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Competitor mapping: The benefits and how to create your own

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With Sprout, you can also conduct sentiment analysis to compare how people feel about your brand vs. your competitors. Consider brand perception in comparison to your competitors. A competitor map can be visualized in a variety of formats such as comparison charts, pie charts, scatter graphs and bubble maps.

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Social Media Intelligence: What It Is & Why You Need It


For example, marketers looking to leverage social data intelligence might track Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter conversations to measure sentiment around their brand or products. Data can range from demographic information, such as age and gender, to user behavior, sentiment analysis, trends, and more. New to data analysis?


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The 9 best reputation management services for your brand in 2024

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They also help businesses curb potential PR risks with timely alerts for spikes in message volume or negative sentiment that could spiral into a bigger issue if not handled promptly. In comparison, a large fast-food chain may need software to handle a high volume of comments and reviews.

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Does Gen Z Use Facebook? October 2023 Data

Ignite Social Media

During this period, a substantial 38% of surveyed teens identified TikTok as their preferred platform, while only 2–3% expressed the same sentiment for Facebook. By comparison, about 50% of Gen Z reports daily usage of TikTok. While this percentage is higher, the gap isn’t as wide as one might expect.

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New in Awario: compare up to 15 alerts


Alert Comparison is now available for up to 15 different alerts. Compare alerts by their volume, reach, sentiment, demographics, and other metrics.

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Strengthen your competitive analysis strategy with social listening

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This update provides a comparative insights view that makes it much easier to compare and contrast your social performance with competitors across key metrics, including SOV, engagement and sentiment. Even better, they can take the insights they uncover and use them to optimize their business operations outside of digital marketing.

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Mastering Social Listening Metrics & KPIs: A Comprehensive Guide For Digital Success

With this in mind, do you need to measure brand sentiment, track industry trends, or keep up with competitors? In this case, you might consider tracking engagement metrics, brand sentiment, and conversions. Use to: Learn insights about public brand perception and customer sentiment. How do you measure social listening?

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