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[DIGITAL TIPS] Combining SEO And PPC To Advance Your Marketing Strategy

SocMed Sean

SocMedSean - Social.Media.Sean [DIGITAL TIPS] Combining SEO And PPC To Advance Your Marketing Strategy The world of online marketing is a dynamic and ever-changing one. Understanding the value of SEO and PPC The best place to start is with the long-term goal in mind. This is referred to as your organic content strategy, or SEO.

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8 Ways To Improve Your Small Business Website

When looking at two competing businesses a customer is likely to go with the one that has a more professional, engaging, website. In this article, we will look at ways one can improve their small business website. Having one’s website optimized for mobile may require hiring a quality Kansas City website design firm.

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Ready Yourself Now for a Mobile Only Future

Waxing UnLyrical

This mobile-only group of users is forecasted to increase to 52 million people by 2021. For businesses, that means learning how mobile-only communication is different than other types of communication, and driving automation as much as possible when working in this space. Keep scrolling to find out.

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Android Marketing For Local Small Businesses | Small Business.

Small Business Mavericks

Businesses represented in the check-in offers include: Arby’s Radio Shack Quizno’s Great Clips That may not look like much, but all of those are major chain stores. What if you were to make an Android-Latitude offer for your small business? If you are a local small business anywhere in the U.S.,

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Small Business Marketing Through iPhone Apps | Small Business.

Small Business Mavericks

So is that a great opportunity to promote your small business? Small businesses are even getting in on the picture and it won’t be long before having your own iPhone app is going to be as important as having your own website. Everyone is using the cell phone these days to log on, tune in, and plug up. You bet it is.

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What the New Google+ Mobile App Additions Mean to Small Business Owners


With today’s relaunch of the Google+ mobile apps for iPhone and Android, it’s gotten even easier to let customers and clients keep tabs on your day to day, and give them a glimpse of the faces that make your company work. Mobile Community Controls. To learn more about the new Google+ mobile additions, see the Oringal Post.

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Mobile Is Here – Are You Ready for Mobile Marketing?


OK, we know that mobile Internet usage is rising exponentially, and clearly, it is no fad, its here to stay. Smartphones and tablets are becoming a paramount marketing consideration, and skyrocketing mobile use has critical implications for business. An impressive 75% of mobile Internet users make purchases on mobile devices.

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