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Did Facebook Ads CPM Go Up This Holiday Season?

Jon Loomer

Historically, the average CPM (Cost Per 1,000 Impressions) has increased for Facebook advertisers during the holidays as competition for eyeballs and ad spending increase. Prior to 2020, advertisers routinely saw CPM costs double, triple, or more during the most competitive times. Absolute CPM. Why Aren’t CPMs Going Up?

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Social Media Marketing During COVID-19: March 23 Update

Ignite Social Media

We did a sample of activity across brand pages and, unsurprisingly, saw big spikes in key industries such as grocery stores and utilities. They saw a median daily increase in page likes of 544% while the overall sample rose just 6%. Client D saw a 46% decrease in CPM, a 51% decrease in CPC and a 51% decrease in CPLPV.

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New report resurrects AVE measurement for influencer campaigns

Sherrilynne Starkie

The report explains: “Earned Media Value is the equivalent cost of advertising that would garner the same amount of exposure as postings mentioning a brand campaign, based on followers and a US$5 CPM (cost-per-mille).”. Click To Tweet The report doesn’t give a rationale for the $5 CPM.

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Quality Traffic Test #2: The Impact of Meta Ads Placement

Jon Loomer

While that’s a small sample, it’s still enough to generate meaningful results when you can get a decent volume of clicks. CPM is at least 2X higher across the board. Test #2 Results Here are the results from the second test. A few observations… 1.

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Facebook Ads and the Magic Bullet

Jon Loomer

The CPM may double or triple, meaning it costs significantly more to reach your audience. Sample Size. You’re unable to generate a reasonable sample size to determine whether certain campaigns, ad sets, or ads even work. Competition. It could be due to the holiday season or the audience you’re targeting.

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How Brands Can Achieve Higher Engagement on TikTok


a series of product launches or free samples for them to feature every month, etc.). And they start from $10 per CPM. Think long-term: set up a partnership for more than just one campaign (i.e., Use Paid Ads. The TikTok crowd is more welcoming toward paid ads than you think. A study found that 72% of users enjoy ads on TikTok.

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Monetizing Facebook: Dollar Value of Facebook Fan

Laurel Papworth

Vitrue “manages&# 45 million fans, so sampled that data to look at wall post impression to fan ratio. They then assumed companies would pay at least $5 per CPM ( cost per 1000 impression s). There ya go- that’s how they came up with an interaction/engagement CPM based on Facebook fanpage numbers.

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