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The social media marketer’s guide to YouTube marketing

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With 2 billion unique users watching 1 billion hours of video every day, YouTube offers an excellent platform to market your business. Add that to the compelling nature of video in marketing and you have a winning combination. In fact, video marketing has helped marketers to increase traffic, generate leads and reduce the number of support calls. So there’s no doubt that leveraging YouTube will help you achieve all of these goals and more.

How to Repost on Instagram Like a Pro

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Twitter has retweets, Facebook has shares, but what does Instagram have for sharing great content? To share is to repost on Instagram. Instagram has now been around for a decade, but it still can feel like a new and puzzling platform. As algorithms are updated regularly, you need to know hat is working now to grow your followers and get your content seen by more people. One part of that is having an effective reposting strategy. Republishing/Reposting Defined.


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How to Promote Your Podcast on Instagram


For many brands, promoting podcasts on Instagram is one of the best ways to get eyes (and ears!) on your latest episode. But with 800,000 podcasts indexed by Apple, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd — and that’s just the current number, the competition is always growing. We asked Mitzi Payne, creator of @wavessocial podcast and owner of @helloarcade agency, to share her experience promoting podcasts on social media.

(Social Media) Strategy: Lessons from the Trenches

Dave Fleet

I’m fortunate to have benefited from a number of strong mentors and leaders who have supported me or taken a chance on me throughout my career (thanks to Melissa Thomson , Howard Jones, Terry Fallis , Joseph Thornley , Tristan Roy and others).

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

Instagram is Testing a Double-Story Stories Feed with Some Users

Social Media Today

Instagram is testing a double-story Stories feed in the app, continuing its gradual shift towards becoming a Stories-first platform

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[Step-By-Step Guide] Updating And Optimizing Old Blog Posts For Increased Traffic

SocMed Sean

SocMedSean - Social.Media.Sean. Step-By-Step Guide] Updating And Optimizing Old Blog Posts For Increased Traffic. One of the best ways to increase traffic is to update older blog posts that are already ranking, but not performing as you'd like. Here is my step-by-step process to update posts for better results. Step-By-Step Guide] Updating And Optimizing Old Blog Posts For Increased Traffic. Sean R. Nicholson.

(Social Media) Strategy: Lessons from the Trenches

Dave Fleet

I’m fortunate to have benefited from a number of strong mentors and leaders who have supported me or taken a chance on me throughout my career (thanks to Melissa Thomson , Howard Jones, Terry Fallis , Joseph Thornley , Tristan Roy and others).

Instagram Announces Next Stage of IGTV Monetization, New Revenue Options for Instagram Live

Social Media Today

Instagram has announced a new way for creators to generate revenue from Instagram Live, and the next stage of ads in IGTV content

How to Craft a Social Media Landing Page That Wows

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Create a landing page that wows your audience and helps you meet marketing campaign goals. Here’s how to do so and examples of brands getting them right. In regards to social media marketing, you know your stuff. Your social media audiences are growing steadily. Your reach is off the charts. Even your engagement rates are sky-high. But what happens when followers click on the links you share?

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations.

Free Marketing Consulting & Coaching Zoom Q&A Calls EVERY THURSDAY with Yasmin


Please join me every Thursday at 1 pm ET for these Marketing Consulting & Coaching Zoom Q&A call for women business owners. Get your questions answered about how to transition your business online, especially now in our current COVID-19 landscape, how to be more savvy with marketing, how to reach and help more people or how to create content that will help you stand out.

Stress Management in a Pandemic

Janet Fouts

Business as usual just doesn’t exist for most of the world right now. On top of that many of the resources we’ve learned to rely on have either stopped or radically changed. An article in the New York Times in 2019 (pre pandemic) indicated that Americans were the most stressed-out population in the world! I’m not sure how those numbers would look now, but I’m willing to guess that stress levels are at an all-time high worldwide.

Facebook Launches New App Called 'CatchUp' to Facilitate Group Phone Chats

Social Media Today

Facebook's experimental app team, NPE, has released its sixth new app, as the company looks to find new use cases

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A Step-by-Step Walk Through the New Facebook Messenger Rooms

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Everyone’s been talking about the new Facebook Messenger Rooms … but what do they mean for you and your business? Maybe you have noticed a new feature on Facebook under your status updates: Rooms. This new Facebook feature is set to compete against Zoom and other video-conferencing tools. But is it any good? Will it work for you? Facebook Rooms allow up to 50 people to meet simultaneously with no time limit on the meeting. But can you use them for business?

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Social Media Marketing GPS

SMGPS will tell you the why & how to use social media for marketing, 1 tweet at a time. You'll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls.

Free Marketing Consulting & Coaching Zoom Q&A Calls EVERY Friday


With Yasmin & Elinor . Get your questions answered about how to transition your business online, especially now in our current COVID-19 landscape, how to be more savvy with marketing, how to reach and help more people or how to create content that will help you stand out.

5 Types of TikTok Content Brands Can Dominate

Ignite Social Media

Before 2020, TikTok was slowly growing a following among Gen Z audiences worldwide. Now, with the recent shift in consumer behavior due to the COVID-19 pandemic, TikTok has grown to over 800 million active users and diversified its audience with a rapid increase in Millennial users. So now that all eyes are on TikTok, how do brands create an active presence that drives business results? One thing’s for sure, it’s not by participating in dance challenges.

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Google Launches Discovery Ads in All Regions, Providing New Ways to reach Browsing Consumers

Social Media Today

Google has expanded the availability of its Discovery Ads, providing a new way to reach users across its apps

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Why You Shouldn’t Have More Than One Facebook Profile

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Wondering why you shouldn’t have more than one Facebook profile? We break down all the reasons and offer solutions in this post. You should only have one Facebook profile. Trust me, I get the allure of having multiple profiles for your personal use. You can have one that’s family-approved, where your mom and Aunt Cindy can comment how much they love you all day every day. And another that is coworker- and boss-appropriate.

How to Be Social: A Social Media Manifesto

Learn the 10 worst social media marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

Non Wels is a @feelyhuman and so are you! #mindfulsocial

Janet Fouts

Empathy, emotions, vulnerability, these emotions are a part of all of us, even if we don’t fully acknowledge them, and these days emotions seem to be taking us over from time to time, don’t they? . This week I’m chatting with Non Wels, founder of the podcast You Me Empathy and the Feely Human Collective , a safe space for us all to gather and learn about ourselves and our emotional lives which is launching on May 27. Just what we all need right now!

How to Create a Social Media Strategy in 8 Easy Steps (Free Template)


A social media strategy is a summary of everything you plan to do and hope to achieve on social media. It guides your actions and lets you know whether you’re succeeding or failing. The more specific your plan is, the more effective it will be. Keep it concise. Don’t make it so lofty and broad that it’s unattainable or impossible to measure. In this post, we’ll walk you through an eight-step plan to create a winning social media marketing strategy of your own.

LinkedIn is Considering New Reactions to Express More Responses During COVID-19

Social Media Today

LinkedIn is considering new Reactions types to help users express responses to COVID-19 reports

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[Interview] Cookie-less world: ‘The need to get insights from advertising and social will not stop growing’


Google's project to end third-party cookies has not been affected by the current health crisis, quite the contrary. The company is now looking for collaborators to start experimenting with its “Privacy Sandbox”, an initiative launched last year to put forward ideas about how behavioral advertising and ad measurement on the web would work in a future without cookies. Audience Intelligence

8 Stupid Simple Social Media Tricks to Boost SEO

Discover just how easy it is to boost SEO with social media.

Create Facebook Pixel Events for Time Spent

Jon Loomer

In this post, I’m going to walk through how to create a custom Facebook pixel event based on time spent on your website (all pages or a section of your website). That event will help you better track, optimize, and target those who spend the most time on your website. This is a big deal. It’s more than simply creating a custom audience of those who spent the most time on your website , as is already easily possible (top 5%, 10%, and 25%).

9 Social Media Templates to Save You Hours of Work


These social media templates cover every stage of the social marketing journey. From planning and creating content, to publishing posts and measuring results. Fill them, customize them, and save yourself a ton of time. It’s that simple. You’ll see results, too. Social media strategy template. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to improve your current social marketing strategy , you need this essential resource.

YouTube Rolls Out Video Chapters to All Creators

Social Media Today

After testing them with selected users over the last month, YouTube is now officially launching its new chapters segmentation display for video clips

9 Exciting Instagram Features Coming in 2020


A flurry of new features is coming to Instagram in 2020, including Facebook Shops, IGTV Ads, Instagram Live shopping, and so much more! Plus, Instagram is finally letting creators earn money from the content they share on IGTV — a longtime requested feature from Instagram’s creator community. Keep reading to learn more about all the new and exciting Instagram features coming in 2020: Table of Contents. Facebook Shops. Instagram Shop. IGTV Ads. Badges on Instagram Live.

How To Check RAM Speed In Windows 10?


Is your computer running slower than usual? Your system’s RAM is used to run applications and files, if your PC has more RAM storage. It is so annoying because after spending an hour to check memory, you still can’t figure out what your computer’s RAM speed is. But don’t worry there are various ways by which you can check RAM speed easily and quickly. Follow this troubleshooting guide and find the best methods below. Jump To Straight: . Method 1- Through Task Manager.

What’s wrong with online community today?

Janet Fouts

If you know me, you know that community has always been the backbone of my work, and the foundation of my business. You may also know that taking a thoughtful and mindful approach to how we communicate with others really matters. In the last week, I have been so overwhelmed with sadness, and there are a lot of reasons for that. There’s the growing polarity in our country and around the world.

Facebook Launches Yet Another New App, This Time Focused on Live Event Engagement

Social Media Today

Facebook's experimental NPE team has released its eighth app, with a live-sports companion tools called 'Venue'

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The Evolving Relationship Between Marketing and Information Technology


The working relationship between marketing, sales and information technology is growing. Technology evolutions have impacted people and companies profoundly over the last decade leaving many B2B marketers in a beautiful world of so much tech. But with an abundance of marketing technology and most B2B marketers not IT trained, the synergy between marketers, sales professionals and IT teams matter even more.

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