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[DIGITAL TIPS] Combining SEO And PPC To Advance Your Marketing Strategy

SocMed Sean

SocMedSean - Social.Media.Sean [DIGITAL TIPS] Combining SEO And PPC To Advance Your Marketing Strategy The world of online marketing is a dynamic and ever-changing one. A digital marketing strategy that works fine month can perform poorly in the next. No problem, right? The top-ranked listing in the SERPs get 55% of the clicks.

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Canadian ad spend growing faster than anywhere

Sherrilynne Starkie

per cent this year, a faster increase than any other global market, according to biannual forecasts just released by Dentsu Aegis Network, an international digital advertising group. Digital, especially mobile advertising, is driving the growth as smartphones are becoming Canadians’ primary access point to services and content.


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Facebook Brand Engagement Grows 896% Year-Over-Year

The Realtime Report

Mobile engagement is also way up; around one-quarter of Facebook engagement came from mobile users. more effective social marketing by brands. more effective social marketing by brands. Mobile engagement on Facebook rose 4X since Facebook Timeline rolled out. What led to the increase in brand engagement?

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B2B Marketing Stats from HubSpot’s Marketing Data Box

Webbiquity SMM

HubSpot last week released the Marketing Data Box , a 3.4 megabyte, 65-slide data dump of marketing facts and statistics from a variety of sources. Here are some of the most interesting observations for B2B marketers: Slide 10: B2B magazines continue to struggle. Slide 17: Websites and email dominate marketers’ time.

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20 Tremendous Digital Marketing Stats and Facts

Webbiquity SMM

Digital marketing budgets continue to rise, often at the expense of offline advertising spend. But digital marketers must continue to evolve practices as they strive to make their content an asset, rather than an annoyance, to prospective buyers. Spending on digital marketing is projected to increase by 12% to 15% on average.

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The 7 Deadly Sins Of Digital Marketing In 2014

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Have we solved the most basic of questions for our digital marketing efforts? I would argue that the vast majority of brands engaged in digital marketing have left the fundamentals behind them. Here are the 7 deadly sins of digital marketing in 2014. A lack of mobile. Website is not responsive. The statistics don''t lie.

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The Top 10 Marketing Attribution Software Solutions


It’s hard to deny that it is the biggest marketing concern in 2019. Especially, for B2B and Considered Purchase marketing. digital companies now have a veritable plethora of viable and effective marketing channels available for lead generation. So, what’s a marketer to do?! Especially, for lead generation.

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