Create a World-Class Online Community for Your Business

Edwards and Telligent CTO Rob Howard are releasing a white paper today that delineates what these standard-setting communities of the future will look like. According to their research, here are nine steps businesses must take in order to make their online communities world-class.

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How to Create a Reader Avatar for Your Blog


For several years, I’ve been using Reader Avatars (also called Reader Profiles or Personas) on my blogs – and I’ve found them very effective and helpful. To create your first reader avatar, you’ll need to spend some time thinking and writing about a type of reader that you’re either attempting to reach or who is already reading your blog. We’ve created a template you can use to help you do this, and I’ll be sharing some examples of my own reader avatars throughout this post.)

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How to Write a Social Media Strategy in 9 Steps

Laurel Papworth

Which Covers: Purpose vs Values, Tribes & Customer Avatar (Targeted Comms),Spaces and Platforms, Roles and Personal Brand Gamification, Engagement Life Cycles & Call To Actions, Key Influencers, Voice & Etiquette, Campaign & Activities, Rituals & Conversation Diary.

If You Want a Culture of Collaboration, You Need to Accept the LOLCats Too

Social Media Strategery

Before wikis were used by the Intelligence Community to develop reports on IEDs , people were creating user badges to show off their favorite NFL teams. Accept and embrace this fact now and your communities have a much better chance at succeeding.

Are Social Causes a One Click Pony?

Convince & Convert

In this edition of The Baer Facts, I talk with Kyle Lacy of ExactTarget about thousands of Facebook and Twitter users temporarily changing their avatars in support of marriage equality , currently being debated by the United States Supreme Court.

5 Ways to Humanize Your Brand with Data and Social Media Insights

Pam Moore

It’s easy to get lost in a sea of avatars and data insights. How to leverage social media insights to learn about your customer and social media audience / community. Have you ever thought about the quality of the human connections you make via social media?

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Uncovering The Remarkable In Your Social Networks

Waxing UnLyrical

We talk often – myself included – about using it to build relationships , about getting to know one’s community, about deepening human interaction. Yet how much do we really know about the people behind the avatars? Social media is an interesting animal.

Enterprise 2.0: social scorecard and social media karma

Laurel Papworth

Taking Badges Further: I use incentives to reward influencers in my online communities in three ways: Points for repetitive, ongoing and countable activity. Obvious one is Community Moderator for those that volunteer community admin duties.

Saying Goodbye to Digital Marketing: Meet the New Me

Ari Herzog

I spent four wonderful years self-employed as a digital marketing trainer, consultant, and community manager. Working in a tethered relationship to computers, mobile devices, avatars, and links is no longer happy. I am saying goodbye to the digital life and hello to community affairs.

Blog Design for ROI Rule #3: Shower Attention and Appreciation On Your Community


Today we’ll talk about integrating your community into your design. One of the great benefits is that an engaged community promotes your blog, providing word of mouth marketing. How do you show that you care about your community? Credit for the contribution: avatars.

22 Twitter revenue streams – monetizing tweets

Laurel Papworth

Whenever I present or give classes on monetizing social networks and online communities people usually have two questions. Maybe nice avatars or backgrounds created by budding entrepreneurs and facilitated by Twitter?

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Eleven Ways Facebook Page Timelines Change Your Content Strategy


Simplify Your Profile Picture – The new profile picture (AKA avatar) is now 180 pixels square. You don’t need to include the name of your organization in your main avatar because the name of your Facebook page travels with your avatar everywhere on Facebook.

18 Tweetable Twitter Tips for Newbies

Waxing UnLyrical

Use a real photo of yourself for your avatar. (I Make sure your avatar is “SFW” (safe for work… and yes, you’d be surprised again). < area, she loves helping for- and non-profit clients, both small and large, turn corporate codswallop into community cool™.

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How to Use Audiense to Analyze and Grow Your Twitter Presence

Razor Social

Do you want to build a highly engaged community? Community insights – Get a detailed breakdown of your audience to see what their interests are, which ones have avatars, the languages they tweet in, their time zones, gender, etc.

Community Bootstrapping: Tools & Strategies To Build A Community.

Jason Yormark Home About Me My Videos My Resume Contact Me Browse > Home / Community / Community Bootstrapping: Tools & Strategies To Build A Community On A Budget | Subcribe via RSS Community Bootstrapping: Tools & Strategies To Build A Community On A Budget July 22nd, 2009 Posted in Community Tweet Share Having a thriving community where your users or customers frequently visit, interact, provide feedback and evangelize your products/services is an extremely valuable scenario.

How to Create Visual Content for Social Media on the Fly


Pic Monkey is an amazing desktop app that lets you do everything from making photo and image collages to quickly designing Facebook cover photos, banners, featured posts, avatars and more. Essentials of Online Community Management On-Demand Course. My favorite free (or cheap!)

7 Truths About Social Media Marketing

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Thanks to books like The New Community Rules , written by yours truly, Engage , Social Media 101 , and others, social media marketing is, for the time being, going to still be on people’s minds as they discover this bright and sunny marketing opportunity.

Facebook Credit: Zuckerberg next Treasurer of the Internet App2User

Laurel Papworth

Social Networks and Online Communities – maybe Twitter? Even coins don’t actually cost $2 to make, they “represent&# a collective, community value of what is worth $2. Facebook has just announced it’s plans to expand it’s Facebook currency.

5 Reasons You Need a Personal Branding Strategy and Plan

Pam Moore

When was the last time that branded Twitter avatar called you back? Behind every branded corporate Twitter avatar, Facebook page, LinkedIn group and Instagram profile is a human being. Social Profit Factor Training System + Member Community.

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15 Tips To Optimize Your LinkedIn Initiative

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Worse again is using a photograph that looks totally different to your photograph on Facebook or Twitter avatars. Get my Internet Marketing newsletter , buy my book, The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web , and subscribe to the Techipedia RSS feed.

Foster Customer Relationships With Sprout’s Instagram Contact View & Engagement History

Sprout Social

Information your team can use to provide context to your community and keep engagement top-of-mind. Similar to our Facebook Contact View , there are three ways to access the Instagram Contact View from the Smart Inbox : Within the message stream, click on an Instagram user’s avatar.

10 Twitter Tips to Make Friends

Ari Herzog

Choose a good avatar. In a similar vein to your bio, you also need to make sure that your avatar provokes interest. Ari Herzog provides communications services to the nonprofit and public sectors, and encourages you to join his Facebook community.

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Facebook talks like a pirate. Movember and online community rituals

Laurel Papworth

Ahoy Me Hearties: One of the tasks our online community managers undertake with clients (PR or Marketing agencies, or companies) is to build out a Social Media Conversation Diary – a list of tasks and engagement activities to keep online community members entertained and loyal.

Your Definitive Guide to Social Media Image Sizes

Convince & Convert

When sharing on Google+, you have the option to share publicly, within a collection, in a community, with a circle, or with an individual. A Community is a place where people can come to discuss and share news on common topics of interest. Avatar (Profile Photo).

11 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Me to Unfollow You on Twitter

Almost Savvy

Yeah, I don’t really know what you’re wearing, or not, when you’re actually tweeting, but please put some clothes on that avatar. You have the default Twitter avatar or are using a photo of your dog.

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How to Use Analytics to Increase Instagram Engagement

Peg Fitzpatrick

Have a clear, fantastic avatar that you use on Instagram as well as Twitter, Google+, Facebook. Keep a solid community in your comments and stay active by doing the following: Delete spammy comments by swiping and remove them. Do you use analytics to increase Instagram engagement ?

How to Build a Brand on Twitter in 11 Easy Steps

agora pulse

People like to feel like they’re connecting to a person, rather than an avatar. They are also open to people joining their community. Join them, and you’ll have an instant community there to help you if you need.

Color Clash: Pink or Purple?

Waxing UnLyrical

October 25th, 2010 Tweet A couple of weeks ago, I noticed my friend Kim Wells was sporting a purple ribbon on her Twitter avatar. Waxing UnLyrical personal, possibly poetic, musings on public relations, media, communication, and everything in between About Shonali Color Clash: Pink or Purple?

Instagram Marketing: Proven Strategies for Growing Your Instagram Account – Sue B. Zimmerman [SSM021]

Buffer Social

Build a community around a hashtag. I have many different hashtags that I have built different communities around. One being #InstaGalLive when I spoke on stage at Creative Live and that was a community of people that followed me.

F8 2017 Recap: 10 Major Announcements Every Marketer Should Know

Buffer Social

Clothes retailers could let customers “try out” clothes and chat with friends about them before buying, or even let them customize their avatars with their clothes. Facebook is moving from connecting family and friends to building communities.

6 Science-Backed Strategies to Get More Followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and More

Buffer Social

Dan Zarrella’s research into followers—how factors like conversations, self-reference, and avatars affect follow count —touched on the topic of tone. Image credits: Dan Zarrella , Beevolve , Twitter UK , Rutgers , Business 2 Community , Cezary Rudaś (the Noun Project).

When Social Media Freed the Inadvertent Bigot

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But one answer in particular made me look twice: I’ve obscured the person’s name and avatar for reasons you will understand shortly. area, she loves helping for- and non-profit clients, both small and large, turn corporate codswallop into community cool™.

5 Ways to Humanize Your Brand on Twitter

Convince & Convert

True, scrutiny is magnified when community and content managers become a voice for large brands. Add your community or content manager’s Twitter handle to the bio. If you’re a smaller company you might consider using your headshot as your avatar.

Best UX Practices for Your Brand Account on Instagram

Simply Measured

This means you will want to use the same avatar image that can be found on Facebook or Twitter and you will want colors, icons and logos to be consistent. Building the appearance of a strong brand comes from building strong relationships and a visual sense of community.

How to Audit Your Social Media Efforts: 20+ Questions to Ask Yourself

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

If you are AT&T and your avatar was the face of your CEO, you’re doing it wrong. If you are building your *personal* brand, by all means, use your avatar (and face!). She provides consulting in internet marketing and manages Community Support & Advertising at Mashable.

Why Marketers Need to Rethink Influencer Targeting

Convince & Convert

It’s no longer simply about brand awareness, or even community building, though those elements remain foundationally important. Social has laid bare those people (who sometimes are not even people as much as avatar personalities) that have an enormous reach.

33 (of the) Best Social Media Guides, Tips and Resoures of 2012 So Far

Webbiquity SMM

’ Be yourself on social media platforms and reveal your true essence…Show who you are with your avatar and profiles.

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Indiscriminate Interconnectivity

Direct Marketing Observations

At the end of the day, all we are, are just real people with real names with real avatars or… real people with strangely made up names with odd avatars swimming around fish bowls of ambient connectivity. If you choose to go it alone in the digital world and not embrace the networks and communities that get you there, well then, I guess you’re alone. No man is an island entire of itself; every man. is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.

Is a Great Blog in the Eyes of the Beholder?


From “ interactive ” to “ personalization ” to “ NewGen ” to “custom” to “community” to “ UX ” (user experience) to “Gen C” (generation connected) and around, up and down, and back again.

Do I Really Need a Social CRM for My Business?

agora pulse

The tool that helps you understand your community. You can use tags to segment people based on stages of awareness, divide them into groups based on which ideal customer avatar they fit or even depending on their interests.