Tue.Jul 14, 2020

Facebook Rolls Out New Image Presentation Options to More Users

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Facebook is rolling out a new set of options for image presentation within posts

Five Unique Ways to Use Social Media to Enrich Your SEO


It’s time to look at social media beyond being a way to connect with people and see it for what it can really do for your business. Used correctly, social media can generate more business for you than any other marketing channel, so you can’t afford to take it lightly.

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Facebook Launches New Hosting System for Music Videos, Which Could Give Facebook Watch a Boost

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Facebook is launching a new program designed to lure more musicians to post exclusive video clips to the platform

7 Things to Look for When Shopping for Twitter Management Tools

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Shopping for Twitter management tools? Our survey of community managers all over the globe returned seven universal features you must look for. With a gazillion Twitter management tools out there, how do you find the perfect match for you and your business?

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Facebook Publishes New Report on the Impacts of the COVID-19 Lockdowns on SMBs

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Facebook has published a new report which looks at how SMBs are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic across the world

Seven Benefits Businesses Achieve Through Tax Laws

The Realtime Report

Seven Benefits Businesses Achieve Through Tax Laws. Starting a business is not a piece of cake. It takes a lot of struggle and hard work to establish and nurture a company. Over time, you must have encountered tremendous obstacles to ensure business stability and gradual growth.

YouTube Adds Data on Other Videos Your Viewers Have Watched and New Audience Retention Metrics

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YouTube is rolling out new insights into other content your viewers watched, as well as new data on Audience Retention for your channel

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LinkedIn Continues to Add More Quick Creation Option in the Post Composer

Social Media Today

With LinkedIn engagement reaching new highs, the platform is working to add in new tools to keep the content flowing

The Digital Gap

Ari Herzog

Whether an adult is working from home or a child is engaged in remote learning, the process is the same: Use a computer or mobile device, connect to a website, log into a system, and submit data. Maybe the instructions involve listening to a sound file.

Instagram Reels vs TikTok; Which App is Better For Making Short Videos?


We all know on an international level, India is quite a big market or new technical services or apps. & & recently, Due to security & privacy issues , India and has banned quite a couple of apps including a popular short video app , TikTok.

The Most Discussed Brands in Q2 2020 and during Covid-19 lockdown


What were the most discussed brands online in Q2 2020? Amazon, Netflix, Nintendo, Tiktok and Zoom made it to the Top 5 this quarter. Brands digimind ranking

What Are App Clips on iPhone And How Do They Work?


iOS 14 is already getting attention from all over the world for its latest & improved features. Going public this fall, iOS 14 beta version has already been launched & is getting great reviews from users. &

Report: Millennials, Generation Z Turn To Social Media First For Health Advice

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A concerning new study reports the majority of millennials and members of Generation Z rely first on social media platforms for their health information. Social Media /social-media Innovation /innovation Social Media /social-media

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How to Fix “Your Connection Is Not Private” Error


Browsing experience can never be seamless, and often we encounter errors that we are unaware of. One such error on Chrome browser is “ Your Connection Is Not Private” and is encountered on Google Chrome browsers.

Top 5 User-Generated Content Tools of 2020


User-generated content tools (UGC) are highly effective for combatting stale and ineffective content. But, collecting and sharing user-generated content is only half the battle. Good user-generated content tools help you collect and publish UGC, all in one platform.

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How To Block Jio Sim Card: 5 Alternatives


You may land in a situation where you would need to know how to block Jio SIM. If you lose your smartphone, you need to prevent any misuse from your phone. Or if your chip gets damaged. In these cases, you should block your SIM card.

Pornhub’s Big Package Gives 100 Small Businesses Billions Of Free Ad Impressions

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Pornhub's Big Package For Small Business campaign is giving 100 small businesses around the world billions of ad impressions for free. Consumer Tech /consumer-tech Innovation /innovation Consumer Tech /consumer-tech Social Media /social-media technology

Duracell Giving Away Millions of Batteries to People in Need During the Pandemic


Many organizations are helping their customers and the communities they serve during the pandemic. For example, I’ve seen local restaurants serving hungry people and local companies donating masks to those who need them in their work.

Social Media's Latest Copyright Crackdown

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Last month Twitch users began to get "takedown notices" for the first time. Social Media /social-media Innovation /innovation Social Media /social-media innovation socialmedia

Record and Edit Webcam Videos with VEED


What if you could use the same tool you make a screen recording with to edit your video? With VEED’s brand new webcam recorder you can!

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What is a Niche and Why Exactly is it Important for Your Business?

Amy Porterfield

If you’ve been dabbling in the online business or marketing world for a hot minute, then you know how much this space loves a good buzzword. Email funnels. Drip campaigns. There’s also a lot of advice that gets tossed around pretty frequently.

Social Media Video Dimensions 2020 [Infographic]

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Ensure your posted videos look their best with this overview of key video dimensions and details for each of the major social platforms

RENTCafe Picks ‘Best Tourist Destinations For Remote Work’ In Covid-19’s Social Media Age

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With no set procedures and fewer possible solutions to handle the ongoing pandemic, work from home looks certain to grow in necessity. Social Media /social-media Innovation /innovation Social Media /social-media

New Research Highlights Trump Campaign's Focus on Microtargeted Messaging via Facebook Ads

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New research from Bloomberg has shown that the Trump campaign has run 21x more Facebook ads than the Biden camp, using finite targeting to hone specific messages

JAMIA Explores Self-Reported Covid-19 Symptoms On Twitter As Research Resource

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The JAMIA study also compares symptom distributions across other studies to create a “symptom lexicon” for future research. Social Media /social-media Innovation /innovation Social Media /social-media

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