The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Hashtags in 2019


Instagram hashtags are still an effective way to get more eyes (and engagement!) A post with at least one Instagram hashtag averages 12.6% more engagement than posts without a hashtag. Why You Should Use Instagram Hashtags. The Different Types of Instagram Hashtags.

How to Track Hashtag Campaigns with Social Media Analytics

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Hashtags are a great tool to track conversations about brands, companies, or events. A good hashtag can help spread the message about your brand, company, or event far beyond your regular audience. Let’s take a brief look at the performance of the tournament’s official hashtag.

3 Hashtag Search Tools That Are Crazy Easy to Use

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If you are looking to incorporate social media into your event , you’ll need to consider including a branded hashtag in your event strategy. Here are three hashtag search tools that are crazy easy to use! Hashtracking is another great hashtag-tracking option for Twitter and Instagram.

This weeks #Social Media Tweetchat Topic: Socializing My Business – What Comes After the Chit-Chat?

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This approach says that the only way to compete in the future is re-organize the entire enterprise from the ground up with a framework to be a social business by design. For each respective small business competing in a local market, it will come down to whomever continues to build better relationships with their consumers whether online or off. For larger business competing in multiple markets or globally, social business will play a larger part of their business success.

4 Twitter Analytics Tools You Can’t Ignore

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If you’re running a hashtag-based campaign on Twitter, Keyhole is a great Twitter analytics tool for assessing hashtag data. Keyhole’s real-time dashboard shows how many people posted with your hashtag along with the number of retweets, likes, and impressions your campaign generated.

[Cool Infographic Friday] 7 Steps to getting your Brand’s Instagram Channel off the Ground


Step One: Set up and Optimize your Profile – Here are some best practices for getting your profile fighting fit and ready to compete with the biggest brands out there. Step Four: Hashtags – So many of us aren’t using hashtags correctly.

7 Instagram Rumors That Even Smart Social Media Managers May Believe

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You can get shadowbanned because you use the same set of hashtags too frequently. And if you want proof, go look at my Instagram account because I use the same hashtags all the time, over and over again.). “Instagram wants you to use hashtags.

How Nike Stole Social Media Gold From Olympic Sponsor Adidas

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swim and gymnastics teams – had products on constant display, as athletes wore Nike garb (from windbreakers to neon running shoes) whenever they were competing. Which brands were the real winners in 2012′s “Social Olympics”?

9 Ways to Increase Instagram Engagement in 2019


With an ultra-smart algorithm and tons of creative brands competing for people’s attention, it’s harder than ever to increase Instagram engagement. You can also use Later’s Saved Captions feature to keep track of your frequently used hashtags and captions!

The Digital Agency of the Future [Report]


Operations : An overview of the delivery model, capabilities and service offerings that agencies will need to provide in order to compete in the future. Take part in the discussion on Twitter by using the hashtag #futureagency. >

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10 best competitor benchmarking tools in 2019


Competitive-set benchmarks give you a definitive look into the position of your brand against your direct competitors whom you compete within your industry. Using the tool’s hashtag tracker, you can discover the most engaging hashtags used by your brand.

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How to Add Music in Instagram Stories with the New Music Sticker


Now you’re ready to post to Instagram Stories as usual — add GIFs, polls, hashtags or anything else you might like to add, tap the “Your Story” button at the bottom of your screen, and you’re all set! Did you know that you can play music in Instagram Stories?

How NASCAR Creates Exciting Fan Experiences on Social Media

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To maximize the viewing experience of the Daytona 500, NASCAR implemented a number of compelling social media programs, including the Hashtag 500. Hey #DAYTONA500 fans, follow @NASCAR now to compete in the Hashtag 500 this Sunday!

Creating an Immersive Brand Experience at the Red Bull Wake Open

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that offered insider perspectives on the competing athletes and the event itself. Using Hashtags as Strategic Objects Hashtags have been around for a while.

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January Social Media Updates

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This information and more, like hashtags related to each specific company, will be located on the company page. It’s hard to compete with Instagram Stories, but that hasn’t stopped Facebook. One month down, 11 to go!

What “Big” Social Media Means for Small Businesses

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Hashtags. No, small businesses cannot compete with the Oscars. We cannot compete with the biggest celebrities and their hordes of followers (often in the millions). This is a guest post by Megan Totka, Chief Editor for

Instagram Year in Review: Top Trends from 2018


Not only did he compete in his fourth World Cup, but he also transferred to Juventus for a jaw-dropping €100 million, and, most importantly, he jumped into the #1 spot as the most followed person on Instagram ! What about the most popular hashtags of 2018?

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12 Examples of Nonprofits Using Augmented and Virtual Reality


Tweets with hashtags like #recylcing or #conservation made the reef thrive, while tweets with hashtags like #sushi or #coffee, created trash in the reef, destroying it. This is an excerpt of a post that originally appeared on the Wild Apricot blog and is reposted here with permission.

5 Ways to Ensure Your Holiday Content Gets Discovered

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Not only will you have less traffic with which you’ll be competing for audience attention, but your audience will actually have time to act on some of the fun, informative, and possibly sales-driving information contained in your holiday content in the days leading up to the holiday, itself.

13 Competitor Analysis Tools to Spy on Your Competition

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It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in–marketing is a game of competing for the attention of your audience. From figuring out a competing brand’s messaging to how often they’re pushing content, a brand’s social presence can be a goldmine of data.

2017 Social Media Trends Check-In

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Think about appropriate hashtags and keywords to add to the conversation. In order to compete with Facebook, Twitter is opening their Live video platform with new features aimed at professional broadcasters.

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20 More of the Best Twitter Tips, Tactics and Tools of 2012

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’ This can be very handy when trying to discover new content or follow a trending topic”) and how brands are likely to respond to this through targeted use of hashtags and keywords. ” Hashtag Discovery Tools by LunaMetrics.

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Top 7 Social Media Management Tools of 2018

The comprehensive reporting framework can be used to filter online conversations based on hashtags, keywords and geographical location, so, that you are always able to keep tabs on exactly what people are talking about in terms of your brand, industry and competitors.

6 Ways to Track (and Beat) Your Competitors on Social

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Your direct competitors: These are the brands competing with you for dollars in the bank. The overlap is in target audience, as an increasingly large number of brands compete for similar demographics. According to recent Pew findings , 69 percent of the public uses social media today.

Facebook Redesigns Pages as Reach Declines, 5 Fascinating Facts About Gen Z, the ROI of Meme Accounts, and More!

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LinkedIn is now encouraging people and pages to use hashtags in their content so that they can increase the visibility of that content in the news feed. Part IV: Using LinkedIn hashtags to maximize content exposure. Part IV: Using LinkedIn hashtags to maximize content exposure.

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The Best New Pinterest Marketing Strategies Working Today

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Remember: your video will be competing with the beauty and vivacity of a screen full of Pinterest visuals. Use the right hashtags. Pinners use hashtags to find trending topics and to index and search the site.

General Motors and Logitech Dominate the #CES2016 Feed

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The promotion was huge for the tech giant, with the hashtag generating over 12k mentions on Wednesday and Thursday alone: Without a doubt, CES has been dominating headlines throughout the week. Tech: #CES2016.

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Running, Kinesiology & Marketing: The Rachel Smith Interview


I have also been a part of social monitoring projects—learning how to monitor keywords and hashtags across social media platforms, as well as helping to develop influencer programs for our clients, such as American Red Cross of Indiana.

Grow Your Twitter Following With Chats

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Even if you miss the chat itself, you can learn a lot by clicking on the hashtag and reading past posts to get a feel for who is driving the conversation and people you’d like to engage. Want to know who is using the hashtag?

6 Ways to Track (and Beat) Your Competitors on Social

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Your direct competitors: These are the brands competing with you for dollars in the bank. The overlap is in target audience, as an increasingly large number of brands compete for similar demographics. According to recent Pew findings , 69 percent of the public uses social media today.

Perfecting Peer-to-Peer Fundraising: 10 Social Media Best Practices


When it comes to branding, there are two strategies that work well across the majority of social media platforms: Hashtags. Hashtags aren’t just for Twitter — they’re now a social media staple, and they work across platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

The 7 Most Commonly Misunderstood Marketing Metrics


Bounce Rate competes for this distinction, though. Twitter: Clicks includes clicks on links, hashtags, image or video cards, the follow button, the favorite or comment button, and clicks on your username or profile picture.

News Roundup: The Future of Facebook, Pinterest’s Latest Changes, the Most Popular Stories, and More

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It appears that Instagram is best positioned to compete with TikTok, and Zuckerberg mentioned that they’ll be making some changes to Instagram, including changes to the Explore tab so it’s more focused on Stories.

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The Biggest Social Media Scandals, Fails, and Blunders of 2013


When JP Morgan Chase offered college students the chance to talk to an executive using the hashtag #AskJPM, they didn’t expect the idea to come back to bite them. Guest post by Yazmin Gray. ——-.

What Do the New Twitter Rules Mean for Social Media Managers (and Buffer Customers)

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Whether you are using a hashtag or not. Second, as you no longer have to compete with the spam for your followers’ attention, you can post fewer tweets and spend more time making each one even better. Keeping Twitter safe and free from spam is a top priority for us.

How to build a better business with B2B social listening

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Likewise, you’ll oftentimes see competing products recommended in social call-out threads where your name is being dragged. Heck, sometimes competing brands might even swoop in to sound off, too. For example, monitoring industry-specific hashtags can help you understand what terms and types of content are resonating with your audience. Here’s a snapshot of a hashtag and keyword report from Sprout Social, highlighting branded and industry tags alike.

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Father’s Day Content Tips to Inspire Community Managers

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Using the hashtag #JokesFromDad , HH Gregg asked fans to share their favorite dad jokes, with the best submissions being acted out by cute kids in oversized suits and ties. Father’s Day can be a tough one for community managers.

What is no longer working in social media: 2014 edition


Instead of trying to manage my full incoming Twitter stream, I look at my Twitter lists, hashtags, and people who I’ve set to mobile notifications first. This post by Tinu Abayomi-Paul originally appeared on AGBeat and is reprinted here by permission. ———-.

Will Your Number of Instagram Followers Matter in 2019?


The growth of this subset shows that brands are beginning to compete for smaller and smaller slices of consumers and that influencers have more opportunities for brand partnerships. Brands can encourage followers to tag photos featuring products with a specific mention or hashtag, encourage followers to upload images to a website, or host Instagram contests. Instagram is on pace for another record year of growth in 2019.

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AJ&Smart Has Generated More Than €2 Million in Sales from Social Media: Here’s How

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“We could compete on price or just rely on the quality of our work. When it comes to the Instagram feed , it posts highly curated content that’s focused on design-related hashtags it wants to reach: Hashtags are important for AJ&Smart to reach its target audience on Instagram.