How to Delete Facebook Notifications


While it is an awesome way to connect with friends on Social media, it floods your phone with alerts and notifications whenever you access the app. Luckily, there is a workaround to delete Facebook notification and easily connect on social media without being disturbed.

How To Resolve Low Battery Notification Issues On Windows 10


This pressure on the laptop is resulting in one common issue that is low battery notification on Windows 10. Methods to Resolve Low Battery Notification in Windows 10: – 1. Turn on battery notification. Doing so will restore the notification on Windows 10.


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How To Disable Chrome Notifications On Windows 10?


Google Chrome is a feature packed browser that lets you make as many tweaks as you want be it enabling notifications or saving passwords on Chrome. Do you even know when you have turned on its notifications while browsing? All such random notifications might be invasive or unwanted.

Here’s How to Make Snapchat Notifications Private on iPhone


Getting notifications on your home or lock screen is one of the best services you get absolutely FREE of cost. & imagine you stop getting app notifications, there is a possibility that you may miss out on some important info that could’ve been useful for you.

You’re Too Old for Facebook’s New App | Social You Should Know

Ignite Social Media

I’ll discuss that, plus improvements that make Facebook video ads much easier and Twitter notifications much cleaner, in this week’s Social You Should Know. In addition to easily taking your photos and making them ads, you can now add text and music, create an ad on mobile and even use images from Facebook’s stock library to supplement your own. Facebook this week introduced Lifestage, a new app only available to people in the “high school” life stage.

Focus Assist: Tweak Windows 10 for Work Mode


But sometimes working on Windows may get distracting because of all the notifications that Windows keeps displaying every now and then for all the mails you received, game updates, messages, calendar reminders, and what not. Hence, you can’t just turn off windows notifications permanently.

Best Free Medicine Reminder Apps For Android in 2021


These medication reminder apps are very useful in sending notifications to remind you to take your medicine. Scheduling data and time for the medicine reminders is easy and you can also customize the notifications for the medication reminders. Customizable pill reminder notifications.

Facebook Quiet Mode, What Is It & How To Enable It?


Facebook’s Quiet mode feature lets users turn off the push notifications. Using this mode, users can set a timer for the time they do not want any push notifications related to Facebook. When you enable Facebook Quiet mode , the main interface gets hidden by a full screen notification.

Best PushBullet Alternatives in 2020


You can get a free version of PushBullet, but if you do not wish to go for a pro version, you might miss below-mentioned things: Mirrored notifications. Actionable notifications. The best feature of Crono is the notification mirroring experience on the big screen.

How To Turn Off iMessage On Mac


iii) How To Turn Off iMessage Notifications On Your Mac? Here we will also tell you how you can switch off iMessage notification as well – (i) Deactivate iMessage on Mac – In this method, we are temporarily going to shut off iMessage from appearing on your Mac – 1.

Block Pop-Ups in Windows 10 in a snap


Turn Off Windows Notifications. Turn Off Windows Notifications. Needless to say, such notifications or “ads” may interfere with your work. Once the Settings window opens head to Notifications & actions. You can also type Notifications & actions in the search box.

How To Find Duplicate Videos On Mac


Related Read: How to merge photo libraries on Mac. Also, it sends you notifications daily so that you can get into a habit of cleaning your computer regularly. For more such tech-related content, follow Tweak library on all social media platforms.

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How to Use Guest Mode on Android


In the notification bar tap on the profile icon. In the notification bar tap on your Profile icon.(It All the notifications that you have received while the device was in Guest mode will now start popping up. Tap on the profile icon on the notifications bar.

How To Manage Android App Permissions


The first is to go to Advanced Settings under Apps & Notifications. Go to Apps & Notifications. Not only this, the Apps & Notifications tab under Settings on Android phone allows you to check for special app access settings.

Find Free, On-brand Stock Photos with Later


How to Add Unsplash Content to Your Library. It takes just minutes to search for and find great images to add your Later Media Library. This is where you will find the Unsplash Photo Library. Step #3 Import a Photo You Want to Add to Your Media Library .

Fix These Five Annoying Android Settings To Make The Most Of Your Device


Disable Notifications In Your Device. Not because you’ll be bombarded with texts on WhatsApp or other social media platforms but because you’ll be flooded with notifications from the apps that you don’t even know existed in your device. Locate the Notifications and tap on it.

Fixed – Windows 10 Taskbar Items Flickering And Flashing


It contains elements such as the Start button, the Search bar, Cortana, the Notifications center tray, the System Tray, charging status, volume button, so on and so forth. Check the App Icon For Any Pending Notification. Check the App Icon For Any Pending Notification.

How to Schedule and Automatically Publish LinkedIn Posts with Later


How to Schedule and Automatically Publish LinkedIn Posts (No Notifications Required!). Step #2: Drag and drop content from the Later Media Library to your Calendar and select the time and date.

Windows 10 Taskbar Isn’t Hiding in Fullscreen? Check Out The Fix!!


Disable Apps Notifications. Not the last one but another attempt to fix the issue of Windows 10 taskbar hiding in fullscreen is disabling the notifications you get from the apps. appeared first on Tweak Library.

How to Start Spotting and Avoiding Fake Malware Warnings


Notifications on System Tray Dressed as OS Warnings. I don’t think anyone can say that they haven’t seen the tray notifications while using the internet on the system. Even though you are working on full screen like video or browsers, you still can’t stop the tray notifications.

How to Remove a Gmail Account From Your Android Device


In simpler terms you just want the account to be dormant without any notifications. Under such circumstances, you can also choose to turn off the sync and notifications on your Gmail account. How To Turn Off Notifications And Sync On Your Gmail Account?

How To Opt-In and Out of Contact Tracing For Android & iOS


And, here comes an even important part whether you opt-in for contact tracing on Android or contact tracing on iPhone, as a user you get to decide whether or not to show your exposure data or notifications. Tap on COVID – 19 Exposure Notifications and toggle it on.

Connect your Android Phone to Chromebook with ‘Phone Hub’


With Phone Hub, users will be able to get all their Android Notifications , calls, and Messages on their Chromebook. Step 7: Under the settings, you can also decide what information you want to be displayed which includes “NOTIFICATIONS” and “RECENT CHROME TABS”.

Windows 10 Annoying Quirks That Are Better To Do Away With


Annoyance # 4: Say No To Notifications. But, not every time would you like to be notified by an app, shut the notification down, and then move on with your task? Getting rid of notifications is not a tough task. And, then click on Notifications & Actions.

Social Media Updates: July


It allows you to optimize your schedule and budget, check campaign performance and respond to your notifications anywhere, any time. Twitter Removes Background Wallpaper From User Home Pages : Twitter recently made background images from Home and Notifications timelines available only to logged-in users to present a cleaner, more unified look to new users. Subscriber notifications to ensure you don’t miss out on your favorites.

Here’s How You Can Keep Social Media Usage In Check


Disable Social Media Notifications. We are more inclined to pick up our smartphones and peep into a social media platform as soon as we see a notification. The best way to limit social media use is to disable these notifications.

How to Set Up Google Alerts to Track News


If you have set up Google Alert for some specific topic or anything for that matter, the constant or continuous email notifications can give you a hard time. The process to get the notifications on RSS Feed instead of Gmail inbox are as below: 1.

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CleanMyMacX Rolls Out Native Support For Apple Silicon Macs With M1 Processor


The widget can be accessed from the macOS Notification Center. So if you liked the write-up, give it a thumbs up and for more such interesting tech-filled stuff keep reading Tweak Library.

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Fix – Windows 10 Settings App Not Opening


5 – Open Settings Via Notifications Center. 5 – Open Settings Via Notifications Center. Click on the Notifications center. The post Fix – Windows 10 Settings App Not Opening appeared first on Tweak Library.

Customize Windows taskbar setting to fit in everything


Reduce Notification Area. The notification area is located on the bottom-right area of the taskbar that generally shows Date, Time, Days, Connections, Volume, language, etc. Ensure that ‘Always show all icons in the notification area’ is turned off.

Where To Locate Steam Screenshot Folder On Any Operating System


Another way to open the saved Steam screenshots from Steam is to go to the game Library. When you close the game, you can go to the bottom of the Steam interface and locate the Steam Library. Here you can see the View Screenshots Library.

How to Fix iPhone Reminders Not Working


Check Notification Settings for Reminders. Next step to fix iPhone reminders not working is to check the notification settings of your device. Now in Settings tap on the Notifications. On the Reminders screen, make sure that the Allow Notifications option is enabled.

How to Schedule Instagram Carousel Posts


In your Media Library , check off one or more images or videos for your carousel post. Once you’ve scheduled your post, you will receive a mobile app notification when it’s time to publish. Instagram carousel posts must be published through mobile notification publishing.

How To Fix: Android Apps Keep Crashing?


Locate App & notifications. To force stop a crashing app, open Settings > Apps & notifications > See All Apps > Select App (e.g. For App permissions, go to Settings > Apps & notifications > App permissions. Keep reading Tweak Library.

Thoughts on Simple Living

Ari Herzog

Why own a book when I can check it out from the library? Do you know about the national emergency library ? Messages and notifications will be there when you return. Here are my thoughts on simple living: Buy less and give more.

How to Order Online from JioMart on WhatsApp


SMS Notifications – After you receive the order confirmation message, JioMart contact saved in your phone will start sending the SMS notifications to your WhatsApp contact to let you know about the order progress. . You will receive all the notifications through WhatsApp. .

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Best Gardening Apps For Android And iOS


Features: Gives prompt notifications on time for harvesting and sowing. Create notifications for each vegetable in your garden. Till then keep reading Tweak Library more tech related fun content. The post Best Gardening Apps For Android And iOS appeared first on Tweak Library.

How To Use Fossil?s Smartwatch App On Hybrid Watches?


As soon as you buy a new hybrid watch, download this amazing app to monitor your daily activities including sleep time , you can create custom notifications, set alarms, and change Fossil watch faces using shortcuts. appeared first on Tweak Library. Do you use Hybrid Watches?

Where do Facetime Live Photos go and How to Find Them


Moreover, as of now, there is no way to stop the notifications on the device of other people while clicking live photos during FaceTime. However, to stop the notifications you can opt for taking a screenshot. For more such content, follow Tweak Library on all social media platforms.

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How to Send Large Video Files on WhatsApp


If you try to share a large file, you will see a pop with a notification stating that “you can only share less than 128 MB file on Documents app. . Additionally, do not forget to subscribe to Tweak Library on YouTube and all social media platforms. .