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Social Pros 17 – Maria Ogneva, Yammer

Convince & Convert

This episode features Maria Ogneva of Yammer. Huge thanks to data-driven social media management software company Argyle Social for their presenting sponsorship, as well as Infusionsoft , Janrain , and Jim Kukral at DigitalBookLaunch. Also, thank Infusionsoft , developers of social email marketing automation software. Special Guest: Maria Ogneva, Yammer. Listen Now.

Google+ for Apps - the Perfect Competition for Yammer and SalesForce Chatter

Stay N' Alive

There's perhaps the most popular one - Yammer , and then there are solutions such as SalesForce Chatter , MangoSpring , Cisco Quad , Confluence , and even build-your-own solutions such as It should if you're a user of Yammer or SalesForce Chatter or any of the other popular business collaboration suites. The one thing I keep asking my reps at Yammer and SalesForce is that I need the ability to make some posts sent to my internal network public. Already, corporations across all of the world use various video collaboration and chat software. Sound familiar?

For Social Business, Remember the 90-9-1 Rule

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Social Media Marketing Dion Hinchcliffe Jive Software management fad McKinsey Peter Kim Socail Business by Design book social business social media is everyone's job social media training social networking Yammer” This was hogwash of course. Sales is Sales’ job. But sales is not the job of Francis in Accounting, Pat in Engineering or Chris in Purchasing.

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38+ Cool Social Media and Web Tools and Reviews

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With a premium account ($5 / mo) you can include Evernote, Yammer, Basecamp, Highrise, Google Apps, and Salesforce accounts with more to come.” Innovation is alive and well in the development of cool free and low-cost web-based tools and apps. How can you quickly find out how far a link has spread on Twitter? Surf the web securely and anonymously when using pubic WiFi? PingTags. Prezi.

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The Fifteen Classes of the Social Business Software Suite (Q4, 2010)

Fast forward a few years, this space has grown tremendously with an influx of new types of software vendors as well as specialization from a growing market. The social software space has ballooned into a disparate set of technologies, data types, and over 1000 vendors confusing buyers. Commonly mentioned vendors include SocialCast, Yammer, Gist SocialText, Chatter.

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Awesome Community Management Playbook


I love this Community Management Playbook from Yammer. ” Community Management Playbook from Yammer. Social Media Readiness Workshop Get your Online Community Software Selection Guide! Tons of good advice in here. “Online communities have taken hold among businesses, to connect employees, customers and partners. Interested in community management?

The role of social media in managing projects for brands

Another one is Yammer. A product of Microsoft, Yammer is a social network for employees, assigned a project. Brightpod is a web-based project management software that delivers managers information regarding project performance. Post by Adi Englander. B rands believe social channels are only to create engagement. That’s not true, the channels can do much more than that. Source.

Change Management Is the Foundation of a Social Organization


All the technology integration, collaboration software and community applications deployed internally will prove useless unless there is a fundamental shift in the way employees think, behave, interact with one another and communicate. The challenge with technology is that there are so many software vendors in the space to choose from. Preorder the book!! The Social Organization

2012 #Nifty50 Top Men in Technology on Twitter

Blue Focus Marketing

In order to qualify this year, each #Nifty50 nominee had to work for a technology company such as software, hardware, IT services or telecom. Based in Barrie, Ontario (just north of Toronto), Chris is CTO and co-founder of gShift Labs , a developer of web presence optimization software for midsized companies and agencies. David Sacks is the CEO and co-founder of Yammer.

Enterprise 2.0: social scorecard and social media karma

Laurel Papworth

note: today most community software has a spam removal system). If Twitter is working with Foursquare, why can’t Yammer and other social enterprise communication tools play with badges and points? Rewarding badges and points systems on your intranet – social scorecards – could be the turning point for turning your enterprise 2.0 The Game of Work. agenda. and so on.

The 3 Building Blocks of Social Business Evolution

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All the technology, collaboration software and community applications deployed behind the firewall will not be effective unless there is a fundamental shift in the way employees think, interact with one another and communicate. The challenge with technology is that there are so many software vendors in the space to choose from. Building a business is easy. Start with an idea.

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Don’t Be Scared Be Prepared – How to Manage a Social Media Crisis

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You need some sort of social media listening software in your organization. See this post on the 5 Categories of Social Media Software for some options. That software, however, is only good as its operator. This is probably the most important blog post you’ll never need. 8 Steps to Manage a Social Media Crisis. View more presentations from Jay Baer. Buy Some Binoculars.

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Scaling Social Globally: Best Practices for Engaging With an International Audience

Buzz Marketing for Technology

This webinar was sponsored by Act-On Software and featured Mike Stenberg ( @stenmic ), Global Vice President of Digital Marketing for Siemens, and Andrew Ashton ( @AndrewLAshton ) Social Media Analyst at Yum! Brands. We discussed the best practices in scaling a social media team and content on a global basis. In Mike’s case, he has 160 markets to evaluate, while Andrew has 120.

Takeaways from Launch Scale 2016

David Sacks , former founder of Yammer and now CEO of Zenefits , answered Jason’s question about Trump’s election this way: “The country is very polarized right now. ” Mei Siauw of Indonesia, co-founder and CEO of freemium software LeadIQ , had several suggestions on lead generation: First impressions make a big difference, so try to personalize everything.

Twitter versus Plurk: Not Even in the Same League

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

chat Reply Jag February 9, 2009 at 10:23 am Great comparison Reply rudeshock February 10, 2009 at 1:13 am Twitter, Yammer, Plurk. Reply bedava sohbet February 23, 2009 at 12:21 pm Twitter, Yammer, Plurk. I do not think your name is “ Engine Optimization Software &# and have edited your comment and URL as explained in the blog policy. But is there much more to Plurking?

Social Media From A to Z: A Glossary


A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z A Application Programing Interface (API) : An API is a documented interface that allows one software application to to interact with another application. Foursquare : Foursquare is a location-based social networking Web site, software for mobile devices, and also a game. A Web 2.0

Learn to Walk Before You Run | Social Media Strategery

Social Media Strategery

They researched the latest collaborative software. That’s why I love a tool like Yammer. Yammer is a microblogging application similar to Twitter, only it’s focused on businesses. Sending a message using Yammer is a combination of sending IMs and sending questions to email distribution lists. Home About Me Speaking Legal-ese My Team Gov 2.0 Government 2.0

12 Cloud-Based Tools to Stay Productive | Justin Levy

Justin Levy

Yammer: We’re just deploying Yammer at New Marketing Labs but it is being used to keep our team connected so that we’re not constantly interrupting each other and so that we can stay in contact when we’re traveling. If youre new here or just an old friend, Id love it if you subscribed via RSS feed. Thanks for taking time out of your day to come hang out here!

I Started a Blog But No One Cared | Social Media Strategery

Social Media Strategery

Include the link to your content in your team newsletters, meeting agendas/minutes, email signatures, briefings, Yammer messages, and any other communications vehicles you use. People have asked me to go out to Yammer and link back to their wiki pages. Home About Me Speaking Legal-ese My Team Gov 2.0 Government 2.0 Miscellaneous Personal Prof. why isn’t anyone asking questions?

Building Your Business With Internal Collaboration

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actually are almost using software to get people on the same. without some of these technologies and pieces of software in. want to deal with the software. the reservation and are already doing their own grassroots box, or set up a small Yammer, install just for our division? because some of that messaging goes into the tool, Yammer being. Yammer? Love it!

Social Pros Podcast – Justin Levy, Citrix Online

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I’ve seen a few, in particular, B2B software companies, use Pinterest as a visual gallery for whitepapers and videos and things like. Eric : If only someone would invent marketing software to track it. Jay : At the end of the day, there’s no such thing as a relationship with software. I’m a software developer at Argyle and I developed The Hopper.”

Social Pros 16 – Jay and Eric Strike Back

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Huge thanks to data-driven social media management software company Argyle Social for their presenting sponsorship, as well as Infusionsoft , Janrain , and Jim Kukral at DigitalBookLaunch. Next week, we’re talking a little internal social media with Yammer, is that right? Eric : Yeah, Maria Ogneva from Yammer. Listen Now. The RSS feed is: [link]. Jay : That is fantastic.

Enterprise 2.0 Reflects the Culture | Social Media Strategery

Social Media Strategery

link] Lessons from “Why Software Sucks&# [.] Home About Me Speaking Legal-ese My Team Gov 2.0 Events Calendar Subscribe: Posts | Comments | Email Social Media Strategery Best Of Best Practices Enterprise 2.0 Government 2.0 Miscellaneous Personal Prof. Development Social Media Enterprise 2.0 Reflects the Culture Thu, Jun 18, 2009 Enterprise 2.0 Enterprise 2.0 Break down stovepipes!

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Social Pros 18 – Ike Pigott, Alabama Power

Convince & Convert

Huge thanks to data-driven social media management software company Argyle Social for their presenting sponsorship, as well as Infusionsoft , Janrain , and Jim Kukral at DigitalBookLaunch. When I say B2B, I immediately think, “Oh, the company’s just fine, that sells software subscriptions.’ This episode features Ike Pigott of Alabama Power. Listen Now. Eric : Yes.

Social Pros 22 – Evan Hamilton, UserVoice

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Read on for insights from Evan and some social media news from Eric and Jim ( this week : Facebook changes users’ email addresses without permission, LinkedIn offers targeted status updates, and Microsoft acquires Yammer). Today, Monday, June 25th, there have been rumors swirling that Microsoft was going to acquire Yammer and this afternoon, those rumors were confirmed. Right?

Make Sure Your Social Media Evangelists Feel the Love

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Reading “ starting the organization’s Yammer network &# doesn’t sound all that impressive until you actually join the network and see thousands of people from across the organization collaborating with each other in ways that were impossible using existing technology. Image Courtesy of Flickr User AndYaDontStop. Why aren’t they moving quickly up the corporate ladder?

42+ Social Media Marketing Tools

Yammer - It's Twitter for inside the company walls (courtesy of Paul Dunay ). Freemind - Open source mind-mapping software. Mindmanager - One of the best mapping software programs around (courtesy Kavita Jhunjhunwala ). Had a great time yesterday at the MagsU workshop on "Opening the Emedia Toolbox" In the session, we reviewed numerous online tools on how to develop social media strategies for personal branding, new revenue streams, search engine optimization, new content initiatives and more for content providers/publishers.    Here's a taste. 

My Social Media Resolutions for 2009

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Use email less (internally) – One thing I’ve realized is that if I keep answering people’s emails, people will continue to send them to me, even if I explicitly tell them that they’re more likely to get a hold of me by posting their question/comment to my internal blog, contact me on Yammer, use my internal wiki page, etc. Government 2.0 Miscellaneous Personal Prof.