All You Need to Know About Instagram Takeovers: How to Host a Takeover in 6 Simple Steps

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With a takeover, the host gets someone who can bring value to their followers while the guest gets to reach a new audience with their content. For Instagram posts, do you want to use a branded hashtag? You can have one hashtag for all your takeovers or a unique one for each takeover.

Best Business Blogging Guides and Tips of 2010

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A colossal list of more than 120 sites to add to your ping list for automatic notification each time you publish a new post. Why Host a Blog on Your Corporate Website? Why Host a Blog on Your Corporate Website? How can you improve your blog’s position in search engines?

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The 6 Best Ways to Showcase User-Generated Content on Social Media

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I use this most frequently when showcasing guest experiences at an event my clients have hosted, or when multiple people are raving about the same product. Ask users to tag you or use your branded hashtag. .

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The Ultimate Guide to Scheduling Instagram Posts


Optimize Your Captions and Hashtags. Like with your Instagram captions, it’s important to spend a good amount of time researching Instagram hashtags. You can then pick and choose which of these hashtags to add you to your post. Optimize Your Captions & Hashtags.

How to Inspire More User-Generated Content for Your Brand

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Set up a branded hashtag and add it to your bio, instructing users exactly how to share the content you want to see. Others will host what I call “flash sale” UGC campaigns, where they ask users to share something immediately relevant. Host contests.

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21 Ways to Get More Engagement on Instagram Stories


Whether you host an Instagram takeover on your stories, co-design a product, or simply lead an Instagram Live with another brand, collaboration projects are a great way to build new audiences and keep your followers engaged with something a little different.

11 best social media listening tools


Social media listening goes beyond just looking at your emails and notifications for @mentions of your brand. You get a breakdown of the hashtags, tweets, and URLs that are driving the most engagement from top social networks.

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8 Key Steps for a Successful Instagram Takeover

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How often will the host be posting from your account. Create a Branded Hashtag. Creating a branded hashtag for you Instagram takeover is important because it will help you: Monitor the campaign and user posts or comments.

How to Legally Repost User-Generated Content on Instagram


Every Instagram post with your product, handle, or branded hashtag created by one of your customers (or potential customers) is valuable free marketing your business — especially when you re-share it on your own Instagram profile. . Do you have a branded hashtag for your brand?

How to Get (Real!) Followers on Social Media in 2019

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We’ve also seen this work with Instagram followers, thanks to a host of website plugins that allow you to feature several Instagram pictures on your blog. Always use hashtags whenever possible on social posts. To make the most of this tip, pick and choose from high-volume hashtags.

Shape Up Your Social Media For 2019

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Here are some of the possible culprits: Social media notifications. Desktop notifications. Slack notification. Taking action: Don’t be afraid to mute social media notifications and emails while you work on content writing tasks. New year, new you, right?

How to Use LinkedIn Live: The Complete Guide for Marketers


Your partner should receive a notification as soon as you start streaming. Try the Communities Hashtags feed. Here, you can associate your Page with up to three hashtags (try a mix of niche and broad ones). That way, they’ll get a notification as soon as you go live.

15 Ways To Get More Followers On Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+

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Participate in Hashtag Trends. If you want to know how to get followers fast, pay attention to hashtags that are trending on Twitter. Hashtags can help people find you. While it's helpful to browse around Twitter and discover hashtags on your own, sometimes you don't have time.

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30+ Free Instagram Tools to Help You Grow Your Following

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Going beyond the usual photo editing tools, we’ll also be sharing tools for finding the best hashtags to use, running Instagram contests, displaying your Instagram posts on your website, and more. It also filters out banned and spammy hashtags.

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Social Media Event Promotion: The Complete Guide


Whether you’re hosting a private party for clients, or putting on a festival for thousands, having a strategy is key. Viewers can subscribe to receive a notification when the clock runs out, or add the countdown to their own Story. Create a hashtag. Host a giveaway.

8 New Ways to Get More Instagram Followers in 2019


So you want to make sure that the content that you’re hosting on highlights, as well as the icons you’re using for your cover image s, is in line with your aesthetic. Tip #2: Get More Instagram Followers by Using Hashtags and Location Tags in Your Instagram Stories.

How Turn Studio Transitioned a Side Project into a Thriving Ecommerce Business with Instagram

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When first starting out, he would tag the biggest, most influential art and design accounts (such as Design Milk ) in the captions of their posts so that they would get a personal notification from the tag. Hashtags. Hashtags are also a major part of Turn Studio’s Instagram strategy.

How to Run the Best YouTube Contest in 10 Easy Steps


In this post, we’ll share key tips for hosting a YouTube contest. Get clear on why you want to host a YouTube giveaway before you start planning it. There are several ways to host a partnered YouTube giveaway: Collaborate with a brand who will provide free prize(s).

How to Plan an Instagram Stories Campaign (+ Free Step-by-Step Guide)


What hashtags do they use and follow? Step #5: Get a notification on your phone when it’s time to post! Beyond actually posting content to your feed, you need to build a strategy to promote it with hashtags, influencers, stories stickers , and more. #1: 4: Host a Live Q&A.

How to Tell the Instagram Algorithm That You’re Awesome

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Use hashtags. Instagram users will click on or search for hashtags about the topics they’re most interested in. Increase your chance of getting engagement and getting found by using relevant hashtags in your Instagram captions. Don’t be shy about using multiple hashtags.

How Turn Studio Transitioned a Side Project into a Thriving Ecommerce Business with Instagram

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When first starting out, he would tag the biggest, most influential art and design accounts (such as Design Milk ) in the captions of their posts so that they would get a personal notification from the tag. Hashtags. Hashtags are also a major part of Turn Studio’s Instagram strategy.

How to Set Up and Use Twitter Lists: 9 Great Ideas


If it’s public, each competitor will get a notification when you add them. If you run a Twitter chat , you could create a list for regular participants, or for your guest co-hosts. If the hosts don’t create a Twitter list of attendees, you could create your own.

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My Favorite Instagram Timesaving Tips (that you can borrow)

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Even if you’re a fast texter, adding hashtags and even going back through some text to edit words can be a pain. Dictating a caption saves some time, and then you just have to add your hashtags afterward. What types of content, hashtags, and times of day lead to the most engagement?

Association Social Media: International Reading Association


With input and advice from guest-host Ruth Culham, teachers, and librarians, it was an hour of dialogue and idea sharing. The first thing I do in the morning is check for notifications and see if there are messages or comments that need to be addressed.

How to Use Instagram Stories Templates for Your Brand (+10 Free Templates!)


Their loyal community even has a #bestofover hashtag to help you find inspiration from other creators if you’re ever feeling stuck! Hosting an event? When it’s time to post, you’ll receive a notification on your phone.

Instagram for Business: 30 Tips to Grow Your Audience and Stand Out on Instagram

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Instagram recently announced a host of Business tools to help companies better understand their followers and grow their businesses on Instagram. Add a caption with hashtags, mentions, and emoji. Receive a push notification on our phone at the scheduled time. Leverage hashtags.

10 Twitter Tools You’ll Actually Use

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stands for Twitter Unfollower Notification Service. Hosting a Twitter chat is a great way to engage your current followers as well as attract new ones. First, come up with a branded hashtag for people to use when Tweeting about your chat.

7 Instagram Influencer Marketing Tips for the Holiday Season


Make sure to include campaign hashtags, inspiration from past campaigns, or anything else you think would help them create content that will align with your brand. Looking for influencer marketing tips for the holiday season?

7 Tips for Reposting Instagram Stories & User-Generated Content


When you see a post in your feed from another profile that you’d like to share on your account (like someone using your brand hashtag or tagging you in a post), it’s super simple to share that post with your audience on Instagram Stories. Plus, you can then add stickers, GIFs, text, hashtags, and mentions to your Instagram Stories post. If you have been mentioned in an Instagram Stories post, you should receive a notification in your Direct Messages inbox.

Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing

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Whenever you like, mention, Retweet or reply to someone, they receive a notification. They’ll see your Twitter handle in the notification and hopefully click through to view your profile. You can also stand out by hosting your own Twitter chat.

Making The Most Of A Twitter Chat

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Anyone can participate if they jump on to the hashtag, regardless of whether they specialize in that particular field or not. The other thing you can do is to go to Twitter Search , plug in the hashtag, and save all the tweets that were generated during the time of the chat.

App dot net- It’s not Twitter

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Mentions (@jfouts), Hashtags (#ADN) work pretty much the same. There are a host of apps to use with ADN. When I first heard about my first reaction was probably very much like yours, “I don’t need another social media network!”

A Complete Guide to Instagram Marketing: Get the Playbook That Drives Results for Instagram’s Top Profiles

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Some large brands also choose to include a brand hashtag within their bio (for example, Nike Basketball below). Style guides contain all the necessary information for a piece of content from beginning to end — from the design and layout of post to the copy and hashtags that accompany it.

Twitter Follower Hack: The Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Tactics to Use


Check through the Twitter accounts of your current followers and take a look at the people they follow, or follow relevant hashtags being used in your industry. Who wouldn’t like a list notification which says they’ve been added to the “Totally Awesome Social Sellers” list?

PR Is As PR Does

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1 – 2:30 pm ET, follow/participate on Twitter using the #netsol hashtag. Get notified of updates in this conversation "> Follow conversation Stop receiving notifications "> Following conversation people listening Followers Livefyre is in Offline Mode - you can still post comments.

The Social Media Content Management Plan for Success

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Google Alerts will send you notifications any time it finds a mention of your brand on a website. For example, you might want to host a contest in February for Valentine’s Day, Tweet about fun hashtag holidays or live Tweet an upcoming industry event.

Google+ for Apps - the Perfect Competition for Yammer and SalesForce Chatter

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Yammer sort of allows this by allowing posts you push to Twitter to also appear on your internal network (you do this by appending the hashtag, #yam, to your Tweet and it gest read by Yammer). Targeted Notifications. With Google Apps, businesses no longer have a need to host their own email or calendaring services. Targeted Notifications I haven't seen how thorough this works on Google+ for apps, but the potential is there.

18 WordPress Social Media Plugins to Live By

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You can even display posts you’ve liked, other accounts, hashtags and more. Have participants use a branded hashtag to enter, then display those posts as a gallery on your site. Additionally, you can get email notifications each time someone comments on your blog posts.

9 Effective Ways to Outsmart the Facebook Algorithm in 2018

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The fact that Live videos produce notifications that ping your fans and followers is an added bonus for helping your videos stand out too. Whether it’s a visit to a pickle popsicle factory or an article about a couple hosting a wedding at White Castle, these types of pieces are perfect for getting a response out of followers. You also have the option of beefing up your descriptions via hashtags or shouting out another page, both of which can expand your reach even further.

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Snapping at Synapses: Why Digital Death Sucks

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Someone had better tell Alicia Keys, Kim Kardashian, Ryan Seacrest, Lady Gaga and a whole host of other celebrities who, on December 1st, underwent a “digital death.&#

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