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How to Measure Social Media ROI for B2B Brands


B2B Growth Marketing, Demand Generation, Field Marketing—however you badge it, it’s a numbers game. Yet, organic social media is one channel that still delivers consistent results. Many marketers shy away from social media because they don’t understand how to measure social media return on investment (ROI).

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Best Practices for Using Social Media Listening to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

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Want to know why social media listening should absolutely, 100% be part of your marketing plans right now? Social media listening is the same as this but on a massive scale. What Exactly is Social Media Listening (& Why Should I Care)? 3 Examples of Social Media Listening in Action.


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The 2024 Guide to Social Media Strategy for Executives


Whether you’re B2B or B2C, your customers want to engage with humans on social media. 56% of customers want more relatable, personable content from brands on social, but 48% of brands are still posting self-promotional content multiple times a week. Easy: be active on social media.

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45 of the Best Social Media Analytics Tools

agora pulse

We’ve culled the best social media analytics tools to save you the time and pain of sifting through everything out there. How do you measure your brand’s progress on social media and make sure you’re on track to reach your marketing goals? Social Media Analytics Defined. Here are our favorites.

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5 Best Practices for Streamlining Your Social Media Publishing Workflow


We don’t need to remind you of the benefits of consistently posting quality content to social media, particularly when it comes to getting ahead of the competition. Here are the five things you need to know about streamlining your social media strategy. Content creation for social media shouldn’t be down-to-the-wire.

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The Value of Social Listening in B2B Digital Marketing


Somewhere on social media, somebody is talking about a feature they wish your product offered. But you’ll never know what they’re saying – unless you employ social listening as part of your social media strategy. The importance of social listening for B2B marketing. Lead identification.

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Measuring Customer Experience for B2B Marketers


B2B organizations often are remiss in remembering B2B buyers are just B2C consumers wearing a different hat. For B2B, this means buyers expect a personalized, well-developed, enticing customer experience (CX) from first learning of your brand until closing a sale. CX has become an intrinsic part of the B2B marketing funnel.

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