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Social Media Marketing During COVID-19: March 23 Update

Ignite Social Media

We did a sample of activity across brand pages and, unsurprisingly, saw big spikes in key industries such as grocery stores and utilities. They saw a median daily increase in page likes of 544% while the overall sample rose just 6%.

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Facebook Ads and the Magic Bullet

Jon Loomer

The CPM may double or triple, meaning it costs significantly more to reach your audience. Do you have a good reputation? Sample Size. You’re unable to generate a reasonable sample size to determine whether certain campaigns, ad sets, or ads even work. What is the method to guarantee success for your Facebook ads? How can you make changes that will turn your Facebook ad spending from a failure to a profit? There are reasons your ads aren’t succeeding.

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7 Keys to Facebook Advertising Success

Jon Loomer

Your brand (logo, voice, reputation) is broken: You could have a great product, but even a great product is easy to ignore if your brand is broken. If you’re selling a $100 product, you can’t expect to spend $5 per day and get the sample size necessary to get any type of results. Or CPM?” You could have a high CPM, low CTR or high CPC and still get a good Cost Per Desired Action.

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Who’s Driving the Data Movement? Social Media Managers

Buffer Social

Steve Jobs had a reputation for taking customer research with a grain of salt. Cost per thousand (CPM) / Cost per click (CPC) — These ad measures tell how efficiently your copy, creative, and call-to-action are performing. A sample social media report from Buffer Analyze. What if the most valuable data person on your team is your social media manager ? It certainly might not seem that way at first blush.

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Facebook Ads: 9 Factors That Impact Cost Per Conversion

Jon Loomer

While you have a reputation, these people haven’t yet used your product. When you optimize for an action, Facebook needs a decent sample size to work with. As a rule of thumb, I’ve often heard that it’s best to have at least 50 conversions per day in order to get an acceptable sample size and optimize for conversions. You can also choose to optimize for impressions (CPM) or limit impressions to once per day per user (Daily Unique Reach).

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A Beginner’s Guide to Using Google Ads (Previously Google Adwords)


Cost-per-mille (CPM). Google also offers helpful tips and sample ads for you to jumpstart your ad writing. Not only will it frustrate your readers but it also erodes your brand’s reputation. Using Google Ads might be the best decision you make for your business.

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Monitoring vs Analytics [Infographic]

Buzz Marketing for Technology

After two years at the helm of Avaya’s social media strategy which produced a very strong ROI in the Social Customer Support area, I am happy to say we finally got that strategy institutionalized within the Support organization so I found myself with a rare opportunity to evolve our strategy from brand monitoring and reputation management to something higher order like Social Insights.

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