Facebook Pixel Events: An Introduction

Jon Loomer

To make the most of the pixel, you need to utilize Facebook pixel events on your website. Not only must you utilize events, but you must do it right. This post is your introduction to Facebook pixel events. What Pixel Events Are. Standard Events. Custom Events.

How to Successfully Digitize Events During COVID-19

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I’m well used to webinars, virtual events, virtual happy hours, virtual younameits and digital whatchamacallits , both as a participant as well as an organizer, for clients as well as my own business and educational efforts. While I didn’t intend for it to be an inadvertent lesson in “how to do a virtual event,” a Facebook Live Q&A I hosted a couple of weeks ago was, apparently, just that. Virtual event best practices.

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Producing a Virtual Event


In this video, the final episode in a series of four, I interview TJ Martin, CEO at Cramer , a virtual event studio in Boston on how to make virtual events great. Virtual Events

Facebook Pixel Events and Custom Conversions: Best Practices

Jon Loomer

Facebook pixel events and custom conversions are important tools that can amplify your marketing and advertising efforts. First, if you haven’t read my guides on how Facebook pixel events and custom conversions work, I encourage you to do so: Facebook Pixel Events: An Introduction.

Virtual Events and Customer Relationships


In the third video of my series with Angel Micarelli SVP Strategy and Content at Cramer, a virtual event studio in Boston, we discuss on how to get the audience involved in a virtual event. Social Media Public Speaking Virtual Events

Facebook Adds New Paid Events Options for Businesses and Creators

Social Media Today

Facebook is launching a new paid events option for businesses, providing another way to generate income amid the COVID-19 crisis

Virtual Event Content. Real Value.


In the second video of my series with Angel Micarelli from Cramer, we discuss the content of virtual events. Virtual Events

Create Facebook Pixel Events for Time Spent

Jon Loomer

In this post, I’m going to walk through how to create a custom Facebook pixel event based on time spent on your website (all pages or a section of your website). That event will help you better track, optimize, and target those who spend the most time on your website.

How to Use the Facebook Pixel Event Setup Tool

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But getting the pixel and events installed correctly has been a chore, particularly for those who are less technical or lack the staff and resources to handle some basic code. That changes with the Facebook pixel Event Setup Tool. A refresher on pixel events. Test Your Event.

Google Announces Expanded Launch of its 'Fundo' Virtual Events Platform for Creators

Social Media Today

Google has launched a new platform to facilitate monetizable virtual events for creators

LinkedIn's Merging its Live-Streaming and Events Tools for Virtual Events

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LinkedIn is looking to better facilitate virtual events by incorporating the functions of LinkedIn Live and LinkedIn Events

Virtual Event Technologies Defined


This is the first in a new series of guest posts by famed blogger on social media and events, Jeff Hurt, of Velvet Chainsaw Consulting. Especially when you are used to planning face-to-face events. The type of digital event solution you should use depends upon your goals.

5 Virtual Event Ideas To Reimagine In-Person Events Online


Just like sports, music, and theater, the pandemic has required that conferences and corporate events be canceled or postponed. Companies scrambling to fill the void means an explosion in virtual events as people try to recreate the in-person experience online. As we’re all adapting to the loss of in-person events, I’ve seen some great virtual events, some that miss the mark, and some that are truly awful. Public Speaking Best Practices Fanocracy Virtual Events

How to Shift From Physical to Virtual Events and Maximize Event Outcomes

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With more events switching to online only, here are some tips to help you maximize your digital events

Social Media Event Promotion | The Ultimate Course

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Promoting your event on social media: where do you start? If you feel like there’s an endless list of things to do to make sure you’re on the right track and drumming up ticket sales and attendance is becoming tedious, this social media event marketing crash course is for you. 5 Creative Ways to Social Media Event Promotion. What Kind of Content is Best for Promoting My Event on Social Media? Create a Social Media Content Calendar for Your Online Event.

What You Need to Know About Facebook Automatic Events

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Facebook Automatic Events. Facebook is making it easier to track actions like add to cart, initiate checkout, and purchase on your website with Automatic Events. Here’s what you need to know about Automatic Events. Similar to Standard Events, Automatic Events lets you track actions on your site from the Facebook pixel so you can run conversion campaigns, build website custom and lookalike audiences, and report on the actions attributed to your ads.

How to market events with audience segmentation


This is a guest blog written by Ryan Gould, vice president of strategy and marketing services at B2B agency Elevation Marketing. Ryan brings extensive experience with a wide range of B2B clients. Connect with him on LinkedIn. Audience Intelligence

Three Creative Ways to Use Social Media to Promote your Event

Webbiquity SMM

The growing propensity of people to share life’s moments, particularly when doing something outside the ordinary routine, is why social media remains a great fit with live events. No matter the size of the event, encouraging and simplifying social media sharing is a low-cost, high-return strategy for maximizing exposure and increasing attendance. Here are three creative ways to harness the power of social media marketing to maximize the impact of your next event.

[Event Info] Announcing the #SocialPRbootiecamp

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Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn [Event Info] Announcing the #SocialPRbootiecamp. Career Development Events Public Relations #socialpr #SocialPRbootiecamp professional development The Social PR VirtuosoI cannot believe it’s already December. Where did the year go?! Regardless of where you’re based, I’m guessing you’re thinking the same thing, and are indulging in some end-of-year introspection … or maybe just crazy holiday shopping.

Facebook Adds Messenger Rooms for Groups and Events

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Facebook is making its new Messenger Rooms group video chat option available in groups and events

Groups 128

Extend the Life of Your Event with Post-Event Planning

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Hosting an event is just the beginning of its life-cycle. The content you create and the leads you nurture will keep your event alive well after its end date. Tip: Keep the hashtag short and simple, and make sure you have it displayed at the event so the audience knows to participate. Tip: If you’re hosting a speaker, film their session and edit it down to quick, digestible takeaways post-event. What advice do you have for extending an event’s longevity?

5 Ways to Host A Virtual Event For Your Business


Looking for some fresh virtual event ideas to bring your community together? With virtual events on the rise, the opportunities are endless with so many platforms to choose from — whether it’s a weekly Instagram Live series, or a one-time private Zoom chat. .

Raising the Bar on Virtual Events


With the pandemic shutting down in-person events around the world, many organizations have taken their events virtual. However, now that audiences have experience participating in virtual events for several months, they are demanding more than just talking to your grandmother on Zoom. Public Speaking Business to Business Virtual Events

You Can Now Charge for Access to Live Facebook Events


Live Facebook Events just got a whole lot more profitable for small businesses and creators! . Soon brands and businesses will be able to charge a fee to attend a virtual Facebook Event, which can create a new revenue stream for many during the COVID-19 pandemic. . Facebook Events Are Now Even More Accessible and Virtual. Messenger Rooms, modeled off successful conference calling for business, is a simple way to host a virtual event for your followers and community. .

5 Key Benefits to Hosting Virtual Events


Business events have been a long-time staple in company calendars since who knows when. Public Speaking Marketing Virtual Events

Social Media Event Promotion: The Complete Guide


When it comes to social media event promotion, it’s important to make a plan. Often, organizers can spend a lot of money and energy on marketing before an event without much thought about what comes next. But, social media event promotion is far from over once your guests walk through the door. An effective social media event strategy will involve connecting with your followers before, during, and after an event. Create an event page on Facebook.

Planning and Executing Live Event Content For Your Brand

Ignite Social Media

Assuming you already know that social media is the first way in which people follow live events they can’t attend in person…. Brand events are like weddings: important, exciting, fun, and super busy. Having traveled for social media live events since 2010, I’ve seen some things and want to help you prepare and execute a successful event for your brands and your audiences. For some events, final event details may not be solidified until minutes before the doors open.

Top 5 Problems with Hiring a Great Virtual Event Speaker


Event organizers have it rough these days. You’ve got to figure out how to bring your formerly in-person events online. But more than that, you need to rethink what’s possible with a virtual event. Public Speaking Virtual Events

Four Ways PR Can Support Event Marketing


Event marketing is on the rise.A recent report by event software company Bizzabo says 85 percent of marketers cite event production as “essential” to their marketing strategies, while 41 percent… Read More >>>. Marketing PR & Comms Influencer Marketing Planning & Strategy

6 Foolproof Strategies to Increase Your Facebook Event Attendance

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Whether your business is having their grand opening in a new community or you’re hosting a conference with several thousand people, everyone wants to increase their event attendance. Where many businesses fall flat, in my experience, is that they think that just creating the event on Facebook will send event registration and attendance skyrocketing on its own. Facebook events can do incredible things for your business, but only if you leverage them correctly.


Social Media with Romona

I just got wind of the fact that LinkedIn launched LinkedIn Events, which according to AdWeek has been a pilot program since last November. The post 5 STEPS TO ADDING AN EVENT ON LINKEDIN: HOW TO USE THE NEW LINKEDIN EVENTS FEATURE appeared first on Social Media Workshops | Washington DC, Maryland & Virginia | Social Media How To's with Romona.

The Value of Facebook Pixel Events

Jon Loomer

A few days ago, I wrote about Facebook’s new Event Setup Tool that simplifies adding pixel events to your website. This is a huge development because Facebook pixel events aren’t fully utilized by marketers as they should be. Why do you need to use pixel events? How can events benefit your marketing? But, if you add events to your pixel, you can also c reate Website Custom Audiences based on these actions.

How to Engage Event Attendees with Pokemon Go

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However, one of the most fascinating topics for me has been the conversation around how to incorporate Pokémon GO into event marketing. Meaning, how can conference and event planners incorporate the game into their meetings to keep attendees engaged? Find some of the more interesting Pokestops in the area of your conference and host a networking or mix-and-mingle event your first night there. Have you already incorporated Pokémon GO into an event? Image Source: PC Mag.

How to Use the Facebook Pixel Event Setup Tool

Jon Loomer

But getting the pixel and events installed correctly has been a chore, particularly for those who are less technical or lack the staff and resources to handle some basic code. That changes with the Facebook pixel Event Setup Tool. While you will still need to add the base pixel code to your website, the Event Setup Tool is a codeless, seamless method to integrate pixel events. A refresher on pixel events. How to use the Event Setup Tool. Test Your Event.

Twitter Provides Listing of Major Events for Marketers to Note in July 2020

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Twitter's July 2020 major events calendar looks a bit more bare than in years past, but there are still some kay dates of note for your planning

Best Practices For Using Social Listening During a Live Event

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With thousands of people attending live events, both in-person and online, it’s extremely important for your brand to develop good social listening techniques. The social conversation exists whether your brand chooses to participate or not, so it’s critical to be able to listen to the conversations occurring around your event before, during, and even weeks after. There are several tools out there that you can use even if your event is small and your budget is low.

LinkedIn Events is Now Available to All Pages to Assist with Connectivity Amid the COVID-19 Lockdowns

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LinkedIn recently made its new LinkedIn Events option available to all company pages to help businesses stay connected amid the COVID-19 lockdowns

Instagram's Testing a New Event 'Invites' Sticker for Stories

Social Media Today

Instagram is testing out a new Invites sticker for Stories which would help users organize events

The Complete Guide to LinkedIn Events


Stating that now is a tough time to be planning events would be a wild understatement. In a survey of more than a thousand mid-level and senior marketers taken last year, 41% listed live events as “ the most critical marketing channel ” for their business objectives. Whether involved in essential operations or just trying to get through these challenging times, businesses still need to plan and host events. How can LinkedIn Events help you connect with them?

How to add an event on Linkedin

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LinkedIn Events – Overview. The LinkedIn Events feature provides members with an easy way to create and join professional Events that interest them, such as meetups, online workshops, seminars, and more. They create the Event, decide the details, and invite attendees.

Social Media Planning Around Popular Events

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In this post, we’ll discuss how you can be prepared and plan ahead for those timely events. At the beginning of the year, take some time to research big events happening that year and see where you as a brand fit. A great way to do this is looking at past social media posts or interactions to see which events were most successful when talking about them on your channels. Event Marketing Social Media Marketing Social Media Strategy social media Social media event marketing

The Art of Hosting Events on Social (#SMTLive Recap)

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To learn more about challenges and best practices for hosting a live event on social media, we turned to our friends on #SMTLive for answers

How to Maximize and Humanize Your Investment in Professional Speakers for Your Next Event

Pam Moore

Hiring the perfect keynote speaker, breakout speaker, emcee, or workshop trainer for your event or conference is not an easy task. You are preparing for your big event and really want to ensure it is a huge success. I know what it's like to be on both sides of the professional speaking and event conference contract. I've hired, fired and trained speakers and have also worked with amazing event professionals that knocked it out of the ball park with servant leadership.