Adidas Teams With Champs Sports To Create Instagram Mini Series

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Following their impressive World Cup ad campaign, Adidas has teamed up with Champs Sports to create four different online shows that will air only on Champs Sport’s Instagram page. According to Scott Burton, director of marketing for Champs Sports, the duo’s target demographic is male, high school varsity athletes, and the decision to create 15-second clips on Instagram was an attempt to generate more sharable, rewatchable and memorable content (AdWeek).

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TikTok hashtags: how to use them to grow your reach

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TikTok hashtags. This post will explore in-depth what TikTok hashtags are, why you should use them and how you can leverage them. What are TikTok hashtags? TikTok hashtags help to categorize video content uploaded to the platform so users can find it easily.


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3 Ways Sports Marketers Need To Be Using Instagram Data


This is what marketers of major sporting brands can expect when their social media strategy is driving a lot of engagement. Implementing insights gleaned from Instagram data can impact a sporting brand’s social activity on more than just instagram. The importance of extracting data will only increase as Instagram continues to experiment with providing audience analytics to marketers. All sports, athletes, and clubs have their own unique interests.

Augmented Reality in Sports

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Social Links Freelance Social Media Social Media Tips and Marketing Blog Home About Contact Subscribe Augmented Reality in Sports by cinta5 on January 28, 2010 [tweetmeme]Just wanted to share a couple of videos with you. Marketing. mailgloo on The Auto DM drop shipping on Sell Products Online via Facebook Hank Wasiak on Marketing Beyond Traditional Means Meta Log in Entries RSS Comments RSS Get smart with the Thesis WordPress Theme from DIYthemes.

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How to Identify Popular Hashtags

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Hashtags are used on social media channels and are important in your business – you may be missing a trick if you’re not using them. So let’s figure how how to identify popular hashtags… First… let’s talk about what hashtags are and why you need them! What are hashtags? click on the hashtag to find all updates with this hashtag). using the hashtag of an event or a TV program). Why are hashtags useful?

Announcing Hashtag Manager: A New Tool to Help You Save and Organize Hashtags for Instagram

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Today we’re launching Hashtag Manager to help you save and organize hashtags for Instagram. Over the years, hashtags have become an important part of any Instagram marketing strategy. By adding hashtags to your content you can help your posts to reach new audiences, boost engagement, and pick up new followers. One thing we’ve heard from customers time and time again is how difficult it can be to organize, group and save hashtags.

Social media and the rise of fantasy sports

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You don’t have to be a sports fanatic to know how much sports fans love to share updates about their teams on social media. Fantasy sports have played a huge role in shaping fans’ communities and conversations on social platforms. What are fantasy sports? Fantasy sports are a game where participants build imaginary teams. Despite popular belief, fantasy sports actually got their start in the 1960s. And what did social media and fantasy sports?

Land Rover Hashtag-Twitter Hashtags in Advertisements | Freelance.

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Social Links Freelance Social Media Social Media Tips and Marketing Blog Home About Contact Subscribe Land Rover Hashtag-Twitter Hashtags in Advertisements by Jesse on April 23, 2009 I’ve seen recently that some advertisers are starting to use Twitter’s hashtags in their advertising. Have you witnessed hashtags in advertisements? Marketing.

How elite brands get ahead with March Madness marketing

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So, whose March Madness marketing strategy is enough to go all the way? Overall, the social performance is remarkable and reinforces the opportunity for marketers who invest in March Madness. Hashtags power brands forward. To hashtag or not to hashtag ?

5 Reasons Twitter Should Continue To Be Part Of Your 2022 Marketing Strategy

SocMed Sean

Twitter, the social media platform of short status updates, can be a useful tool for marketing your business. Twitter’s broad use base provides a significant opportunity for companies to reach their audiences, and tools like hashtags allow businesses to target niche groups.

Owning your Twitter Hashtags | Freelance Social Media

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Social Links Freelance Social Media Social Media Tips and Marketing Blog Home About Contact Subscribe Owning your Twitter Hashtags by Jesse on January 21, 2010 We’ve all been in the situation where we are trying to follow something on Twitter, be it a conference, athletic event or news story. Usually you can stumble upon several hashtags that are relevant to the event or the organization but have you ever wondered where they came from? Marketing.

16 Tips for Using #hashtags HINT: You’re doing it wrong :P #socialmedia

Laurel Papworth

If you create content and don’t use a hashtag you are passing it through OWNED media (your subscribers) but it rarely escapes into EARNED media (other people who would be interested. Try adding a hashtag or two that you know people use and monitor and see how it resonates. Without the hashtags, status updates, tweets, social objects sit there waiting for the subscribers to see it. WITH hashtags, outbound connection of content to channels occurs.

How to Know If Your Brand Should Hop on a New Social Media Trend

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Are all your Facebook friends talking about the next big sporting event, upcoming holiday, or election? Some hashtags, trends and memes, while popular, have the potential to be lost on – or offend – your brand’s audience. Although everyone on Twitter may seem to be obsessed with Stranger Things or the World Series, you can’t always assume that your audience is familiar with certain shows or follows sports.

#GNO the most popular hashtag every Tuesday night | Freelance.

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Social Links Freelance Social Media Social Media Tips and Marketing Blog Home About Contact Subscribe #GNO the most popular hashtag every Tuesday night by cinta5 on March 1, 2009 I was browsing popular hashtags a couple of weeks ago and found the tag #gno to be the most popular. It wasn’t until the third week when they learned about applying a hashtag that they added #GNO and 50 more showed up. Marketing.

Where to Find Twitter Trending Topics for your Online Marketing


Marketing with Twitter trending topics is a strategy that combines careful planning, even more careful research, and a bit of dumb luck. For contrast sake, I’ll show you a complete trending hashtag marketing #fail while I’m at it! You’ll rarely find a hashtag that really connects with your brand. This is a fairly exhaustive resource for your Twitter trending hashtag planning and research! tagdef: What in the world does that hashtag mean?!?

The Top 25 Social Media Analytics Tools [Updated for 2021]

You probably have an amazing marketing team but unless you have a team of data scientists tracking and analyzing all your social data, you will miss the key insights necessary to elevate your brand. This tool is a huge timesaver for social media marketers. Updated – November 2020.

5 Reasons Instagram Should Continue to be Part of Your 2022 Marketing Strategy

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As a result, many businesses have taken to Instagram to market their companies. As of 2018, 71% of US businesses reported they use Instagram for marketing. The same study also found that 70% of Instagram hashtags are branded. Can Instagram be effective for marketers?

Twitter Analytics: Your Guide to Drive Traffic and Boost Sales [Updated in 2020]

Marketers are constantly in search of actionable insights to improve their social media strategies. While Twitter isn’t the most popular social platform out there, it’s still the go-to platform for live conversations about news, TV, and sports. Was it a hashtag?

The NBA Finals on Social: Who is winning the conversation?

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The following is a guest blog by founder and CEO of On Base Marketing Justin Lafferty. The Hashtag Game. These are the Warriors’ and Cavaliers’ official hashtags, and they’ve been given the emoji treatment. Stephen Curry leads the way with this tweet, which has been retweeted more than 27,000 times: The Warriors’ hashtag is used most effectively on Facebook, in accordance with final score posts.

Top 25 [Free + Paid] Social Media Analytics Tools in 2022

You probably have an amazing marketing team but unless you have a team of data scientists tracking and analyzing all your social data, you will miss the key insights necessary to elevate your brand. The right tool should give you the insights you need to reach your marketing goals.

Twitter February Events Calendar: So Much Snow, So Much Fun


Read about all the exciting events, hashtags, and content to come! Sports and entertainment To my millions and millions of friends in the north east, February can be a tough month. Twitter content marketing hashtag marketing social media marketing Twitter events calendar twitter marketingFebruary is commonly a dreary month, but the Twitter February events calendar is full of excitement.

Twitter January Events Calendar: Awards Season is Upon Us


Twitter is helping marketers start 2018 right with the release of its January events calendar. Twitter January 2018 events calendar After the hectic holiday marketing rush culminating with the New Year celebrations, January is loaded with fresh events and marketing opportunities. Sports fans […]. Twitter content marketing hashtag marketing Twitter events calendar twitter marketing viral marketing

Twitter March Events Calendar: Hey, Stuff Happens in March!


March is all about sports and entertainment. Twitter hashtag marketing Twitter events calendar twitter for business twitter marketing twitter marketing strategyTwitter is helping brands get ready to dive in all the fun with its March Events Calendar. Twitter March events calendar: Are you not entertained? Film and entertainment buffs will have an entertaining start with the 90th Annual Academy Awards being held on March 4. Meet our first […].

The best brand marketing we’ve seen on social media in the last 5 years

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Similar to the sports world , brand marketing is a highly competitive arena. With new trends, channels, and the promise of virality, technological goal posts constantly shift for communications and marketing professionals. This is where strong brand marketing comes into play.

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Running, Kinesiology & Marketing: The Rachel Smith Interview


When you hear about a student majoring in Kinesiology working at a marketing agency, you might think that’s illogical. It’s completely refreshing to work with someone with the ability to apply critical thinking, yet have no background in marketing.”. I have also been a part of social monitoring projects—learning how to monitor keywords and hashtags across social media platforms, as well as helping to develop influencer programs for our clients, such as American Red Cross of Indiana.

25 Free Digital Marketing Tools for Nonprofits

Waxing UnLyrical

The life of a communications pro for a nonprofit organization is one that seems to require a daily mix of magic tricks, extreme sport level time management and creativity. This list is of free digital marketing tools for non-profits is a great place to start. Solutions: These free digital marketing tools are like an in-house design team. Free Digital Marketing Tools for Content Marketing Support. And Three More Free Digital Marketing Tools.

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Affiliate Marketing for Influencers: How to Make Money on Instagram


If you’ve ever wondered how affiliate marketing for influencers works, it’s just like when a retail clerk earns a commission for the sales they close, but in a digital way! What is Affiliate Marketing for Influencers? How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing as an Influencer.

3 Viral Marketing Lessons from the 2016 Super Bowl Commercials

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The Super Bowl is one of the biggest global events for both the sporting world and for brands. While it’s just two teams that go head to head on the field, for global players from Amazon to Coca Cola, the Super Bowl is a chance to show off the full scale of their marketing arsenal to a global audience. Their hashtag #crashthesuperbowl saw steady usage online a month in advance of Super Bowl 50: . Esurance’s #EsuranceSweepstakes was by far the most used hashtag with over 2.5

How to Use Instagram to Market Your Restaurant or Cafe

Marketing can be an arduous and expensive process but it doesn’t have to be that way. With a daily active user base of over 500 million, Instagram is a great platform that you can use to market your restaurant or café. Well-researched hashtags: Hashtags were all the rage back when apps like Instagram first came out, now although the fire has simmered down. But that doesn’t mean that hashtags are useless now. Marketing

The Best Brands on Instagram 2014


From one extreme to the next with Red Bull’s high energy, high action, highly unpredictable mishmash of the extreme sports you’d expect, along with the Red Bull girls: When there’s only one Red Bull left you be like…. They even have an Instagram hashtag campaign that they encourage people to use, #wellpacked, that gets people submitting shots like this incredibly stylish one: @Frecklesnur shows us how she keeps it #WellPacked.

Thanks for the memories: 5 ways to tap into the power of nostalgia marketing

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It’s no surprise that during a global pandemic, nostalgia marketing is all the rage. When used correctly, nostalgia marketing is an effective way to excite, inspire brand affinity and give people a warm fuzzy feeling they won’t forget.

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10 Content Marketing Tips to help you create an effective strategy in 2020

OnlineRockersHub Marketing Blog

Content marketing is considered one of the most important forms of marketing when it comes to digital marketing. In fact, every marketer, blogger, and business owner should know at least the basics of content marketing. 5 Reach Foreign Markets.

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Brands vie for the throne in the game of social media marketing


The brand also had popular US musicians and sports stars sing the Game of Thrones title song. Their video of this marketing tie-in received 19k interactions. This was one of the first marketing tie-ins by brands for the final season of the show. They even got witty with the hashtag #bleedforthethrone. Marketing tie-ins and brand partnerships referencing recent events, pop culture or anything that has become a phenomena piques curiosity.

The ultimate social media listening guide for marketers

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These conversations are a significant source of intelligence for your marketing efforts if you know how to incorporate them into your strategy. This article is meant to be a practical, how-to guide to social listening for social media marketing professionals. Incorporating social media listening into your overall digital marketing strategy has several important benefits. More affordable : Coordinating focus groups and hiring marketing research agencies can be pricey.

Understanding the Instagram Algorithm: 7 Key Factors and Why the Algorithm is Great for Marketers

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We’ll go through the factors that could influence the ranking of your content on your followers’ feed and explain why the Instagram algorithm is actually great for marketers. travel, food, fashion, sports, etc.) The algorithm could also look at the hashtags used. How many hashtags the image has. Why is the new algorithm great for marketers? Social Media Marketing Tips / How To

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Meet Team Sprout: Marie, Manager, Marketing Data & Analytics

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Lucky for her, that is exactly what all of us in the marketing department depend on her for. I also learned that she is insanely talented at intramural sports, boasting a handful of championship wins. Curious about which sports? Name: Marie Dador Department: Marketing Started at Sprout: June 27, 2016. I am the Manager of Marketing Data & Analytics here at Sprout. If you had to describe your job in a hashtag, what would it be?

Traditional Media Meets Twitter

Freelance Social Media

Social Links Freelance Social Media Social Media Tips and Marketing Blog Home About Contact Subscribe Traditional Media Meets Twitter by cinta5 on July 16, 2009 Every year on the third Thursday in July, 5000+ people flock to downtown Lawrence, KS for the annual Downtown Lawrence Sidewalk Sale. As a way to keep track of deals happening at the event the hashtag #swsale was created. Local Twitterers and businesses made #swsale the number 46 trending hashtag on all of Twitter.

11 chatbot marketing examples to boost your bot strategy

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This sort of line has been popular among marketers over the past couple of years. While chatbots for marketing were once seen as uncharted territory, more and more brands are getting on board with bots. 11 effective chatbot marketing examples. We’ve put together a list of chatbot marketing examples that not only shows practical uses of bots in action but also highlights the diverse range of businesses rolling out bots. That includes superstar sports teams.

3 Incredible Social Media Campaigns from 2016 and What We Learned as Marketers – Bonus Episode [SSM022]

Buffer Social

We are excited to share our fourth, very special bonus podcast episode with you on our 3 favorite (and incredible) social media campaigns from and what we learned as marketers from them! This week we’re chatting all about some of our favorite social media campaigns from 2016 , why they rocked, and what we can learn as marketers. We’d love to hear from you on iTunes or using the hashtag #bufferpodcast on Twitter.

16 Social Media Podcasts to Take Your Marketing Skills to the Next Level Today

Buffer Social

There are so many of these voices in the marketing space that have been influential for me and the team! Here’s a list of 16 top marketing podcasts, covering 3 areas of social media marketing , with some top episodes from each podcast to check out! Click to jump to any section: 10 of the very best Social Media Marketing podcasts. 3 Paid Social Media Marketing podcasts. — 10 of the Very Best Social Media Marketing Podcasts.