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I have an amazing team at Twist Image that did all design and infrastructure, but the content is all me (including the updating of the Blogroll). So, while I may not post daily, you will receive seven pieces of content from me each and every week. The core ideology is that the content should be of value to you first and foremost. From e-newsletters and magazine to business books and RSS feeds, I'm constantly consuming reading, watching and listening to content. It makes it much easier to find content later on. blogroll. content.

Blog Comment Spammer Leaves Comment. Forgets to Spin the Content.

Bill Hartzer

In some sort of effort to bypass Google’s duplicate content filter. In my opinion|Personally|In my view}, if all {webmasters|site owners|website owners|web owners} and bloggers made good content as you did, the {internet|net|web} will be {much more|a lot more} useful than ever before.| Is there a way I can {transfer|import} all my wordpress {content|posts} into it? Woah!

Etsy's PR Nightmare: Greeting Cards Making Light Of Rape

Waxing UnLyrical

Walking the transparency talk I WAS going to write about something to do with online integrity, but, like many well-meaning bloggers, I got side-tracked by my Twitter feed. Etsy does not pre-screen users or the content or information provided by users.” “Use The Terms of Use essentially constitute Etsy’s public statement of their content policy. Seems simple enough, right?

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Analyse your RSS Feed

Koka Sexton

Koka Sexton dot Com Home About Koka Contact Twitter FULL RSS Analyse your RSS Feed Your RSS readership is just as important as tracking your visitors with Google Analytics. I have all of my blogs pushing their RSS feeds through Feedburner. FeedBurner is the leading provider of media distribution and audience engagement services for blogs and RSS feeds. Leave a comment!

Weekly Roundup: The Magic of Discovery

Waxing UnLyrical

Waxing UnLyrical personal, possibly poetic, musings on public relations, media, communication, and everything in between About Shonali Weekly Roundup: The Magic of Discovery November 14th, 2010 Tweet Whither blogroll? A question from Davina Brewer on how folks are using their blogrolls got me thinking. I have a blogroll (I suspect you do too). What’s a gal to do? Smart.

How I Organize Google Reader for Blog Commenting


I started out on sites by photo bloggers I met at a photowalk in downtown Phoenix and branched out from there with people in their comments and on their blogrolls. So after a full weekend of removing feeds that hadn’t updated in a year, I began to slowly collect feeds from new bloggers I have connected with since the last time I did a full sweep of my RSS subscriptions.

What's your social currency?

Akamai Marketing

By taracoomans – April 4, 2011 Posted in: Content , Featured , social media Photo credit: BaronBrian 97 Million people use Twitter. This is all about content. If all you do is push content, then that’s a pretty one-sided relationship don’t you think? 640 Million on Facebook. Million users on YouTube. Ever ask yourself why they are there? Hold on. Wrong.

Tool Tuesday: SocialOomph

Akamai Marketing

All of these are things you can set on autopilot with the help of a 3rd party, but you can not do it directly from Twitter. For those services, I use and suggest SocialOomph. Welcome Direct Messages are both a useful tool and the bane of the Twitter existence. A DM is essentially a private message within Twitter; the person whom your sending the DM to has to be a follower. So why do it at all?

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Successful Blogging for Small and Medium Businesses

Akamai Marketing

Remarkable content isn’t easy to produce and don’t expect every brilliant blog post to go viral, but just because it doesn’t go viral doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be brilliant And remember, you can (and SHOULD use key words in your blog post) but don’t be a tool and write a blog post for Google, write it for your audience, use real language. Define it.

A Thousand Little Cuts of Social Media – A Kaizen Approach

Akamai Marketing

The idea holds water, or soda or a Belvedere vodka if your like me. Essentially its an idea “catch phrase&# born from the Kaizen approach. Maybe you are familiar with the Kaizen method to change. If you aren’t – hold on to your shorts boys and girls you about to get a quick 101. THEN, I’m going to tell you why its relevant to social media. Afraid of the time it takes.

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Tool Tuesday: Qwitter

Akamai Marketing

Using a form like this , if you are tracking your follows AND unfollows, you’ll begin to get a feel for how your content is reverberating across the Twitter-sphere.With trend tracking you can more easily identify which type of content is engaging or turning off and as importantly, you’ll see who is following and unfollowing and see if there is reason for concern.

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eLearning 2.0 Technologies and Concepts: Start Pages as Environments for Self-Organized Learners

Buzz Marketing for Technology

What I like most is the combination of RSS feeds, bookmarks and widgets in one tab (section) according to a context. It took me some time to realize that it is more effective to have on one section RSS feeds from one topic, together with the relevant bookmarks and widgets, rather than having all RSS feed, all bookmarks and all widgets on separate sections. The XHTML editor will be the tool for writing the contents, while the content manager will be the tool for distributing those contents among the services of the "cloud". Blogroll. eLearning 2.0

6 Tips to Make Your Blog More Successful in Reaching the.

What fuels the engine to this strategy is good content. You must consistently feed your inbound marketing machine with rich content or you will see a slow-down in traffic, search engine results and prospective client leads. The more content can also fuel repurposing content through other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Be consistent.

Taming the Content Curation Beast

Buzz Tracker: Twitter and PR Subscribe to this blogs feed Blog powered by TypePad Google Analytics Tracking code « What is PRs Most Dangerous Game (share YOUR story)? Main September 24, 2010 Taming the Content Curation Beast It is not easy, keeping all those social media outposts populated with fresh content. with related content from around the Web.  Check!

90 Tips to Make Your Blog Rock

Sometimes we need to find that inspiration to write that next post or optimize the blog so that maybe one day you will be able to monetize your expertise and content and retire to the Bahamas. Read and develop content on industry Trends – where is the industry going, what are the emerging hot segments 3. Publish content on what not to do! Use Alltop to promote your content.

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What the ComScore Digital Year in Review means for small biz marketers

Akamai Marketing

Mobile Content And speaking of mobile use, according to ComScore 2010 was the first year when 3G/4G penetration crossed the 50% threshold in November 2010; its no surprise then that digital content usage increased, in fact, by December 2010 nearly 47% of mobile subscribers were digitally connected (using browsers or downloading content, including apps), but the most used feature was text messaging.

20+ Commonly Asked Questions About Blogging & Online Marketing


It gives you full ownership of your blog & its content, full control over design & functionality, lots of support because of the number of people using & writing about WordPress, and an overall professional presentation. Content. Content is the heart of blogging – without great content, your blog will certainly fail. Enjoy! Blog Platform. Comments.

Tool Tuesday: PostRank Analytics

Akamai Marketing

As a blogger, there are numerous tools at your disposal to track how your content is doing. Because if you are creating content, you are likely distributing and promoting that content in variety of ways, including social media. It isn’t that we need a tool that does everything. Its that we need a tool that does what it does really well. Enter: PostRank.

Dear Blog Comment Spammer: I Think Your Comment Spam Tool is Broken

Bill Hartzer

made good content as you did, the {internet|net|web} will be {much. I will|I’ll} {right away|immediately} {take hold of|grab|clutch|grasp|seize|snatch} your {rss|rss feed} as I {can not|can’t} {in finding|find|to find} your {email|e-mail} subscription {link|hyperlink} or {newsletter|e-newsletter} service. my|our||my personal|my own} blogroll.|. Can you tell? {. {I Thanks.|. {It

Pros and Cons of Starting a Blog

Letting friends and family know is a great way to get started, but ultimately you need to build your audience through dynamic, interesting content targeted at a niche subject. I use it as the hub of all other activity and get more hits to it than our website. If you’re thinking about doing a blog, here are a few things to consider first. Pro – It’s Free! Con – Time Consuming.

A Look at Muck Rack's Twitter Press Release Service, 51 Releases Later

Adam Sherk

Releases are posted on their press release page (and in its RSS feed) and tweeted via @muckrack , which currently has 5k+ followers. Based on their press release page and RSS feed, since the service launched in late July they’ve distributed 51 press releases, a small number being their own. So I’ve been curious to see how their Twitter press release service would do.

On Alice in Wonderland and Social Media

Akamai Marketing

Once you know WHO, then you can decide HOW (platform) and WHY (content) you’ll be conversing with them. Alice had lots of marketing avenues to explore, and one day, while Alice was pondering her next marketing move, she saw a White Rabbit. Recently, I’ve been thinking about how social media compares to Alice in Wonderland. Would you eat or drink these? Alice does both. Confused?

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Like Stuff On Facebook? Say Cheese, You're An Ad!

Waxing UnLyrical

The unit will give brand-related action such as a “like&# or a check-in a lot more visibility on Facebook by adding them to an ad unit in addition to users’ news feeds. Though clearly marked with the words “sponsored story,&# the ad — which will includes a user’s name, just like the news feed — is not optional for Facebook users. Zilch. You tell me.

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Tactical Tips for Building an Online Community


These methods work for us, as proven by growing membership and increased traffic to featured blogs and archived content. Offer free blogs and use a Supporter plugin to enable enhanced features, or set membership levels for accessing premium content. Create a blog ring: Show network-wide global content in the headers and footers of all blogs across your network. Epilogue.

The Most Popular MLB Teams on Twitter and Facebook

Adam Sherk

BTW, I’m not saying seeing a Facebook feed and watching an entire game broadcast on TV are equal impressions. Real-time Blogroll (via Google Reader) Founder Scott Kurnit Launches Huge New Startup Called "AdKeeper" New Digg Buttons Released - Upgrade Now! Enjoy it while you can. But reach has value too and I like to see which teams are faring best in that area.

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Use CommentLuv for better comments - Koka Sexton dot Com

Koka Sexton

Once I left a comment I saw that it had grabbed a feed from my site of the last post and added it. If you enjoyed this post, make sure you subscribe to my RSS feed ! Koka Sexton dot Com Home About Koka Contact Twitter FULL RSS Use CommentLuv for better comments I just finished my daily ritual of reading my favorite sites. I will start to do this more often. Are you using commentluv?

How Pink Panties Heralded India's Social Media Movement

Waxing UnLyrical

With the number of dialects numbering over a thousand, these invite customized content delivery. If you liked what you saw and read, Id love you to subscribe to my RSS feed or subscribe by email. In the Indian context, the web has begun to move beyond a media genre that was no different in terms of interruption when compared to conventional media like television and radio. Awesome.

How to Really Build Backlinks and Dominate Google

Viper Chill

Links from other sites to your site are basically a ‘vote’ that tell search engines you are trusted and you are a good resource for whatever your content is about. To explain how this works in the most basic of forms, when you write articles (for free) for another website, they’re happy to give you a backlink in the byline in return for your content. Write Awesome Content A few years ago you could write an awesome post and it would receive hundreds of links. “Awesome&# content means a lot of different things to different people. Great point.

Blogger Outreach is Media Relations

– how will you track coverage and sharing of your content on and off the Web? Try a blog aggregator like Alltop or Regator , use Google Blog Search or read the blogrolls (blog suggestions) on other blogs you like. I’d add one tactical piece of advice: ‘Remember the retweet’: Retweeting bloggers’ content on Twitter is a great way to build relations.

Free Tools for Social SEO

Saying It Social

Keyword optimized social content and channels of promotion provide abundant signals to search engines for improved visibility on standard, social and real-time search. 2 days ago Blogroll Constant Commentary Mashable Social Media Examiner Techipedia NetworkedBlogs Blog: Saying It Social Topics: social media marketing , search engine optimization , social networking Follow my blog Facebook Page Feed Do you use social media to obtain customer retention/loyalty or are you primarily focused on customer acquisition? I'm guessing for most of you the answer is both.

Weekly Roundup: The Gerald Durrell Edition

Waxing UnLyrical

3 ways to get great content from your boring business , by Shannon Paul. If you liked what you saw and read, Id love you to subscribe to my RSS feed or subscribe by email. I still have not checked out Quora, heading over to Shannons post on making boring content better. What a cast of characters. Not to mention a whole host of plants, insects and animals. Do go have a read.

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Blog Design for ROI Rule #6: KISS Headers, Navigation, and Sidebars


Highlight Your Key Content. The sidebar was screaming for attention, distracting people from reading the post content. Considering the popularity of widgets (typically styled sidebar boxes like the one above) in the world of WordPress blog design, I’m probably not the only one prioritizing the sidebar over the main content. Show Love To Your Community. Maybe louder!

New Theme – MassivePress - Koka Sexton dot Com

Koka Sexton

MassivePress is a 3 column widget enabled WordPress theme featuring a thumbnail based posting style which gives you the ability to get more content in front of your users in a way that is clean and organized. If you enjoyed this post, make sure you subscribe to my RSS feed ! I dealt with it for a while and tested some others on the site. Leave a comment! Koka Sexton dot Com: [.]

Aggregation and curation: two concepts that explain a lot about digital change

Aggregation is one of the core concepts of content presentation and commercialization. But the concept in the digital content world means the selection and presentation of these disparate items to help a browser or consumer navigate and select from them. This is not about whether the content is free or behind a pay wall. Aggregation is one of the core concepts of content presentation and commercialization. No content makes its way from its creator to the public without aggregation. This is not about whether the content is free or behind a pay wall.

JVC Facebook Page Sweepstakes a Big Success. But Does it Violate.

Adam Sherk

Some marketers have felt that the guidelines are too limiting or controlling, but among other things Facebook is trying to prevent significant manipulation of the news feed. Of course everyone tries to facilitate engagement on their Facebook Pages and increase exposure in users’ news feeds; that’s a basic component of Facebook marketing. But Does it Violate Facebook Guidelines?

Real-Time News Curation - Types And Real-World Examples

To save editors time and abilities in finding and reporting the most relevant stories so that they can dwell more on content production, or to leverage to-the-max the power of new media technologies such as automated aggregators, search engines, or social analysis tools, to extract on auto-pilot the best content and news available out there? Types of Curation 1. magazine in 2006.

News Sites Not Making Much Use of Static FBML on Facebook Pages

Adam Sherk

But Facebook Pages remain a key audience development and content promotion opportunity for publishers so it is important to make the most of them. News sites have a big advantage over other companies on Facebook because they regularly produce breaking news and other forms of quality content that can be featured on their pages and placed in user news feeds. The short answer?

On Lists, Their Importance, And How To Get On One

Waxing UnLyrical

Talk to them, engage with them and their content and show them that you should be on that list. For example: Obvious: Share their content. If you’re sharing PR-related content, an obvious hashtag is #pr. Because even if your content is not relevant solely to independent PR professionals, it might still be of interest to them. Yes, really! You know why? and so on.

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Google Social Search: Are You in Your Target Audiences' Social.

Adam Sherk

by Adam Sherk on October 29, 2009 This week Google unveiled Google Social Search , an opt-in feature that provides additional search results with content from a user’s “social circle” of friends and trusted sources. For news and content sites the task is fairly straightforward as lots of users are already subscribed to their RSS feeds, Twitter accounts, Facebook Pages, etc.

Yahoo Adds Enhanced News Results to searchmonkey

Adam Sherk

Home About Contact PR Publishing SEO Social Media Subscribe Adam Sherk Yahoo Adds Enhanced News Results to SearchMonkey by Adam Sherk on August 31, 2009 On Friday Yahoo announced new additions to its SearchMonkey enhanced results, including options for news content. Once the markup is added the enhanced results should appear in Yahoo after the content has been crawled again. Real-time Blogroll (via Google Reader) Founder Scott Kurnit Launches Huge New Startup Called "AdKeeper" New Digg Buttons Released - Upgrade Now! Not sure what SearchMonkey is?