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Meta's Launching Sassy Chatbots, Instagram Creates AI Stickers, And Twitter Axes Misinformation Reports: Monday Social Media News Roundup

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Get the need-to-know highlights from the social media industry that happened the week of September 25-28. This could provide a sense of security and control for users, a step towards addressing privacy concerns which, in turn, may encourage more creators to join the platform. The platform is also testing an edit button.

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6 Ways Emerging Technologies Are Set to Change the Use of Social Media

SocMed Sean

Maria writes for a variety of blogs and today she shares her thoughts on how a variety of emerging technologies could potentially impact our use of social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Let us look at the few technologies which will shape social media usage in 2018 and beyond. Facial Recognition.


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Metaverse dangers: How to protect brands from the dark side

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There isn’t much regulation at the moment, which has led to inconsistent expectations and user experiences, especially surrounding security and privacy best practices. According to a Sprout survey of 300 marketers responsible for their brands social media strategy, 64% cite data, privacy and brand safety as concerns within the metaverse.

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This is All You Need to Write the BEST Social Media Bio

Rebekah Radice

When was the last time you updated your social media bio? That’s why I’ve put together a 4-step process to help you create a bio for every social network. This is All You Need to Write the BEST Social Media Bio. No phony avatars or grainy pics. STEP 1: Bio Audit. You want instant recognition.

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TikTok marketing: The complete guide for brands in 2022

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TikTok is the fastest-growing social media platform we’ve seen thus far, reaching 1 billion users in September 2021, a record five years since its worldwide launch in 2016. What is TikTok marketing? TikTok marketing is the process of using TikTok and TikTok content to promote your brand and its products or services.

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Tech Predictions for 2023

The Realtime Report

Expect to see a wave of innovations emerge from bear market conditions in 2023, as companies double down on building strong, scalable solutions, especially by leveraging AI and blockchain. We will also see a wave of M&A across finance and technology as legacy financial firms absorb crypto companies weakened by market conditions.

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39 Instagram story ideas to boost engagement for your brand

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In fact, 76% of engaged social media users say it’s important for companies to post about their employees. When I was a social media manager at Shedd Aquarium , nothing said “go viral” like a cute otter or penguin. Throwback Thursdays have been around since the early days of social media. Include pets.

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