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Don’t Be Scared, Be Prepared: How to Manage a Social Media Crisis

Convince & Convert

The worst time to start planning for a social media crisis is when you’re in the middle of one. Click To Tweet. The worst time to start planning for a crisis is when you’re in the middle of one. Pre-crisis planning is key to successful social media crisis mitigation. This is lifeguard mode, and there are three elements to it. Buy Some Binoculars — Set Up a Listening Program. It’s hard to deal with a social media crisis you can’t find.

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Why I Turned Off My Facebook Messenger Bot

Jon Loomer

During the past year, I experimented with a Facebook Messenger bot. Last week, I turned it off. This isn’t meant to be an indictment on Facebook Messenger bots. My goal isn’t to convince you that they aren’t valuable. I simply wanted to share my experiences with it and why I ultimately decided to pull the plug. There are plenty of good reasons to have your own bot.


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The Dos and Don’ts of Going Live on Social

Ignite Social Media

The “live” feature can be a very helpful tool for brands to utilize. Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram offer the option to go live. This can be used to promote events, give an inside look, run a live sweepstakes or show your community what is happening in-the-moment. But going live can sometime lose its benefits if it’s not properly executed. Check out these dos and don’ts of going live on social before your brand gives it a try. DO Let Your Community Know.

The Gen Z Frequency: win your copy

Sherrilynne Starkie

It’s reader competition time! Now is your chance to win a copy of a The Gen Z Frequency: How brands Tune In and Build Credibility. It’s co authored by Gregg L Witt and Derek E Baird and is a comprehensive guide for any brand or organization trying to reach this demographic. It covers fundamental truths, content creation, engagement strategies and tactics such as social media, experiential, emerging technologies, and much more.

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations.

4 Emerging Social Media Platforms To Watch In 2019

Social Media Strategies Summit

In the midst of 4th quarter marketing campaigns and the race to end 2018 with a bang, marketers should also start looking ahead to the new year. It’s a good time to take stock of your social media marketing strategies to assess what’s working and where you have room to improve. There is a lot of chatter about emerging social media sites, and where brands should make investments in 2019. Unfortunately, no one has a crystal ball to see who is going to be the next Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat.

The Real Benefits of User Generated Content

Social Media Today

User generated content (UGC) is a modern-day digital word-of-mouth situation that benefits both brands and consumers. It's a win-win scenario and a marketing tactic that great brands can incredibly benefit from

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Top five: holiday retail trends to the fore

Sherrilynne Starkie

This week’s top five social media must-know news stories feature important retail trends for the run up to the holidays. Google My Business, Snapchat, blended retail, Facebook and Google Assistant all feature. Google My Business rolls out new feature. Google My Business added the ability to announce the date a new business is opening directly in Google Maps and changed how it manages businesses that are within specific service areas.

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Living With Resilience – a Webinar

Janet Fouts

Stress is part of our modern lives, every single day. Some days just getting out of bed can be a real challenge. Living our lives with resilience can seem pretty far away. Whether it’s a change at work or at home, caring for a loved one, the news around the world, a temporary setback or a major life change, we can all be overwhelmed and not see the way to bounce back.

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How to Set Your 2019 Social Media Advertising Budget

Social Media Today

When creating a social media strategy, how much should you invest in a social media advertising budget? Read on to learn how to set your budget for 2019

How To Upgrade Your Retirement

The Realtime Report

How To Upgrade Your Retirement. Retirement is an exciting moment in life many rightfully deserve after decades of working hard. But as exciting as not going to a 9-to-5 is, retirees still have some worries lingering after they launch into their retirement. One of those worries is having enough money to stay retired, as well as enjoy that retirement without sacrificing those long overdue dreams, like traveling the world or wintering in Florida during cold winter months.

How To 101

Social Media Marketing GPS

SMGPS will tell you the why & how to use social media for marketing, 1 tweet at a time. You'll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls.

Social Media Mistakes: 7 Things You Need to Stop Doing On Social Networks


We’ve all been there. From an embarrassing typo to a broken link, social media mistakes are no strangers to any social media manager. Often, those are human errors, which are easily fixed and quickly forgiven by the audience. But what happens when those social media mistakes keep repeating themselves until they become guiding principles for […]. Social Media Marketing Social Analytics Social Engagement Social Listening Social Media Management Thought Leadership

We Analyzed 15,000 Instagram Stories from 200 of the World’s Top Brands (New Stories Research)

Buffer Social

An incredible 400 million people around the world use Instagram Stories on a daily basis (with that number rapidly growing by the minute). Besides being an interesting and fun way to connect with friends and family, stories offer businesses a unique opportunity to capture the direct attention of audiences and potential customers. But where do you start? And what makes for great stories content ? We partnered with Delmondo to answer these questions, and more!

Let's Chat! How to Make Chatbots Your Secret Holiday Weapon

Social Media Today

Chatbots are swiftly emerging as the new way for consumers and brands to communicate. This upcoming holiday season offers great opportunities to use chatbots to improve your customer experience and sales

Black Friday: 3 Big Box Retailers Social Media Approach


Every year after Thanksgiving, millions of eager shoppers swarm retailers to take advantage of one of the biggest shopping days of the year: Black Friday.For retailers, the importance of Black Friday… Read More >>>.

How to Be Social: A Social Media Manifesto

Learn the 10 worst social media marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

How To Leverage Facebook Groups To Grow Your Business

The Social Media Hat

Wouldn't it be nice to have a community of fans that loved your brand and engaged with you on Facebook? Bella Vasta tells us how to do it using Facebook Groups

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123 | Once Upon A Baby

Taylor Marek

You read that right, this one is all about the baby!!! ??. Show Notes: Latest In Tech News (My daily tech news show). Become a Patron! Get In Touch With The Show! Message me on Facebook | Tweet me on Twitter | Send me an email. Outro Music Credit: Epic Song by BoxCat Games. You read that right, this one is all about the baby!!! :). Show Notes: Latest In Tech News (My daily tech news show). Become a Patron! Get In Touch With The Show!

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4 Ways Social Media Videos Can Benefit Your Business

Social Media Today

We compiled this list during an #SMTLive Twitter chat. Here are four marketing goals you can reach through the use of social media video content

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Facebook Account Optimization and Organization Techniques

Jon Loomer

It’s definitely that time of year. You’ve done so much brainstorming, preparing, and worrying about your Q4 campaigns and now you feel fried. You wake up every morning poised for disaster. Perhaps one or all of these thoughts races through your head: “ something doesn’t seem to be working as well as it was last week ,” “ accounts aren’t spending what they should be right now ,” or “my campaigns are tanking, the client is going to fire us.” ” .

8 Stupid Simple Social Media Tricks to Boost SEO

Discover just how easy it is to boost SEO with social media.

The Best Instagram Filters in Photography Apps


Not all Instagram filters are created equally. And if you want to stand out and create a killer Instagram aesthetic , you’ll need to venture further than the 25 Instagram filters in the app, and find other ways to edit your photos. Thankfully, there are tons of photo editing apps and filters to choose from, but picking the right filters for your Instagram photos and overall aesthetic can be pretty overwhelming. Not to worry!

How Customers Engage With Social Media Video: 8 Things You Need to Know

Socially Sorted

Want to peek into the mind of your ideal customer and find out how they engage with social media video? How they are interacting with brands via video? How are they purchasing? Take a seat, because in this post we break down exactly how customers are watching social media video. // Read More. The post How Customers Engage With Social Media Video: 8 Things You Need to Know appeared first on Socially Sorted. Social Video Visual Content Facebook Instagram Stories video visual content

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Facebook Properties Saw Content Consumption Slide 7% In September

Social Media Today

While Facebook's core platform has gained more users, they're using the site less, leading to an estimated 20% decline in content consumption per person

3 Recipe Sites’ Social Strategies


Sometimes, it can seem like the internet was made specifically for food content.Aspirational, yet obtainable, recipe-focused content showcases beautiful, delicious food and it’s ingredients. Not sure what to cook tonight?… … Read More >>>. PR & Comms

Sites 75

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

6 Creative Ways to Use Instagram Stories Polls


If you’re looking to engage with your audience and grab their attention, Instagram Stories polls are a great way to stop your followers from swiping past your story! Instagram Stories polls not only grab your audience’s attention, but they also create an opportunity to hear directly from your followers and customers. Instagram now has two different poll stickers you can add to your stories: the classic poll with two customizable answer options, and the newer emoji slider.

3 Easy Things to Post on Instagram Stories (When You’re Stuck for Ideas)

Socially Sorted

Do you sometimes find yourself stuck for things to post on Instagram Stories? Here’s 3 ways you can post existing Instagram posts from your feed or stories. You’ll never be stuck for ideas again! BY DONNA MORITZ | 4 NOVEMBER, 2018 Instagram is a creative wonderland. // Read More. The post 3 Easy Things to Post on Instagram Stories (When You’re Stuck for Ideas) appeared first on Socially Sorted. Instagram Images Instagram Stories

8 Characteristics All Facebook Messenger Chatbots Should Have

Social Media Today

Facebook Messenger chatbots deliver high engagement and are useful for learning about your audience and generating leads

4 Brands Demonstrating the Power of Podcasting


We’re in the midst of a podcasting boom, and brands are beginning to take advantage of the brand building opportunities available in the rapidly growing $314 million industry. According to eMarketer , 73 million US consumers (or one-fifth of the country’s population) listen to podcasts monthly. The average podcast listener is young, educated, and affluent —a key demographic for marketers.

Consumers Expect Brands to Respond Quickly

The Realtime Report

Consumers Expect Brands to Respond Quickly. By Toby Cox. Most people expect brands to respond to comments on social media within 24 hours, according to a new survey from Clutch , a B2B ratings and reviews firm. Eighty-three percent (83%) of people expect companies to respond to social media comments within a day or less. “I I see [social media] as a way where brands can speak directly to their consumers,” said Matt Kovacs, president of Blaze PR. That’s where people expect the world to rotate.”.

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Hey there!???? W e are delighted to let you know that you are now able to request additional segments and hide ones you’d rather not see within our Audience Intelligence report

Instagram Cashes in on Promote for Stories & Fresh Analytics

Social Media Today

New offerings signal that the platform's co-founders' recent exit hasn't slowed down innovation

Improving the Customer Experience Through In-Store Signage Innovations


As 2018 ends, it remains an uneasy time for brick-and-mortar retailers. When you combine the seemingly never-ending rise in online shopping behavior with the ever-growing specter of online retail monolith Amazon, it can feel as if the retail apocalypse is imminent. Whether considered media hype or fact, it’s hard to refute the hard facts regarding retail store closings in recent years. That said, physicals stores are far from irrelevant.

Artificial Intelligence, China And The U.S. - How The U.S. Is Losing The Technology War

Forbes Social Media

The US is losing the AI to China. Immediate strategic and tactical steps must be made to turn the tide of the war. Investments, organizational changes and a "moonshot mentality" is necessary to win this existential technology war, including the appointment of a Director of Artificial Intelligence


10 Reasons a Content Calendar Is Your Most Important Marketing Tool in 2019 [Template Included]

Pam Moore

Big news today for my family of little (and big) Marketing Nutz! Yes this includes you! Our 2019 Content Marketing Calendar template is here and better than ever. We have added some incredible features you don't want to miss out on, trust me. Download our 2019 Content Calendar Template here. ). For some of you, the sound of a new content calendar template be a really exciting thing.