Solving the Content Management System Standoff: Drupal, Joomla or WordPress?


Similarly, the same approach should be taken when it comes to choosing the best open-source content management system (CMS). Whether youll be running a company blog or a site thats jam-packed with graphics and video, making the right choice depends on your content. Will your content be staying the same for long periods of time, or will it need to be updated multiple times a day? Solving the Content Management System Standoff: Drupal, Joomla or WordPress?

MilesWeb – The best way to WordPress hosting


WordPress CMS is constantly growing and it developed from a simple blogging platform into a powerful and accessible content management system. And this is the reason some websites owner will have to migrate their websites to other, better more friendly hosting providers.


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WordPress Blog Hosting: or Self-Hosted?


Committing to a content management system (CMS) for your blog is a big decision. Given that WordPress hosts 59,914,568 as of 09/25/2011 and that over 301 million people view more than 2.5 billion pages each month on blogs (data from WordPress Stats ), it is not a surprise that many users around the world have chosen WordPress as their CMS of choice. Here is an analysis of key details that will guide your WordPress hosting decision.

Open Source Web Management and Design Tools


Everything a web designer needs for free: Designing and managing a website need not be an expensive affair. This list is not comprehensive, but rather provides the categories for each step of website management, as well as open source examples of tools you can use. Special thanks to dedicated web hosting for their insight. FireFTP – Runs in Firefox on all operating systems. – Content Management Systems.

Five Reasons Why I Love Wordpress


Main | Stop tweeting about the # of followers you have » October 23, 2009 Five Reasons Why I Love Wordpress WordPress was originally made as a blog publishing application but has now evolved into a huge content management system (CMS). These are what turn the basic blog program into a full content management system. Essentially, the WordPress theme system is a way to skin your website.

Which is the Best Blog Hosting Solution?


If you have a self-hosted website (or are about to start one), you’ll probably want to know the answer too: Which is the best blog hosting solution? Check out the web hosting services topic on any forum or community discussion board, and you'll see both glowing endorsements and damning negativity for every hosting company out there - no matter how good they are. You'll even see entire sites dedicated to getting a referral commission for a specific blog host.

Tips For Creating An Awesome Website

The Realtime Report

is the best website content management system to use because it all comes down to how you will be using your website. However, if you’re setting up a business and want to build a good deal of content and you anticipate that you might get large volumes of visitors, a free website might not be a good option due to restrictions around storage, lower page speed performance and many other factors. Find out more about this type of hosting at

Blogger to WordPress – Why Make The Change?


Recently a lot of websites and blogs have made the transition from Google’s Blogger service to an independently-hosted WordPress installation. You can even run a blog-hosting service if you desired. Blogger will work just fine if all you’re looking for is a simple blog that stands alone from the rest of your website, but for flawless integration and versatility, WordPress is one of the best content management systems you’ll find on the web.

What is Vlog? How to Start a Vlog? : Guide


A quick Google search says, Vlog is “a personal website or social media account where a person regularly posts short videos” Isn’t it amazing posting videos very often when people are consuming such content very often? Another difference is mode of serving the content.

7 Reasons WordPress Rocks for Blogs

The Social Media Incubator

Hosting and managing the software is provided when you work with When using the version of the software, you will need to download and install the free software on your own server or with a 3 rd party website hosting provider. 1. WordPress software is free, and is extremely user-friendly for even a web novice to use (installing/hosting on your own server is a nominal cost for the power it gives you).

How WordPress Can Make Your Website More Manageable


The standard content management system for millions of websites, WordPress is one of the most praised and appreciated online development platforms out there. Here are five great reasons to use WordPress as your development platform of choice, each geared around the platform’s simple manageability. With almost all actions, modifications, and management tasks carried out from a single dashboard, making changes to your website is as simple as clicking a button.

How To Use Customer Insight To Power Your Business

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Luckily, consumers will often comment to show their appreciation for a product, so you may find a host of positives to focus on alongside some improvements. Content management systems enable you to A/B test content so that layout, messaging and text can be honed to drive engagement. How To Use Customer Insight To Power Your Business. Capturing and using customer feedback effectively is essential for growing businesses.

How to Get Verified on Pinterest: A Step-by-Step Guide


Other business perks of having a verified Pinterest account include: More eyes on your content. More engagement with your content. If you are using WordPress, for example, you would open the content management system, click Tools , then Marketing and then Traffic.

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The 2014 Digital Marketing Ecosystem

Cody Ward

Marketing technologists (those that understand how it all fits together) will become invaluable as businesses adopt customer relationship management solutions, email service providers, content management systems, and big data. Now that the infrastructure is almost built, it’s time to consider content. How does the content get created and what specific offer or message will resonate with the audience? You can generate content with WriterAccess.

[Tech Tip] 10 Steps To Improve The Speed, Security, and Functionality Of Your WordPress Blog

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I considered breaking this up into ten separate posts because there truly is enough content to justify each topic having its own post. –Sean As more and more new sites hit the Web on a daily basis, the adoption of WordPress as a content management system seems to keep on growing. If my WordPress site is slow, is it my host, my plugins, or my theme? If you would like to skip forward to a specific tip, just click any of the links in the table-of-contents.

Improve your Google search results today

And, if you come up with an excellent summary for your page, that description should include similar turns of phrase and keywords in both your title and your full content. Make it better, make it newer, and take it out of “archive,” which is what Google does if you don’t update your site’s content and copy every once in a while. Get a Faster Web Hosting Company and Learn About Caching and CDNs : Google be taxing! Photo by Oriol Lladó / Creative Commons BY NC ND.

Website Migration: 26 Considerations for Migrating to a New Website

Razor Social

We have managed the delivery of many website projects and it’s always important to have someone sitting on the client’s side of the fence that understands what could go wrong. Optimize the content for SEO. When you move to a new website you may find that some of the existing content is not optimized correctly. Or… you are changing the content on some of the pages. Investigate hosting options. Considering a redesign of your website?

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Prepare Your Website for Geolocation with WordPress


Geolocation software uses global positioning systems (GPS) on smartphones or unique IP addresses on visitors’ computers to identify where a person is located. The best way to integrate geolocation services into your green business website is to start with a solid, SEO-friendly website hosting platform that can seamlessly integrate geolocation. For example, a visitor in Naples will see specific references to his city, while a visitor in Nashville will see localized content for her.

Microsoft’s Future in Digital Marketing

Buzz Marketing for Technology

So one of the best examples we have is where they used SharePoint as the presentation layer and content management system. Few people know that SharePoint is one of the largest content management software’s out there, not just inside the enterprise but also outside the enterprise. They migrated from a Java-based infrastructure to Microsoft Office SharePoint to streamline development, simplify content management, and improve the user experience.

70+ Resources on How to Start a WordPress Blog


You can use a hosted WordPress or a WordPress installation. Google helps us out by showing us some traffic trends on different blogging and content management systems (CMS) on the web. First a list of sites where you can create a blog online, on another company’s site (even if you use your own domain): (hosted WordPress; in contrast, we will be discussing installing your own WordPress); ; (discussed a bit, above); and.

Improve your Google search results today

And, if you come up with an excellent summary for your page, that description should include similar turns of phrase and keywords in both your title and your full content. Make it better, make it newer, and take it out of “archive,” which is what Google does if you don’t update your site’s content and copy every once in a while. Get a Faster Web Hosting Company and Learn About Caching and CDNs : Google be taxing! Photo by Oriol Lladó / Creative Commons BY NC ND.

My 9 Favorite Wordpress Social Media Plugins |

Jason Yormark

These add ons turn what essentially is a blogging platform, into just about any type of site you want from community to content management systems to storefronts. If you are running a hosted WordPress blog you should definitely check these out. Disqus Comment System – The Disqus plugin transforms your WordPress comments into a true social media friendly experience.

WordPress vs Drupal: Which CMS is Right for Your Site?


Most websites these days have massive amounts of content that must be managed for the smooth functioning of the site. The role of this falls to content management systems, or CMSes. Many government sites, including, run on Drupal because of its security features, but it’s not as popular because it is perceived as a difficult system to learn. So where do these two systems stack up in comparison?

5 Essential Blog Foundations for Strong SEO


They choose a popular platform to build on, select an attractive theme with all the bells and whistles, sign up for hosting that appears value for money, before finally writing awesome content and waiting for the audience to explode and their rankings to rocket. Content Management System Choosing the correct Content Management System (CMS) is imperative. Hosting Spend some time selecting your hosting solution.

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Learning via the Social Media Game

Bare Feet Studios

Customized content management systems (CMS) where your staff can access and edit the website and users can create their own blogs within your main site. How often will you use this and what data or content would you like to include? How will you collect and manage cellphone numbers? Commercial online project and content management system for internal use. Can you make time to learn a new system to save time? Media Content.

Ask Bill Hartzer: We redesigned our website, pushed it live but did not catalogue our old URLs. What do we do?

Bill Hartzer

If you are using cPanel or another web host that has a control panel, you may have a program called AWStates, or Webalizer, that will do the trick. It is not tied to any particular type of web server (Windows versus Unix with page.html versus page.asp), and your site structure can remain in place no matter what type of Content Management System you use.

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How to Optimize Your Blog for SEO: 5 Steps

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Fortunately, publishing fresh content regularly is one of the best ways to build positive SEO for your business. If that fails to help, it may be time to upgrade your hosting package. In most content management systems (CMS), like WordPress, Blogger and HubSpot, your H1 tags double as your URL. A better choice would be “content marketing blog,” or a similar phrase which describes what your organization does. Avoid Duplicate Content.

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How I Got My Job As Director Of Social Media – Step 1: Build Experience Then Blog, Tweet, Collaborate!

SocMed Sean

” (see this infographic on A Day In The Life of A Social Media Manager for more on that), the answer to the second question takes a little more time. Tools like knowledge bases, content management systems, enterprise search, blogs and wikis all played critical roles in the development of these systems. So…how did all this lead to getting a job offer as Senior Manager of Social Media Strategy?

9 Must-Have WordPress Plugins


WordPress is the standard content management system for millions of websites, because there’s no web development platform that’s as user-friendly, valuable, and adaptable. If you haven’t heard of WordPress before, learn about how WordPress can make your website more manageable. Once you get the basics from managing a WordPress website, you will figure out that WordPress plugins make the world go round.

Simple On-Page Tag Optimization for Bloggers


Most content management systems like Wordpress give you free reign over a lot of your tags, but others (like Blogger) do not. For self-hosted WordPress blogs using Thesis , you can easily create meta tags and descriptions for your main homepage using the built in fields supplied with the theme through the Thesis Page Options and for your posts using the SEO Details and Additional Style section. HootSuite for Blogging – Twitter Management for Bloggers.

Why Brands are Adopting the Digital Newsroom Approach

Proactive Report

Isn’t it enough to have your content posted on all your social accounts? When the media or the public find a piece of content in social media they’re likely to follow a link back to your site. If all your content is not available there, it’s unlikely they will go trolling social media for more content. You do need to distribute your content in social media, but you also have to provide a central content hub – your digital newsroom.

70+ Resources on How to Start a WordPress Blog


Sure, there are other blogging platforms and content management systems you can use on your own domain, but none are quite as popular or powerful as WordPress. The following are resources for starting your own blog on WordPress including choosing a domain name, purchasing your domain, hosting, WordPress installation, themes, plugins, settings, essential pages, backups, updates, and more! Hosting Your Domain. Importing Your Content.

Technical Project Manager: A Guide on Their Role in Managing Your Digital Marketing Projects

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In this article, I’m going to talk about the importance of having a technical Project Manager who can ensure the successful delivery of any digital project that requires an external company to implement. A Technical Project Manager could be someone you have on your team… … or someone you hire in to help. And…this technical person needs to have management and marketing skills also! What is the role of a Project Manager? Project Management Tools.

7 Ways to Take the Media World by Storm

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Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from Joe Pulizzi’s new book Epic Content Marketing: How to Tell a Different Story, Break through the Clutter and Win More Customers by Marketing Less (McGraw-Hill, 2013). Most media companies either have legacy systems in print or (I can’t believe I’m saying this) digital. Yes, digital, as in desktop publishing, is becoming a legacy system. Repurpose All Your Content.

Don’t Kill Your SEO Chances Before Your Blog Has Even Begun


If you’ve got an exciting new blogging project, it’s very tempting to get the not particularly exciting stuff – hosting, blog platform selection – over and done with as quickly as possible in order to move on to truly bringing your idea to life. Hosting. Hosting is important from both a site speed and a reliability point of view. If your content will only ever be relevant to that country, consider using the country TLD for added trust from users.

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Stop Writing for Free and Launch Your Own Profitable Blog


To see the traffic and the success necessary to justify launching your own site, you’ll need to focus on a few key areas: Content Quality. Content Quality. It may be the rush to get thoughts out in the form of a blog, or it could be a lack of education in proper grammar and style, or it could be any number of things driving the quality of the content down the drain. The most likely cost you will incur is hosting. Let’s start with Shared Hosting.

Is Your Website in Dire Need of a Content Audit?

Writtent Blog

If the answer to either of the previous questions is yes – or more importantly, you’re just not sure where you stand, it’s probably due time to do a content audit. A content audit is the process of examining all of your company’s web content assets for quality, relevance, SEO value, and messaging. User experience specialist Vincent Sevilla writes that it “begins with identifying all of [your] website’s existing content and aggregating it into a master list.”

How to Create a Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan for Your WordPress Blog


When it comes to managing a website, the loss of such information causes more than just a headache for you. A WordPress site is nothing without the content you’ve created. Your site shouldn’t host the only copies of these pieces of content; best to keep them offsite (and offline) to protect them from being lost. Part 2: Creating a Layered Security System. According to W3Techs, WordPress is the single most popular content management system in the world.

Out With The Old…Rethinking Outdated Intranet Portal Models Part I – Introduction

SocMed Sean

“Traditional” intranet portals that are simply presentations layers with a back-end content management system just don’t cut it anymore. Instead, organizations want their employees to generate peer-to-peer content using 2.0 On top of new features and pricing models, new hosting options such as Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud hosting provide organizations additional options to consider when building or upgrading their portal.

eLearning & Deliberative Moments: The present and future of Personal Learning Environments (PLE)

Buzz Marketing for Technology

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