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Instagram's Chief Outlines the Key Areas of Focus for the App in 2022

Social Media Today

What's coming next for IG? More TikTok

Planning and Goal-Setting for 2022

Jon Loomer

Do not underestimate the connection between goal-setting and performance. Just as importantly, know that you must spend time assembling a routine that will help you reach those goals. I’ve had a hot and cold relationship with goal-setting during the life of my business.


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My Picks For The Top Social Media Influencers Of 2021

Forbes Social Media

For me, I look for influencers who have something to say about life and purpose, especially since I am about to release a new book about finding purpose in our jobs. Social Media /social-media Innovation /innovation Social Media /social-media innovation socialmedia

5 Ways To Increase Ecommerce Sales with Facebook in 2022


Even with a relatively high engagement rate, Facebook can be a tough channel to drive conversions from. But with the right type of content and a reframing of ROI, you can connect your ecommerce conversions directly to this channel.

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The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations.

TikTok Leads Christmas Day Download Charts, New Markers of the Coming Metaverse Shift

Social Media Today

Some interesting, and important trends of note in the Christmas download charts on iOS and Android

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Voice Search: 6 Invaluable SEO Strategies to Improve Your Rank

Pam Hughes

Are you missing traffic opportunities because people aren’t searching the way you think they are? If you haven’t optimized for voice search, this could be the case.

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5 Ways To Conduct Effective WordPress Developer Test


WordPress remains an undefeated champion amongst popular content management systems (CMS). The platform is powerful, user friendly, and effortless. This attracts most businesses to opt for WordPress as their preferred CMS. In fact, currently, over 1.7 billion websites have been published online.

#421: From Court Rooms To TikTok: The Korean Vegan’s Journey Of Reinvention

Amy Porterfield

Talking Life And Career Transitions Over Curry Like soooo many of us, Joanne Lee Molinaro hopped on to TikTok in July of 2020 as a way of coping with the isolation of quarantine.

Queen's Scots Guards Seen Knocking Over Child In Viral Video

Forbes Social Media

One of the guards could be heard announcing, "Make way" but it was too late for a young boy who was knocked down. Social Media /social-media Innovation /innovation Social Media /social-media innovation socialmedia

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Social Media Marketing GPS

SMGPS will tell you the why & how to use social media for marketing, 1 tweet at a time. You'll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls.

7 Tips to Create Landing Pages for More Leads

The Realtime Report

7 Tips to Create Landing. Pages for More Leads. Have you ever clicked a link on an email, an ad, or maybe a video ad that sent you to this page that has a form and sometimes a promotion? Then you have seen a landing page.

Everything You Need To Know About Short Selling And How It Works


For a long time, newbie investors keep wondering what short selling is all about. In a short sale, the investor counts their profit after returning the borrowed shares to the initial lender. He thus keeps the difference between the buying and selling prices.

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#420: Unlearning The Hustle Mentality (& How I Got It Wrong)

Amy Porterfield

An Entrepreneur’s Permission To UnHustle I L – O – V – E new entrepreneurs. There’s no drive or determination like the early days of starting a business…but with that comes a few habits that become hard to break.

Miss Excel Has Some Advice For Those Who Want To Be A Social Media Influencer

Forbes Social Media

For Kat Norton, her success came after she took a big risk trying something new outside of her comfort zone (hint: it involved making videos and dancing). Social Media /social-media Innovation /innovation Social Media /social-media innovation socialmedia

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How to Be Social: A Social Media Manifesto

Learn the 10 worst social media marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

New Social Media Features: December 2021 [Infographic]


The post New Social Media Features: December 2021 [Infographic] appeared first on The Pixlee Blog. Social Media Marketing

How to Turn Off Sticky Keys in Windows 11 and 10


While working on the computer, accidentally pressed the Shift key more than five times or pressed Shift key for a longer time? If yes, then you must have seen a dialog box that asks you to enable Sticky keys? Users usually experience this issue several times while playing games.

Adult Friend Finder Review


Dating platforms offer an excellent resource for broadening your options and facilitating your search for that special person to kickstart a long term relationship. However, sometimes, the search for The One is just not what is on your mind.

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Why You Will Hire A Social Media Correspondent In 2022 (Just Like Wheel Of Fortune)

Forbes Social Media

To the follower, there’s a vague sense that “someone” is posting, due to the personal nature of social media. Social Media /social-media Innovation /innovation Social Media /social-media innovation socialmedia

8 Stupid Simple Social Media Tricks to Boost SEO

Discover just how easy it is to boost SEO with social media.

NYPD Compared To The Nazi’s ‘Gestapo’ On Social Media

Forbes Social Media

Comparisons to Nazis or other elements of the Third Reich began long before the days of social media, but increasingly it is used to denigrate the authorities when they enforce rules some don't find agreeable.

TV Legend Betty White Remembered On Social Media

Forbes Social Media

There was an outpouring of love on social media praising the life of Betty White on Friday afternoon after it was reported that the actress had passed away at the age of 99. Social Media /social-media Innovation /innovation Social Media /social-media innovation socialmedia

These Were The Worst Trends In Social Media In 2021 – And Don't Expect Improvement In 2022

Forbes Social Media

Social media has been a friendly platform for spewing irresponsible ideology for years, but 2021 set a new nadir. Social Media /social-media Innovation /innovation Social Media /social-media innovation socialmedia

My Picks For The Top Trending Books Of 2021

Forbes Social Media

The following books were the ones that tended to appear most in my feed with links, discussions, and opinions. Social Media /social-media Innovation /innovation Social Media /social-media innovation socialmedia

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Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

Elon Musk Had A Wild Year On Twitter. Here Are His 5 Craziest Tweets

Forbes Social Media

If there is one thing we can count on during the year, it is Elon Musk tweeting out random thoughts. He is often entertaining and not afraid to speak his mind, even when it gets him into trouble. Looking back, these are his top tweets of the year.

Book Author Philip Yancey Explains How To Find Common Ground On Social Media

Forbes Social Media

If you have an opinion about politics or religion that is slightly different from someone else, you will find yourself in a heated debate. Social Media /social-media Innovation /innovation Social Media /social-media innovation socialmedia

Greta Thunberg Got Snarky On Twitter In 2021. Here Are Her Top Tweets

Forbes Social Media

Climate change activist Greta Thunberg learned how to deliver the snark in 2021, especially when it came to attacking her enemies and confronting criticism. Social Media /social-media Innovation /innovation Social Media /social-media innovation socialmedia

John Madden Remembered On Social Media

Forbes Social Media

In America, football is almost a religion – and tearing down the other team has become the norm, yet Madden was always able to rise above it. Social Media /social-media Innovation /innovation Social Media /social-media innovation socialmedia

Team 64

2021 In Cannabis, According To Twitter: Racism, Biden’s Inaction, Sha’Carri, Elon Musk, Seth Rogen And More

Forbes Social Media

A look at some of the most viral, most interesting cannabis-related tweets of 2021. Vices /vices Lifestyle /lifestyle Vices /vices Innovation /innovation Social Media /social-media lifestyle javierhasseblog

Godwin’s Law May No Longer Apply — At Least On Reddit

Forbes Social Media

Residents of the internet may be familiar with Godwin’s law — the idea that the longer a conversation goes, the more likely someone will invoke Hitler. A new study suggests that may not be the case any more, but that doesn't mean our online communication is getting healthier.

These Words Are Banned On Tumblr’s iOS Apps, According To Users

Forbes Social Media

Last week, Tumblr rolled out an update to its iOS app comply with Apple’s App Store Guidelines that place restrictions on sensitive content. The change has banned over 400 words, including seemingly innocuous ones, and greatly restricted the iOS version of the app.

WhatsApp ffmpeg.dll Not Found Troubling You? We Have The Fix!


It’s no more hidden that you can use WhatsApp on both your smartphone as well as your computer. You can install the standalone WhatsApp app on your desktop or simply visit WhatsApp’s web version, scan the QR and start using WhatsApp on your desktop.