Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) | Safe or Not?


As the name suggests, Free and Open Source software (FOSS) is a crossover between Free Software and Open-Source Software. To understand all of this in-detail, let’s first understand what is an Open-Source Software? What is an Open-Source Software?

Open Source is a feature, not a benefit

The Way of the Web

Open source is a wonderful thing. But reading Matthew Ingram’s post last week about the lack of adoption for an open Twitter alternative highlighted the key reason why so few open source projects become mainstream success stories at the level of WordPress or Firefox. There’s a painful truth here for developers currently flocking to the latest cool open source project on Github.


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Client solves Ecommerce for WordPress via Open Source

The Way of the Web

And the other is that it’s one of the first times I’ve been working on a project which is delivering something via Open Source, rather than using OS products as an end user. The benefits of a true Open Source Ecommerce solution. And there’s a growing forum community on the site which is worth checking out.

Open Community Case Study – GoPlow


This post is part of our regular series of Open Community case studies, in which intrepid association blogger and freelance writer Deirdre Reid will be digging into associations (and other kinds of organizations when relevant) who are living and breathing their open communities in the ways we describe in the book. Community: GoPlow. GoPlow is the Snow & Ice Management Association ‘s (SIMA) online community. Check them out: GoPlow Community.

OSSCamp Summer Edition

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OSS Camp is a platform for promoting Open Source Projects from India. Name Topic Abstract 1 Sonali Minocha MySQL Optimization 2 Kinshuk Sunil Open Source Game Development A look at Tools & Technologies facilitating Indie and Open Source Game Dev 3 Vishwajeet Singh Subversion 1.5 Home About In the Media – A Unique t-shirt selling hub YoMacha: India’s Hot or Not ? June 20, 2008.6:57

Community Bootstrapping: Tools & Strategies To Build A Community.

Jason Yormark Home About Me My Videos My Resume Contact Me Browse > Home / Community / Community Bootstrapping: Tools & Strategies To Build A Community On A Budget | Subcribe via RSS Community Bootstrapping: Tools & Strategies To Build A Community On A Budget July 22nd, 2009 Posted in Community Tweet Share Having a thriving community where your users or customers frequently visit, interact, provide feedback and evangelize your products/services is an extremely valuable scenario.

Donations as Revenue: Social Media Business Podcast

Laurel Papworth

Episode 2 of monetizing online communities looks at donations – an overlooked revenue stream and the social media tools that enable donations online. Currency has no inherent value itself – only what we, the community, say it’s worth. This does NOT have to be Not For Profits – social networks that have a “community&# feel, can also connect with the goodwill of the members and seek donations as a revenue stream.

Fighting for the internet, and for my son…

The Way of the Web

The reasons I’m against the attempts by large media companies to shore up their moribund traditional business practice by funding politicians to bring in laws are simple: I believe that a free and open internet provides far more benefits to the whole of society than it damages, and that copyright is an incentive for creation which is meant to serve society as a whole, not restrict innovation and ideas in the service of extending profits for large corporations.

How to Cut Costs with Your Own Support Community

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

The social web has opened the communication floodgates. Maintaining traditional channels like phone, email and live chat support are a must—but a solid support community can cut that burden drastically, saving you time and money. But good communities are more than support channels. Customers who participate, create content and connect with other community members become loyal brand advocates. Take a look at some strong examples of community support.

Cost 123

Thank you and some free books for Christmas reading

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And if you want to compare notes over Christmas, I’m just starting: ‘The Art of Community’ by Jono Bacon. Blogging books ebooks free books gaming hacking inspiration marketing open source pdf Virtual Worlds WritingIt’s the season of goodwill, so it seems a perfect time to say thank you to everyone that’s visited my blog, followed or message me on social networks, or kindly referred me to potential new clients.

Introducing Users to the Concept of Meeting Workspaces in MOSS 2007 | Community

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20 great Windows open source projects. Microsoft opens TechEd with virtualization pitch. Friday, June 27, 2008. Research Centers. Security. Anti-Virus / Spyware / Spam. Compliance & Regulation. Firewalls / VPN / Intrusion. Services. Cisco Security Watch. Microsoft Security Watch. LANs & WANs. Broadband Services. Ethernet Switches. Metro Ethernet. Routers. WAN Optimization. VoIP & Convergence. IP PBX. Unified Communications. VoIP Services. Network Management.

5 Things I’ve Learned from Running BizSugar

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

BizSugar is built on Pligg, an open source content management system. Work on Building a Community. A community does not build itself. Many entrepreneurs and companies will launch a community site only to be disappointed six months later when nothing much is happening on it—when it’s a ghost town. In order to accomplish this, we implemented initiatives like our Contributor of the Week, where we interview and recognize valued community members.

Wikipedia rules the waves

Sherrilynne Starkie

Wikipedia has grown to be the number one source for students. Via: Open source history, Wikipedia, and Encyclopedia Britannica ( Featured Headline Social Media writing Community of Wikipedia Encyclopedia Britannica Encyclopædia Britannica Open Site WikipediaAfter 244 years, the Encyclopedia Britannica has decided to halt the presses and go out of print.

CentOS 8 Discontinued | CentOS 8 Replaced by CentOS Stream


Because Red Hat is open-source, CentOS simply used the scripts of Red Hat Distribution and made a new OS, which was, in fact, available for free. “CentOS project board announces the end of free CentOS line of Linux Distributions a.k.a. Distros and CentOS 8 will be the last of its kind.

3 Ways to Analyze Facebook Fan Page Traffic «

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43 pm 3 Ways to Analyze Facebook Fan Page Traffic Jump to Comments NOTE : I had recently scribbled my thoughts on Facebook Insights for India’s growing B2B marketing community What it means is that you can get insights on your fan pages like visitor statistics, traffic sources, visitor country, keyword searches with all other powerful reporting & maps overlays etc.

Best Free Alternatives to Microsoft Office Word


Standardization is tricky, so make sure that the platform you’ll use can also be opened in Microsoft Word. Additionally, sometimes it’s extremely difficult to open older files because the formatting standards changed through the time. It’s hard to open older files. Libre Office is open-sourced by its huge community that works on bringing useful updates and assets daily. That means that its source-code editable and can be changed for free. Open 365.

Microsoft Office vs Libre Office (Full Comparison)


You can open traditional MS Office file formats like Docx and XLS and can also run many more formats than any other office suite available in the market. Also, Libre Office is an open-source tool which means that you can customize Libre Office to suit your needs any which way you like.

Piwik: The Google Analytics Alternative

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For the longest time Google Analytics was the only free open source analytics program. But there is a new alternative to Google Analytics that is free and open source and is picking up speed. They also have a Developer Zone and a community forum, so you can get technical help when you need it. At the very least, it was the best of breed so to use any other was virtual suicide.

Now Might Be the Time to Switch from Internet Explorer

The Social Media Incubator

Firefox is an open source web browser, which means there is an entire community of volunteer Web developers working on improving the code all the time. Google Chrome is faster than your average Web browser, as long as you don’t have open too many tabs. If you are still using Internet Explorer, you might want to consider replacing it with a better web browser – and soon. There are several reasons why Internet Explorer is a bad choice of web browsers for business.

Meet the Fediverse

Ari Herzog

The Fediverse is open sourced and decentralized. Mashable applauded privacy controls and community standards. Mastodon, Pleroma, GNU Social, PeerTube, Friendica, and Hubzilla are among the more popular social networking services that collectively form the Fediverse. Each service has the ability for people to create their own gathering places, called instances. There are over 2,700 instances across the Fediverse that reach over 1 million people.

Joomla! Surpasses 15 Million Downloads

Bill Hartzer

Open Source Matters , Inc. the industry’s leading open source content management system (CMS), has been downloaded more than 15 million times from JoomlaCode. In addition, the Community Oversight Committee has elected several new board members including Steve Burge, Javier Gomez, Marko Milenovic, Jacques Rentzke, Robert Deutz and Akarawuth Tamrareang. reached 15 million downloads,&# said Elin Waring, President of Open Source Maters, part of the Joomla!

Why WordPress Rules

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It is open source and therefore easily manipulated for one’s own purposes. There is a strong support community. A huge development community is always at work to make WordPress better. If you know who John Battelle is, then you’re doing good. He’s one of the pioneers of the Internet and actually has quite a following. He recently decided to turn the comments to his blog completely off. OK, so why should you care?

Top 10 reasons to use WordPress [Beginner’s Guide]


There are many open source platforms such as WordPress , Joomla, Drupal , and Magento and it is very confusing for the beginners to decide which CMS to use for their blog or website. Free and open source. WordPress is an open source and widely used free software. WordPress is multi-user open source software. Since there are millions of WordPress users, so the community is also vast. Facebook 0. Twitter 0. LinkedIn 0. Pinterest 1.

7 Reasons WordPress Rocks for Blogs

The Social Media Incubator is provided by WordPress, the Open Source blogging software. 3. It’s open source, so there is a thriving community of developers who have created plug-ins that allow you to add powerful functionality to your blog. Did you hear about the Blogger shut-down in May that left thousands of businesses without their blogs for several days? That’s not good news; after all, what are bloggers to do without access to their blogs?

Should You Design Your Website Using WordPress?

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Even churches and community service organizations are using WordPress as a CMS and designing their websites using this free open source software. More and more, I’m seeing small business websites using WordPress as a CMS. Is that a good idea? In a word, there is nothing wrong with using WordPress as a CMS. In fact, that’s what it is. However, WordPress started out as a blogging platform and branched out from there.

[SOLVED] WordPress Gives A HTTP Error When Uploading Images To The Media Gallery

SocMed Sean

It’s my favorite CMS and blogging platform, primarily because of the fact that the community of developers who make themes and plugins for WordPress are amazing. Sometimes, the open source nature of the CMS can introduce bugs or incompatibilities that can cause errors or even bring an entire site down. Open your browser again and log in to your WordPress console. You’ll need to open a ticket with your host and have them fix the issue.

7 steps to shutting down a social media site

Laurel Papworth

Remember, customers believe that social media sites belong to “them&# the customer and for a % of your online community your exit strategy is going to destroy their friendships and their content. The steps to follow to shut down a social media site without losing all that brand love you have worked so hard to gain are these: A warm look at history of the online community. For Radar : A warm look at history of the online community. Comments back from the community.

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Battling burnout as a social media manager

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a leading technology company that provides enterprise open source solutions. Given the complex nature Red Hat’s offerings, the customer and community feedback Red Hat receives on social media every day is invaluable. Lean into your community. DMs are always open.

Some tenant-landlord agreements make special arrangements in this case.

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Absolute Community of Property – kung saan ang lahat ng property na napundar ng bawat isa at dinala nila sa marriage, regardless kung sino ang nagpagod ay 50/50 nila na paghahatian. An open repurchase agreement (also known as on-demand repo) works the same way as a term repo except that the dealer and the counterparty agree to the transaction without setting the maturity date repurchase agreement clearing. Open source software licenses constitute separate written agreements.

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How To Rotate A Video In Windows Media Player


The VLC media player is one of the most frequently used media players and consists of an updated program with its open-source developer community. Follow the steps below to rotate videos using VLC Media Player: Open VLC app on Windows.

Anilinkz Alternatives And Similar Sites


There’s also a large community, with new members to the website being featured online, so don’t be surprised if other users welcome you. Anime Simple also has a dedicated team of developers who open-source changes they make to the website in the form of patch notes on the site’s sidebar. Large community. KissAnime is one of the largest anime streaming websites and it continues to expand its library and large community that contributes to its superb quality.

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Building the Bambu Mobile App in React Native

Sprout Social

This often led to a lack of a strong community, and much like before, these solutions lost momentum. On top of all this, React Native is open source, allowing for it to grow and maintain a strong community of developers. The open source community supporting React Native is also strong. As a language, JavaScript is simple and easy to learn, yet as a community, the language is much more like the wild west. Write once, run on iOS and Android.

Thirteen Tips for Effective Tagging

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Community. A tag is a collaboratively generated, open-ended labeling system that enables Internet users to categorize content such as Web pages, online photographs, and Web links. When in doubt, pick the tag that seems to have the most links -- this is the leading tag of the options youre considering, so hopefully will emerge as the dominant focal point (so you dont have to check "open-source," "opensource," and "open_source" to keep on top of the big world of open source).

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Entrepreneurial resources

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Cloud… Add new tag becky carroll Blog Business customers customer service delhi Entrepreneur Facebook gnome Google Hiring Iffort India Indian Startups IPhone Itemperance Jobs Join the Conversation Joseph Jaffe LinkedIn marketing Mass media myntra Online Communities On the Web open source osscamp delhi pringoo research Search Search Engines Shopping socialmedia Social media social media india Social network startup startups twitter Web 2.0

Pirate Bay Proxy Alternatives and Similar Websites and Apps


You open the site, search for your desired torrent, and hit the magnet link to download. This Pirate Bay alternative is a Russian torrent site, but some sources report that most of the user traffic comes from Pakistan. The software has been developed using NodeJS, and it is open-source software awaiting other developers around the world to complete. Zooqle might be the new kid on the block, but it has impressed the torrenting community with its unique layout.

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3 Ways to Add Social Proof to your Magento Storefront


Magento’s open-source platform provides online sellers a flexible shopping cart system and full control over the design of their online shops. To adapt, innovative brands are embracing the online communities that they’ve cultivated and are finding new ways to collaborate with customers. E-commerce growth is accelerating and is expected to continue to grow at a staggering pace. As it does, the internet as a retail distribution channel has become more and more powerful.

The Top 130 Minnesota Tech Companies on Twitter

Webbiquity SMM

WorkOutLoud – Online communities connecting enterprise companies to their customers – enabling community-wide collaboration, improving the customer experience. Low-code, flexible, customizable & open integrations.

How To Organize A Brand Hackathon (And Why) – Interview With Betabrand’s Chris Lindland

The Realtime Report

“Betabrand is perfect because we have such an open, experimental approach to branding,” says Lindland. From its Model Citizen photo campaign to its Disco Open Source Project to its ThinkTank Community Idea Factory, Betabrand has built its brand around customer engagement. We recently ran a post covering the Facebook-powered sock insurance program from Betabrand, maker of geek chic such as the Executive Pinstripe Hoodie and the Nauseating Holiday Pants.

Indian Companies on Twitter – A Usage Study

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Cloud… Add new tag becky carroll Blog Business customers customer service delhi Entrepreneur Facebook gnome Google Hiring Iffort India Indian Startups IPhone Itemperance Jobs Join the Conversation Joseph Jaffe LinkedIn marketing Mass media myntra Online Communities On the Web open source osscamp delhi pringoo research Search Search Engines Shopping socialmedia Social media social media india Social network startup startups twitter Web 2.0

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Facebook vs Twitter (A Comparison)

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Although Twitter wins, the results are fairly close indicating the open nature of conversations that are taking place on Twitter platform. Reasons could be many e.g. ‘Facebook’ being a closed platform the community considers it as a friend focussed channel. Mashable Community’s Opinion Obviously the number of reactions cannot be directly translated to the likelihood of a user joining either of the two networks.