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5 Simple Ways Small Businesses Can Ace Social Listening in 2019

Waxing UnLyrical

Big business bureaucracy stifles B2C communication. Small businesses on the other hand, are like the local government, they’re closer to consumers. However, most SMBs haven’t a clue how they can profit from this proximity which gets even better with social media via social listening.

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How LinkedIn Endorsements Can Work for Your Small Business

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

If you’re not already familiar with and using LinkedIn, you’re missing out on a great [small] business tool. The LinkedIn study defines small business professionals as members who currently work at a company with between 11 and 500 employees. “Get This is a guest post by Sarah Levy.

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The other side of Social Networking

The Marketing Blog

47 am The other side of Social Networking Jump to Comments Social networking is making a deep(er) penetration in our lives,(our? Consultants are enjoying the social-media revolution. However, a couple of bitter events, connected with Facebook and Orkut, the biggest community sites question the growth of social n/w.

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7 Ways to Prove Scalability to Investors

The Realtime Report

Small business startups and entrepreneurs often think that investors will be ready and waiting to sink thousands and millions of dollars into their idea. Investors look for startups that are scalable. Develop an Attractive Business Model. 7 Ways to Prove Scalability to Investors.

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Marketing Nutz Launches Social Profit Factor: Social Media, Branding Training Academy for YOU!

Pam Moore

I am thrilled to announce that Social Profit Factor is finally here! It is THE social media training academy for small business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers, CMOs, CEOs, directors, recruiters, sales professionals, real estate agents, speakers, authors, network marketers, artists, franchisees, franchisors and YOU!

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Audience Marketing 101: Your #1 Competitive Weapon for 2018 – FREE Webinar

Pam Moore

While your competition is arguing about which social network is going to win… Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook, I'm going to help you build an audience first marketing strategy and plan to zoom right past the competition. It's our most popular service for startups up to Fortune 10 brands in both B2B and B2c markets.

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Former Drake Executive Discusses Her Transition To Tech And Entrepreneurship

Forbes Social Media

successfully launched multiple startups, including her latest initiative, social networking app NewNew. Courtne Smith, a former member of Drake’s management team, has.