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Facebook unveils Hack, a new programming language for writing code faster – in an attempt to speed up writing and testing code, Facebook built a new programming language called Hack; it’s been in use for a year at Facebook, but was released last Thursday as open source (GigaOM). Social Media News Ticker #FirstTweet Facebook Facebook Paper Hack programming code TED Tweet view counts Twitter Twitter privacy video playback

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BitCoin Will Not Vanish just Because It Is Virtual - Social Media

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Always remember that it is your responsibility to adopt good practices in order to protect your privacy. Bitcoin is an open-source; that is, its design is public, nobody owns or controls Bitcoin. They are called Casascius Coins, but paying with a Mobile Phone usually remains more convenient. Bitcoins are Digital Currency which are sent easily through the Internet, without the hassle of seeking a third party. The Transactions are secured.

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Ross Mayfield's Weblog: Elevating the Enterprise 2.0 Conversation

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Reddit Open Sources with CPAL. Privacy Victory for Employee Email Monitoring. mobility. privacy. Ross Mayfields Weblog. Markets, Technology & Musings. « Techmeme Persistent Search Feeds | Main. Enterprise 2.008 » June 12, 2008.

How To Create A Know-It-All Company - - Business Technology Leadership

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Privacy. Mobile. Open Source. Privacy. Privacy. MySpace Opens Up Data Portability Initiative. Best BlackBerry Shortcuts: Aflacs Mobile Guru Shares Tips. Mobile Security. Open Source. Putting Open source to the test: the making of JBoss Enterprise Middleware. White Paper: IDC Analysts Discuss Open Text. Business Mobility And The Agile Organization. Managing Mobility: An IT Perspective.

Asperger's and IT: Dark secret or open secret?

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Mobile & Wireless. Mobile & Wireless. Mobile Devices. Mobile Access. Mobile Applications & RFID. Privacy. Open Source. Mobile. 40 years of the most authoritative source of news and information for IT leaders. Aspergers and IT: Dark secret or open secret? Privacy Policy. ); ); } else { document.write(); }. ); } else { document.write(); }. More Resources.

Introducing Users to the Concept of Meeting Workspaces in MOSS 2007 | Community

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Wireless & Mobile. Mobile. 20 great Windows open source projects. Microsoft opens TechEd with virtualization pitch. Advertise | Careers | Contact us | Terms of Service/Privacy | Reprints and links | Partnerships | Press room | Subscribe to NW.

YoMacha: India's Hot or Not ?

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Home About In the Media OSSCamp Summer Edition themarketingblog@wordpress on Mobile June 23, 2008.2:25 While going through the initial research we bumped into few Indian rating sites, which did not take care of person’s privacy and safety. 25 am YoMacha: India’s Hot or Not ? Jump to Comments A few days back I had received a ‘profiling’ request from Vandana Makharia from YoMacha.

Digital Natives in Our Midst | Advice and Opinion

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Privacy. Mobile. Open Source. Privacy. Privacy. Its about how open their minds are to listening to everyones ideas. Its open sourcing of brainpower. mobile. Open Source. This guide provides a basic overview and worksheet of mobile computing for those who are interested in evaluating a wireless enterprise solution. Mobility raises productivity. Putting Open source to the test.

45 Free or Super Cheap Tools for Creating Amazing Visual Content

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Mobile versions of the app are also available. This platform allows you to record a video yourself giving a presentation in the privacy of your own home. An open-source option for editing video files available to Windows users, there’s a bit of a learning curve attached to getting the hang of this program. Can you believe there’s a free, open source program that offers many of the same tools used to produce and edit major motion pictures?

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Moblogs (via téléphone mobile) I. Plateformes Open Source ILIAS version 3.8 Atelier CTN Caen Slide 26: Plateforme intégrée dans SL Moodle (Plateforme Open Source) intégrée dans le monde virtuel 3D de Second Life Moodle + Second Life = SLOODLE I. Atelier CTN Caen Slide 27: LMS & ePortfolio Plateforme WebCT et Service de plateforme de réseau social eLGG Source: [link] Plus dâ??infos:

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Your Guide to the Crowdsourced Workforce - ReadWriteWeb

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The official definition of crowdsourcing from Jeff Howe, is "the act of a company or institution taking a function once performed by employees and outsourcing it to an undefined (and generally large) network of people in the form of an open call." The software development community -- especially the open source community -- has long used "bounties" to help lure developers to certain tasks. search engine is also taking advantage of crowd-sourcing, but in-reverse.

Ple - LTCWiki

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Essentially, they are a collection of tools, brought together under the conceptual notion of openness, interoperability, and learner control." If openness and the ability for data to move between different tools is important, 2L fails.but if PLEs are defined more by the loose connections of numerous tools under the control of an individual, 2L could be considered a component). Open APIs and open protocols are key requirements for PLEs to grow as a concept. View source.

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Micro Persuasion: Turn Gmail Into Your Personal Nerve Center

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With its gobs of storage, speed and tremendous search/tagging capabilities , you can transform it into a personal nerve center thats available from any computer or mobile device. While previously I was using Yojimbo to manage all of this information, I found the solution wanting since I travel a lot and need to access my bits from a mobile device. Google Notebook also doesnt work on a mobile device and its search functions are rather lacking. Mobile. Micro Persuasion.

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It’s an open-sourced chatting platform available on the web, but also Android and iOS devices. This open-sourced cross-platform allows users to socialize and join different chatrooms to get to know other people and collaborate. Open-sourced and cross-platform. When it comes to using free chatting platforms that are decentralized and offer the highest level of security and privacy, ChatSecure prevails. Open-sourced app.