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How to Find Your Audience on Social Media

Social Media Strategies Summit

You spend time planning and creating content for multiple social media platforms. When HubSpot asked social media marketers about their biggest challenges, “ reaching our target audience ” came in second place, only behind “ creating engaging content.” This is a massive issue for many brands. Sound familiar?

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How to Run a Social Media Competitive Analysis

Social Media Strategies Summit

Social media is a cut-throat world. But it’s not all bad news because those same rivals can be a major source of inspiration for your own social media strategy, helping you identify new opportunities and close gaps in your content calendar. Read on to learn how to run an effective social media competitive analysis.

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Take the Ignite Social Media Trends Survey

Ignite Social Media

We’re excited to gather industry insights for social media marketers. Introducing the Ignite Social Media Trends Survey. The post Take the Ignite Social Media Trends Survey appeared first on Ignite Social Media.

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Social Media Marketing Goals and How To Achieve Them — Five Tips

Webbiquity SMM

Goal-setting is the foundation of any successful social media (or any other type of) marketing campaign. With 93% of marketers leveraging social media for increased brand exposure, it’s vital for businesses to identify ways to stay ahead of the curve. What are the potential benefits, and how will they be measured?

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From Followers to Advocates: How to Build a Loyal Social Media Community

Convince & Convert

This, at its core, can easily translate to how and why we use social media the way we do, and why it’s the closest touchpoint to our audience in our marketing efforts. However, we live in a tech-first, fast-paced world of social media where instant gratification is expected.

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How to Stay Productive as a Social Media Manager


Social media managers do it all – literally. Sheldon Bruck went Behind the Post to reveal how he stays productive while juggling multiple responsibilities as a Social Media and Community Manager. So how can we manage these diverse responsibilities efficiently and effectively?

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9 E-commerce Social Media Marketing Tips for 2024

Social Media Strategies Summit

of internet users aged 16 to 64 use social media, spending an average of 2 hours and 23 minutes daily browsing social networks. But, successfully reaching, engaging, and converting your audience via social networks necessitates a strategic approach. The latest data from January 2024 shows that 93.2%