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Why Livefyre is Here Again

Ari Herzog

Clicking it provides you a choice of sign-in options, from logging into a Livefyre account to using your Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, or OpenID accounts. You will initially see a “Post comment as” button. Future comments should allow you to merely “Post comment.” ” Why Livefyre is here.

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Google Friend Connect

Freelance Social Media

Once it’s set up on your site, users can log in using their Google, AOL, Yahoo, or OpenID account…no need to create another username and password. Currently it only offers a few “gadgets&# but I’m sure it will be rolling out more down the road.

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Google Shutting Down Open ID 2.0, Migrating to Google+ Sign-In

Bill Hartzer

April 20, 2015: OpenID is shut down. March 23, 2015: Grace period for developers using the openid_shutdown_ack parameter ends, warning is shown and auto-approval turned off for all applications. A static error page will be displayed on all requests. Make sure you have migrated well before this date. Don’t forget to add me on Google+.

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Social Search could it be a Google Killer?

Buzz Marketing for Technology

24 months from now Social Search should be common place – we should see social tools like Facebook Connect or OpenID which are already out there, used for search.

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8 Best Practices for Collaborative Blog Groups


. * Must register / have username. ** Reviews powered by JS-Kit comment form – accepts login via Facebook, Twitter, Google Profile, JS-Kit, FriendFeed, Yahoo, Blogger, HaloScan, or OpenID.

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Privacy is Not an On and Off Switch – “Do Not Track” is Not the Answer

Stay N' Alive

. &# The idea being that using open technologies (we already have Information Cards , for instance), the more private information about users can be stored in the browser, reducing the risk of that information being shared by accident with 3rd party websites.

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First the PC. Second the Web. Third the Cloud. And Now.The Chain - Why Bitcoin is Not Just a Currency - It's a Platform!

Stay N' Alive

For that reason this is a very large platform that will have many components to it, just like the web has HTTP and TCP/IP and MAC addresses, and even OAuth, and OpenID that all work together in one. What''s powerful isn''t that Bitcoin exists - it''s that this is the direction it is taking us as a society, and the technology exists today.

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