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Google Friend Connect

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Once it’s set up on your site, users can log in using their Google, AOL, Yahoo, or OpenID account…no need to create another username and password. Search About Jacinta is the owner of LangfordMedia , a digital marketing firm that specializes in social media, web development, and mobile app development. Feedback 3.0

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eLearning 2.0 Technologies and Concepts: Start Pages as Environments for Self-Organized Learners

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I still need to work on linking to other social networks and to openID. QR Code for my Mobile Site. I have the added secuiryt for my institution by having the system reside on our server and the artefacts and connections are not at the prey of thirdparty agencies; mine is a diferent aproach with its own limitations. Blog Archive.

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You've Heard the Rumors. Here are a Few Predictions That "Just Make Sense" For Facebook's F8

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I bet this launches as a mobile solution of some sort. I predict some or all of these could be launched, and if they aren't launched at F8 we will see them at some point in Facebook's future: A browser plugin platform, to complement the HTML5 Mobile platform. The launch of OpenID Connect support. Read, Watch, Listen."

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Koka Sexton dot Com

Koka Sexton

EmailTwitter – allows you to post Twitter updates and retrieve your Twitter timeline via your cellular phone or other e-mail enabled mobile device, without incurring SMS fees. It’s nicely designed, and it displays your Twitter avatar next to the tweets. It displays a list of most popular links on Twitter.

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Ple - LTCWiki

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The growth of mobile phones and "portable computing" may change this emphasis. Pageflakes. Google Reader. Aggregating People. Social networking services Ning. People Aggregator Aggregating Software. Mashups Teqlo. Identity Management. APIs and Protocols. Open APIs and open protocols are key requirements for PLEs to grow as a concept.

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Web 2.0 and Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) " Learning Matters!

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And Korea is the place to look to as they are the leading adopters in this space as it was with DoCoMo in mobile many years ago in Japan. All you gotta do is look at what is going on in Korea with CyWorld to see that. Anyway enough about that. Comment by Tony Hirst — April 16, 2007 @ 3:19 pm. [.]

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