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Influencer Marketing: How to Co-Create Content with Top Industry Influencers

Pam Moore

One way you can gain immediate traction and competitive advantage is to work with influencers in your industry or niche to create partnered content with them. The same study also found that 86% of marketers use influencer marketing as part of their content strategy.

We’ve Updated Our Influence Measurement Guide

The Realtime Report

In March of this year we published The Realtime Report’s Guide to Influence Measurement Tools. Our goal was to cut through the hype and provide a clear-eyed, no-nonsense look at the evolving tools and best practices for identifying, prioritizing and engaging influencers.

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Three Influencer Marketing Secrets to Drive Traffic

Webbiquity SMM

Because of this aversion to ads, using influencers to sell products has become all the rage. Or perhaps you’re looking for new ways to get influencers engaged. Look for mid-level influencers; don’t just target the biggest names in your industry. Guest post by Tim Brown.

Six Keys to Make It With Influencer Marketing

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Influencer marketing is becoming an increasingly popular, and powerful, tool for marketers. A common trend across quite a number of these posts—including pieces from Forbes , Entrepreneur , NewCo Shift , and AdWeek —was increased use of influencer marketing.”

Salorix Launches AI-Powered Predictive Influencer Marketing And Social Media Management Platform

The Realtime Report

And this doesn’t include all of the conversations in which customers are talking about your product category or your competitors. Amplfy goes way beyond using a one-dimensional Klout score to rank influencers. Focus on Conversations, not Influencers.

Myths Keeping Social Media out of Regulated Industries

Adam Sherk

The volume of tweets and when tweets occur (time of day, day of week) also have a strong influence on user retweets. Be sure to share things from other sources too and get involved in related conversations. By now Twitter is an important part of most publishers’ audience development and content promotion efforts.

How to Get an Influencer's Attention

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

As information flow is infinite, many find that it is of utmost importance to capture the attention of the select few who serve as influencers — these are the people who can actually stop their followers in their tracks to help spread your message.

CES 2017: Twitter, CTA, Conversable Team Up on CES Twitter Guide

SocialTimes Twitter

Attending CES can be an overwhelming experience, but the Consumer Technology Association, Twitter and Conversable teamed up on a solution to combat the confusion.

5 Proven Instagram Hashtag Strategies from the Airline Industry

Simply Measured

Visuals have always been key in the travel industry, so it isn’t a surprise that Instagram is now one of the top five travel marketing channels. If you are looking for engagement in a visually-rich industry like travel, you cannot ignore Instagram.

Best social media tools bringing conversions to your online store


Not to mention, the whole point of working through social media is to bring in conversions for your online store. Many social tools for boosting conversions litter the internet, so we put together a list of the options that are going to bring you results, fast.

Interview with Social Media Influencer: Tamara Littleton

Social Media Citizens

She regularly speaks at conferences and contributes white papers to aid learning and development within the social media industry. G: How would you define a social media “influencer”? T: An influencer is someone who has a voice on social media and who other people listen to and respect.

Science-ing the Sh*t out of Influencer Marketing


Interested in the science behind influencer marketing and social networking theory? …Being well-connected or strategically positioned within a social network may impact one’s ability to influence others more than the size of one’s following.

Why Listening Is The Key To Influence


The key to online success is influence. What Makes a Powerful Influencer? Since they influence so many followers, it makes sense that brands reach out to them as spokespersons. They may not provide the social influence significant to your brand’s success.

8 Influencer Strategies for Retail Brands to Boost Sales

Simply Measured

Mobile commerce (mcommerce) is turning to social influencers to drive sales and engagement online. Your business will greatly benefit from having these “social celebrities” on your side, as influencers impact every stage in your sales funnel. Here’s how: Awareness – Influencers extend your reach to their loyal audience base. Consideration – Influencers spark higher engagement online and increase the amount of qualified leads flowing into your sales funnel.

The 4 Best Influencer Marketing Studies of 2015 (So Far)

Convince & Convert

I read influencer marketing blogs and newsletters every day. Technology Plus Human Eyes Deliver Best Results Two studies were recently released on influencer marketing revealing what makes for successful influencer outreach.

How Much Should You Pay Social Media Influencers?

Sprout Social

Although some marketers have questioned the value of influencer marketing , it has become one of the most effective marketing tactics for many successful brands. Research from Sway Group reported marketers who implemented an influencer marketing campaign earned an average of $6.85

5 Great Hashtag Campaigns From The Hospitality Industry

Talkwalker SM

Here are 5 great examples of hashtag campaigns from the hospitality industry that will inspire your social media strategy. of the Consumer Decision Journey Using Social Listening” #SPGLife: Starwood leverages UGC to boost website conversions.

How Brands Can Overcome the Biggest Influencer Marketing Challenges

Simply Measured

You’re familiar with influencer marketing. Now you want to launch your very own influencer marketing campaign, but you want to make sure you’re doing it right. . Challenge #1: Measuring Influencer Marketing ROI. Create Custom URLs for Each Influencer.

Essential tools for influencer marketing

Target audience: Social marketers, influence marketers, businesses, brands, digital marketers, SEO specialists, entrepreneurs, educators, journalists, Web publishers. While influencer marketing is PR, you need to treat it like sales.

5 Tips for Finding the Right Social Influencers for Your Brand

Convince & Convert

When it comes to consumer spending, online content and social conversations have a huge impact on how and what people choose to buy. In this new social paradigm, bloggers and others with loyal followers on social media are the new influencers. Who Are These New Influencers?

Tomorrowland: Conquering the EDM world through influencer marketing


According to Festival Insights, the music festival industry was valued at more than 2.3 Forbes identified that the electronic dance music market , has grown by 54% between 2013 to 2016 2 highlighting the clear value this genre has brought to the music industry in recent years.

Interview with Social Media Influencer: Tom H. C. Anderson

Social Media Citizens

G: How would you define a social media “influencer”? T: Anyone who is active on a social media channel of any sort is an influencer. Conversely, they can also be influenced to some degree. G: How do you measure the influence? Tom H.

The Indispensable Role of Social Brand Influencers


Brands are quickly catching on to the value of influencer marketing. In particular, social influencers on networks like Instagram have significant value as 74% of consumers turn to social media networks for advice before making a major purchase. Choosing the Right Influencers.

How to Boost Your Social Media ROI with Influencer Marketing

Simply Measured

The best way to do that is by integrating your social media marketing with other effective marketing tactics such as influencer marketing. Recently, influencer marketing has been making waves in the marketing industry due to its ability to generate a huge ROI.

ROI 37

5 Ways to Supercharge Your Video Influencer Marketing

Simply Measured

The survey also found that videos can provide solid ROI by boosting traffic, conversions, and sales. So when you’re launching an influencer marketing campaign, consider including videos for optimal ROI. Here are five tips to leverage your video influencer marketing efforts.

Empire Avenue – Measurement of Social Influence?

Janet Fouts

People have been telling me I’ve “just GOT to sign up for Empire Avenue “, and “it’s a true measure of the real social influence of the experts&#. Your influence. Does the site measure your influence?

How to Quickly Identify Influencers with Simply Measured

Simply Measured

We all have a circle of influence, but we may only be influential about certain topics. Influence boils down to three key factors: 1. This post will focus specifically on influencer identification, and some ways to use Simply Measured to find relevant influencers quickly.

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How to Use Social Proof to Boost Conversions

Sprout Social

There’s less outside influence on your decision. Influencer or celebrity endorsements. Try to get positive reviews on all the major sites for your industry. higher conversion rate on products with reviews compared to those without them.

How to Increase Sales with Influencer Marketing on Instagram

Simply Measured

Influencers are sharing high-quality, creative promotional images to earn money by building a strong following and cultivating a community on Instagram. . Over the years, Instagram influencers have earned a name in their respective niches. Instagram influencer opinions now have an impact on people’s purchase decisions and opinions, so brands and companies collaborate with them for promotion of their products and services. This is influencer Barbara McKellar ’s post.

Conversations As Moments Of Conversion

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If you're thinking about online communities, conversations and the true power of Social Media, you need to be following Valeria Maltoni. She helped build Fast Company Magazine 's online community back in the day and since then, Valeria has become a true advocate for the power of marketers to build online communities and how to leverage and nurture online influencers as brand champions. Enjoy the conversation. conversation agent.

The State of Influencer Theory Infographic

Geoff Livingston

The above infographic — “ The State of Influencer Theory&# (download here) — was published today as a primer on influence theory that appeared in SmartBrief on Social Media.

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What ARE Influencers Good For?

Geoff Livingston

There exists a hype bubble about the role of “influencers&# in an online marketing program. Influencer attention can’t sustain a community over the long term, and using them often fails to produce strength of online community and actual business measurements.

How to Build Enduring Influence for Your Brand

Simply Measured

The good news is, if you can approach the following strategies with a focus on connection and consistency, you’ll be well on your way to building enduring influence for your brand, starting today. Invest in Influencers (Natch). Measure Your Brand Influence (Consistently).

5 Types of Brand Influencers: Which One is Right for You?


If you’re familiar with influencer marketing, you probably know that finding the right influencers is one of the biggest challenges brands face. Or would a blogging micro-influencer resonate best with your customer base? The Celebrity Influencer. The Expert Influencer.

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How to Curate Content: The Secret Sauce to Getting Noticed, Becoming an Influencer, and Having Fun Online

Buffer Social

There are unique people like this in almost every industry (Matt just so happens to be in social media) — and if there aren’t, then wow what a great opportunity for you to be the first! Hopefully seeing some of our process might trigger some ideas for your particular industry.

CMOs Win When High-Value Customers Are Treated Personally Online

Buzz Marketing for Technology

The key to obtaining a 360-degree view of high-value customers means personalizing and differentiating every message by offering an array of online content to drive maximum conversion and revenue uplifts.

Why You Need Analytics and Trust for Successful Influence Marketing

Convince & Convert

She’s coined the term “PRTech,” and believes in using data wisely, consistently, and taking the time to find the specific influencer that suits your needs and letting them grow your message far beyond what your brand thought imaginable. . How to make your brand its own influencer.

Top Influencers Weigh In on Social Attribution: What Did They Say?

Simply Measured

Even though studies show that hey, if you’re using social marketing, you CAN drive sales, you CAN drive conversions, you CAN drive traffic into your brick and mortar store, I still feel like there is a huge gap there.

What Type Of Advertising Has The Most Influence?

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That true influence when it comes to advertising comes from channels that are more personal or more interactive. While television maintains its pole position as the dominant power in advertising influence, it's still fascinating to see not only the multi-platform activities of consumers, but also how interactive those channels are when coupled together. But consider how mature of an industry television advertising is when compared to online, and also consider the creative.

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Does Working with Micro Influencers Bring in Big ROI?

agora pulse

Working with influencers is a great way to gain exposure for your brand or business. But can micro influencers really bring in ROI? Let’s break down the benefits of working with micro influencers. What Is A Micro Influencer? How To Find Micro Influencers.