Using Hashtags as Strategic Objects

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Posted in Hashtags Twitter. Hashtags have been around for a while. With this evolution, brands are now leveraging the once lowly hashtag as a strategic tool to unify campaigns and connect with customers. Too many hashtags make it difficult to track and are confusing to consumers.

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Hashtags in 2019


Instagram hashtags are still an effective way to get more eyes (and engagement!) A post with at least one Instagram hashtag averages 12.6% more engagement than posts without a hashtag. Why You Should Use Instagram Hashtags. The Different Types of Instagram Hashtags.

How to Track Hashtag Campaigns with Social Media Analytics

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Hashtags are a great tool to track conversations about brands, companies, or events. A good hashtag can help spread the message about your brand, company, or event far beyond your regular audience. Let’s take a brief look at the performance of the tournament’s official hashtag.

5 Brands Successfully Using Education to Engage

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Here are five brands that do an exceptional job of educating their audience, which then drives purchase. I was tweeting pictures of different exhibits and technologies that I was experiencing, sometimes using the hashtag and sometimes not, when I received a tweet from @generalelectric.

Facebook Educates Marketers With Playing Cards

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Facebook Educates Marketers With Playing Cards. Or how about marketing statistics, hashtags and demographics. Flush. Full House. 3 of a Kind. Confused yet?

Can Greater Social Connections Improve Higher Education?

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That’s why when I saw that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation recently invested $2 million in a Facebook app to improve post-secondary education, I knew that I had to find out more about this app and how it might help further the SMCEDU mission.

SMCEDU: Changing Higher Education Through Social Media

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You can follow the conversation surrounding social media and higher education under the #SMCEDU hashtag. The mission has three parts: Bringing about awareness of social media and its impact on both personal, professional, and civic engagement to educational communities.

A complete calendar of hashtag holidays for 2019

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There are hundreds of national, international and world hashtag holidays. Before #NationalMargaritaDay or #NationalPuppyDay—or even social media—nonprofits and global agencies worked to educate and increase understanding of some of the world’s and nation’s most pressing issues with awareness days and months. Our list includes a combination of celebrated & industry-specific hashtag holidays, as well as a few atypical options. Hashtags and brand.

How To Apply Social to Education and Learning


Do you work in the Education department? That’s where your expertise in learning and education is invaluable. Given all of that, what can the education team actually DO with social? You spend most of your time delivering formal education programs, as you should.

Social Media Integration in Higher Education | Social Media Strategery

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Development Social Media Social Media Integration in Higher Education Wed, Aug 18, 2010 Miscellaneous , Personal The following is a guest post by Jen Dryer , a current student at the University of Southern Indiana. We need more students to request this change and support these educators.

Social Media is the Back Channel for Teen Angst

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Education education high school mobile communications social media First I want to quote a paragraph from the abstract of a 2011 paper by danah boyd , a renowned expert on teen culture and social media at Microsoft Research. The paper is titled, The Drama!

2019 July – 2 Day Facebook™ & Instagram™ Sydney Course

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Course social media Sydney Australia Education Facebook Facebook Australia instagram workshopJuly 2019, Sydney CBD Facebook & Instagram for Business course: (2 day Sydney course) Are you wanting to take your Facebook Business Page & Instagram content to the next level?

How Much Do You Know About Your Consumers’ Cultural Communities?

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One way to identify and engage your consumers is through hashtags. Starting on Twitter, hashtags have been used since 2007 to make conversations about similar topics or events easy to find and participate in. Hashtags, Hashtags, Everywhere! There’s even hashtag etiquette!

A PSA From The TSA On Instagram: #TSACatch Shows Photos Of What Not To Pack

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The TSA is nearing its one year anniversary of using Instagram to educate travelers on what not to pack by featuring photos of real items confiscated from airports across the country. Think you can sneak that bejeweled lipstick taser past the TSA? Think again.

How to Adapt Your Brand for Instagram

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Get more content like this, plus the very BEST marketing education, totally free. Social Media Case Studies capital one hashtags instagram social media campaign social media case study social media strategy user generated content

Free webinar on Twitter for Australian Teachers – PIL Microsoft Teachers

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Join social media expert, Laurel Papworth from May 28th for three very exciting social media workshops tailored specifically towards educators. So tell your colleagues, tell your friends and become part of our online social revolution, who knows, you might even get your own #Hashtag.

The Case for Active Users as Social Media Community Managers

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They can do things like pause auto-tweets, incorporate relevant hashtags as needed all without being told. Classes and Education Community Culture social media Social Media Club advice community manager hiring public relations

Dunkin’ Donuts Promotes New Mobile Payment App With Halloween Contest on Twitter, Instagram

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The effort is designed to get consumers excited about Halloween themed menu items and to educate them about the brand’s new mobile payment options. To share photos of their cups in Halloween costumes, fans must use the hashtag #DresseDD when they tweet @DunkinDonuts or post to Instagram.

Mobile 155

Advanced Social Media Course – August Sydney 2015

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I’m not sure I’m using the right Hashtags for Instagram, Twitter etc. Course social media Social Media Australia Training analytics business campaign Education Facebook Marketing measurement social ads strategy Sydney Twitter workshop

Course 101

Facebook Course – Sydney – February 2017

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Wants more engagement on their Facebook Page including setting up a Conversation Diary with correct hashtags and times to post specific content. Facebook Social Media Australia Training 2017 ads Course Education insights social media Sydney workshop

14 Quick Tactics to Encourage Corporate Social Media Adoption

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This past Tuesday on our weekly Hashtag socialmedia tweetchat , we were honored to have one of the classiest people I’ve gotten to know, host our chat, BL Ochman. 3) On-going social media education ! 5) Teach your execs and colleagues how to follow conferences and events and comment via hashtags. 7) Create a hashtag around your company, product, or industry and drive the conversations.

10 Tips for Success on Twitter

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Use hashtags for events, webinars, activities, and popular topics. People are actively searching and following hashtags. If all it takes if for you to add a quick hashtag at the end of your post to potentially get some more eyes on it, then it’s a no brainer. Keep your tone is educational and appreciative. Social Media hashtag mention social media tips tweet twitterWhen I first joined Twitter, I didn’t know quite what I would get out of it.

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Top Tips to Promote Your Toy Store Through Instagram

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Make the most of Instagram insights that will educate you about your most-liked posts and details like who is looking at your Instagram business profile. Though you have an option of 30 hashtags, do not use more than five per post.

3 Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Membership


You can target people based on age, gender, occupation, geographic location, educational background, interests, etc. So for example, if you’re the Georgia Association of Educators, you could target people who live in the state of Georgia and work in public education. And to find that watering hole, you need to take advantage of hashtags. Is there a popular hashtag people in your industry use? Another way to utilize hashtags: trending topics and popular events.

The 32 Best Twitter Marketing Tools

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A powerful multi-purpose Twitter tool that enables you to monitor your personal/brand mentions, retweets, relevant keywords, and hashtags; track competitor mentions and compare performance; switch between multiple Twitter accounts; and report on results. It’s not nonsense hashtags.

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The Best Social Media Platforms for Location-Based Small Businesses

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Use location hashtags. Instagram’s location hashtags can help you attract new customers! Add location hashtags — people searching for local businesses will see your images and Instagram account. Search for hashtags.

How to Tell the Instagram Algorithm That You’re Awesome

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Use hashtags. Instagram users will click on or search for hashtags about the topics they’re most interested in. Increase your chance of getting engagement and getting found by using relevant hashtags in your Instagram captions. Don’t be shy about using multiple hashtags.

How to Be Great at Social Media for Financial Services

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Educate all employees on regulatory requirements. Even events or education.). Remember, traders, investors and buyers follow hashtags on Twitter. Trending finance hashtags include: #NYSE – The New York Stock Exchange. The financial services sector moves at a rapid rate.

Making Social Media An ROI Positive Channel For B2B Businesses

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Your potential buyers are just starting out their research process and prefer to look to a variety of information sources to self educate. As a business attending or sponsoring an event, the conference hashtag is key to targeting, engaging, and closing your qualified leads.

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Influencer Engagement: Finding a Fit

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We ask for specific hashtags to be used, and provide suggested social copy and handles to ensure mission-centric messaging. Guest post by Lauren Lawson-Zilai.

How to Celebrate Social Media Day

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Share some quotes or content from your favorite social media educators. Be sure to use the hashtag #SMDay or one specific to your event. Prosecco. That’s now the official Social Media Day adult beverage. You see, in the U.S.

What You Need to Know About Visual Content for Social Media

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As for the when and where, we’ll get to that soon, but these engaging content, educational content and promotional content are the big three for your content plan. It offers value in the form of information, but it’s not an infographic or a straight educational post.

21 Ways to Get More Engagement on Instagram Stories


5: Use Hashtags in Instagram Stories to Improve Your Reach. If you’re looking to get more views on your Instagram Stories, you need to be adding hashtags to your posts! Adding hashtags to your stories is a great way to give your content an added chance to be discovered by new audiences.

How to Plan a Pride Campaign on Social Media


Here are our top tips for running a successful Pride campaign for your brand and community on social media: Tip #1: A Successful Pride Campaign on Social Media Starts with Education. Use the #Pride Hashtag in your Captions. Plus, Pride hashtags are going rainbow!

Social Media Strategies of Top US Universities


Social media has become an invaluable asset for marketing in higher education. There is no dearth of hashtag campaigns when it comes to universities. Like brands, educational institutions need to be consistent with content.

Jenn Herman’s Three Favorite Not-So-Secret Instagram Tips for You

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“We always talk about hashtags as, you know, the search mechanism to get found by new people. But these posts of mine are educational content highly targeted to my audience.

Three Things Twitter Needs to Thrive

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The other platforms also offer targeting by age, degrees (level of education), and alma mater. Even Twitter’s handling of hashtags—a core element in topic research and monitoring—is sketchy. One can search by hashtag and see top trends, but little beyond that. show related hashtags and their relative popularity. Though Twitter is still the third-most popular social media platform according to eBizMBA , speculation about the company’s struggles abounds.

What 2,957 Facebook Pages Told Me About Organic Reach

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Reach Tactic: Community building through hashtags. This Arizona dance school keeps its Facebook fans together (and its content sorted) by the hashtags #MADdancers, #MADalumni, and #MADteachers. Industry: Education. Its posts often thank those who help educate its students.

How to Create a Social Media Post Schedule in Three Easy Steps

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Hashtags are an important part of being discovered on Twitter– but don’t overuse them! LinkedIn tends to attract users with higher education and household income. Long form content is rewarded on this platform, with a focus on education and engaging in discussion.

How to Create a Social Media Post Schedule in Three Easy Steps

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Hashtags are an important part of being discovered on Twitter– but don’t overuse them! LinkedIn tends to attract users with higher education and household income. Long form content is rewarded on this platform, with a focus on education and engaging in discussion.

What to Post on Instagram When You’re Fresh Out of Ideas


For example, at @latermedia we use our branded hashtag #laterfeature to highlight interesting ways that businesses are using social media and the Later app. . You can also use quotes to educate your audience and build product awareness.

7 Awesome Hacks to Promote Your Social Media Posts

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Use Industry-Specific Hashtags. One of my previous posts on this blog talks about ways you can find relevant hashtags for your business. Using hashtags that are specific for your industry in your posts is a great way to promote them. Image via Unsplash.

How NASCAR Creates Exciting Fan Experiences on Social Media

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To maximize the viewing experience of the Daytona 500, NASCAR implemented a number of compelling social media programs, including the Hashtag 500. Hey #DAYTONA500 fans, follow @NASCAR now to compete in the Hashtag 500 this Sunday!