2017 Content Marketing Editorial Calendar Template and Tutorial

Pam Moore

How to use our 2017 content marketing editorial calendar template ( download now ). 53% of email are opened on mobile devices (campaign monitor). We are excited to announce the availability of our 2017 content marketing editorial calendar template.

Take Back Your Time With These 10 Ready-Made Spreadsheet Templates (And Our Top Tips and Time-Savers)

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To give you a hand with managing spreadsheets in Excel and Google Sheets (and hopefully save a great deal of time), we’ve pulled together a list of essential spreadsheets, templates, formulas, and shortcuts that are handy for every marketer to have in their locker.

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3 Quick and Easy Short Video Tools for Mobile Animation

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It’s so easy with the right tools, so let’s jump in and take a look at 3 of the short video tools you can use to do this: 3 Quick and Easy Short Video Tools for Mobile Animation. #1 The post 3 Quick and Easy Short Video Tools for Mobile Animation appeared first on Socially Sorted.

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Facebook Beefing Up Canvas

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Facebook also offered a preview of upcoming changes to Canvas, such as templates, the addition of support for 360-degree videos and the ability to link to other Canvas ads.

20 Go-To Places for Truly Awesome Newsletter Templates

Writtent Blog

We’ve featured a mix of companies with thousands of satisfied customers (and undoubtedly, loads of closed deals), and highly affordable templates that are beloved by businesses of all sizes. Like Constant Contact, their thousands of templates are limited to customers and free trial members.

3 Ways To Improve Mobile Email Marketing

Small Business Mavericks

Chris Crum recently shared what not to do in mobile email marketing on WebProNews. This is important, because mobile is how many of us read our emails and respond to them. If you are going to use email marketing, and I hope you are, it’s a very good idea to make sure your emails are mobile-friendly along with your website. There are some practical suggestions in Chris Crum’s article, including these basics: count-down timers (easy to add if your template allows).

The Mobile Marketing Studio: 26 Apps to Help You Create Epic Social Media Content on Your Smartphone

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Mobile phone cameras are now incredibly powerful and we wanted to share with you some apps to help you capture and create social media content from scratch. Over is one of the most popular mobile apps for editing photos. Maintain your presence on social media when from your mobile.

7 Steps to Build a Pinterest for Business Plan to Ignite Sales and ROI

Pam Moore

Leverage the investment you have made in your mobile responsive blog or website by connecting with Pinterest’s highly mobile users? Content Editorial Calendar (12 month editorial content marketing calendar template).

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A Complete Guide to Twitter’s Q2 2016 Earnings Call

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Mobile ad revenue represented 89 percent of total ad revenue. The company said mobile MAUs represented 82 percent of total MAUs. 80 percent of them are on mobile. Twitter pre-roll will support Video Ad Serving Templates (VAST) through select Ads API partners.

Social Selling: 4 Things You Need from Your Buyer Before You Can Sell to Them

Pam Moore

Marketers and business leaders spend a lot of time thinking about what we need to do as content writers, sales people, digital marketers, social marketers, brand leaders, data analysts and business owners to grow our business. We focus on content and visual marketing that grabs attention.

Big Announcement! THE Social Media Training Academy and Member Community for Business is Here!

Pam Moore

Do you have social media, digital marketing and branding problems? Good news is we have real answers!

How to Use Social Media and Influencer Marketing to Launch a New Business, Product or App

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Social media and influencer marketing can help optimize results of your new business, product, service or mobile app launch when done right. The key to a successful business, product, service, or mobile application launch is proper planning.

5 Top Online Marketing Trends for the Rest of 2013

Webbiquity SMM

Mobile marketing will continue to grow. You probably already know that smartphones now account for more than half the mobile market. In order to make the most of mobile marketing, make sure your website and any emails you send to your customers are mobile friendly.

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15 Awesome Social Media Apps for iPhone

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Using your mobile for social media marketing will make you more productive and efficient when marketing your business on social media. You have your mobile with you 24 hours a day so you might as well get more benefit from it!

Download the Ultimate Facebook Image Size Guide Cheat Sheet

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billion mobile daily active users on Facebook you must not only optimize your visual marketing and images for the desktop but also the mobile device. It even includes Adobe Photoshop templates for the top Facebook image sizes you will need! Download the guide and templates now!

Social Media Success Requires a Marriage, Not a One Night Stand

Pam Moore

We don’t want to wait in line or even wait for a mobile web page to load on our device. Content Editorial Calendar (12 month editorial content marketing calendar template). As humans, instant gratification is in our DNA. We live in a society that is built on instant gratification.

Facebook Slideshow Ads Get Several New Features

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The social network provided more details on the new features in a Facebook for Business post : Add text and music: Advertisers can add text, select templates and choose colors to create a rich visual experience.

How we redesigned our website and logo

The Way of the Web

As standard it’s responsive (so it adapts to mobile and tablets automatically), and has had just a few minor tweaks to appear as it does right now. Blog TheWayoftheWeb logo template website design

WordPress Themes 101


Related posts: Mobile Project Management Tools and Tactics. Blog Social Media CNN Odesk Template tools WordPress WordPress Plugin Directory WordPress.com WordPress.org

10 Things That Expose Good Sites to Google Panda

Adam Sherk

Here are 10 things that cause good sites to get caught up in Google Panda: Templates with limited text – many content sites have certain non-article templates that by design have relatively little editorial text.

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Defining Social Media Success, Objectives, Goals, and KPIs in a Nutshell

Pam Moore

Content Editorial Calendar (12 month editorial content marketing calendar template). Have you been spinning your wheels trying to utilize social media to grow your business?

How To Write Mobile-Friendly Emails

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Because mobile usage is so prevalent, it makes sense to have a mobile-responsive website. Rob Walling gives us 10 Essential Tips for Creating Mobile-Friendly Emails on Copyblogger. He goes into much more detail, but here are the highlights of his article: 10 Essential Tips for Creating Mobile-Friendly Emails. Use a single-column template — it is versatile and legible. Are you reading this on a small screen?

Making Sure Your New Website Theme is Social-Friendly


Here’s what you’re going to need to be fully optimized for social sharing: Responsive (mobile-friendly) social media sharing tools. Will the share buttons on your page work as well on mobile as they do from the desktop version? Template Monster.

Influencer Marketing 101: Definitions, Benefits and Success Tips in a Nutshell

Pam Moore

Related Stories How to Get Your Social Media Budget Approved Ultimate Social Media Image Sizing Guide for 2017 + Adobe Photoshop Templates Download the Ultimate Facebook Image Size Guide Cheat Sheet.

Conversion Rate Optimization – 20 Factors Impacting Your Sales and ROI

Pam Moore

Content Editorial Calendar (12 month editorial content marketing calendar template). Learning how to increase conversions is often a top goal of smart and internet savvy marketing and business leaders.

Customer Experience: The Future of Business & Marketing #AdobeSummit 2016 Recap

Pam Moore

Content Calendar Template. In March I spent almost a week with 10k digital marketers at the Adobe Summit event. 2016 was my 2nd year being paid as an Adobe Insider to cover the event.

New Year, New Social; 4 Quick Fixes to Tidy Up Your Social Media Channels

Ignite Social Media

The new layout includes customizable sections in the middle column, new templates for different business types with various tab options, and an easier way to see and share the unique URL for each tab.

The Pillars of Online Marketing Success in 2014 & Beyond


Develop for Mobile First. Cyber Monday in 2013 saw retail sales via mobile devices hit $400 Million in the US alone. Mobile is booming and adoption is expected to increase until we have phones and tablets coming out of our ears. Poorly coded templates go straight to junk.

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You Can’t Buy Brand Advocates or Social Media Friends

Pam Moore

Content Calendar Template. It’s not news that social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are moving to a pay to play model. The glory days of being able to gain massive organic reach with a simple, on the fly Facebook post are over and done.

Interview with Dave Chaffey of Smart Insights

Buzz Marketing for Technology

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Dave or Smart Insights – Dave Chaffey is CEO of Smart Insights, a publisher of planning templates and articles focusing on Digital Strategy with channels on B2B Marketing and Marketing automation. Advertising Behavioral Targeting Customer Experience Facebook Innovation Interactive Marketing Mobile Pay Per Click Search SEO B2B Marketing CMO content marketing Digital Marketing Teams Testing Training

37 of the Best Facebook Page Apps for Brand Marketing


Its 10 Facebook page applications give you everything you need to attract fans, engage them, and offer exclusive content on your Facebook page, mobile devices, and your own website. Antavo enables you to run contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways on Facebook, the Web, and mobile devices.

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Facebook Groups for Business in a Nutshell

Pam Moore

Supporting Resources: Facebook Image Sizing Reference Guide and Adobe Photoshop Templates. Facebook Groups provide a unique opportunity for brands of all sizes to build community, increase brand awareness, generate leads and even increase sales of products or services.

10 Little-Known Facebook Marketing Features and Hacks You Can Try Today

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It looks something like this: Next, click directly on that link (works for both desktop and mobile). To access this feature, go to Settings under your business page and on the left there’s an option to “Edit Page”: You’ll then see a new “Template” option you can edit.

50 Shortcuts to Create Visual Content for Social Media

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All the templates your heart desires! RELAY is packed with an ever-growing list of templates. Image Creation Shortcuts – Mobile. Now you can create your own… 38 Canva Infographic Templates. Canva Infographic templates are SUPER easy to use. Time.

7 Best Visual Marketing Apps to Create Social Media Graphics

Rebekah Radice

In this article, I’m going to share seven of the best visual marketing tools and mobile apps that offer a simpler, leaner approach to creating compelling visual content. With Over, you can turn your mobile device into an on-the-go design studio.

45 Marketing Tools to Consider for 2017

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Other useful features include sentiment monitoring and trending topics analytics, mobile app analytics, event tracking, and much more. It is available both as Web and mobile application (Android and iOS). There is a wide range of templates available and the setup is very simple.

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Email and Mobile - what blasts better?

Social Media Network Marketing

Friday, April 3, 2009 Email and Mobile - what blasts better? The recent understanding goes that email blasts are obsolete - when you compare this with mobile SMS. Naturally mobile is more on the move. BUT how much can you feed into the mobile? And then does email really work inspite of it rating above than mobile on certain parameters. The truth is that the possibilities of what mobile can offer are only growing, and rapidly.

7 Best Newsletter Builders for Creating Great Newsletters

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With a drag-and-drop design editor, 437 templates to get you started building your email newsletter , and a powerful template language you can use to create fully customizable templates of your own, Mailchimp is one of best professional newsletter builders out there.

How to Do a Social Media Strategy- Workshop

Laurel Papworth

Shares A social media strategy course that takes you through the 9 steps of a social media strategy, case studies, a template document for writing the strategy. Social Media strategy template to use at work. Please call me on my mobile +61432684992 or email me if you have any questions.

8 Critical SEO and Digital Marketing Opportunities

Adam Sherk

Hosted and Mobile-Specific Article Formats. As a user I like the new hosted and mobile-specific article formats, be that Facebook Instant Articles , Apple News Format or Google’s AMP project. Fast and clean is a good combination, especially on mobile.

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