See More” The “Top Posts” feature allows you to filter your posts by: post type. Instagram Insights. The Good: Instagram Insights Exists! reach.