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The Top B2B Marketing Trends for 2018 – A Meta-Analysis

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Yet another post about 2018 B2B marketing trends? ” — 2018 Trends: B2B Marketing , Edelman. It’s popular, easy to consume, mobile friendly, and with Facebook and now even LinkedIn pushing it, video (five votes) will continue to play an expanding role in B2B content marketing. ” — 5 Marketing Trends That Should Influence Your 2018 Budget , ContentStandard. ” — 7 B2B Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018 , circle S studio.

Top Five: Tidal Wave of New Social Media Features

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May 23, 2018. Instagram has introduced mute in feed, a new way to control what posts users see on Instagram. The new feature lets people hide posts in feed from certain accounts, without unfollowing them. With this change, users can make their feeds even more personalized to what matters to them. May 23, 2018. Now, Facebook says users can report conversations straight through their iOS or Android mobile devices. May 23, 2018. May 23, 2018.


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7 Instagram Influencer Marketing Tips for the Holiday Season


Looking for influencer marketing tips for the holiday season? The holidays are just around the corner, which means it’s high time to start planning your Instagram influencer marketing campaign! . There’s no question that social media influencers have become an indispensable tool for brands, especially on Instagram. In the following blog post, we share 7 key Instagram influencer marketing tips for the holiday season.

A digital media framework for smart marketing communications

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Everything is being driven by mobile. It includes other influencers such as members of the public who have large or loyal social media followings. Adding other influencers will broaden this. Without putting paid behind communication it’s increasingly difficult to get a ranked in the news feed.

Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Engagement, YouTube Launches Vertical Video, 3 Big Reasons Why Influencer Campaigns Fail, and More!

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We’re also discussing the implications of vertical video on social media and three reasons why influencer marketing campaigns fail. Influencer marketing success depends on a brand’s trust in trust in the influencer and a willingness to stay comitted to the campaign. 10 Common Reasons Why Influencer Marketing Campaigns Fail – SocialMediaToday. Part III – Common reasons why influencer marketing campaigns fail.

Facebook Ads Guide: 55 Custom Audiences to Target People Ready to Act

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Mobile Advertiser ID. If you have an app (mobile or web) utilizing the Facebook SDK, you can create audiences of people based on their activity within that app. Back in 2016, Facebook launched Offline Event Sets , allowing advertisers to provide Facebook with offline data that could then help show whether such sales were influenced by your ads. Canvas presents an immersive mobile experience for users who can view videos, images, product feeds, text, and more in one view.

5 Ways Brands Are Taking Advantage of IGTV


A full-length music video would have exceeded Instagram’s one-minute limit for the feed, but brands now have more freedom to be creative with IGTV. The eyeglass brand extended its #WearingWarby campaign to IGTV, sharing interviews with influencers like author Marley Davis and food blogger Molly Yeh about why they’re fans. In addition to partnering with influencers, Warby Parker created a series of genuinely interesting personal stories that resonated with followers.

A New Facebook Guide to Creating Video, The Shift to Instagram Stories Ads and Messenger, and 5 YouTube Facts You Can’t Miss

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After years of trying to sell brands on the Facebook news feed, they’re changing their pitch to Instagram, Stories, and Messenger engagement. Essentially, after years of trying to sell brands on the Facebook news feed , they’re changing the pitch to Instagram. Many big advertisers have noticed that Facebook hasn’t been able to make brand budgets work in the news feed because of content competition and saturation, and so it’s doubling down on its strengths — which is performance.

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The Definitive Guide to Instagram Stories

A recent marketing report by Later that collected responses from more than 3,500 businesses, influencers and agencies, discovered that brands were actively using Instagram stories to promote their products or services (64%), build a more engaged community (63%), direct traffic to their website (47%), collect follower feedback (32%), drive more eCommerce sales (25%) and much more.

Instagram Year in Review: Top Trends from 2018


2018 was a big year for Instagram! Let’s take a look back at Instagram in 2018 and the biggest moments from the year: Table of Contents. Popular on Instagram in 2018. Top Brands on Instagram in 2018. Trending on Instagram in 2018. New Instagram Features in 2018. Popular on Instagram in 2018. Just think back to the In My Feelings Challenge of July 2018, which sparked not only a viral Instagram sensation, but also a #1 hit for Drake ).

The Best Instagram Filters in Photography Apps


To help you do that, here are a few of the most popular Instagram filters found in photography apps to help you achieve a beautiful aesthetic and upgrade your Instagram marketing strategy: #1: VSCO’s A6 For a Minimalist and Modern Feed. It has lots of free filters to choose from, and even curated preset packs of complementary filters making it a cinch to edit your photos and create a beautiful Instagram feed. How to Create Your Own Instagram Filters in the Lightroom Mobile App.

How Two Brands Generate Hundreds of Thousands in Revenue on Social Media, Big News from Twitter, New LinkedIn Ad Formats, and More!

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Fast-forward to 2018 and Kettlebell Kings is a leading kettlebell equipment supplier based in Austin, Texas, generating mid seven-figures per year in revenue — with much of its new business coming directly from leads generated on Instagram. First, Jay and his team are ‘very strict on the posts that go into their feeds’. The first step to a successful Instagram marketing strategy is creating content for your Instagram feed that your audience wants to see and engage with.

How to utilize Ad Retargeting on Social Media

You must have come across Facebook ads on your feed showcasing the footwear you almost ordered online the other day or a sponsored post on your Instagram of the residential buildings that you looked at three weeks ago. You can use this data to showcase relevant ads to your visitors on social media about the products or services they demonstrated a keen interest in, regardless of whether they’re on using a desktop or a mobile phone.

A complete calendar of hashtag holidays for 2019

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For years, businesses have talked about a need to “cut through the noise” and stand out in a feed. Sprout’s Advanced Listening measures the conversation around your brand, influencers and categories to provide you with insight into how you can connect with your audience on the things that they care about and that tie your brand and its fans together. There are hundreds of national, international and world hashtag holidays.

How to Edit Beautiful Instagram Photos With Lightroom Presets (Free Video)


If you’re looking to create beautiful Instagram photos, editing with Lightroom is one of the best steps you can take to improve your Instagram feed. And thanks to trendy Lightroom presets , it’s easy to create stunning Instagram photos from your computer or your phone, and you can dramatically speed up the time it takes to edit your Instagram feed! . Plus, you can edit with the Lightroom CC mobile app for free ! Just interested in mobile?

The Ultimate Guide on How to Use Instagram Stories

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In short, Stories allow users to create a feed of sequential content that disappears within 24 hours of being posted. Think of Stories as a sort of secondary, exclusive feed of content for your most dedicated followers. Story content is also prioritized in the sense that Instagram highlights updated stories upfront in your feed. Stories represent a fantastic place to publish UGC if you don’t want it to dominate your main feed. Influencers Stories.

How to Create a Cohesive Instagram Aesthetic


Watch our free video to learn how to design, curate, and plan an Instagram aesthetic for your feed and stories to attract new followers: . Your Instagram feed is the first thing a visitor sees when they land on a new profile, so it’s important you make a good impression. When a visitor lands on your profile and knows exactly what they can expect to see on your feed, they’re much more likely to hit that “follow” button. What do some of your favorite feeds look like?

An expert’s guide to influencer marketing

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A decade ago, the influencer marketing arena was limited only to celebrities and a few dedicated bloggers. Now, it seems like we’ve seen influencers rise, saturate the market and even get caught up in fraud. If you’ve started researched on influencer marketing before, you may have found conflicting information, with recommendations that range from you should absolutely be using influencers or that they’re not necessary for growth. The value of influencer marketing.

How to Use Pinterest: The Insider Guide for Businesses (With Strategies From the Pinterest Team)

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Over 200 million people flock to the social network each month to discover new products, recipes, destinations, articles, influencers, and so much more. Secret Pins and boards won’t appear in the home feed, in search or anywhere else around Pinterest. If your images are pixelated, small, or unclear, they will not capture users’ attention in the Pinterest feed. Meaning that vertical images take up more space and stand out more in the feed.

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Instagram Tips for Creatives: Optimizing Your Instagram Portfolio


If you’re looking to grow your business and influence on Instagram, here are a few guidelines to follow: Name: Is your name clearly displayed in your bio? Instagram Tip #2: Your Feed is Your Visual Instagram Portfolio. Here are a few content ideas you can display on your Instagram feed to engage with your audience: Your work: photography, influencer promotion, art, design, products, music, film, etc. Looking for Instagram tips and tricks for creatives? .

What New Social Media Management Features Did Agorapulse Release in 2018? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Let’s take a quick break from our planning for 2019 to reflect on the different social media management features that Agorapulse launched in 2018 that helped make managing social media easier and more efficient. January 2018. We start 2018 with a game changer for social media managers — the ability to queue your posts according to publishing categories. Our social media influencer friends share real-world examples of how they used these queue categories.

234: How to Relaunch Your Blog After It Becomes Dormant


Who are the big social media influencers? If I was relaunching my photography blog today, one thing that I might do would be to have a blog that really focuses on the new types of cameras, the new types of technologies, drone photography for example, mobile phone photography because things have changed over the years. What other influences in the niche do I wanna network with? Is your blog mobile friendly? Is it viewable on a mobile phone?

Instagram Overlay Stickers are Seriously Trending – Here’s How to Use Them:


Businesses, influencers, and Instagrammers alike are jumping on the trend to create eye-catching content that stops scrollers in their tracks. In this post, you’ll learn how to create your own Instagram overlay stickers, discover creative examples from influencers and brands, and find out how to successfully incorporate stickers into your feed: What Are Instagram Overlay Stickers? A post shared by Mallory on the Moon (@thecreativestickerpack) on Dec 20, 2018 at 10:19am PST.

Social Media Guide for Political Campaigns

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This is why political candidates, particularly during widely visible elections, are smart to embrace what makes their supporters love them and make waves right from the social feeds. A post shared by Kamala Harris (@kamalaharris) on Sep 15, 2018 at 11:00am PDT. A post shared by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@ocasio2018) on Sep 12, 2018 at 9:36am PDT. Mobilizing your following to take action. Mobilization & advocacy.

47 Social Media Statistics Every Marketer Should Know


From influencer trends on Instagram, to audience stats on Pinterest, and Facebook shopping behaviors, there’s a ton of great metrics to pay attention to! A 2018 study found that 78% of Americans have found products on Facebook that they later purchased. #24:

Ultimate Guide to Instagram Video: Stories, IGTV, Live, Posts, & More!


Video marketing is no longer just for companies with big budgets, with an estimated 81% of businesses using video as a marketing tool in 2018. . But Instagram has made video marketing more accessible for small businesses, thanks to Instagram Stories , Instagram Live , IGTV , and posting Instagram video posts to your feed. Back in June 2013, when videos were first introduced on Instagram , they were limited to 15 seconds and had to be shot in-app on your mobile device. .

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Twitter Cards: Everything you need to know

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— Sprout Social (@SproutSocial) November 20, 2018. — Sprout Social (@SproutSocial) November 20, 2018. — Sprout Social (@SproutSocial) August 15, 2018. App Cards are the solution that Twitter uses to sell mobile app advertisements to business users. If you’re focused on giving your customers an all-encompassing mobile experience, all you need is a few lines of code. — Monzo (@monzo) September 27, 2018.

10 Instagram Predictions to Fire-up Your Strategy for 2020


Influencers were the first to jump on the trend — Jenna Kutcher , Elise Darma , Quigley Goode , and Sarah Nicole Landry of @thebirdspapaya all share lengthy captions on their posts to give greater insight into their world or to share their knowledge. .

11 Time-Saving Tools for Small Social Media Teams

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And while it can’t schedule Instagram Stories and TikTok videos, you can set mobile notifications to remind your team when it’s time to share the next post. It’s also available for web and mobile, so you can even use it while away from your desk.

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10 Great Social Commerce Examples to Get Inspired

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For instance, you might notice a new pair of sneakers, or a dress, or a pair of sunglasses in your Instagram feed , then click the “shop now” CTA, and purchase within the app. Instead, the pre-release was timed to coincide with the 2018 NBA All-Star game.

How Government Agencies Can Best Engage Their Communities on Facebook

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Local alerts have been leveraged by first responders and municipal governments across the US to send urgent, need-to-know messages since early 2018. This is primarily so people can see who is trying to influence their vote and who paid for the ad they are viewing. Think Mobile First.

Everything Marketers Need to Know About TikTok


merged into TikTok in late summer 2018, leaving TikTok as the current dominant platform for short-form video sharing. In 2016, a new video sharing mobile app named Douyin launched in China. as one of the most downloaded apps of 2018. Open the TikTok app, and you will see short-form looping videos on the “For You” home feed. As you follow more users, your “Following” home feed will start to populate with videos created by people you follow.

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Instagram Reels 101: Everything Your Brand Needs to Know to Get Started

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As a quick aside, it’s worth pointing out this isn’t Facebook’s first TikTok-inspired rodeo – it rolled out the ill-fated Lasso in late 2018, only to kill it off in July 2020 due to lack of uptake. First off, bear in mind that Reels are mobile-only.

How Public Safety Agencies Can Best Engage Their Communities on Facebook

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Local alerts have been leveraged by first responders and municipal governments across the US to send urgent, need-to-know messages since early 2018. This is primarily so people can see who is trying to influence their vote and who paid for the ad they are viewing. Think Mobile First.

The Next Big Thing in Social: Top 7 Brands Embracing TikTok

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TikTok was also downloaded 1 billion times in 2018 , eclipsing Instagram’s 444 million downloads. TikTok is a social media app that allows users to post short-form lip-synced, music, talent, or comedy focused mobile videos. TikTok is the leading destination for short-form mobile video. That means that when a user opens their feed, they see the most popular content first – rather than content from other users that they know and have connected with on the platform.

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How to Use LinkedIn Stories for Your Business


In 2018, LinkedIn tested a version of LinkedIn Stories called “Student Voices”: Source: Social Media Today. Stories are the new norm, with users preferring to “share in the moment” rather than committing to a permanent feed post. .

Your Guide to TikTok Marketing and How to Use It for Business

was then bought by tech company ByteDance in August 2018 and rebranded into the TikTok you know and love today. TikTok Influencer Marketing Content. TikTok is also the perfect tool for putting together influencer marketing campaigns, especially with popular TikTok influencers.

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13 of the Best Free Social Media Management Tools


Over will help you improve your social game, especially if you want to create interactive and eye-catching content for your feeds. But it doesn’t just stop with Instagram Stories on Over — you can create tons of different social assets to fill your feed.

What 777,367,063 Facebook Posts Tell Us About Successful Content in 2019 (New Research)

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Now removed from the dim outlook that businesses faced at the beginning of 2018 , Facebook has and will remain an essential tool for brands’ marketing strategies moving forward. And although we continue to see a dramatic rise in the usage and effectiveness of Stories content , traditional posts in the Facebook News Feed offer a powerful outlet for brands looking to generate engagement and traffic. Posted by Brainy Crafts on Wednesday, January 31, 2018.

Social Media Stories: What Brands Need to Know About Ephemeral Content

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Brand Marketing Opportunities: Instagram Story Ads – just as you would run a promoted post in the feed, you can do the same in Instagram Stories. This content also takes prime real estate on your profile just above your feed posts.